Season 1 Episode 1

Get Worse Soon

Aired Thursday Feb 03, 2011 on Adult Swim
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U.S. Marshal Chris Mansanto loses his partner in a shootout with underworld crime lord Vargas. While dealing with two new partners, Chris discovers that he has to rehabilitate Vargas, who ended up brain damaged. Until Vargas understands how evil he is, Chris can't kill him.

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      • Chris: Sorry about that, Vargas, but you can't board a plane with more than two bags. Scumbags, that is.

      • Chris: Diamond Gene! Oh, I swear I will adopt your look in tribute to your life.
        Diamond Gene: Thanks...

      • Chris: You know something? The first bullet I put in you is for Diamond Gene. The second one is for Wishbone. And the third is for that other guy, what's his face, the guy who wore the trenchcoat.

      • Brett: I'm sorry about your partner. Man, that blows. I once had a sandwich that I loved that I dropped on the ground.

      • Chris: Good news, bullets--it's moving day. You'll be living in Vargas from now on. Call me at Thanksgiving.

      • Vargas: Hey, Chris, will you tell me a bedtime story?
        Chris: All right. Uh, let's see. Once upon a time there was a little bunny rabbit named Chris.
        Vargas: Like you.
        Chris: Yes, Vargas. Very much like me. And what this rabbit wanted more than anything else was to kill the evil turtle who murdered all his buddies. But the evil turtle's shell was too soft, and Chris knew it wouldn't be right to kill him. So Bunny Chris worked very hard to make the evil turtle's shell normal again, so that he could stick a gun in his mouth and blow his brains all over the forest floor.
        Vargas: So... did he make him normal again?
        Chris: We'll see, little turtle, we shall see.

      • Chris: Don't worry about me, Chief. Okay, we're entering Phase 2 of our rehab. I'm going to turn that turtle in there into a killing machine. And then that killing machine... into a dying machine.

      • Susie: Chris, tricking a mentally impaired man into committing murder for you is against regulations. We learned that in Marshal Academy day 1.
        Brett: Oooh, you went to the Marshal Academy. We're so impressed, right, Chris?
        Chris: Yeah, you didn't go to the Marshal Academy?
        Brett: No--yeah, I did. School is cool.

      • Chris: Okay. I'm going to put six bullets in you. Three for my partners you wasted, one for the time I wasted, and two for Brett and Susie in case you waste them before I waste you.

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