Eagleheart - Season 1

Thursday on Adult Swim Premiered Feb 03, 2011 Between Seasons



User Score: 95

Episode Guide

  • 4/21/11

    In the first season finale, Chris is called upon to investigate a crime of dire consequences. Marshals are disappearing. Chris goes in pursuit of his own teammates and an apparent kidnapper in order to restore the team and their crime fighting force. However, Chris gets tired along the way and decides to stop for a meal, one that may be his last.

  • 4/14/11

    In this episode, Chris Mansanto is called upon to go searching for a mountain lion that has begun wandering into populated neighborhoods to chase after people's pets. It turns out that Chris' love for animals is going to pay off more than anyone ever anticipated, because this particular mountain lion used to be one of Chris' pets.

  • Once in a Wattle
    Episode 10

    In Once in a wattle, U.S. Marshall Chris Mansanto researches the mysterious disappearance of a number of generally immobile senior citizens. No one can account for where they could have gone or how they could have gotten away. It turns out that the seemingly innocent seniors have some schemes of their own. Mickey Rooney makes a guest appearance.

  • The Human Bat
    Episode 9

    Chris and the Marshals are on the pursuit of another fugitive, but internal squabbles threaten to tear the team apart. Chris is jealous of the amount of respect that is generally paid to Brett, despite the fact that Brett is not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Chris attempts to gain public recognition for himself.

  • Susie's Song
    Episode 8

    In this episode, Chris and the team of Marshals must pursue yet another wanted fugitive who is on the loose. However, in the midst of this chase, it turns out that the criminal is not a stranger to everyone on the team. He is one of Susie's former romantic interests, and their former love may lead them right to him.

  • 3/17/11

    In Chris, Susie, Brett, and Malice, the three Marshals witness a horrific mob hit that leaves several people dead. The mob catches on to their witnesses, and the Marshals are forced to go into hiding. They are assigned new identities which aren't the ones they would have chosen for themselves. They enter a cat and mouse game of hiding until the mob can be intercepted.

  • 3/10/11

    In this episode, U.S. Marshall Chris Monsanto has to break from his normal life of fighting crime to deal with some dark shadows from his own past. He encounters a pair of twins that he had long since forgotten. However, they have not forgotten him, nor have they forgotten some of the habits he used to have. Now Chris has to take an unwanted trip down memory lane.

  • Death Punch
    Episode 5

    In the Death Punch episode of Eagleheart, US Marshall Chris Monsanto (Chris Elliott) and his partners, Susie Wagner (Maria Thayer) and Brett Mobley (Brett Gelman) must deal with the aftermath of a drug deal gone bad. Backed into a corner, Monsanto must unleash his lethal "death punch" in order to keep the team alive.

  • Me Llamo Justice
    Episode 4

    Chris seeks justice south of the border when a drug deal goes bad and the killers leave only a single clue behind: a miniature bow tie.

  • 2/17/11

    Chris and his team maintain justice on the ground, but in Master of Da' Skies, Chris discovers a loophole in local law that leaves the skies unregulated. In a zeppelin known as Cloudtopia, a diabolical baron rules according to whatever laws suit him best. Chris takes flight in order to bring down an overhead underworld.

  • Creeps
    Episode 2

    A killer is targeting the creepiest men in town, and Chris and his team try to protect the next man on the killer's list. However, they soon discover that the killer is removing the chemical creepatin from his victims' bodies... and plans to contaminate the town's water supply. turning every man into a creep.

  • Get Worse Soon
    Episode 1

    U.S. Marshal Chris Mansanto loses his partner in a shootout with underworld crime lord Vargas. While dealing with two new partners, Chris discovers that he has to rehabilitate Vargas, who ended up brain damaged. Until Vargas understands how evil he is, Chris can't kill him.

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