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Early Doors

BBC Two (ended 2004)


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Early Doors

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Early Doors is set in a small pub in Manchester where daily life is bound up in the issues of love, loneliness, and blocked urinals. Regular drinkers Joe and Duffy pass the time with landlord Ken and his police officer cronies.
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  • A wry look at the misfits & losers who spend early evenings in UK pubs.

    I've watched this show right from the very beginning of series 1 and everything about it is spot on. Right from the opening titles with Roddy Frame singing forlornly as we look through the pub windows it hits the nail on the head. Phil Mealey and Craig Cash must have spent too much time sitting in pubs in the late afternoon, but it certainly paid off when they needed some characters & inspiration for Early Doors.

    Some of the humour is a bit laddish, a bit Saturday afternoon football terraces but if that's your thing then it will make you laugh out loud time & time again.moreless
  • One of the best.

    This is such an underrated show, its witty, clever and absolutely hilarious. Craig Cash and Phil Mealy are both fantastic writers, and actors. This series sucks you in, it feels like im sat in the grapes, while im watching this show. It has comedy and drama so it's very appealing to allot of people. The show is filled with brilliant one liners, recurring jokes, and overall just hilarious antics. I love Early Doors, and I hope one day it will come back for a third, well deserved season. I'd like to see how they would get around the smoking ban.moreless
  • British comedy at its very best. Following on from 'The Royal Family,' Craig Cash alongside fellow writer Phil Mealey bring a taste of northern life set in a typical pub at the time of day called by some as 'Early Doors.'moreless

    One could perhaps argue that a shows first episode, or pilot for the american viewers, will determine how good or how funny the show will be in the long run. After watching the 'pilot' of Early Doors, I could not wait for the next episode. I might even stretch the argument and contest that the shows pilot is perhaps the funniest episode out of the shows two series, or seasons- again for the american viewers (gee, I am being awfully nice here with my multi-lingual review, am I not?). This is not taking anything away from the eleven other episodes (to date), rather simply applauding the shows start. Often a stumbling block for most creators, the pilot is normally reserved to simply give the viewer a taste of what is to come. Early Doors goes all out to hook you from the first minute and at least in the case of one viewer (me), it succeeds.

    Classic laugh-out-loud moments include (off the top of my head)the very un-PC remark by Phil and Nige, the two extremely bent, (N.B In England this means dodgy, corrupt. NOT a homosexual)policemen, when they comment that "you can't even laugh at dwarves anymore!".

    Eddie's season long rant about the traffic diversion, Duffy's season 2 seperation from his wife, which results in 'Miss You Nights' becoming a very regular feature on the jukebox and the character's general northern banter makes this a must-see for anybody and their dog.

    I finish this brief review by asking the relatively simply question, which for the people who have seen Early Doors (season 2 ep4), will know what I am talking about:

    "Do you like circuses?"moreless
  • The next best thing to come from craig cash since the royele family

    I was watching telly one night when I came across craig cash on the telly. I didn't know what this show was called at the time so I watched it and I liked it but only a bit. when someone let me know it was coming back on, I started watching it,but it was the 2nd series, however it still managed to make me laugh alot and was very funny. As I kept watching the show it got deep into the characters with the story line and got quite involed with the characters. This show might get deep into the story and does tend to be a bit of a soap drama but craig cash has remembered to put the funny bits into the show what he's best known for. I hope they play on bring back a least 1 more of this series as it's so funny to watch and it would be ashame to end the series so early. Well done craig cash me old chum bucket, keep up the good work.moreless