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  • Season 4
    • Luck o' the Irish
      Luck o' the Irish
      Episode 22
      A young Irish woman loses her chance at a million dollar lottery when Gary swipes her dollar that she was going to buy the winning ticket with.
    • Everybody Goes to Rick's
      Gary travels back in time to 1929, and is the proprietor of a speakeasy at the location where McGinty's is currently located. Gary must try to prevent the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.
    • Time
      Episode 20
      Gary finds out why he was chosen to receive the paper.
    • Mel Schwartz, Bounty Hunter
      Gary runs into a robber who strips him of everything. Gary recognizes him the next day and starts to pursue him but so does a bald car driver named Mel.
    • Occasionally Amber
      Occasionally Amber
      Episode 18
      When Chuck returns to Chicago to get married, Gary recognizes Chuck's bride as Amber, a jewel thief. She is now calling herself Jade. Gary confides in Marissa who tells him that he must inform Chuck. Later, Gary confronts Jade, who tells him that she truly loves Chuck and that she is really Jade. He decides not to tell Chuck what he knows. However, the next morning's paper says that a large diamond will be stolen from an auction.moreless
    • Blind Faith
      Blind Faith
      Episode 17
      Gary loses his sight while trying to prevent three teens from being blown up by an old cannon ball. While at the hospital, Gary meets a young kid named Nate Calvin, whose mother is ill. The next day, without being able to see, Gary must save Nate Calvin, who is trapped in an abandoned building.moreless
    • The Play's the Thing
      Gary joins an amateur acting troupe. Later, Gary learns that the theatre will be burned down by an arsonist.
    • False Witness
      False Witness
      Episode 15
      Gary is placed in a difficult situation when Miguel's brother, Joey, steals a car. However, Gary's decision - to deny knowing Joey - ultimately leads to a life-threatening situation.
    • Performance Anxiety
      Gary's paper is stolen by Clams, the former recipient of tomorrow's New York paper.
    • Gifted
      Episode 13
      After preventing Nikki from being injured in a school bus accident, Gary meets the tough-talking 13-year-old and learns that she also knew about the accidents before they almost happened.
    • Snow Angels
      Snow Angels
      Episode 12
      While out in the snow, Gary encounters two men, Earl Camby, a reformed criminal who now devotes his life to helping those less fortunate than himself, and Cliff Mourning, a sleazy motel operator. As Gary tries to save Earl's life when a building collapses on him, he reads that Cliff is going to succumb to a heart attack. Torn between leaving Earl alone to die while he saves an ungrateful human being, Gary contemplates a decision that could ultimately tie the two men's lives together.moreless
    • Rose
      Episode 11
      Although Crumb cautions Gary that Rose may appear sweet and innocent but is probably trouble, Gary ignores his warning, even when evidence surfaces that she has a criminal record. When he believes her explanation that an old boyfriend is after her, Gary agrees to loan Rose $25,000 to get rid of him and is stunned when she suddenly runs off with his money.moreless
    • Run, Gary, Run
      Run, Gary, Run
      Episode 10
      When Gary ignores Marissa's repeated requests to help her manage the workload at McGinty's, the paper plays a dangerous trick on him: he reads that his friend will be struck and killed by a car. Gary finds himself in a daily replay of the same 24 hours. Unable to save Marissa the first time around, he awakens to find history repeating itself -- twice. Failing to prevent the accident a second time, Gary is given one more chance to learn from his mistakes so he can save Marissa's life.moreless
    • Weathergirl
      Episode 9
      With Gary as her guide, Rebecca becomes renowned for her accurate forecasts, until the paper shows up at his doorstep one morning without a trace of the next day's weather.
    • Fatal Edition (2)
      Gary is on the run from the police after the murder of Frank Scanlon. Gary learns that at the time of Scanlon's death, the reporter was about to break a story on a murder-for-hire ring. With the help of Chicago Sun-Times photographer Miguel Diaz, Gary attempts to clear his name. Meanwhile, Detective Brigatti uncovers some evidence of her own, which proves Gary's innocence and implicates someone with whom she works closely in the department.moreless
    • Fatal Edition (1)
      Gary becomes a fugitive while attempting to save Frank Scanlon, a Chicago Sun-Times columnist.
    • Wild Card
      Wild Card
      Episode 6
      While struggling to find a way to tell his boss that he's leaving McGinty's for good, Patrick frustrates Gary by following him around all day and triggering a host of potential disasters. When Patrick's actions culminate in an explosion at a Halloween rave party, Gary instructs him not to move a muscle - a directive that backfires when Patrick attempts to help and winds up in a life-threatening situation.moreless
    • Camera Shy
      Camera Shy
      Episode 5
      Gary unintentionally causes Miguel Diaz to lose two jobs. But, when Miguel photographs a criminal thought to be dead, he believes that he has a chance at getting his job back at the Chicago Sun-Times. Things, however, don't go as planned and Gary must rescue Miguel.
    • The Iceman Taketh
      The paper states that a ship sailing on Lake Michigan is going to explode. Gary teams up with Det. Brigatti to catch a jewel thief, while also searching for the gas leak that will cause the ship to explode.
    • Take Me out to the Ballgame
      Chuck visits Gary and convinces his friend to accompany him to a history-making baseball game. However, Chuck inadvertently changes the course of the day's events by taking a cab meant for a ballplayer that would have pitched a no-hitter.
    • Duck Day Afternoon
      In an effort to avoid spending time with his parents, who've decided to move in with him as their town was ravaged by a storm, Gary races off to save a group of ducks and draws the attention of inquisitiveChicago Sun-Times photojournalist, Miguel Diaz. When Gary pleads with Miguel not to run the photo he took of him - so his parents won't find out that he's intentionally ducking them - the photographer becomes more curious. He realises that Gary's name keeps popping up in connection with many rescues.moreless
    • The Out-of-Towner
      Gary meets a man, Sam Cooper, that also receives tomorrow's paper (the New York Daily). However, unlike Gary, Sam hires others to complete the rescues and uses the paper's knowledge to make money.
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