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  • Best Chandler!

    "Early Edition" is one of my all time favorite shows. I can watch it over and over again. It is like a comfort food to my soul and leaves you with a good feeling. The acting by Kyle Chandler aka Gary Hobson and Shanesia Davis aka Marissa Clark were amazing. In fact all the cast were great. I am still a fan of Kyle and Marissa. In fact, I ran a fan website for years and now have two Kyle Chandler Fan Clubs on Facebook and a Shanesia Davis Fan site on facebook as well. Shanesia is doing mostly theatre now. Of course Kyle has been in a few series since "EE" and numerous movies since. But, can't help going back to "Early Edition". I just love it.
  • Early bird catches the worm... or in this case, Early cat catches the newspaper!

    What would you do if suddenly you had the chance of receiving tomorrow's newspaper today? Would you bet on the lottery and try to become rich, or would you try to help people from getting hurt? I would ahve gone with the first choice, but not Gary Hobson... when a mysterious cat starts deliviring him next day's paper, he tries his best to stop disasters from happening and saving people's lives. With the help of his friends Chuck and Marissa, Gay does the mpossible to save the day.

    I was quite impressed when I saw this series for the first time, because it was quite original. Every episode managed to be different, even though it followed the same formula. One of the tings that I always loved about it was Chuck's ever lasting attempt to get money by using the newspaper, and then not being able to do it, because Sary would not let him read it; and of course, the cat... the cat always meowed when he arrived with the newspaper.

    The cast was very good, and it was one of those series that should have kept going for a couple of more years. Still four seasons is better than none, right? A 9.5 is what this one deserves.
  • An excellent show in the anthology and reluctant hero traditions of "Route 66" that also flirts with the science-fiction elements of "The Twilight Zone."

    What is unusual (and excellent) about this show is that while it is largely formulaic, with most episodes following an established pattern, each episode manages to be unique and interesting. Some, such as "Romancing the Throne," adapt the plots of existing stories, in that case the film "Roman Holiday." Most episodes, however, create original plots within the established structure of the show.

    While that sounds far from unique and interesting, it's the superior and genuine acting of Kyle Chandler that makes this show (and this episode) fresh and engaging. That its premise allows for a new and different challenge each week also separates it from the banal. Such is the beauty of an anthology series like "Early Edition": the format enables writers to compose a cohesive show while presenting varied plots to the viewers.
  • Quality show.

    I really wish this show was still on. It was almost always entertaining. I liked the entire premise of the show and I found many aspects interesting. The basic premise of the character Gary Hobson finding tomorrow's newspaper today was a great and original concept. I liked watching him try to prevent the event from happening and also seeing the characters he would encounter. I liked the characters and also the storylines and the plots. The acting was good and fit well with the setting. Overall, this was a great show and I wish it was still on television today. Thank you.
  • Favorite show of all time...

    This show was seriously my favorite show on tv in 2002..although the show stop airing in 2000... I used to watch it everyday and every epidsode was soo greatt!
    The show was set in Chicago, Illinois, and it was about the adventures of a man (Kyle Chandler) as Gary Hobson who mysteriously receives each Chicago Sun-Times newspaper the day before it is actually published, and who uses this knowledge to prevent terrible events each day. I really hope they will make a new show based on the same thing , becsuse its really interesting, and i hope Kyle Chandler would be in it because he is really a great actor.

    It's about time this show finally got out on DVD!! First it was cancelled before I got a chance to watch it (I was working graveyards and sleeping evenings). THEN it came back on Pax/Independent, and I got hooked. Out of a 1 to 10 rating, I give it a 50. THEN it was discontinued from Pax/Independent in favor of such inanities as Mama's House. After two(I think?) long years of Gary Hobson withdrawal, it is FINALLY out on DVD. It's a joy to see Gary, AND free of commercial /weather warning/ public warning system / political update / lost signal interruption too. Also love the way the packaging is minimalized. Better spacially AND environmentally. More, please!
  • A very original show. I love it and miss it!

    I loved Early Edition. It was one of the first shows that became "mine". I was intrigued by this show from the very first episode.

    The premise of the show was very original. An ordinary guy get's tomorrow's newspaper today. I had to watch, had to find out if the show lived up to all the potential you could see in the trailers. Sure enough, the show was great and I watch reruns whenever I can. Unfortunately, the local channel that aired the reruns has stopped showing them.

    It was so easy to get into an episode of Early Edition. The episodes were well written, the stories surpreme. The show had the right elements of mystery, suspense, humor and romance. A great show all around. I loved the cast of Early Edition. Kyle Chandler was a great leader. I think he's a great actor. This show was amazing and I hope to see it on DVD one day. I will be the first one in line to buy it. :)
  • The show consisted of Gary Hobson getting tomorrows news paper today, and how he would try to prevent or change the out come of certain events.

    One of the all time greatest shows that has ever been on television! I don't mind that the show was cancelled because it had a decent run. Considering that many shows do not last four seasons. However, I do wish the re-runs were still on tv or an 'Official' DVD box set would be released. In the show, Gary Hobson was a true hero and he stuck to his values. It was funny at times how he would try to explain the strange circumstances he was found in. Oh of course don't forget about Erica, Gary's beautiful love interest. I want to watch Early Edition again...
  • One of the best shows ever!

    When i watched Early Edition for the first time i was very young!(I was around 10 years old!)but i could easily understand that it's gonna be one of the greatest TV series ever produced!Nowadays,eight years later,i know i was right!This show was way ahead of its time.It had the most unconventional plot!Taking tomorrow's newspaper today?I mean ouah!Another fascinating fact was that every episode was almost independent but at the same time was relating with the whole story!It was becoming really funny at times but it was also very educational in many subjects of the ordinary life!To sum up,it was a great show that we all miss!
  • This was a really great show.

    I really liked this show when it used to air. I would watch the episodes with my Mom usually. It didn't last nearly as long as I would have liked and feel that it should have. Not only that, they never really resolved any questions that they had opened up during the series. It lasted four seasons (not nearly enough as I mentioned previously). Some of the main questions that I would have liked to find out were "WHY did he get the paper?" and "How does the paper show up no matter where he is?" and "Who is giving him the paper?" and "How does the cat fit into all of it?"
  • I remember the reruns.

    I remember watching this show constantly on The Fox Family Channel, however, little by little the show disapeared on the network, I didnt really appreciate the show when I was young, but the series was incredibly smart. I dont remember the show much, but I remember one episode where this kid would have suffocated to death in the luggage compartment in a bus, because he couldn't aford, or was to young to ride the bus alone. I didn't know the title until recently, but I know it was Syndicated on the Hallmark Channel, I hope it comes back to Hallmark or even ABC Family.
  • Long time ago I saw this show, and liked me very much.

    Some chapters I liked:
    1 x 07 after midnight
    1 x 08 gun
    1 x 12 frostbit
    1 x 14-15 the wall
    1 x 21 faith
    2 x 09 a regular joe
    2 x 16 where or when
    2 x 22 second sight
    3 x 01 blackout
    3 x 11 teen angels
    3 x 23 blowing up is hard to do
    4 x 07-08 Fatal edition
    4 x 10 Run Gary run
    4 x 15 False witness
    4 x 19 Mel Schwartz, bounty hunter

    My english is too poor, so I`ll write in spanish. Hace tiempo (when I was thirteen) en España ponian esta serie, y me encantaba.
    Ahora han pasao únos diez años, y sigo disfrutando igual.
    El problema es que no la tengo entera. Solo las dos primeras temporadas.
    Hoy día hay series muy buenas, prison break, house y otras que estan pegando muy fuerte en españa, but I rather to see marissa (early) than foreman (house) or chuck (early) than sucre (prison).

    Otras series que me gustan mucho son NIP TUCK, GILMORE GIRLS, FAMILY GUY and HOUSE (why not?)

    But the best show Early Edition by difference.
  • A childhood memory

    What I remember most about Early Edition is watching it on rainy winter Saturday afternoons when I was a kid. In Australia it was just a filler show to take up time on the weekends, but it was enough for me to become a huge fan.

    I would just love the way he would the newspaper article to find clues about the person or people he had to save. I would cringe everytime I knew it was going to look like he was the one who had committed the crime. It got better from week to week and Kyle Chandler made the show what it was with his acting skills, not to mention the fact that he's a hottie. :)

    Early Edition is definitly one of my fav old shows.
  • one of the best shows ever!

    i'm just rewatching all of "early edition". this is one of the best shows ever. it has it all: suspense, tragedy, some quite eccentric humour at times, a deep sense of humanity, good stories (with quite phisophical depth sometimes) and incredibly good acting.

    what strikes me most is, how desperate gary hobson sometimes gets because of this paper, how lonely, because he can only trust a few people with his secrets (a very good example for this is how he gets in great danger in "fatal edition" because he can't tell about the paper even though his life is put at stake because of this) but other than clark kent, he can't turn into a bigger than life hero, he always stays gary with all his deficencies, his fear, his making people think that he is really weird or even a lunatic and all his insecurities, sometimes tempeted to throw it all away (i wouldn't blame him). but he still goes on with it and he seems to depend as much on the paper as the paper and all the people in danger depend on him.
  • Gary Hobson receives a newspaper each morning. This newspaper is special. It's tomorrow's news. Gary feels compelled to intervene in the stories before they happen.

    Unfortunately, I only saw reruns of this show for a short time. I enjoyed it immensely, however. Kyle Chandler is fantastic as Gary. Looking back, I can see how the show had a relatively short run. There just weren't very many opportunities to keep the show interesting. To the writers' credit, they did a phenomenal job with it. Gary faced just about anything you can think of. Sometimes, he had to deal with the consequences of his actions earlier. Sometimes he had to make a choice about who he was going to help. Sometimes, he couldn't help at all, but could only watch as he arrived too late. Always interesting is how Gary has to explain to people why he needs to be somewhere or do something. It's not like he can just come out and say "I have tomorrow's news, so I need to prevent something!" I look forward to a DVD of this show.
  • The show is allways nerve racking; I sit on the edge of my seat wonding if he's going to get there in time and save that person or stop the disaster form happening.

    Early Editon is an awesome show about a guy named Gary Hobson (Kyle Chandler) who gets the newspaper a day early, hence the name Early Edition. He usually ends up saving people. He uses the newspaper for good not evil, or self-profit, such as betting on winning teams and such. The paper is brought to him by a cat. He doesn't have much a social life, due to his time being over consumed with saving and helping people. The show is allways nerve racking; I sit on the edge of my seat wonding if he's going to get there in time and save that person or stop the disaster form happening.
  • A great show lost to poor management.

    Early Edition was a great show that was never really given much of a chance. Saturday nights are graveyards and so the show was largely doomed before it even started. When was the last time you heard of a hit show that aired on staurday night. The concept for the show is great and unique and maybe it was a bit too wholesome but its got a lot of appeal to it. The gimick of the show reminded me a lot of Quantum Leap and I mean this as a compliment. I think a well written show with an interesting concept is far superior than a hack comedy which maybe has a few more laugh.
  • This show is about a man who gets the news a day early. He finds he can save lives, but soon loses his own \"life\" because he is always chasing after accidents waiting to happen. Will Gary Hobson ever find time to live his life to the fullest?

    Does anyone know how I can rewatch EE? I\'ve been reading fan fiction and going absolutely crazy over this show--but suddenly it stopped airing. Is there anywhere I can rewatch these shows. Please tell me if you do know--these shows were really great! I\'ve watched this show for years, and grew to love it. The storyline is fantastic, as is the character develepment. Gary always tries to save the day, surpassing all his obstacles with the help of his good friends Marissa and Chuck. This show is one of the best shows I have ever seen, and will ever see.
  • Imagin that you got the edition early, very early.

    Early Edition is not a sci-fi show, the good thing about this show that it's just based on a strange story, ofcourse never can be true.. but you just love the show cause you feel that's not that far from real.. very simple and exciting as well.

    I only saw 2 seasons of it.. I loved all the characters.
    Gary, the one who dumped by his wife,so he got to live in a hotel room...which leads him to receive a mysterious newspaper that comes to him by a strange big yellow cat.The Mystrious thing about this newspaper is it's not belong to the day it gets to him...it's early edition for Tomorrow's.

    Chuck,Gary's best friend ,the funny part of the show, he ofcourse gets so mad about it.

    There's also Marissa,his friend, a blind woman,i like her alot although i missed how he met her.

    The show got a very nice storylines during the frist 2 seasons, the onlt sad thing that sure if you saw the third you'd miss Chuck.. check out to know why.

    It's a show that worth to watch..
  • Early Edition is about a guy who gets kicked out of his apartment that he shares with his wife, which, i think he divorces. He starts living at a hotel and a cat and a newspaper starts coming to him. He figures out that he has to save different people.

    I like Early Edition and i am not really sure why they stop playing it on PAX. Anyway,i like all of the characters and the seriousness and also the humor that sometimes occurs during some of the episodes. Everyone in the show are good actors and actresses. By the way, does anyone know what episode it is when Chuck is on the ground with blood right next to his head and Gary is kneeling right next to him? If someone knows, then please tell me because I saw the picture on a website and I really want to know what episode it is. Thanks.
  • Gary Hobson gets tomorrow's newspaper today. Great show.

    Gary Hobson wakes every morning to the sound of a purring cat, and tomorrows newspaper.

    By getting tomorrow's newspaper today, Gary is able to prevent horrible things from happening to people.

    Gary struggles to figure out who to help, and how to do it each episode.

    The took place in Chicago. I just loved Gary, and Marissa.

    This show was a very cute and inspirational.
  • This show is a classic and my personal favorite on TV. But---PAX may cut from DirecTV. What a great show---tomorrows paper today!

    Fantastic show!! I wish I could get a copy on DVD of all episodes. They're are some homemade bootleg copies---but I'm not sure how good or bad they are. The characters in this show are so well cast. There are always guest stars of high caliber----you'll recognize most of them. Gary looks at love many times---it comes and goes. The paper is stronger than them all. But many characters will resurface throughout the various episodes.---making for interesting dejavue. I wish Christy Swanson had stayed on longer----what a cutie. The regulars are perfect. I just wish they could at least keep this on regular TV.
  • The best of the best TV shows.

    The best of the best TV shows. I live in Slovakia and I watched all 4 seasons a few weeks ago. I also recorded all episodes on videotapes and I am waiting for DVD version. This show didn't need special effects and even though is perfect. My favourite episode is Wall. I also want tomorrow newspaper :-) .
  • This Is The Coolest Show EVER! Everyone in my family Loves watching it. (one of my older sisters even tapes it!)

    My sister that tapes it is trying to get every single one. (but hasn't yet.) I love watching it, Even my MOM loves watching it. She says it's the kind of show where you could get 'Sucked up' by watching it! I mean a guy who gets tomorrows newspaper, it's so originaly cool!
  • One of the best shows on television!

    This show was amazing! The soundtrack was fabulous, and the premise opened up the possibilities for many storylines. It was a comedy at times, and at others it delved into more deeper issues- successfully. Never did I get tired of the characters, and even though character development was one of the weaker aspects of the show in my opinion, it wasn’t necessary to keep the show, in my mind, as a quality worthwhile show. I wish the show was on DVD, and I hope that someday someone else will appreciate how great this show was.
  • I can't wait till this comes out on dvd!

    I think that it should be a dvd because the show is very original. You don't see much shows like Early Edition; where the guy sees the future and actualy trying to help people out. So, I think this show will be a hit once it comes out on dvd.
  • Best Show ever

    Well is too bad that no Buddy Show this Show again This woes one of my great show that I wily like And The Great Work of the dirctor and The Great work of Kyle Chandler on that
    I wily like all the Charter there this Best and they make the Show moor Best
    Bat I dont like the finel episod of the season 4 and If I woes write for this Show I will keep write the 5 or 6 Seson for this Show Well what I have to say that is so great show
  • love it.

    I love this show and miss it!
    The show portrayed a hero in a unique way that we don’t see any more.
    I have always liked time travelling themes and specially this one.
    I was only little when it aired but I remember waiting to see it (or at least reruns).
    The characters on the show were very likable and I loved each and every one.
    In short it is a true Classic.
  • This is my favorite show ever. Never got tired of watching it. Please bring it back or sell the DVD

    It s a nice show with lot of surprises and positive optimistic theme. I like their way of thinking about frienship, helping other people, family and success. And also I like the possiblity of "travelling" through time. I khow negative shows may have higher rating but there are people looking for positive thinking too. I really miss the show.
  • Wish I could find it on DVD

    I have only seen a few episodes but I have loved all of them. I wish I could find this show on DVD so that I could watch it over and over again. Unfortunately, I don\'t have cable at present so I don\'t even have a chance to see more. I\'m sad too, cuz I could really crush on Gary Hobson. He\'s got everything I like in a man except enough time.
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