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CBS (ended 2000)


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  • An excellent show in the anthology and reluctant hero traditions of "Route 66" that also flirts with the science-fiction elements of "The Twilight Zone."

    What is unusual (and excellent) about this show is that while it is largely formulaic, with most episodes following an established pattern, each episode manages to be unique and interesting. Some, such as "Romancing the Throne," adapt the plots of existing stories, in that case the film "Roman Holiday." Most episodes, however, create original plots within the established structure of the show.

    While that sounds far from unique and interesting, it's the superior and genuine acting of Kyle Chandler that makes this show (and this episode) fresh and engaging. That its premise allows for a new and different challenge each week also separates it from the banal. Such is the beauty of an anthology series like "Early Edition": the format enables writers to compose a cohesive show while presenting varied plots to the viewers.