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  • Early bird catches the worm... or in this case, Early cat catches the newspaper!

    What would you do if suddenly you had the chance of receiving tomorrow's newspaper today? Would you bet on the lottery and try to become rich, or would you try to help people from getting hurt? I would ahve gone with the first choice, but not Gary Hobson... when a mysterious cat starts deliviring him next day's paper, he tries his best to stop disasters from happening and saving people's lives. With the help of his friends Chuck and Marissa, Gay does the mpossible to save the day.

    I was quite impressed when I saw this series for the first time, because it was quite original. Every episode managed to be different, even though it followed the same formula. One of the tings that I always loved about it was Chuck's ever lasting attempt to get money by using the newspaper, and then not being able to do it, because Sary would not let him read it; and of course, the cat... the cat always meowed when he arrived with the newspaper.

    The cast was very good, and it was one of those series that should have kept going for a couple of more years. Still four seasons is better than none, right? A 9.5 is what this one deserves.