Early Edition - Season 2

CBS (ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • Second Sight
    Second Sight
    Episode 22
    Marissa sees a vision and believes that her sight is returning. Chuck witnesses a mob murder, and is in trouble. Gary, Chuck and Crumb are taken hostage, and Marissa must save them.
  • Hot Time in the Old Town
    Gary reads in the paper that a pylon at a construction site drops and knocks over a nearby building, killing thousands. Gary tries to prevent the disaster from happening only to get knocked out, and wakes up two days before the Great Chicago Fire. He meets Morris, who looks like Chuck. He also meets Jesse, a young boy who is the brother of a woman, Elanor, who is a singer at a saloon, and looks exactly like Marissa, and is a victim of racism. Gary must help Jesse and Elanor, and try to stop the fire too.moreless
  • Don't Walk Away, Renee
    Gary helps Renee, a woman who is being targeted by thieves.
  • Show Me the Monet
    Show Me the Monet
    Episode 19
    Gary learns that a British person who assisted him with a mission is actually a forger with many enemies.
  • The Quality of Mercy
    The paper sends Gary to save a man, John Hernandez, from being killed in a road accident. Following that, the paper states that Hernandez is going to kill Rachel Stone, the prosecutor who sent him to prison.
  • The Fourth Carpathian
    Gary's parents receive the paper when Gary is trapped in an abandoned theatre trying to save a monkey. Gary's parents and Crumb accidentally bring together a family of Letonian trapeze artists in Chicago.
  • Where or When
    Where or When
    Episode 16
    After Gary is injured in a fall, he becomes housebound while his broken leg heals. In a "Rear Window" style plot, he watches people in the apartment building across the street and is attracted to a new neighbour who seem to have been the victim of a murder almost 50 years ago.moreless
  • Mum's the Word
    Mum's the Word
    Episode 15
    Gary works to prevent multiple disasters at a museum exhibition.
  • The Return of Crumb
    The Return of Crumb
    Episode 14
    Gary has to keep an honest cop, Detective Crumb, from being arrested due to a blackmailed investigation.
  • Walk, Don't Run
    Walk, Don't Run
    Episode 13
    Gary tries to use his nomination to a public job to get a light put at a dangerous crossroad.
  • Romancing the Throne
    Gary must deal with a stowaway princess who hid in his backseat.
  • A Minor Miracle
    A Minor Miracle
    Episode 11
    Gary's search for a missing child makes him a suspect. When the police won't listen to him, he goes into the flooding underground sewer to try to rescue the little girl before it's too late.
  • A Bris is Just a Bris
    Gary comes between his cook and an accident-prone librarian. Chuck turns truthful while dating a Rabbi.
  • A Regular Joe
    A Regular Joe
    Episode 9
    Gary is stressed out, and just wants a regular life. He is having recurring dreams about a psychiatrist, who encourages him to take Sundays off from the paper. Gary decides to take that advice. However, he finds out that he needs to convince a famous quarterback to stop playing in order to avoid a serious injury.moreless
  • March in Time
    March in Time
    Episode 8
    After learning that a leader of a racist movement will be assassinated during a march, Gary begins to debate whether he should save his life or let him die. Marissa manages to convince him to save him, but the dilemma is further compromised when the leader's comrades attack and vandalize McGinty's. Now Gary has to stop the sniper from killing the leader of the movement. The situation is further complicated when the leader's son befriends a young African-American kid.moreless
  • Redfellas
    Episode 7
    The newspaper arrives with an article written in Russian. Gary saves a cab driver, in a seemingly unrelated article written in English. The cab driver is able to read the Russian article to Gary. Gary then must save a beautiful Russian violinist from being murdered and brings her together with her long lost father.moreless
  • Angels and Devils
    Angels and Devils
    Episode 6
    Gary and Chuck become involved with a basketball program at a local church for inner city youth, where they meet a young nun named Sister Mary. Gary helps stop Sister Mary from abandoning her call after a young man involved with the basketball program is killed during a convenience store holdup, which Gary fails to stop.moreless
  • Downsized
    Episode 5
    Gary and Chuck must stop an old friend of theirs from their former job from having a fatal plastic surgery to impress his girlfriend and enhance his career.
  • Jenny Sloane
    Jenny Sloane
    Episode 4
    Gary must help a young boy who is ill with leukaemia, but is refusing treatment. Gary wants him to meet Jenny Sloane, Chicago's sweetheart who is ill with cancer. A Chicago Sun-Times columnist writes a column about Jenny Sloane.
  • The Wedding
    The Wedding
    Episode 3
    McGinty's is asked to cater the wedding of Gary's ex-girlfriend, his high school sweetheart. Her romantic feelings are still somewhat directed at Gary, and what's worse, her father has been under police's witness protection for three weeks and the paper warns of criminal and violent actions at the wedding.
  • The Medal
    The Medal
    Episode 2
    Gary must help a Vietnam vet who has the Congressional Medal of Honor when a ceremony in his honor triggers feelings of guilt because of a mistake he made in Vietnam.
  • Home
    Episode 1
    Gary's hotel room burns in an electrical fire. While wondering where he is going to live, Gary also finds out that a greedy businessman wants to purchase McGinty's and an orphanage in order to demolish them and build a parking lot. Gary and Chuck must save McGinty's and the orphanage, and Gary must find a new place to live.moreless