Early Edition - Season 3

CBS (ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • Blowing Up is Hard to Do
    Gary saves a woman - Detective Armstrong's wife - from drowning at a gym. The Armstrongs invite Gary and Erica to dinner at their house; Det. Armstrong, however, is suspicious about Gary saving his wife, and accuses him of trying to kill her. Later, Erica decides to end her relationship with Gary, and Gary must prevent two buildings from being blown up.moreless
  • Play It Again Sammo
    Play It Again Sammo
    Episode 22
    Together with Sammo Law, Gary works to recover a priceless Chinese helmet, and also protect a thief and his niece from being murdered.
  • Home Groan
    Home Groan
    Episode 21
    While Gary is able to prevent a robbery attempt by the dangerous criminals, he is unable to convince the local sheriff that the convicts are hiding out in his little town. It turns out that Joe is an envious old high-school classmate of Gary's who decides to throw him in jail for causing a raucous. While behind bars, Gary reads in the paper that his mother will be killed by the convicts. When he's unable to convince Joe to stop by his parents house to prevent the impending tragedy, Gary's dad, Bernie, comes to his rescue and they both rush to save Gary's mother.moreless
  • Pinch Hitters
    Pinch Hitters
    Episode 20
    Gary tries to prevent an accident involving a rare monkey, but he gets bitten by the animal and is forced into quarantine until it can be determined whether or not he has contracted a rare disease. In the meantime, Gary enlists Marissa's help in preventing the elderly man from being injured in a variety of dangerous mishaps. With the help of her new boyfriend, Emmet, she attempts to save the man.moreless
  • Crumb Again
    Crumb Again
    Episode 19
    Crumb is about to publish his memoirs of being a detective in Chicago, when he becomes the target of someone who doesn't want the book to come out. Gary and Crumb then narrowly escape a drive-by shooting, and Federal Agent Brigatti, who recently transferred to the Chicago detective squad, takes on the case and attempts to track down Crumb's potential killer.moreless
  • Fate
    Episode 18
    A homeless man plummets to his death while Gary tries to save him. Gary is rattled by his inability to prevent the tragedy and questions his involvement with the paper. When Gary refuses to prevent the next day's bad news, he winds up being forced to confront his own fate when he reads his obituary in the paper and must figure out what he's done wrong so that he can save his life.moreless
  • Two to Tangle
    Two to Tangle
    Episode 17
    A couple are fighting with each other over their lingerie company, and Henry befriends their daughter. Gary rushes to save Henry and the couple's daughter from carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Number One with a Bullet
    Marissa's old friend, Julius aka C-Roc, is in town for a CD signing and Gary has to prevent him from being killed.
  • Funny Valentine
    Funny Valentine
    Episode 15
    While in town to discuss a major deal with the Chicago Cubs, star ball player Andy Miller escapes serious harm when Gary saves him from being severely injured in a freak accident. Andy does bruise his shoulder during the incident, however, and Gary takes him to the hospital where Andy winds up falling in love with his physician, Dr. Suzy Pietro. Andy decides to accept the Cubs lucrative offer so he can stay in Chicago and be with Suzy. Unfortunately, Andy's agent doesn't want him to sign with the team and he soon learns that Suzy is contemplating a marriage proposal from another man.moreless
  • Just one of Those Things
    Gary decides to tell Erica about the paper but she does not believe him because unfortunately, Patrick, who is looking for an apartment, accidentally takes Gary's paper.
  • The Last Untouchable
    An old ex-cop with an outdated driver's license starts his car and Gary crawls on it to stop him driving. Two Italian tourists are robbed by fake taxi drivers. The tourists charm Erica to show them old Chicago buildings, and Capone's last living major gang member is released from prison.
  • Slippity-Doo-Dah
    Episode 12
    Gary catches a snake that was going to bite a bingo player who faints and knocks her head. However, she's incapable of her next doings: babysitting Henry. Gary takes over, but Marissa warns him that he can't handle both the paper and Henry. While babysitting for Henry, Gary's intervention with one accident sets off a chain reaction of accidents.moreless
  • Teen Angels
    Teen Angels
    Episode 11
    Gary is mistaken for a substitute teacher while attempting to stop a high school shooting.
  • Nest Egg
    Nest Egg
    Episode 10
    To his surprise, Gary runs into his mother in the middle of Chicago. Later he shadows her and sees her drinking champagne with a strange man. Gary first suspects an affair, but learns that the stranger has tricked her into investing in a fictive company.
  • In Gary We Trust
    In Gary We Trust
    Episode 9
    Gary is in danger after preventing a spa worker from being shot in the sauna. It turns out that the people who were going to kill him are mobsters and the spa worker is actually an FBI agent working on a case to bring the mobsters down.
  • Deadline
    Episode 8

    Gary tries to clear the name of an innocent man on death row hours before his execution. Lucious Snow had failed to stop the murder, but left Gary some clues.

  • Up, Chuck
    Up, Chuck
    Episode 7
    A surprise visit from Chuck makes Gary suspect an ulterior motive.
  • Halloween
    Episode 6
    Gary is abducted by two witches that he saved from a fire. The witches believe that Gary is a warlock, and that Gary can help them free their sister who has been locked up for close to 200 years.
  • Saint Nick
    Saint Nick
    Episode 5
    Erica reunites with a childhood friend, Nick Sterling, who seems to be the perfect guy. Gary is jealous of their relationship and reads in the paper that Nick will propose to Erica. Gary also learns that the hospital Nick recently completed construction on is going to catch fire at the opening party.moreless
  • Lt. Hobson, USN
    Lt. Hobson, USN
    Episode 4
    To stop an explosion, Gary poses as a Navy Lieutenant, but before he can get off the base, he attracts the attention of an admiral who wants Gary to take his daughter to a dance. However, things don't go as planned and Gary ends up imprisoned in a Naval Jail. Worse yet, Gary receives the paper while in jail and learns that McGinty's is going to blow up.moreless
  • A Horse Is a Horse
    A Horse Is a Horse
    Episode 3
    After Henry witnesses Gary rescue a clown from a falling bucket, nothing can stop the child from finding out about the paper. However, Henry misuses the information contained within the paper, but things get worse when Henry's father sees his child's "gift" as a way to make a quick buck.
  • Collision
    Episode 2
    Chuck has left McGinty's in financial chaos and Marissa announces for a pub manager in the paper without telling Gary who has hands full with the choice of preventing a major car crash or saving an 8-year-old.
  • Blackout
    Episode 1
    During a blackout in Chicago, Marissa attempts to save two trapped teenagers.