Earth 2

Season 1 Episode 1

First Contact (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 1994 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The 'WARNING' message seen on the screen prior to the pre-recorded news broadcast about the 'demise' of the Eden Advance project reads:


      "In accordance with the treaty on principles governing the activities of exploration and exploration of outer space, the moon, and other celestial bodies and the miltilateral telecommunications satellite organization attempts to decode without authorization is a criminal act punishable by confinement, credit loss, or both."


      Followed by what appears to read: "Offical use only: encryption code *****"

  • Quotes

    • (Upon discovering the supply pod, has been opened)
      Devon: Oh, my God, we've been robbed.
      Commander O'Neill: We're not alone.

    • Control: Eden Advance. We still show no-go. Return to dock facility. Repeat, we will contact Port Authority.
      Commander O'Neill: Feel free to contact whoever you damn well please. We're making a run for it.

    • Commander O'Neill: Hey, Ace. You put this cargo down as nicely as that dish, we're in business.
      Alonzo: You say, "Stack 'em," and I'll say, "How high?"
      Commander O'Neill: Commence at your discretion, pal. I'll be in the head.
      Alonzo: Sure.

    • (John finds True asleep standing against a wall)
      John: Hey. True, sweetheart. Come on, you gotta buzz your teeth, I need your help up top.
      True: I'm getting a cat, right? I had a dream I got my cat.
      John: A real cat? Did you dream you won the trans-station lottery?
      True: Hey, you promised. You said we're gonna be richer.
      John: I know, but I didn't say we were gonna be billionaires. You know how much a pet allotment costs? Come on, I'll meet you up top.
      (True grabs his shirt)
      True: Let me make this clear, Dad. After we go drop them off, and we get home, I get a cat. Not a cheapo synth-cat, A real cat. No discussion, Understand? Well?
      (John reluctantly nods in accent.)

    • Commander O'Neill: Solace, what's our status?
      Alonzo: We're at zero minus eight and a half hours.
      Commander O'Neill: You weren't hired to tell me the time, Ace.
      Alonzo: Portal is yawing wide open. I'd say they're expecting a freighter.
      Commander O'Neill: Now you're talkin'. Advise colony, we're moving.
      Alonzo: Yes, sir!

    • (After 22 years of cold sleep, the first to be reawakened are Dr. Julia Heller and hot-shot pilot, Alonzo Solace.)

      Alonzo: I could postpone everyone's defrost and celebrate life a little bit. What do you say?

      Julia: Is that the only come-on you sleep jumpers can come up with these days?

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