Earth 2

Season 1 Episode 2

First Contact (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 1994 on NBC

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  • The second half of the pilot episode. The story moves from the back story of who they are, to what they need to do to survive on this alien planet.

    Now that they know they aren't alone they have to decide how and if they are going to move forward, as there are families on their way. True is still hiding her new found "pet" from the rest of the group, only to have it stow away on the rover O'Neill and John are going to use to try and hunt down the thing or things that took their stuff. Unfortunately for O'Neill his shoot first ask questions attitude costs him big, it cost him his life, when the tiny little creature stung him with its claw.

    Soon the camp is visited by two new beings, creatures who freak everyone out. I'd have to say the costume and makeup for these aliens were refreshing, compared to the old traditional alien costumes of the Star Trek era. These things looked like real creatures, not just someone with their face painted blue. When they take off Zero discovers Bess and Martin coming toward the camp.

    That night Martin tries to spin his story of how hectic it was during the escape, and how he wasn't to blame for the pod releasing itself, but how glad he was that no one was trying to get in. Now this whole time he is telling the story you can see John just wants to thrash him, cause he knew the truth. And honestly as a viewers I wish John would have done it.

    The kids are taught a tough lesson of life and death on this new planet, and Yale makes them promise they will stay clear of the little creatures from now on. Well as kids will do she didn't listen and decides to take her "pet" out in the woods to let it go, not knowing that Uly is right behind her. A fight, of sorts, happens between them and Uly gets knocked off his rover. True is able to find him just in time to see him get swallowed by the ground, well the Terrians under the ground.

    Then there was Devon and Alonzo working in the Dream Plane in an attempt to get him back. This was a nice part to the story, it just seemed a tad bit rushed. She finally agrees that she will do whatever they want if she can get him back. The full detail of the deal won't be told until later in the season. On getting him back they discover he is healed, and this gives the group the drive to move forward on their journey to their new home.

    And as the group is moving forward, we see a lone stranger standing on a hill top. He watches as the others move on. You are left with the question of who is this man and will we ever see him again.
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