Earth 2

Season 1 Episode 2

First Contact (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 1994 on NBC



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    • John: Pal, you hear me start screaming in terror, you take that as your cue to yank me out of here.
      Zero Without fail, sir.

    • (Group sitting around fire, Morgan eating)
      Morgan: Boy, that was bedlam, wasn't it? When the ship started going down, us in the clutches of gravity like that, my first thought was, you know, you know, we're gonna be dead.
      (John walks around group)
      Morgan: Oh! Real food, mmm!
      Bess: You don't know the sick feeling I had, Morgan and me waiting and… the wind shear just loppin' us right off.
      Morgan: Oh, yeah. And the thought that we would never see any of you again… And, if somebody had been trying to get in…
      (John stops to look at Morgan, Morgan sees him)
      Morgan: When that auto air lock snapped shut, boy, that just would've been…oh, that was just…that…that was hell.
      (John turns away disgusted.)

    • Commander O'Neill: What's out there is two tons of supplies and equipment, Devon, and it's nothing more than shiny beads and trinkets to some stunted, tri-toed hominids.
      Devon: I don't mean to second-guess you, Broderick, but I don't think this…
      (O'Neill interrupts angrily)
      Commander O'Neill: Than don't! It's ours, Devon, and we have every right to go out there and hunt it down.

    • Devon: It's all gone, Yale, everything.
      Yale: Not everything, Devon.
      Devon: Most of our vehicles, communications equipment. Something's out there, Yale, and it's cleaned us out.
      Yale: We were perhaps foolish to believe there was no intelligent life here.

    • John: All righty. She's not much to look at, but a boy's gotta have wheels, right?
      (Uly shrugs)
      John: Hey, what'd you think, I was gonna carry you around everywhere?
      Ulysses: Nah, this'll be fine.
      John: Okay. This here's the brake, it makes you stop. Press this, that makes you go. This is where you steer.
      (Grabs Uly's hand and puts it on the stick)
      John: That-a-boy, just like that. You have any trouble getting' it started, you just jiggle that a little bit and spit on it.

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