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    Well it's the day before Thanksgiving November 23, 2011 and it appears that there hasn't been any discussion about Earth 2 for about a year now. The only reason I ended up watching all of the episodes is because I saw them on Netfix with no commercial, and I thought it would get better. I should have gone with my first impression and dumped it after the third episode. It could have been a good series but the writing was horrible, and that's why it was canceled. All of the characters were doing things that didn't make sense. Like True Danziger, the little girl kept getting into trouble and never learned a lesson. The last episode was by far the worst. Devon, the person who was supposed to be the leader of the group truned into a bumb blonde joke. You would have never seen Capt. Janeway on the Voyager act like Devon was acting. After that episode I was glad it was the last. The series could come back if they get some writers who know how to keep their audience interested.
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