Earth 2

Season 1 Episode 5

Promises, Promises

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 1994 on NBC

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  • Gaal once again is back and this time it appears as if he's taken the Terrians captive.

    The first time I watched this episode I was on the edge of my seat most of the time because I had a vested intrest in what was happening. An actor that is very underrated if you ask me is Tim Curry and he proves just how good he is in this episode once again. Gaal is not only manipulitive, he is also very strong and cunning as well.

    If this episode is any character specific episode it is a True episode. J. Madison Wright is one of the underrated and under used actors on the show. She was wonderful in this and every episode she was used in. In this one though she really shines. True doesn't like the Terrians and with good reason, they are very scary looking.

    Alonzo meanwhile is having dreams about the Terrians and these dreams also help explain why Uly is getting sick again. Uly is connected to the Terrians and with them suffering he is suffering as well. Devon and Danzinger decice to help the Terrian recuse his friends. The Terrian gets taken as well and they run out of options.

    True comes back into the picture when she tells the others that Gaal is going to make the Terrians make Uly healthy again. Over and over again it is stressed to True that Gaal is not a nice person. This is what drivers her to see him again becuase she believes Gaal's manipulitive words. Gaal shows True how he controls the Terrians and how he has Terrian bones that protect him from them.

    When Gaal hurts the Terrians True realizes him for what he really is and decides to get help. She remote calls the rover and this brings the rest of the colonists out there. They managed to rescue True and she manages to take the bone necklace from Gaal which gives the Terrians the ability to take him. But is this truly the end of Gaal???