Earth 2

NBC (ended 1995)





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  • A show set in the future but hankering back to the days of exploration and colonization. Aclever show where \"this time we were the Aliens\". There goal was to et accross the planet to meet up with other settlers who were on their way at a slower pace.

    The pilot show was amazing and really set the tone for the whole show.There was a miss match of charecters all flawed but all human(ish) who were trying to survive in a totally alien enviroment with very little,though cool,technology. Their leader was a very stong independant woman called Devon who was used to getting her way and not happy about consantly locking horns with the working class grease monkey who gradually became her second in command.All the charecters went through big and sometimes alien changes as the season went on, the doctor Julia was a very good character who literally turned her life around to be part of the group and Alonzo who had been a committed space pilot began to see a future for himself on the ground. Bess and Morgan were a strange couple but you grew to appreciate what they saw in each other as the season went on and the other side characters were all used pretty well. It was a small cast and had a lot of potential but seeing the plan for the second season from the network I was glad that it never made it to the screen and as a stand alone season, it is one that comes off my shelf quite a lt to be enjoyed again and agin