Earth 2

NBC (ended 1995)





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  • Adaire and her team of travelers crash land on their planet and are expected to reach the site for the new hospital after earth's conditions are not livable for young children with medical issues.

    I don't blame the network for canceling this although I liked the show it was just bloody weird!! I mean i never knew what ws going to happen half the time and the other half i was still tring to process what was going on. I don't think overalll i will miss this show too much. My only thing with this show is that at the end of the show they never show you what happens to a main cast member they basicly just leave off with this person being frozen??? I understand why my questions is what with wrong with them than they had to be frozen, however i will probably never know. It should be past as an ethically law amoung TV producers that a show not end until it has finished any major open story lines.