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  • I remember watching the first episode of Earth 2 and being amazed not only at its technical visuals but also amazed by its desire to tell a truly wonderful and captivating story sadly Earth 2 never got to live up to its potential.

    Earth 2 begins with a bang literally. They spend very little time on the space station during the orgianal two hour permire. Not that we need to stay on the space station as it has very little to do with the actual show. Earth 2 is a frontier show, a show about exploring the unknown. Its not about a space station.

    The forerunners of the colonisits land months before the rest but thats where things go wrong. Their ship crash lands a lot of miles away from the correct destination and because of this they have to journey through this strange planet. What the colonsists discover is that they are not alone on this planet. The Colonists discover that the planet has living beings, Terrins and Grendlers among others. This is where things get really strange. Strange in a good way.

    Uly one of the two kids on the show came down to the planet with a sickness from the stations. His sickness is cured magically during the first episode of the show by the Terrins. During the course of the 22 episodes a lot of trust and mistrust are placed upon the Terrins who are very intelligent and very much a part of their planet.

    Sadly Earth 2 never got to really live up to its potential. At the end of the only season of the show we are still left with dozens of questions. NBC decided to remove Earth 2 and put on a show that they only kept around for a season as well.

    Earth 2 was an amazing sci fi show with very well written characters and plot outlines. There is no telling where they could have gone if the show had been given at least three to five seasons. We would have gotten answers about Gaal perhaps, or more answers about what exactly the stations back around Earth were planning. There would have been a lot more about the Terrins and the Grendlers as well I am certain. Sometimes it is frustrating to not get the answers that you want, and that is the bottom line as to what happened with Earth 2. It shined breifly, but what a shine.