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  • In the near future the earth looms behind enormous artificial satellites, a luminous blue ball of hope and despair for those unlucky enough to have been born with the syndrome

    Not only a reminder of what has been lost to the millions of humans destined to forever live separated from a world too fragile to accommodate them, but the catalyst for change.

    The inherent hygienic nature of life aboard a space station has begun to underscore the desperate Human need for contact with Earth.

    Dale is a wealthy and privileged mother, her son Ulysses is 9 and no syndrome child has lived past 10 years old. Determination and desperation have led Dale to defy local authorities in order to save her son.

    For the past few years Dale has used her wealth and influence to gather interest in her bold idea - she plans to leave the stations and travel light years across space to an unchartered solar system where Earth 2 lies, a habitable sister planet to our earth.

    The Council, the ruling body of Earth has stalled Dale as long as they can - by now the Eden Project has 250,000 syndrome families entering hibernation for the long voyage across space, however, the Council is not without its plans to stop the Eden Project.

    *** SPOILERS AHEAD ***

    As the Eden Project Crew review their final checks for tomorrows historic launch to Earth 2 preparations are under way by the Council to destroy Dale's ship - the Eden Advance - sent 2 years ahead of the bulk of the expedition so as to establish a working colony, needless to say, the council fails this time.

    A catastrophic emergency occurs just as Eden Advance arrives at Earth 2, leading to complete chaos and possibly the end of the Expedition.

    This is a story of survival, akin to the pioneers of the Wild West mixed with a mystical world where the local inhabitants seem to be tiny unusual parts of a much larger organism.

    While wooden at times Earth 2 is a small triumph - with limited special effects we are drawn into a sci-fi world that is character based affording the viewer a warmer show than one would expect.

    Intrigue, drama, mysticism and frivolity are trademarks of Earth 2 and i thoroughly enjoyed all but two episodes.

    Recommended viewing for those who like witty drama and who can forgive the overly re-used sets.
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