Earth 2

NBC (ended 1995)





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  • Started out so damn good and finished so damn crappy.

    For those of us that love sci fi television shows, we don't get many good off-world shows, most take place on ships (star trek) or come back to earth (stargate). This had so many possibilies, with a great alien culture (the Terrians) and a great cast and a greater premise. Earth is dying and another habitable planet is... habited. Not only that, but there's millions of sick kids coming its way.

    The series (short lived) took us on a wild adventure of mysteries around every corner as our explorers explore a foreign world. Just when things were going good, and future seasons looked promising, the show ended. The last two episodes were cut in from previous deleted episodes and we were left with no ending. The captain of the ship and leader is frozen in deep sleep, the millions of kids are months away, the planet is rejecting its new visitors, the Terrians are less trusting of humans than ever, and that's it. No more. Nothing. Maybe someday someone will make Earth 3...