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Earth: Final Conflict

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In the early twenty-first century, Earth is visited by an androgynous-looking alien race, the Taelons. Soon—with the Taelons' help—famine, disease and pollution have been eliminated.

William Boone is assigned protector of Da'an, the Taelon "companion" for North America. However, Boone is secretly working for the resistance—an underground organisation that believes the Taelons are not as benevolent as they seem.

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  • The storyline was a strange tangle of confusion and mystery...

    For the life of me, I just couldn't understand why this show was so hugely popular at the time. The storyline was a strange tangle of confusion and mystery and to be honest I was curious for a long time as to where the plot was going. That's why I watched it... The story never seemed to go anywhere and it always ended on a strange note. It was always unresolved - I like finality and that's why I never could watch this show and be satisfied about it. The show always seemed to DRAG on for hours - I never could enjoy it.moreless
  • Spaceships land on Earth, bringing beings who are humanoid, but not human. They have technology that is significantly advanced of mankind's, and offer to share it with us. But the aliens have their own agenda...moreless

    The program, Earth: Final Conflict, was a masterfully done piece of work. Being an extension of the master, Gene Roddenbury's, work, it was produced by the very intelligent and versatile Majel Barrett, his wife.

    Earth: Final Conflict had an entirely believable plotline in which aliens land on Earth and are supposedly benificent. It is later discovered that they, of course, have their own agenda which is not altogether altruistic. The special effects, such as the heads-up control displays, have become increasingly widely used. Stargate Atlantis uses them in the Ancient ships called puddle-jumpers, and they were used by Keanu Reeves in movies as well as using the same concept in their current tv commercials. The protagonist to antagonist conflicts were well developed, in both the Taelon society as well as the human, with "good guys" and "bad guys" in both.

    Unfortunately, as with many series of this nature, the amount of unique plots for an ongoing series wore thin and it became necessary to resolve them and bring the series to a close. I, and my wife, both thoroughly enjoyed this series and were disappointed when it went off the air.moreless
  • Another great sci-fi from Gene Roddenberry.

    Great show in the beginning, but went downhill at the end. The storyline for the first two seasons was great, stopped watching it after. Although if you have really bad taste the other seasons are good to. I suggest just buying the first two seasons. Now for the actors, the actors much like the show are better in the first seasons. By far the best actors and characters are the guys who play Boone and Sandoval. The costume design is also pretty good, and the makeup artists did a crazy good job. In the end this is a well rounded show over all.moreless
  • This series actually "*went* downhill fast!", after a stunningly brilliant 1st season.

    Please note that the rating of 7.5 is for the entire 5-season run of the show. However, this series started out like a house on fire! From the archives of Gene Rodenberry, and spearheaded by his widow, Majel Barrett, this show gave us innovative ideas for a science fiction television show, intriguing long-term story arcs, with really interesting characters and a great cast of humans and aliens. Set in the present day, Earth: Final Conflict began to tell the story of an alien race, the Taelons (who came to be called "Companions") come to the earth with designs to make our lives better: ending crime, curing illness, feeding the world. A blessing some would say; but others on earth, unafraid to look a gift horse in the mouth, looked at this with skepticism, and sought the ugly underbelly of such beneficence. And they found it. Thus was born the resistance. It was all the more attractive, as this story *could have happened* in our lifetime! I truly looked forward to entering the world the writers were developing. By the first season finale I was a die-hard viewer and had dragged along several friends who didn't even *like* the science-fiction genre, in general.

    Then on to season two: I was disappointed from the start, what with the replacement of the show's lead (Kevin Kilner) for a younger, but less talented and less interesting fellow, trying to attract that special demographic. But I kept hope alive that the show would be set back on track, as the marvelously crafted aliens were still intact. There were rumors abounding about the show's creative/production staff being divided on how to present the series, and it showed in the episodes. The third season was bad, the fourth season was worse, and the fifth season? Totally different series altogether, perhaps in preparation for a spinoff series! I cannot even recommend that viewers watch the show on DVD, as the 2 best seasons (1 & 2) are not available in any format as of this writing in early 2007.moreless
  • The concept and characters of season 1 were the best I've seen on tv, up to date ^_^

    The concept, storyline and original characters were the best I've seen in a show. This show was my religion in elementary school, I started watching it after I caught a glimpse of the 4th episode at my cousin's place. The character of Da'an instantly drew me to find out what this show was and when it was on. Leni Parker is up to date my favorite actress, thanks to that role, and both her and Anita La Selva did a great job. Their biggest mistake however was killing off Kevin Kilner's character, I would have loved seeing how things would develop if he stayed in the show. Basically, the show went downhill from there, season 2 was intresting, thanks to Liam; but later on his character completly changed to worse, and the the main course of the show became really bad, even though the episodes themselves had intresting storylines. The character of Renee Palmer was the most pointless wannabe character I've ever seen in a show; An unknown, unoriginal, boring character taking over the whole show, it completely ruined it. By season 4 things were as bad as they could be, the characters have gone astray, things were getting hopeless, and the only reason I kept watching was Da'an. Season 5 was a joke. The episodes with Boone's and Zo'or's comeback were a disgrace to the memory of two great characters, probably added due to the show losing viewers quickly.

    I've seen a lot of bad endings, but I am yet to see one as bad as having two races completly dying out, and humanity being portrayed as bad as it could be. It truly couldn't have been any worse. All in all, I choose to remember EFC for it's greateness, it's concept, characters and all the great things season 1 had to offer, instead of a show that went downhill as bad as it could. It is up to this day, a show that had the biggest influence on my childhood, and I choose to remember it for the good, because when it started it was the very best TV series, ever.moreless

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