Earth: Final Conflict

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Oct 06, 1997 on CTV

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  • Always give it a second try!

    Strange how this became my favorite show of all time. When I saw that it would be coming on the air I made a point to watch it. Somehow this first episode didn't reach me at first and I didn't watch it until about the third. But I do now love the series and after giving the episode another chance the episode really was good.
  • Great show to begin with!

    I really liked Boone to begin with and at first
    Didn't accept the fact that the show written him out
    As the actor has also quit shows in which he was
    On and that I thought Boone had a lot of promise
    Though I think that Liam Kincaid is my favorite, I thought they should had kept Boone because he should a lot of potential and promise!
  • Wow, this is the new series im about to watch from start to finish, and you tell me that this is what i have to look foward to!?

    This episode is very unimpressive for an opener. There are no highstakes, there is just a lot of conjecture and paranoia in the main character and his new buddies. His wife is killed by some crazy guy, and it’s just not that convincing that he even loved her. Jumps around and isn’t very stable in terms of quality.

    We are introduced to the leader, or representation of the To'lan race, and we find out that they are kind of like gods, since they cured all disease and made life so great for the lowly humans. We find out that many people are wondering what are the Tolans getting out of this interaction, and this is the main focus of the episode, the paranoia of this benevolent race and what does it truly want from humanity.