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    [1]Mar 31, 2009
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    I've recently started watching Earth: Final Conflict. I finished up the 1st season and thought it was pretty good. Only four episodes into Season 2 and I can see quite a bit of difference in the tone of the show. It seems to have gotten more....cheesy. The dialogue, the character motivations and even the plots have taken a totally different turn so far this season. Does it get better again? I am thinking it must, since it did complete 5 seasons.
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    [2]Dec 15, 2009
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    I came across your post. Yes the show does get better until season five. The two Talon actors did not want to do another season so they quit. The directors felt they had done all they could do with the talons and wanted to go another way. Which in my opinion was way off. They could have done a lot more. Just watch Babylon five. They had the same issues but continued on the same path in season five and it was a great show. So in season five, they dismissed the Talons and continued on with a new enemy. It was not only an insult to the actors but the fans as well.Andromeda did the same thing and their season five was worse than season five of Earth Final Conflict. What is it about Canada productions? Don't get me wrong, Leni Parker and Anit La Selva are great actors. However, in a series, American actors would not have quit and let their fans down. Not to mention the fact that Canada is to good to release the show in America on DVD.So if you live in America, chances are you will never see the whole show. If you live in Canada, I mean no insults it is just how it is.
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