Earth: Final Conflict

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Oct 20, 1997 on CTV

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  • Great show despite being predictable!

    IMO this was a very great show and that it
    Is like the one reviewer said, one of the best shows
    Of the three as Boone meets a young woman who has artificial limbs and is being used really badly by a religious leader.
    As Boone tries to find who killed his wife and Sandoval you know has something to do with it!
  • Wow, can't believe the overall rating this one got, i acutually thought this is the best of the first three episodes

    This episode took on a different tone right from the beginning. It was more of a stand alone episode that dealt with human nature, emotions and all that good stuff. We were introduced to a girl who lost her hands in an accident when she was 8, and who was ready to jump off a terrace to end her life. Boon talks her down, and we have an interesting transition into religion, and the whole faith issue. This episode dealt with real world issues, and I commend them for actually making me connect with the show.
    She is able to gain her arms and hands back for a limited time, but the joy and happiness she felt is wonderfully displayed. It makes you appreciate what you have.
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