Earth: Final Conflict - Season 5

CTV (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Final Conflict
    Episode 22
    As Renee begins to lose hope that humanity will survive, an old friend reappears to give her guidance, and solace. Yulyn and Ra'jel join forces to deliver the final blow to the Atavus threat to mankind. Sandoval comes to term with his past, and ends the series in a very fitting "Sandoval" manner.moreless
  • The Journey
    Episode 21
    Renee hooks up with Captain Michaels to investigate a pharmaceutical plant manufacturing an Atavus Hybrid vaccine. But something is little strange about the lead scientist Dr Spangler. Ra'jel returns to lead Renee on an enlightening trip down memory lane. Why did the Taelons pick Earth? Things take a very deadly turn at the lab; Michaels is seriously injured, Dr Spangler's truth is revealed, and, as the Captain fights for his life, Renee must make an awful final choice.moreless
  • Street Wise
    Episode 20
    J Street has become an Atavus hybrid, Renee rushes to locate an antidote.
  • Subversion
    Episode 19
    Renee is put on trial for opening an Atavus stasis chamber.
  • Bad Genes
    Episode 18
    Renee's personal image of mankind's greatest enemy is forever changed when shebecomes emotionally involved with a young atavus child, Yulyn, whom reveals he has a very human-like soul. Renee must now protect Yulyn, also a royal, from Howlyn's evil clutches.
  • Honor And Duty
    Episode 17

    Renee and boyfriend Lt. Michaels "do-the-right-thing" as they risk their own personal integrity in an attempt to secure plans to the one military weapon that can kill the atavus.

  • Deportation
    Episode 16
    Renee has a change of heart and sympathy for her unwilling enemy as she becomes aware of the inhumane treatment the atavus hybrids must endure in government run internment camps.
  • Grave Danger
    Episode 15
    Renee receives part of an old manuscript from an associate of her Harvard professor, who believed that ancient Egyptians were visited by aliens. He claims he has discovered proof of this and then disappears. Renee visits the Giza plateau and fins she must hook up with an old flame, in fact her love, Raleigh Sinclair, who's a dashing British scoundrel and a rogue archaeologist. The two must work together to search the Pyramids to locate the tomb of Askenaton, a Grand Vizier to the Pharaohs and possible ancient Atavus who had mystical powers. Renee and Raleigh have some good hot-tempered banter as they try to outwit each other, while Sandoval arrives to complicate things further.moreless
  • Art Of War
    Episode 14

    Juda's death spells hope for Renee in her battle against the Atavus.

  • Deep Sleep
    Episode 13
    This pivotal episode brings Renée Palmer to a hybrid-infested hospital where comatose patients are being used as a food source for the Atavus. It is only when Renée is ultimately able to expose these atrocities that the FBI finally takes seriously the threat of the Atavus, who must feed on the life force of humans in order to survive. The FBI pledges to join Renée's crusade to destroy this formidable alien menace before they take over the world.moreless
  • Atavus High
    Episode 12
    After he sets up an Atavus fan Web site, a disaffected teenager is used by the Atavus to recruit the world's youth into its army of hybrids.
  • Death Suite
    Episode 11
    Renee suffers an emotional breakdown after a high-rise attempt to rescue a woman and her baby from an atavus attack goes horribly wrong. Unable to shake the image of the crying baby falling to its death, Renee and Street check into a spa to try to relax. Her therapy is soon cut short as they find themselves being stalked by Howlyn.moreless
  • Legacy
    Episode 10
    Renee travels back through time in pursuit of a deadly female Atavus. She travels back to the inquisition and is put on the rack and and condemned to burn at the stake. She is freed by Black monk and they track the female Atavus. Renee follows the Atavus back to the present and a couple minutes later The monk comes thru the portal. The female finds Howlen and demands that she be his Queen according to their tradition. She leaves the mothership and is tracked thru the portal system to the Atavus base before humanity evolved and kills the female Atavus using the portal after she kills the monk. Renee tells Howlen he'll have to wait a few million years to marry her since she is one of the livestock since she's an old fashioned girl. She returns to the present using the portal. They block the portal's ability to time travel.moreless
  • EnTombed
    Episode 9

    Renee and Street discover a couple of Atavus in stasis chambers underneath Stonehenge, but one of them seems frozen to death. They bring the survivor to an Antarctic station to study this theory...

  • Boone's Assasin
    Boone's Assasin
    Episode 8
    Renee visits Boone and shows him a crystal that can project the location of every Atavan on Earth. In an effort to retrieve the crystal, Sandoval brings Zo'or back to life as an Atavus so that she can battle her old nemesis Boone.
  • Guilty Conscience
    Episode 7
    Renee attempts to sabotage Sandoval and Howlyn's plans for producing Atavus regeneration chambers.
  • Termination
    Episode 6
    Renée breaks out a serial killer from prison, hoping she will be able to provide the information necessary to kill the deadly Atavus aliens, but the plan backfires.
  • Boone's Awakening
    Episode 5
    William Boone, the Taelon Protector who secretly led the human Resistance movement three years ago, is awoken from a state of suspended animation aboard the Mothership by Sandoval. He awakens to find that the Taelons and Jaridians have merged to become a new alien species posing an even greater threat to humanity and joins Renée's crusade against the Atavus.moreless
  • Subterra
    Episode 4
    Renee, with a former reporter, tries to inform the media about the Atavus.
  • The Seduction
    Episode 3
    Renee fights to destroy the Atavus as they begin a joining process that will create human-Atavan hybrids.
  • Pariahs
    Episode 2
    Sandoval strikes a deal with the Atavus while Renee tries to convince Hubble Urick of the existence of the aliens.
  • UnEarthed
    Episode 1
    The joining of the Taelons and the Jaridians create the Avatus race, a greater threat that Renee leads the fight against.