Earth: Final Conflict

Season 3 Episode 10

The Cloister

Aired Unknown Dec 11, 1999 on CTV

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  • Like a soap opera, with aliens.

    This episode was heartbreaking! It wasn't the best written script, it lacked action, it could be considered an all around forgettable episode. Except for Da'an. It is without question that he stole the show, and we don't even realize it until the end. There is always Zo'or, with all his brazen schemes and plots, fighting for controle and power, taking advantage of the human race around evry corner. And then there is Da'an, quietly observing, calculating, doing what needs to be done. Even when he appears to be doing something bad, we don't have to worry, because it always comes to light in the end and we realize that he was only helping in his own way. This episode was a perfect example of this. The fact that he would try to frame himself for murder to protect Zo'or, who has contless times argued and threatened and even tried to have Da'an killed. And then we find out the ultimate secret, that Zo'or is Da'an's child. And then everything makes sense. At the very end of the episode, when Da'an tells Zo'or that he had to protect him because Zo'or was his child, that was a very touching moment. Until Zo'or admits he would not do the same, and then it's truly tragic. I loved this episode!
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