Earth: Final Conflict

Season 1 Episode 16

Wrath of Achilles

Aired Unknown Feb 23, 1998 on CTV

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  • More positive character development.

    This was well written, giving Lili a chance to see that not all Taelons are as bad as the thought. I was kind of annoyed with her being such an extremist but this episode changed her attitude, at least toward Da'an, that would last throughout season 1 and 2, until season 3 mixes up all the characters and changes them completely so that they act like different people. The was really exciting, Da'an rescuing and taking care of Lili while Boone and Sandoval are trying to fix what Doors has caused by his smug self righteous ideas. Still, it shows why so many people loved Boone, he was the only one smart enough to warn them planting a virus into something they don't even understand is a very bad idea.