Earth Girl Arjuna

Season 1 Episode 9

Before Birth

Aired Unknown Mar 06, 2001 on

Episode Recap

Juna is hurt because Tokio left her finally. She can�t stand the fact to think of her or even to see her together with Sayuri.

Cindy another S.E.E.D. member with telepathic gifts reads her mind and sees all this pain. So she starts to look after Juna. She tells her that the relationship to Tokio isn�t over yet. Cindy starts a program to help Juna understand her feelings. For that matter Juna travels back inside her mother�s body, in the time before she was born, when her first thoughts were created. It�s a difficult trip for Juna, because she is overwhelmed by her feelings, but there is no turning back till she experienced the importance of this mission.