Earth Revealed

PBS (ended 1993)


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Earth Revealed

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Earth Revealed is a 1992 television series from PBS. It is produced by Intelecom and its focus is to show how the Earth works and show the physical processes that help to create our planet. It also focuses on various human activities and how they affect our environment and will affect our environment in the future. Earth Revealed features different environmental processes each week. Some of the processes featured include volcanoes, earthquakes and hurricanes. This show is an educational series that dives into the how to's and the whys behind each process. Follow geologists as they give lectures about how earthquakes occur and how volcanoes erupt. It not only is educational, but it also offers many videos of landscapes as they are undergoing catastrophic events. Watch as volcanoes erupt, hurricanes hit beaches and earthquakes rip through many different foreign lands. This PBS television show acts as a mini documentary each week by showing its viewers the wrath of nature.