Earthworm Jim

Season 2 Episode 6

Hyper Psy-Crow

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 02, 1996 on The WB

Episode Recap


Note: I advise the reader to have the other window open, as I frequently refer to the quotes section.

The episode opens with Earthworm Jim (who will be referred to as Jim, for the duration of this guide and on my quotes) performing as a stand up comedian. He makes a number of old super hero jokes, but the audience are not amused, till Jim stirs them (see the first quote).

After the title rolls, we see Pyscrow brought before QueenPuslingandandbloatedfesteringpusfilledmalformedUglySlugforabutt (I cannot tell you how many times I had to rewind media player to get that right!) for some misdemeanour. She tells Pyscrow she is willing to forgive him for his transgression if he brings Earthworm Jim's super suit, but that if he fails he will be "chopped into pieces so small you can fit them through a screen door.

Meanwhile Jim and Pete the Puppy are at a super hero banquet honouring the first ever super hero, the puce dynamo, which is supposedly a glamour's occasion, despite having such guests as The human Whoopee cushion, The Space Crickets and the cosmic weasel (You can also see the Sword of Righteousness).

After Hamstanator has the Singing Torch sing a number (see the quotes), Jim then presents the award to Puce (again, see the quotes). Puce (now an old fogy who claims to have invented super, hero, capes, masks, powers, secret hideouts, saving the day at the last second, sewing, retreating, explosions, nervousness, energy, catchphrases, worms (Jim looks annoyed when he announces this) victory, triumphant, invention and cliff hangers ) Takes the award and disses all the other heroes, claiming they have grown soft and challenges them to go fight some evil. Jim agrees and all the heroes wait around for some evil to fight.

Meanwhile Pyscrow hangs out at a Coffee place named "Grounds for a Lawsuit" (yuck yuck yuck) trying to think of a way to get the powers to defeat Jim. Pyscrow orders an Otoplet espresso, despite being told that this is probably certain doom. The coffee guy has to turn the machine all the way up to "Certain Doom", the machine shakes around and out comes a glowing cup of coffee. Pyscrow drinks the coffee and gets transformed into "Hyper Pyscrow", with phenomal speed, super vibratory powers, and extreme jumpiness. With these incredible powers Pyscrow declares that he will "Des-des-des-destroy- doom-doom-doom-doom-doom" before laughing hysterically (too much coffee=bad!).

After this the scene cuts to a warning about coffee (see quotes), which replaces the standard intermission.

Meanwhile, the heroes are still waiting for some evil to fight (all of whom (except for Jim) have fallen asleep). Hyper Pyscrow bursts in and says how he will Destroy-troy-troy-troy everyone.

Zantor master of the flying toupee threatens him with his Toupee of doom, Whopping cough boy with his "Mighty coughous" and Hamstatornator with his "indomitable Stretchy face" (with these mighty heroes the universe is in great hands!). Pyscrow uses his powers to bring down part of the ceiling on everyone except Jim, Peter and Puce.

They all escape to elderly-senior-chronologically super hero's home (see quotes), while Pyscrow is busy charging up by drinking coffee.

At said home, they try to come up with a plan to defeat Pyscrow. Jim suggests trying to overload Pyscrow with Coffee to make him explode, but Puce dismisses the idea and instead suggests trying to overload Pyscrow with Coffee to make him explode. Jim Points out that that's what he said, While Puce says Jim didn't say it with enough style.

They go off to the Museum of Over Sized Household Objects (who writes this stuff?!).

Pyscrow bursts in, Jim attaches the hose to the coffee machine, while ordering Peter into costume (see quotes). Jim overloads Pyscrow with Coffee, causing him to appear to explode. But they find Hyper Pyscrow has transformed into a being of pure nervous energy, Hyper Hyper Pyscrow! Peter transforms into a monster and mauls both Puce and Jim (see quotes)(I have 2 on this). During Petes, Mauling, Pyscrow is distracted by The World's Largest Ball of Tinfoil (ohhhhh shiny, so shiny!).

After Pete changes back, Puce starts, to suggest another plan but Jim tells him to stuff it while Peter makes a biting, though highly amusing comment (see quotes). Fighting fire with WATER Jim uses an Aroma therapy kit (despite his lack of nose, see quotes) to become a being of pure relaxation energy SUPER Mellow Jim (basically a glowing blue hippy, with theme music). Puce criticizes Jim for his long Hair and hippy clothes, as you'd expect from an old fogy. Jim charges at Pyscrow in slow motion, white touting his normal catchphrase, again in slow motion (eeeeeeaaaaattttttt dirrrrrrrrrrttttttttt), Pyscrow gets tired of waiting and charges at Jim. The two collide and the universe explodes (see quotes for the funniest part of this ep), then the Great Worm Spirit appears, and reveals his true form to Pyscrow and Jim (see quotes).The Great Worm Spirit or Doug TenNaple, reveals himself as Jim's creator by showing him part of the end credits, and using a blue arrow to point to it, then Doug joins hands with Pyscrow and Jim to recreate the universe, which goes back to how it was before Pyscrow went hyper. Only Jim and Pyscrow remember the events.

After the universe is put back together, it goes back to Puce dissing the heroes. Jim interrupts him and gets everyone to play Poker.

Meanwhile, the Queen asks if Pyscrow understands Pyscrow asks if she'd reconsider if she knew it would lead to the end of the universe, but in response the Queen raises a hatchet. Pyscrow gets the idea.

Back at the coffee place Pyscrow is about to drink a coffee while doing the cheesy "here we go again" thing when Jim interrupts (see quotes). Jim the ends the show in the usual way.