Earthworm Jim

The WB (ended 1996)


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  • Fantastic! Talk about original. Other shows should learn from this series.

    I've had a long past with the Earthworm Jim topic. I grew up in the Earthworm Jim era. I love playing the original games for Sega, and I just can't get too much of it. I just recently started watching the show, but I knew it was around for a while. I have to say that this show is extremly better then I thought it would be. The characters in this show are named fantasticly and the plots are well done and amazing to watch. Jim is a great main character and one of my favorites out there. The lines that are said in this show are very funny and I just can't stop laughing. How do the creators come up with these excellent ideas for this show. I'm happy that this show lasted for a couple of seasons, but I wish it came back. If you never saw this show, you don't know what your missing.