East of Everything

Sunday 8:30 PM on ABC1 Premiered Mar 30, 2008 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Community Chest
      Community Chest
      Episode 7
      The gang have only a few days to raise $300,000 for the auction of Palm Valley. After a fight between Vance and Art, they both find money in the ocean wash. So does the town. Bev has an idea a dance-a-thon for charity to help raise the money.
    • Homeward Bound
      Homeward Bound
      Episode 6
      Gerry returns to the Far Out East, after only making it as far as the beach. Josh is hung over and arrested, and when Art runs away for a searching Eve, Josh is left in charge of the Far Out East hostel.
    • Venus Rising
      Venus Rising
      Episode 5
      It's time for Lizzy's baby. Dale has gone and Lizzy is comforted by Bev and Rosemary. Vance finds himself more and more attracted to Lizzy. Art hears word that his book is doing exceedingly well online.
    • Secrets And Lies
      Secrets And Lies
      Episode 4
      Gerry suggests a family getaway for the boys and all agree. Though the weekend is more of a weekend-workshop. Dale leaves Broken Bay, and Lizzy. Eve has her conservation proposal looked at.
    • The Golden Rule
      The Golden Rule
      Episode 3
      Art, Vance & Josh have lady problems. Gerry takes it upon himself to help his grandson. Art still angry at Eve for not liking his book decides to write another. Vance hides out with the many women at the Far Out East
    • Cumin Get It!
      Cumin Get It!
      Episode 2
      The Broken Bay Council once again sets its sights on the Far Out East. Art gets bad news after bad news and is hurt by his son Josh, becoming good mates with his Grandfather
    • Weather Man
      Weather Man
      Episode 1
      Everything is Perfect for Art. Well, so far it has been. Art has a beautiful women and a hostel to run. An award for his maybe coming his way. The storm known better as Gerry Watkins rolls into town, "shaking" everything in his wake. Arts life will no longer be perfect.moreless
  • Season 1