East of Everything - Season 1

Sunday 8:30 PM on ABC1 Premiered Mar 30, 2008 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Aesthetic My Arse
    Aesthetic My Arse
    Episode 6
    With the arrival of the Demolition order for "Far Out East" things are going to change. A council is held to see if a Heritage Order can be applied to stop the demolition. Bev has a plan for the meeting: Art is to follow her lead for the presentation.
  • Save Me Some Scones
    Art's son- Josh is still missing. Unbeknownst to Art, Lara decides to stay in Broken Bay. Lizzy takes Jai to the pregnancy counsellor and is upset when he leaves in tears.
    Bev is threatened by Terry, the man she borrowed $100,000 from. He means business.
  • No Way To Nirvana
    No Way To Nirvana
    Episode 4
    Art is staying in Broken Bay. His son is missing. His girlfriend is coming to see him. Lizzy has had to leave to van with a mechanic after being told the van is not roadworthy and after Bev applies for a bank loan.
  • The Shining Path
    The Shining Path
    Episode 3
    Art and Vance come up with an idea for Art to continue travel writing. The plans hinge on trusting Vance and coming back to check in with the lawyer. Art still has problems with his son, after a bad surfing lesson.
  • Viola Baby
    Viola Baby
    Episode 2
    Art and Vance can no longer contest their mother, Nancy's will, with a young man coming forth with Nancy's journal. He having looked after her while she was sick. The two brothers face up to the fact that they are looking down a long road.
  • Gross National Happiness
    When Art Watkins hears of his mother dying, while he's writing a book on Bhutan, he races home and does not arrive in time. When he finally arrives in Broken Bay, Australia, he finds his Vance, his younger brother full of resentment for Art not being there for their mothers final days. The will is read and Art and Vance are to inherit nothing unless they can re-open their parents resort.moreless