East Side/West Side

CBS (ended 1964)


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  • Remarkable, thoughtful, and couragous.

    One of the great shows of all time, right up there with The Defenders, Maverick, The Twilight Zone, Slattery's People, The Fugitive, Route 66, I'll Fly Away, Upstairs/Downstairs, The Prisoner, Lost, The Sopranos,My World and Welcome To it Home Front, and Friday Night Lights, among a few others. George C.Scott was superb as a hard-bitten , but brave and compassioante social worker in early sities New York. Cicely Tyson was equally good as his secretary. I saw an episode of this in a High School civics class back in the seventies and it was unforgettable. Like a few other great sixties shows it lies moldsering the vaults. Please CBS, set this show free!
  • This show was probably one of the top 10 series of all times, and is definitely my all time favorite. I wish it were in video.

    The composite score for this show is ridiculously low. In 1963 the show struggled to stay on the air because the topics they covered were very controversial. The scripts were courageous, George C. Scott was incredible, and the supporting cast was excellent (including for the first time a black lady in a recurring role). I believe it lasted only one year because of the controversial material it covered and the lack of courageous sponsors. CBS deserves a lot of credit for letting the show run the entire year.