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Created by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, this half-hour comedy follows a former professional baseball player who returns to his hometown in the South to take a job as a substitute gym teacher.

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    • Kenny Powers that idiot!!

      "Eastbound and Down" is one of the very few shows that doesn't like its hero too much and in some ways we share a love/hate for him as well. Is that the purpose for its writers and creator? Will Ferrell (who has a funny cameo) and Adam McKay created this little comedy with the efforts of Jody Hill. They create mischiefs and incidents that only make things seem worse for Kenny Powers.

      Danny McBride is full out as Kenny, the once major league baseball player who lost his cool. Most of his talk considers many 'f' bombs and sexual references, then again this is McBride and he's great in it. He isn't like his caring brother Dustin (the wonderful John Hawkes) who lives a more ideal life than Kenny. His love interest April (Katy Mixon) isn't entirley sure if he is the right man but she comes close to being as dumb as Kenny and yet more sweeter with the cleavage.

      Yet I've gotten the most laughs from Steve Little as the very weird Stevie Janowski. I feel like McBride and Hill knew they made a somewhat joke out of the 'best friend/side kick'. Married to a Mexican and shaving his head after a quick affair at a funeral; Little was awkwardly hilarious as this loving loser.

      And with the funny cameos from Matthew McCounaghey, Craig Robinson, Adam Scott, Jason Sudekis (as twins), Michael Pea and Lilly Tomlin and Don Johnson (as Kenny's witted parents).

      Here is a show with explicit sex jokes, dick jokes, and many sequences of puking, farting, dildos, McBride jizzing himself as he makes out with April, boobs and many more enough to make it close to NC-17 if a movie. I don't know, I guess I have a sick humor or maybe its just done in such a mindful fashion close enough with even "South Park".

      It's a small show, with not enough gas to keep it going but maybe that was Jody Hill and McBride's idea for the show, to end it with its fourth season because they probably knew that there was no more story to tell. And with that disappointment, I still find it smart since most really good shows lose its mojo after their fifth or sixth seasons.

      Now I don't know whether I should feel anything for Kenny Powers, I'm not sure whether or not he's learned from anything that's happened. I mean, he went to Mexico to play for a below average team and than faked his own death to earn his love yet he really didn't need to and could've actually fulfilled his dream. Or maybe he's still just an idiot.

      Rating: 8.5moreless
    • Wrong air date for Season 4

      I do not believe the next season started last night. What I read on IMDB was that they were starting filming in May, so it may possibly air later this year.
    • LMFAO!

      I love to hate Kenny Powers i have cry tears of laughter watching the short series and a few tears as the last season finished with a shocking twisted ...

      Hope to see another seasons soon cant wait .

    • Rooting for the jerk

      This is a great show as long as you know it is a show that is made to make you laugh. Take it seriously and you wont like it. Bottom line is that the lead character is an ass and it shows. He doesn't really learn anything and is a blowhard. If anything I like to see his failures instead of his wins. In saying so it is funny and you may like it but it could that like could be very mixed in it's initial reception.moreless
    • This show is hilarious, seriously one of the best on TV.

      This show is hilarious, seriously one of the best on TV. It's for a certain sense of humor, it's meant to be outlandish and crass at times. If it's your type of humor , if you get it, it's brilliant and beyond funny. If you like Will Ferrell, you would most likely enjoy this show.

      The writing is great, and there are many quotable lines to have fun with. I also think the characters and storyline are well done. As obnoxious and dumb as Kenny is, I've ended up kind of taking a shine to him. He does say a lot of funny stuff and beneath that egotistical, clueless exterior lies a heart of gold. :)moreless

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