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BBC Three Premiered Feb 04, 1999 Special


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  • Season 4
    • EastEnders Greatest Cliffhangers 20-1
      Part three of three as the rundown concludes as we find out what character has had the most cliffhanger endings in the show so far. We also take a look at the numerous endings that have ended with the sombre 'Julia's theme' rather then the normal theme tune.
    • EastEnders Greatest Cliffhangers 60-21
      Part 2 of 3. Tonights show continues the countdown of the characters who've had the most cliffhanger moments in the shows history. Plus we take a look at the inaminate objects that have also stole a episodes final moments and the characters who've appeared in the most back to back cliffhangers one episode after another.moreless
    • EastEnders Greatest Cliffhangers 100 - 61
      Part 1 of 3, which see's the top 100 cliffhangers of the shows 25 years counted down with past and present cast and crew members discussing what made each moment so memorable. Also featured tonight are the canine friends of the cast and some of the most memorable fights.
    • The Sins of Archie Mitchell
      As the character gets killed off in the main show, we go backstage to see who killed Archie Mitchell and look back over the characters history in the show.
    • The Return of Sam Mitchell
      We go behind the scenes as Daniella Westbrook returns to the role of Sam Mitchell. We look back over the characters past and the future. Featuring past and present cast members.
  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1