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    • Friday 18th February
      Friday 18th February
      Season 20 - Episode 28
      It's the opening night of Scarlet, Johnny's club, and he is making sure everything will be ready. Johnny meets with Andy to check everything is set up for the client meeting. When Andy makes snide comments to Alfie, he charges at him but Johnny calms him down, asking him to wait just for one day before he hits Andy.

      Chrissie, Sam and Zoë meet at the allotments and Chrissie tells them that everything is set up for later. They all go their separate ways to get ready. At the Vic, Rosie approaches Pauline and makes her peace with her. Then the Millers and most of the crowd head over to Scarlet for the opening night.

      At the bookies, Andy's meeting goes as planned and Danny takes collection of the money. As they leave for the car, Alfie comes screaming after Andy. He tells Andy exactly what he thinks of him and punches him. The pair fight and Danny springs to his cousin's defense. Andy and Eddie drive off with Johnny's money. At Scarlet, Johnny gets a cake wishing him a happy retirement from Andy, as he looks at it he smirks.

      At the Vic, Den reminisces with Dot and Pauline about the old times and shares a friendly moment with Pauline. They hear the crowd leaving Scarlet and go out to see it all. Den says goodbye to them and then locks everything up. Chrissie comes into the Vic but leaves the back door off the latch. The two talk about the future and then Chrissie lets Zoë and Sam in.

      Den realizes that Chrissie has known from the start about his affair and commends her on great acting. They each tell Den their reasons for hating him but he tries to turn them against each other. Sam almost falls for it but Chrissie and Zoë get her back on side. The girls tell Den that they want him to sign over everything to Chrissie and then leave Walford for good. Den laughs saying that he doesn't care about them or anyone – and then Sharon emerges from the shadows.

      Sharon is furious at Chrissie for telling her Den was ill. Chrissie apologies but says that is was the only way she could get her there. Sharon, having heard the whole conversation is shocked at her father's actions and runs out. Den chases after her full of apologies. Sharon wants to know where Dennis is but Den doesn't know. She tells him that after everything he's done, she wants nothing more to do with him, and then leaves in a taxi.

      On their way to the airport, Eddie leaves Andy in the car to go to the toilet. Andy is shocked when Jake gets in and he finds Johnny opening the door. Jake takes the money whilst Andy talks to Johnny. Andy can't believe that Eddie double crossed him. Johnny congratulates Andy on conning him and suggests that he is more careful about who he crosses. As they shake hands, Johnny pushes Andy backwards off the bridge and he falls to his death. Jake is horrified as he watches from the car.

      Den returns to the Vic, full of rage now that his daughter has disowned him. Blaming Chrissie for bringing Sharon there, he lunges at her. Den gets her and starts throwing her against the room. Sam stand back horrified. Zoë tries to get Den off Chrissie but he overpowers her. Zoë reaches for the closest item, a metal doorstop, and hits Den over the head with it. Den lets go of Chrissie and falls to the floor.

      The girls all panic thinking he is dead. Sam checks his pulse and screams that they've killed him. Chrissie tells Sam to lock up everything downstairs and turn off the lights. She sends Zoë upstairs to turn off the lights. Chrissie looks at Dens body, happy with the outcome. As she stands up, Den awakes and angrily pulls her leg and tries to pull her down. Believing she is in danger, Chrissie grabs the doorstop and hits him again with it, and he falls to the floor, dead.

      Sam witnesses all of this from the back but pretends to have seen nothing. When Zoë comes back downstairs she tells Chrissie she hit him because she thought he was going to kill her. Chrissie tells her that it is alright. Zoë asks what they should do next and Chrissie says they all need to get their stories straight. Sam is shocked that Chrissie doesn't tell either of them what had just happened and that she is still letting them think that Zoë killed Den.moreless
    • Thursday 25th December
      Thursday 25th December
      Season 18 - Episode 68
      Kat is excited about her big day but Alfie is struggling to find a solution that will allow the wedding to go ahead. As the guests arrive, the wedding begins and the registrar asks if anyone knows if there is any reason why the couple cannot marry.

      As the wedding service comes to an abrupt halt, Alfie has a lot of explaining to do. After alot of explaining, Kat and Alfie tie the knot.

      Meanwhile, the Watts awake on Christmas morning unaware that Phill is seeking revenge on Den for setting him up. As Kate takes refuge with Sharon and Vicki, Phill faces off in Angies Den with Den and Dennis.

      Den gives Phill his share in the robbery after he agrees to leave the Watts alone. With that, Phill says goodbye to Sam and leaves Walford to go into hiding from the police. Den also says his goodbyes to his family and returns to Spain to tie up some loose ends.moreless
    • The Greater Good
      The Greater Good
      Season 25 - Episode 11
      After a discussion with Ronnie, Danielle decides to get an abortion. Jean agrees to get treatment in hospital. Denise confronts Lucas, after finding out he's already married.
    • Thursday 27th November
      Thursday 27th November
      Season 18 - Episode 51
      Phil assumes Dennis's role and sets off for the job with Den, but soon realises that he doesn't have an alibi. Things get worse when Kate becomes suspicious; she knows that Phil has lied to her about his whereabouts.The job itself goes to plan until they reach the safe, when Phil and Den are caught out by a security guard. The police begin to close in but one of the men remains trapped in the warehouse.moreless
    • Thursday 11th November - Double Episode
      Den returns from Spain and visits Dot and Ian before making up with Pat. He sends a singing telegram and roses to Chrissie in a bid to win her back but she's unimpressed - until Den shows her some papers.

      Stacey continues to take advantage of Spencer and makes him give her money in return for her silence. However, when Zoë reveals Stacey's real age, Spencer realises she's been lying to him.

      Elsewhere, Billy becomes the manager of the football team, the Walford Real, and the Millers prepare for Demi's return from hospital with the baby – but Keith is worried about how the new baby might upset Genghis.moreless
    • Stella's fall
      Stella's fall
      Season 22 - Episode 113
      Ben's shock announcement in front of the congregation has Stella panic, and flee, with an angry dad (Phil) after her.
    • 2/4/09
      Season 25 - Episode 53
      Roxy strikes Ronnie in front of the guests at Peggy and Archie's wedding and Peggy refuses to wear the gown chosen by Archie. Danielle waits for everyone to return from the church by hiding in the Vic before confessing her secret to Ronnie, which leads to a catastrophe. Stacey is asked to change her evidence to help Lauren by Max, and Janine is angry when she discovers that she no longer owns the car lot.moreless
    • Mayhem in the Square
      Mayhem in the Square
      Season 24 - Episode 96
      Dawn and May are at it again with an unforeseen conclusion, whilst doing a good deed Pat loses her ring, and Jack only makes matters worse with the Abi situation.
    • Friday 4th August
      Friday 4th August
      Season 21 - Episode 121
      At the Foxs' things come to a head! Both Kevin and Denise's lives are put in danger when Owen threatens them with a knife. Squiggle is forced to decide whether or not to call the police to inform them of her dad... Meanwhile, Deano and Chelsea share a bottle of wine and finally share a kiss. Martin catches Carly and Jake kissing.moreless
    • Friday 3rd June
      Friday 3rd June
      Season 20 - Episode 87
      Pauline goes out, lying about where she's going. She later arrives unexpectedly at Margaret's and they take Rebecca out. Martin and Sonia are thrilled with Pauline's good mood, being unaware of the cause.

      Elsewhere, Kat tells Little Mo that she's worried about scaring off Alfie.
    • Friday 15th September
      Friday 15th September
      Season 21 - Episode 145
      Libby is put under pressure when her gran takes her to see Owen and tells her that only Denise's testimony can help Owen. Billy lets out his frustrations on Phil and completely looses it, later he confesses that Janet has Down's. Bradley tries desperately to cheer up Stacey.
    • 26/12/09
      Season 25 - Episode 206
      Ronnie becomes prime suspect in the investigation into her fathers death as Roxy finds her cradling his bloodied father in the Vic.
    • 11/12/08
      Season 24 - Episode 194
      The news about Tony is out and the residents of Albert Square are in shock.
    • 9/12/08
      Season 24 - Episode 193
      Whitney tells Bianca the truth about her and Tony.
    • 31/12/09
      Season 25 - Episode 209
      As preparations are under way for the wedding, Syed finds it hard to stay away from Christian. Masood asks his older brother to help pay for the wedding. Ricky proposes to Bianca properly.
    • 1/1/10 (2)
      1/1/10 (2)
      Season 26 - Episode 2
      Syed is forced into admitting the truth to Zainab, as she refuses to believe Christian.
    • 25/12/09
      Season 25 - Episode 205
      After sending Janine out to search for her present, only to reveal it's nothing and chucking her out, Archie gets killed, but with numerous suspects across the square, who could of done it?
    • 24/12/09
      Season 25 - Episode 204
      Mo wins Max's Mercedes in a raffle and Ronnie ends up in hospital after arguing with Archie.
    • 9/10/09
      Season 25 - Episode 162
      Ronnie and Joel come to an agreement. Whilst Syed's confession comes at the wrong time, as Dr Jenkins and the police arrive to section Stacey.
    • 17/7/09
      Season 25 - Episode 114
      Stacey plays a disturbing game of detective and Whitney gets a surprise on Bianca's birthday.
    • Tuesday 16th September
      Tuesday 16th September
      Season 18 - Episode 10
      Phil receives a crank call and, assuming it is Dennis, decides to go out looking for him.

      Meanwhile, Dennis returns to the Square, armed and ready to use the knowledge that Phil grassed on him. As the day passes, with no sign of Dennis, Phil begins to lose his cool, unable to predict when things are going to catch up with him. As he heads down to the Vic cellar, Dennis is waiting.

      Meanwhile, Kat is feeling hurt and rejected by Alfie, but further distracted about Nana Moon, and Alfie ends up sending her on a date to Brighton with Andy.moreless
    • 15/5/09
      Season 25 - Episode 78
      Stacey chases after Max and won't take his refusal. She steals his house keys and waits for him in bed, but the plan backfires when Max and Tanya throw her out. Meanwhile, the market inspector closes down Stacey's stall. Jean is worried and draws her own conclusions about her daughter's conduct.moreless
    • 30/1/09
      Season 25 - Episode 19
      Jack wakes up handcuffed to a radiator and finds out that Janine's stole a incriminating file. Patrick is forced to move on from Yolande, his upset isn't helped when Denise moves her belongings into his house. Jane & Christian's exploits are revealed. Bradley's new pet dog impresses Ben and Phil.
    • 25/12/08 (2)
      25/12/08 (2)
      Season 24 - Episode 204
      A familiar face knocks on Dot's door, whilst over at the Queen Vic the fallout begins, after Sean realises he's not Amy's Dad.
    • 11/12/09
      Season 25 - Episode 197
      Bradley has to make a very tough decision and at court Whitney is forced to see what Tony has done to her.
    • 23/12/08
      Season 24 - Episode 201
      Sean gives Roxy keys to a new flat. Phil try's to ask Suzy a very awkward question. Ian continues his ban on Christmas, but Jane has something to say about it.
    • Max Visits Tanya In Prison
      Max Visits Tanya In Prison
      Season 24 - Episode 185
      Max isn't convinced that Tanya knocked him down, so pays her a visit. Shirley's revenge pushes Suzy too far.
    • EastEnders/WestEnders
      Season 24 - Episode 180
      Stars of EastEnders come together to 'Do Something Different' for this years Children In Need, as stars perform classic West-end songs. From Moulin Rouge, 'Diamond's are a Girl's Best Friend'. From My Fair Lady, 'All I Want'. From Saturday Night Fever, 'Stayin' Alive. A dance number from Billy Elliott and Super-cali-fragil-istic-expiala-doh-scious from Mary Poppins.moreless
    • Thursday 3rd August
      Thursday 3rd August
      Season 21 - Episode 120
      Owen opens up to Jake over his failings as a father and realises that he may have lost Squiggle for good. Carly and Jake continue their affair but it comes to an abrupt end when Pauline catches them!
    • Tuesday 6th December 2005
      Tuesday 6th December 2005
      Season 20 - Episode 193
      Pat can't resist Frank's charms, Chrissie gives the news about the bail money to her solicitor and plans her defence, and Stacey takes charge and looks after Jean.
    • Friday 7th October
      Friday 7th October
      Season 20 - Episode 159
      Peggy is furious when Billy tells her of Chrissie's plans. When she finds out that Sharon also knows, she's incredulous.

      Elsewhere, an expectant and nervous Joe turns up at Pauline's with a bunch of flowers, ready for their date.
    • Thursday 22nd September
      Thursday 22nd September
      Season 20 - Episode 150
      As the funeral preparations get under way, Dennis can’t the handle the situation. He tells Pauline and Dot that he’s not bothered and that he doesn’t want to show Den any respect because he didn’t earn any. He decides not to go to the funeral. The coffin later arrives at the Vic and Chrissie can’t look at it, while Sharon falters at the sight of it.

      At the graveside, Chrissie stands a little apart from the mourners as she watches the coffin being lowered into the ground. A stranger gets out of a taxi in the distance, flowers in hand. Chrissie says a few words about Den by the graveside and picks up a Bible to recite a prayer – then a shout cuts across the churchyard and Peggy appears. She calls Chrissie a murderer before pushing her into the grave.moreless
    • 06/10/2014
      Season 2014 - Episode 20141006
      Linda encourages Dean to open up about his feelings, leading to devastating consequences. Mick forces Tina to recognise some harsh realities about her relationship with Tosh.
    • 10/12/2013
      Season 29 - Episode 195
    • Thursday 24th June
      Thursday 24th June
      Season 19 - Episode 98
      Panic sets in after the accident at the fair. Screams can be heard from the debris as it becomes clear the extent of damage the rides caused as the fell onto the square. It's a race against the clock to save the people trapped.

      Kat stays with Spencer to keep him from going into shock from his injuries. When he reveals something to Kat, she's left feeling heartbroken.

      Ian is heavily injured under one of the rides with several children. Pauline and Dot remain trapped under the car lot as residents rush to get them out.

      Gary and Charlie discover Lynne motionless under the wreakage and assume she is dead. When she comes around they realise the situation is just as bad and race her to the hospital fearing for her unborn baby's life.moreless
    • 9/09/10
      Season 26 - Episode 147
      Phil and Peggy's emotional fireworks lead to some that are literally so- if Phil can't have the pub, he's ready to make sure that no one will! As the bar goes up in flames, everyone flees, but Stacey and her baby get lost in the shuffle, causing Ryan to attempt to save the day. Billy and Peggy try to rescue Phil from his madness, but is it already too late?moreless
    • Friday 25th August
      Friday 25th August
      Season 21 - Episode 133
      Sean pays a visit to his army mate Al to show him his war injury: a bullet wound that narrowly missed his heart. Sean accuses Al of shooting him on purpose in revenge for sleeping with a girlfriend he never slept with. Sean takes Al out to the woods and ties him to a tree and threatens that if he ever sets foot in Walford again - he'll kill him...Later, Sean returns to the Slater's. Stacey confides in him that she's pregnant; Sean reassures her that he'll stick around and look after her. Also, Jane is on the verge of dumping Ian but then guilt sets in over her earlier infidelities so she assures him she'll stand by him and Dawn confesses all to Rob - he agrees to pay her credit card bill and they kiss...moreless
    • Jim Comes Home
      Jim Comes Home
      Season 24 - Episode 126
      Dot makes a fuss over seeing Jim but she doesn't know that he's already on his way (courtesy of Bradley) to see her at his surprise party. Max waits for Tanya to come back and Ricky is put in his place by Bianca.
    • Friday 7th May
      Friday 7th May
      Season 19 - Episode 72
      Desperate to save her skin, Janine pleads first with Pat and then with Paul to help her. Both are unsympathetic to her plight and determined that justice will finally be done. Janine frantically packs her suitcase as police cars close in on the Square.Alfie hands over a full weekly payment to Andy but his relief is short-lived when Andy's demands increase. Meanwhile, there is a celebration in Walford as a jubilant Sonia and Martin spread the word about their engagement.moreless
    • 29 December 2005
      29 December 2005
      Season 20 - Episode 196
    • Sad Awakening
      Sad Awakening
      Season 1 - Episode 36
      When Sue and Ali wake up this morning they find baby Hassan dead in his bed! Dr. Legg can't do anything for Hassan anymore. Sue is in shock and Ali breaks down. The police questions the Osmans, Sue blames Ali and herself for the death.
    • 8/10/09
      Season 25 - Episode 161
      Bradley has his farewell drinks, as his mum Rachel turns up. Joel has bad news for Ronnie. Jean has to take drastic action to stop Stacey's erratic behaviour.
    • Thursday 6th November
      Thursday 6th November
      Season 18 - Episode 39
      Pauline spoils Martin, not knowing that he is trying to borrow cash from everyone. He moans to Sonia about his life after she has visited Jamie's grave and she explodes, telling him that she blames him for Jamie's death.Alfie thanks Kat for staying the night with Nana but Andy is angry when he overhears Alfie telling Spencer.Lynne realises she needs to get her life in order and arranges to meet Garry. He is optimistic, but she has other plans.Meanwhile, Phil and Minty are pleased to see the club swarming with police as Den plans revenge. Den leaves Minty and Phil baffled after he offers to buy them a drink at the Vic.Barry is the happiest man in Walford while Janine wonders if she has made the right decision. Barry embarrasses Janine by making an announcement in the Vic, causing Paul to walk out.moreless
    • Tuesday 29th August
      Tuesday 29th August
      Season 21 - Episode 135
      Bradley tries to come to terms with Stacey's news...and the fact that she kept it from him this long. Later, Bradley tells Stacey that he doesn't think he's ready to be a dad and suggests that she go for a termination. Meanwhile, Sean's left alone with Tanya after the party has broken up. They flirt and he makes a move. She pulls back and tells him she's a married woman and that she's not interested. Later, Tanya confesses all to Max.moreless
    • Monday 11th September
      Monday 11th September
      Season 21 - Episode 142
      Pat urges Honey to let her friends and family know of Janet's condition, but Honey wants nothing to do with her daughter...Later, Billy and Pat become concerned when Honey disappears from the hospital. Also, Ruby tries flirting with Sean but he pushes her away - he only has eyes for Tanya...moreless
    • Thursday 8th December 2005
      Thursday 8th December 2005
      Season 20 - Episode 181
      Stacey struggles to cope as Jean's sole carer, and Pat is devastated as Frank betrays her.
    • Friday 12th August
      Friday 12th August
      Season 20 - Episode 127
      Rosie realises that Trisha knows exactly where Leo and Demi are hiding and the family get in a cab and head straight to South London.
      Whilst waiting for Leo to return, Demi takes some of the heroine that he left behind. Leo returns and assumes Demi is dead. He gathers a large dose of the drug and injects himself. Just as he is doing so, Demi wakes up and watches as he falls to the floor.
      When they arrive at the squat, Rosie is appalled and believes that Demi would never even set foot in there – until she hears a cry for help.
      Leo and Demi are rushed to hospital for treatment. Ray and Trish wait for news on Leo. They are heartbroken to learn that he didn't survive.moreless
    • Friday 26th September
      Friday 26th September
      Season 18 - Episode 16
      Kat is preparing for her trip away with Andy but is still hoping that Alfie will reveal his true feelings before she leaves.

      Dennis tells Sharon everything he knows but she remains cynical, and Martin brings home a different girl after another night on the town.

      Billy has a confession for Sharon and has to face the consequences of his robbery. Meanwhile, Dot's embarrassed when Yolande talks of her frolics with Patrick.moreless
    • 25/12/2007 (Part 1)
      25/12/2007 (Part 1)
      Season 23 - Episode 201

      It is Christmas day and Walfords residents settle down for a nice Christmas lunch. At the Brannings/Slater lunch, everything seems to be going according to plan, lunch, then a bit of relaxing in front of the television, however things turn for the worse as Max puts on a DVD that could ultimately change the brannings life forever.

    • Tuesday 25th October
      Tuesday 25th October
      Season 20 - Episode 169
      Grant and Phil are back in business and don't waste time in making their presence felt: they go and see Johnny at the club and Grant pays a visit to the Vic where Dennis gets on the wrong side of his fists! Meanwhile, Martin blames Naomi for his and Sonia's problems . . .moreless
    • Monday 24th October
      Monday 24th October
      Season 20 - Episode 168
      Martin decides that it would probably be for the best if he confessed to Sonia about his whereabouts yesterday. Sonia's not best pleased and Martin gets a glass of water over his head for his troubles. Meanwhile, Ian sacks Garry and Minty and the tensions between Johnny and Peggy reach breaking point as he sets a man on her, Peggy very nearly doesn't get away but luckily the cavalry arrive just in time . . .moreless
    • Tuesday 5th September
      Tuesday 5th September
      Season 21 - Episode 139
      Honey races to the hospital where she changes her mind about having a natural birth. During the birth, Honey becomes delirious on gas and air while Billy faints when he sees the baby's head crowning! Later, Billy comes to. They name their daughter Janet. Meanwhile, Peggy and Jack toast the arrival of the baby and share another kiss. SJ continues to drive a wedge between Garry and Minty.moreless
    • Friday 30th December
      Friday 30th December
      Season 20 - Episode 208
      Phil convinces Dennis to go to the club to confront Johnny... At the club, Dennis beats Johnny and leaves him for dead in a pool of his own blood...but Johnny's far from dead, he picks up his mobile and dials... Soon afterwards, Dennis sees Sharon across Albert Square, he smiles. Suddenly a hooded figure bumps into Dennis and runs off. Dennis stands motionless before clutching his chest - he's been stabbed! Sharon rushes over and cries to her dying husband not to leave her!moreless
    • 5/6/09
      Season 25 - Episode 90
      Bianca finds out that Whitney has been untruthful about her exams, but their argument is eclipsed when an uninvited visitor comes to their house. A welcome-home party is thrown for Bradley. Shirley is thrown out of the Vic by Phil when she shows jealousy over the attention he is showing to Dawn.moreless
    • 01/01/2011
      Season 27 - Episode 1
    • 26/4/10
      Season 26 - Episode 66
      Zsa Zsa pitys Ben and gets Leon to be his friend. Denise doesn't support Chelsea upon finding out she's pregnant, but Libby does. Amira prepares to leave the square when she finally finds out the truth about Syed and Christian.
    • 25 November 2005
      25 November 2005
      Season 20 - Episode 187
    • 23/10/09
      Season 25 - Episode 170
      Syed receives another clue from the blackmailer and realises that they are close, whilst Heathers baby's Dad turns up.
    • 29/12/2015
      Season 2015 - Episode 20151229
      As Mick and Linda prepare for their big day, Shirley comes to a horrifying realisation, changing the Carters forever.
    • Thursday 15th September
      Thursday 15th September
      Season 20 - Episode 146
      A shock of silence looms over the Vic. Kat attacks Little Mo and drags her out of the Vic. Outside, Little Mo tries to hold onto a fence but Kat pulls her into the house. Charlie angrily confronts Alfie but they are interrupted by Billy falling into a table.

      At the Slaters’, Kat smashes up the kitchen as Little Mo lies fearful in her bed. Little Mo comes down and demands to know what was going on with her and Alfie.

      Upstairs in the Vic, Alfie tends to Billy's cuts. When Billy congratulates him and Little Mo, Alfie angrily tells him that he is with Kat.

      Little Mo insists to Kat that her and Alfie never slept together but did have a close relationship. Kat tries to twist things to make it seem like it didn't mean anything which makes Little Mo argue that it was love.

      Kat berates Little Mo for stealing her husband and in a rage pushes her onto the staircase. Little Mo compares her to Trevor and then tells Kat she can't always have what she wants. Little Mo runs upstairs as Kat cries in the kitchen. Just then. Alfie walks in...moreless
    • Saturday 25th December - Double Christmas Episode
      As the Watts prepare to celebrate Christmas in the Vic, Zoë becomes suspicious of Dennis and Sharon's relationship and fears her worst nightmare is about to come true.

      Alfie considers his future with Spencer now they are no longer living in the Vic. Spencer wants to stay in Walford to let everyone know what's happened, but Alfie has already made his decision and booked a taxi.

      Elsewhere, Darren thinks he has got Demi the perfect present for Christmas but the rest of the Millers aren't so pleased that he has stole Derrick's donkey.

      During the Watts Christmas Dinner, Den presents Dennis and Zoë tickets for a holiday. Dennis grabs Sharon's hand and they admit that they are in love. Zoë launches herself on Sharon and the two have to be broken up by Vicki and Chrissie.

      In the midst of the fight, half the locals are waiting outside for their Christmas dinner, only to be told by Den they will have to go elsewhere. They all go and hunt for Alfie. He arranges for everyone to have their dinner and have a great time.

      Elsewhere, Minty is cooking Christmas Dinner for Sam. He has taken her in after Andy threw her out. Her spirits are very low. Back in the Vic, Den tells Zoë to pretend she is pregnant as a way of keeping Dennis. She refuses but when she sees no other choice, she announces to the whole family that she is carrying Dennis's child. Sharon is furious as Dennis told her that he had Zoe had never slept together. Sharon and Dennis both agree that he can't leave Zoë to bring up their child alone.

      Over at Ian's house, the residents of Albert Square are enjoying Christmas dinner thanks to Alfie. When his taxi comes for him to leave then the residents beg him to stay, making him realize just how many friends he has in Walford. The Moons decide that they are there to stay. Alfie celebrates with a kiss under the mistletoe with Little Mo, a kiss that they both enjoy.

      Dennis tells Zoë that he is staying with her whilst Sharon goes to tell Den that she will be going to New York on her own. Den tries everything to get her to stay and even tells her that he love her more than he does Vicki, something which she overhears. Vicki is upset at what Den said and starts to pack. She tells the Watts that she is leaving with Sharon. As the girls get in the taxi, Den pleads with them to stay. Sharon says her final farewell to Dennis, telling him she will love him forever, and then she and Vicki leave Walford.moreless
    • 27/11/09
      Season 25 - Episode 189
      Lucas doesn't realise that he's been rumbled by Denise so sets about covering his tracks.
    • 14/02/2014
      Season 30 - Episode 29
    • Friday 21st July
      Friday 21st July
      Season 21 - Episode 113
      When Billy wakes up in a bed warehouse it doesn't look like he's going to get to the church on time! While Phil and Garry franticly search for Billy, Billy is busy making his own way. He gets to the church just as the congregation is breaking up. Billy assures Honey of his love for her and they decide that today wasn't their day; they decide to get married quietly at a later date after the baby's been born.moreless
    • 25/12/08 (1)
      25/12/08 (1)
      Season 24 - Episode 203
      Suzy wrecks the family's Christmas Dinner in the Queen Vic, by revealing she knows who Amy's real Dad is.
    • 2/6/09
      Season 25 - Episode 88
      Dotty admits everything to Dot. Nick realises Dotty has been disloyal to him and exacts retribution, ending in explosive consequences for Bradley. Dawn convinces Phil to let her work at the Vic. Max is still pursuing Tanya. Christian tries to run the business while Ian is away.
    • Frank's Funeral
      Frank's Funeral
      Season 24 - Episode 53
      A group of the residents get together to mourn over Frank and Phil realises that Peggy and Pat's fight means Frank has got the better of them.
    • 21/1/10
      Season 26 - Episode 13
      Ronnie is shocked on the revelation that Glenda has a son that Jack thinks they should track down. Bradley feels uneasy letting Stacey going out drinking and Ian warns Jane that theirs strong evidence against him.
    • 20/10/09
      Season 25 - Episode 168
      Heather gives birth to a baby boy, but where's the dad? Adam threatens Libby and Darrens happiness.
    • EastEnders 25: 15/2/10
      EastEnders 25: 15/2/10
      Season 26 - Episode 27
      Shirley is furious with Phil when she finds Sonia naked in his bed. Two members of the Jackson family arrive early for the wedding as Bianca prepares for the wedding. Bradley gets scared when a DNA screening begins and Ricky questions whether he's good enough for Bianca at his stag night.moreless
    • 4/6/09
      Season 25 - Episode 89
      Max and Tanya go to see Bradley in hospital. Dot feels terribly guilty about the incident. Dawn is offered something that is too good to refuse. Lucy blackmails Christian and Whitney comes across her mystery friend.
    • 25/12/2014
      Season 2014 - Episode 20141225
      With secrets rife, the Carters are set to explode. The Beales do their best to enjoy Christmas despite their beloved Lucy not being there, but there is a particularly eerie twist coming amid the Christmas presents. Is it a message from Lucy's killer?
    • Friday 28 December
      Kevin discovers that he has been selling dangerous cars and feels he has no choice but to get rid of them. Elsewhere, Yolande is put out to discover Patrick had a bit of help when he came up with the idea of getting her driving lessons for Christmas and Ronnie responds to Jack's personal invitation.moreless
    • Thursday 1st January
      Thursday 1st January
      Season 19 - Episode 1
      Janine and Barry take a walk in the hills and, unable to hold back any longer, she confesses all. Barry is stunned and pleads with Janine but as he tries to hold her she pushes him and he takes a huge fall off the hill. Janine walks down the hill and as he pleads for his son, she sits and watches him die.Back at the scene of the bus crash, Kelly is still upset about the events of the previous evening and wants to talk; there's a development between Sonia and Martin; and Tariq confides in Mickey about a secret he's been harbouring since childhood.moreless
    • Monday 1st September
      Monday 1st September
      Season 18 - Episode 1
      Derek prepares himself for a court appearance following his arrest on drugs charges. Pauline asks him if he will lie to protect Martin from another spell in jail but Derek is not sure whether to let him off the hook yet again.

      Janine arrives home from her weekend away with Paul to find Barry thrilled about her return. She is forced to promise him a special present while hoping that Paul will rescue her in time.

      Kat can't believe her luck when she receives two-dozen red roses but her excitement dissipates when she discovers that her admirer is not Alfie.moreless
    • Friday 1st September
      Friday 1st September
      Season 21 - Episode 137
      Peggy worries about Billy and Honey's surprise wedding - everyone fears her plans may be ruined when Billy announces that he's taking Honey away for a romantic weekend, Phil and Jim convince him not to. Meanwhile, Jack returns to Walford, much to Peggy's delight. Later, Jack takes Peggy to one side and thanks her for taking Honey in as one of the family. They kiss! Honey sells her wedding dress to Mo. When Peggy discovers this she asks Mo to give it back, but Mo refuses because she wasn't invited to the wedding. Stacey's avoiding Bradley and later tells Sean and Ruby that she's had a miscarriage. Garry worries that Minty's being conned by SJ and Sid.moreless
    • Thursday 20th October
      Thursday 20th October
      Season 20 - Episode 166
      It's Ruby's 17th birthday which fuels the tensions between Johnny and Peggy. Johnny buys Ruby a car in the hope that she will come back to him but it seems that it will only drive her further away . . . Meanwhile, Margaret visits the Fowlers with an invite for Martin and Sonia, but Sonia's not in so Martin is faced with somewhat of a dilemma.moreless
    • Monday 15th September
      Monday 15th September
      Season 18 - Episode 9
      Lisa is determined not to let Louise and Phil out of her sight and keeps watch over the Mitchell house. With a plan in mind, she makes a mysterious phone call that could bring everything together.

      Spencer thinks it is time to confide in Kat about the problems with Nana Moon, but Alfie decides they need to keep this between themselves out of respect for Nana.

      Tariq advises Ronny that, to take his relationship with Zoë one step further, he must woo her with fine food, charm and words of love, whether they are meant from the heart or not.moreless
    • Thursday 25th September
      Thursday 25th September
      Season 18 - Episode 15
      Sharon realises that Vicki has run away and lays the blame in front of Dennis. Worried sick, they comb the Square looking for her but Spencer is the one who hears from the tearaway.

      Kat attempts to talk to Alfie but he's concerned about Nana Moon and doesn't pay attention to what she's trying to tell him, resulting in crossed wires and another missed opportunity.

      Meanwhile, Shirley is tired as Gavin and his mates continue to torment her, and Billy fights with his conscience about the money.moreless
    • Tuesday 23rd September
      Tuesday 23rd September
      Season 18 - Episode 14
      Vicki demands the truth from Sharon but Sharon is determined to continue to shield her from the rumours that Dennis has been spreading about Den.

      Billy is feeling guilty about the money but events conspire against him; Sharon, worried that the money is connected to drugs, ends up telling Billy that he's better off keeping it, rather than it staying on her premises.

      Kat tells Alfie about Andy's plans for her but, when Alfie appears distracted, Kat is hurt. Lynne continues to dispense advice and tells Kat it's time to let Alfie know how she feels.

      Pauline is shocked when Martin returns from a night out with a girl and Phil allows Lisa some visitation rights.moreless
    • 10/7/09
      Season 25 - Episode 110
      Roxy is thrown out of the Vic by Peggy when she finds out that she orchestrated the return of Archie. Heather's friends speculate as to who the father of her baby is. Trina continues her plot to get Lucas back. Jane finds out about Ian's plot to take advantage of Bobby.moreless
    • EastEnders 25: 18/2/10
      EastEnders 25: 18/2/10
      Season 26 - Episode 29
      Whilst Janine is released without charge insisting she's been framed, the murder investigation makes greater progress as Becca rings the police with what she knows, after finding out that Stacey and Bradley had a secret wedding. Plus it's the wedding day, but with Bianca and Carol feuding, will the wedding go off without a hitch?moreless
    • Mothers and Daughters
      Mothers and Daughters
      Season 25 - Episode 4
      Stacey must tell Jean the truth about what happened to Sean. Whitney tracks down her mother. Janine soon realises that being good does not get you any where when her stepmother Pat doubts Janine's true intentions when giving Whitney the address to her mother's home.
    • 26/1/10
      Season 26 - Episode 16
      Roxy's in full swing planning her fathers funeral, when she discovers he had terminal cancer and that Peggy didn't believe him. Syed returns to the square, whilst DCI Marsden brings Ian good news. Stacey is upset with Bradley that he and Max have discussed their relationship.
    • Friday 8th September
      Friday 8th September
      Season 21 - Episode 141
      Billy and Honey try desperately to come to terms with the news that their baby girl has Down's syndrome. It's even harder for them surrounded by "normal" families all overjoyed by their new born babies... Honey's instinct is to find somebody to blame...she blames the doctors for not spotting it and Peggy for rushing her into a surprise wedding...Billy tells her that it's nobody's fault. Peggy, Jack, Dot, Jim and Pat come by to visit the newborn baby - unaware of her condition. Pat quietly approaches Billy and guesses that Janet has Down's. Pat tells him that all he has to do is love his child. After everyone has gone, Billy talks things over with Honey. She confesses that the baby isn't the child she dreamt of and that she has no feelings towards her. Billy tells her that they can get through this together - Honey's not so sure...moreless
    • Friday 16th September
      Friday 16th September
      Season 20 - Episode 147
      Alfie tries his best to explain himself to Kat but Kat refuses to make things easy for him, pointing out that Little Mo is her sister. Alfie insists that Kat left him and he was free to do what he wanted. Kat asks him if he loved Mo and he replies no.

      Alfie insists that he loves Kat and they sleep together on the kitchen table. Afterwards, Kat recalls how Little Mo looked after her when she had Zoe taken away as a baby. She realises that being with Alfie would break her sisters heart. Kat tells Alfie to leave and he begs her not to end it. Kat tells him she loves him but can't do it to Little Mo. She goes upstairs and lies on the bed with Little Mo.moreless
    • Dot Talks To Jim
      Dot Talks To Jim
      Season 24 - Episode 19
      Dot contemplates on her life and what she's done with it, her relationships, her good and bad times, and eventually manages to put into words what she wants to tell Jim.
    • Tuesday 19th September
      Tuesday 19th September
      Season 21 - Episode 147
      Libby bunks off school so that she can attend her dad's trial, she confides in Darren that she doesn't think her dad can last more than a few months in prison...Later, Denise is furious with Libby when she finds her out of school. Libby breaks down, blaming herself for Owen's situation. When Denise sees how much it means to Libby that she testify, she agrees, much to Chelsea's shock and disappointment. Later, as a result of Denise's testimony, Owen is given a suspended sentence and set free, leaving the Fox's speechless. Meanwhile, word spreads that Bradley and Stacey are moving in together. Ruby is upset by the news - giving Sean the chance to comfort her - while Max worries that Bradley might be rushing into things...moreless
    • EastEnders 25: 19/2/10 [Live]
      EastEnders 25: 19/2/10 [Live]
      Season 26 - Episode 30
      In a episode broadcast live to celebrate the shows 25th anniversary, we finally find out who it is who killed Archie Mitchell. With Bradley as number one suspect, he tries to forget about everything and enjoy himself at Ricky and Bianca's wedding reception.
    • Friday 31st October
      Friday 31st October
      Season 18 - Episode 36
      Gavin is fuming about the rat and is forced to back down and suggest a truce. But when the Ferrerias turn him away, he arms himself with tins of paint and breaks into their van of stock.

      Den is concerned about Lisa, and asks Dennis whether he has anything to do with her current state. He denies everything, so Den heads round to see Lisa, all the time thinking how like Angie she is. There is no answer and, prepared for the worst, he kicks in the door.

      Janine and Paul are still stuck in the bedroom and things get worse when Barry rings the doorbell. Paul has no option but to invite him in; he tries to get rid of him quickly but Barry wants a long chat about Janine.moreless
    • Monday 7th August
      Monday 7th August
      Season 21 - Episode 122
      Max is furious when he overhears someone ridiculing Bradley and steps in to help but Bradley turns on his father... Martin points out a few home truths to Pauline. Mickey suspects Tanya fancies him.
    • Steven Points The Finger
      Steven Points The Finger
      Season 24 - Episode 69
      Stacey and Tanya come together, Ian and Jayne have a mission to bring back Lucy, and Steven makes a startling announcement.
    • Monday 21st February
      Monday 21st February
      Season 20 - Episode 29
      It's the day after the night before and Chrissie, Sam and Zoë are struggling to maintain normality. The girls hide their bloodstained clothes whilst Sam hides the murder weapon. They are thrown into panic when they see the police drive into Albert Square.

      Sam worries when the police arrive to speak to her, and assumes the worst. But they deliver the news of Andy's death. His body has been found at the bottom of a bridge. When Sam is asked about her whereabouts the previous evening, she falters and cannot make up an excuse. Zoë, having seen the cars, rushes to the Vic to find out what is going on. She is relieved when she hears that they are investigating Andy's death.

      As news of Andy's death spreads, the residents of Walford have mixed opinions on it. Whilst Patrick is over the moon, Pat questions whether she could have done anything to save him. When Danny finds out Andy was killed he worries that he could be next. He reveals to Alfie about how he was involved and that he could be dead if he had gone with Andy.

      Meanwhile, Jake is alarmed by what he witnessed the previous night and has to lie to everyone about his involvement. Johnny however is happy with the outcome and suggests that Jake works with him on more jobs.

      Chrissie, Sam and Zoë meet at the Vic to discuss what happens next. Sam is furious that Chrissie still hasn't revealed that she really killed Den but she holds her silence. Chrissie takes the girls to the cellar where she has buried Dens body. They watch as it is cemented over. A comment by Chrissie causes more arguments in the group. When Chrissie hits Sam in a rage, both she and Zoë walk out telling Chrissie she is on her own.

      Elsewhere, Sonia and Martin face the wrath of Pauline when they fail to pay their share of the mortgage. Pauline takes over and makes then record everything they spend. Also, the Ferreira's get more business from Johnny but Adi's work commitment leaves Sasha angry at him.moreless
    • Friday 17th October
      Friday 17th October
      Season 18 - Episode 28
      Alfie plans a romantic meal and prepares to propose to Kat. When she walks in he tries to talk to her, but Andy arrives with a shock announcement.

      Pauline and Derek get tipsy over lunch and, back at home, enjoy looking through old photographs. Derek passes out but Pauline continues flicking through the pictures - until he sees of shot of Derek as the groom at his own wedding.moreless
    • Tuesday 9th September
      Tuesday 9th September
      Season 18 - Episode 6
      Spencer suspects an intruder at the Vic but, when Alfie investigates, baseball bat in tow, he finds a bewildered Nana and decides it is time to take some action.

      After a confrontation with Lisa in the Vic, Sam comments to Phil that she seems like a different person. Unnerved, he's reluctant when Kate tries to persuade him to leave Louise with Lisa for an afternoon.

      Meanwhile, Sonia becomes attached to the accident victim and Ronny is foolish enough to take advice about Zoë and making women jealous from Tariq.moreless
    • Thursday 2nd October
      Thursday 2nd October
      Season 18 - Episode 19
      Den and Dennis meet for the first time in the market.

      They head for the club, where they discuss Dennis' mother and Dennis reveals that he dealt with Dalton.

      Den realises that Dennis has put Sharon and Vicki in danger, and father and son threaten each other. Sharon tells Den that she wishes he were dead.

      As Den walks away, four heavies follow him in the shadows.moreless
    • Monday 17th October
      Monday 17th October
      Season 20 - Episode 164
      Ruby fears that her dad may have a split personality and confides in Stacey. Charlie and Stacey soon become concerned for her welfare and Stacey urges Ruby to confront Johnny directly.

      Ruby and Stacey decide to play detective and find out what they can about Johnny. They break into the club and Stacey cracks the safe. Inside, they make a shocking discovery!

      Meanwhile, Alfie is shocked when Nana tells him that she has always been a goodie two shoes and that she wants to get arrested.moreless
    • Friday 5th September
      Friday 5th September
      Season 18 - Episode 4
      The much-anticipated wedding day finally dawns on the Square and, as Kate and Phil prepare for their nuptials, nothing is running to plan. While Kate is feeling sick with nerves, Phil receives a call from Minty. He is stranded in Edinburgh and the suits and rings are locked in his house.

      Meanwhile, Geoff wakes up feeling no happier about the proceedings than the night before, and it looks as though he's determined that the day won't run smoothly. However, despite a multitude of problems, the happy couple finally make it to the register office and Kate playfully runs through her vows with her husband-to-be.

      As Billy steps in as best man and the rest of Walford celebrates their union, there is a surprise in store. An unwelcome guest decides to put in an appearance at the reception.moreless
    • 12/01/2015
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150112
      The fallout of New Year's Day continues as the residents struggle to come to terms with the outcome. Tina attempts to bond with Sylvie by bringing her back to Walford.
    • Monday 4th September
      Monday 4th September
      Season 21 - Episode 138
      Honey's not in the mood for getting out of bed but Peggy's got big plans for her day - a surprise wedding! Jack eventually convinces Honey to get up and go shopping with Peggy. Honey soon hops in Charlie's cab...he tells her he's taking her the scenic route. Honey arrives at the church but is a reluctant bride...she soon comes round to the idea and puts on her wedding dress to walk down the aisle. All of a sudden, Honey's hit with a searing pain - she's going into labour!moreless
    • 09/10/2014
      Season 2014 - Episode 20141009
      Linda looks for comfort in her friends, but telling the truth is harder than she feared. Dean tries to cover his tracks, but Mick grows suspicious when Dean confuses the details.
    • 07/10/2014
      Season 2014 - Episode 20141007
      Linda faces the toughest time of her life as she comes to terms with her recent ordeal. Ronnie fears she might be losing the baby, which forces Charlie to step up. Nancy and Tamwar plan a musical bingo night.
    • 6/09/10
      Season 26 - Episode 145
      It's finally official - Peggy owns the pub, and as the new owner, she agrees to host Janine's wedding reception. Meanwhile, Janine's hen night doesn't quite go as planned, after the bride-to-be has a word with a stranger. Minty and Billy decide to save Phil from himself at whatever cost, and Ryan has a very lonely stag party with only Ricky for company.moreless
    • 23/9/10
      Season 26 - Episode 155
      Alfie persuades Charlie to let him in to win back Kat. Heather comes to terms with Minty's decision as Darren finally impresses Jodie. Glenda looks into getting a job and Phil assures Shirley he's back on the straight and narrow.
    • 7/09/10
      Season 26 - Episode 146
      Janine's big day has finally arrived, but her guilty actions from the night before weigh on her soul, so she decides to confess - but not to Ryan. Meanwhile, Stacey continues to spiral out of control, and lets the truth about Archie's death slip out to Peggy. Phil makes a bid to escape his prison, but will Billy fall for his tricks?moreless
    • 20/9/10
      Season 26 - Episode 153
      Max gives Darren tips on how to get further with Jodie. A heavily disguised Kat meets Mo in a cafe. Sam realises Minty is her best option and organises George's christening and their escape to Ibiza.
    • 21/9/10
      Season 26 - Episode 154
      Vanessa breaks the news to Max that she's moving back in with Harry. Minty has to decide between Heather and Sam, who's ready to leave outside the church. The Slaters are in jeopardy trying to protect Kat, but a familiar face saves the day.
    • Tuesday 1st August
      Tuesday 1st August
      Season 21 - Episode 119
      Denise upsets Squiggle by ordering Owen out of the flat. Owen leaves but gets drunk. Later, Owen returns to the Fox's where he turns violent... Rob confesses to Dawn, who he still thinks is Ian's wife, that he has feelings for her. While planning Martin's 21st birthday, Carly ends up having sex with Jake!moreless
    • Monday 31st July
      Monday 31st July
      Season 21 - Episode 118
      After chatting with Max, Dot begins to question how well she knows Jim. Denise and Owen kiss, infuriating Chelsea. Martin discovers that he's inherited £30,000!
    • Friday 28th July
      Friday 28th July
      Season 21 - Episode 117
      After spending the night with Denise, Owen is keen to make a go of things. But Chelsea is furious when she finds out, and Denise begins to think that she's made a big mistake. Keen to ensure SJ stays in Walford, Minty finds her a bed-sit nearby and arranges to pay the rent. At the salon, Mickey decides to try out the new tanning booth, with disastrous consequences.moreless
    • 27/9/10
      Season 26 - Episode 157
      Lauren returns from America with Tanya in tow. One of Grace's valuable plates is broken. Janine learns Ryan is the father of Stacey's baby. Kat and Alfie don't know what to do with the Vic and Leon brags to Fatboy about his latest conquest.
    • Thursday 21 September
      Thursday 21 September
      Season 21 - Episode 148
      Billy and Honey prepare to make their announcement about their baby,Janet,having Down syndrome but somebody might have already spread the news. Patrick's old friend Cedric comes bearing dreadful news and Bradley goes to his friend Alex to search for a flat.
    • 10/4/09
      Season 25 - Episode 58
      Archie is petrified when Phil tackles him. Tanya and Max nervously wait for the verdict on Lauren. Charlie probes Brenda to find out if she is seeing someone else. Patrick receives an apology from Tommy for the past. Ricky realises he has misunderstood Whitney and Todd's circumstances.
    • 26/11/09
      Season 25 - Episode 188
      Owen threatens to expose Lucas as the wedding day dawns.
    • 9/4/09
      Season 25 - Episode 57
      Phil catches up with Archie as he tries to leave the Square permanently. Lauren takes the stand in court and has to relive the night of the hit-and-run accident. Max attempts to induce Stacey to lie in court. Tommy confesses to Patrick about his past. Charlie sees the photo of Brenda with another man, thanks to Jean.moreless
    • 31/3/09
      Season 25 - Episode 52
      Danielle is offered money by Archie to leave Walford if she does not reveal her secret. Janine tries to upset the Peggy by turning up at the party without an invitation. Manda accepts Minty's invitation to the wedding, which makes him very happy.
    • 30/3/09
      Season 25 - Episode 51
      Danielle wants to confess her secret as the Mitchell family prepares for Peggy's hen night but Archie considers taking radical action to stop her. Janine offers to lend Peggy her sports car as a peace offering. Roxy does not want to upset Ronnie before the wedding and Bradley tries to help Jean.moreless
    • 27/3/09
      Season 25 - Episode 50
      Archie destroys Danielle's card that gives away the fact that she is Peggy's granddaughter. Janine swears to keep Ricky's secret secure for the time being. Ian's plan to put Mo's pig on the menu at the wedding appals Jane.
    • 14/5/09
      Season 25 - Episode 77
      Ronnie moves in with Jack and they begin their new life together. Syd disappoints Bradley about their relationship. Stacey sinks even lower by losing her temper in the salon. Nick pressurises Billy and tries to convince Dot that she is losing her memory.
    • 22/10/09
      Season 25 - Episode 169
      Tamwar celebrates his birthday and Heather contacts the babys dad.
    • 19/10/09
      Season 25 - Episode 167
      Billy & Jay are asked to leave the Queen Vic, Patrick helps Heather when her water breaks and Janine attempts to ruin Sam's fresh start.
    • 2/10/09
      Season 25 - Episode 158
      Stacey gatecrashes Trina's funeral. Libby spends her day with Darren before leaving for Oxford. The Masood's are shocked. Christian struggles for Syed's affections.
    • 21/9/09
      Season 25 - Episode 151
      Archie leaves Peggy in a tough predicament, if she wants Sam out of prison. Tanya and Jane swap husbands. Darren and Adam compete for Libby.
    • 7/9/09
      Season 25 - Episode 143
      When Sam Mitchell returns, Ricky is forced to re-evaluate his feelings for Bianca. Tamwar comes clean to Libby and Lucas helps the police when theirs a break in at the community centre.
    • 3/7/09
      Season 25 - Episode 106
      There are alarming revelations about Phil's love life when Minty he comes unexpectedly to the Arches. Jack hears a few home truths about Ronnie from Roxy when he rejects her. Al aids Heather in keeping her secret from Shirley. Amira and Janine compete for a job at Booty.
    • 16/6/09
      Season 25 - Episode 96
      Lucas finds some drugs in Chelsea's handbag. Jean makes a huge effort to keep Stacey's problems a secret. Jack and Ronnie play a game of strip poker with Manda and Minty. Christian misinterprets the signs when he has a drink with James. Whitney informs Bianca she now has a job working for Darren at Pat's Cars.moreless
    • 24/2/09
      Season 25 - Episode 33
      Patrick looks back at his life in London in the 1950's, before making a pact with Lucas.
    • 13/2/09
      Season 25 - Episode 27
      The car Garry took is found abandoned near a cliff, leaving Minty very worried. Dawn is offered a photo shoot by a model scout. Heather finds out about the escort and feels betrayed by Shirley. Ricky agrees to have a DNA test to determine whether or not he is Tiffany's dad, but becomes worried about Whitney's reaction if the result is positive.moreless
    • 6/2/09
      Season 25 - Episode 23
      Danielle wants to tell Ronnie the truth and imagines what it would be like if they bought up the baby together, however Ronnie makes a decision that changes everything. Christian pleads his mum to stay in Walford. Bianca's prompted to make a confession, as she finds out Tiffany's birthday wishes. Bradley's dog is returned by a lady who takes his fancy.moreless
    • Tanya Grows Suspicious
      Tanya Grows Suspicious
      Season 24 - Episode 147
      Pat has a proposition for Tony, Danielle comes to a realisation about Callum, and Billy wants Honey to appear in the family portrait.
    • Ronnie's Wedding Blues
      Ronnie's Wedding Blues
      Season 24 - Episode 121
      Ronnie tries to persuade Roxy not to marry Sean, Lucas tells Denise all about Lucas's past and Shirley offers Ben some words of encouragement after getting stage fright, but will Phil be there to see his son's dancing debut?
    • Max Vows Revenge
      Max Vows Revenge
      Season 24 - Episode 101
      Max wishes he hadn't asked Tanya to come clean about what she's been up to in his absence, and Stacey and Bradley confront their relationship when they are stuck at Dot's house.
    • 6/10/09
      Season 25 - Episode 160
      Stacey has a bad encounter with Archie, Bradley tries to find a new owner for Sugar and Ricky warns Sam to stop spending.
    • EastEnders 25: 16/2/10
      EastEnders 25: 16/2/10
      Season 26 - Episode 28
      Dot faces a dilemma concerning Dotty, Phil tries to work things out with Shirley and Carol regrets returning. Whilst Max prepares himself to take the fall for Bradley, unaware that it's Janine that they're going to arrest.
    • Confessions For The Soul
      Confessions For The Soul
      Season 1 - Episode 25
      The stranger that is looking for Mary finally finds her - he is her father! Den suspects that Angie had been cheating on him while he was in Spain. After a discussion they both admit their affairs.
    • 14/1/10
      Season 26 - Episode 9
      Archie's nearest and dearest gather at the will reading to find out who will get the Vic.
    • 8/12/08
      Season 24 - Episode 192
      It's Whitney's sixteenth birthday and Bianca throws her a party. Roxy takes drastic action.
    • 7/12/09
      Season 25 - Episode 194
      Jean comes face to face with Stacey and Whitney's world becomes shattered with a home truth.
    • 10/12/09
      Season 25 - Episode 196
      Bradley makes a huge admission to Stacey and Tony's trial turns into chaos.
    • 22/12/09
      Season 25 - Episode 203
      Bianca returns home to find out Pat's leaving for New Zealand. Archie removes Peggy's name off the top of the Vic, to be replaced with his. Ronnie's run-in with her father leads to disaster.
    • 12/12/08
      Season 24 - Episode 195
      Roxy receives the DNA test results, however it isn't what she was expecting.
    • 28/12/09
      Season 25 - Episode 207
      Todd tries to persuade Whitney to go out with him. Questions start getting asked around the square over the murder of Archie as Ronnie is finally released from questioning.
    • 29/12/09
      Season 25 - Episode 208
      Amira finds out her father is been released from prison. The police urge anyone who has information over Archie's murder to come forward.
    • Who Survives The Blast?
      Who Survives The Blast?
      Season 24 - Episode 97
      With an emergency in the Square everyone comes together to help out and some people surprise even themselves when they help out. Elsewhere, Bianca's children do a disappearing act and Abi takes things to far.
    • Monday 27th October
      Monday 27th October
      Season 18 - Episode 33
      Charlie brings Kelly home from hospital and she is immediately greeted by Ronny, who is bearing flowers. Both Den and Zoë coax her to tell them who her supplier was, but she's reluctant to talk.

      Den gives Lisa some money and tells her to sort herself out but, later, she shows up for work and has clearly been drinking again.

      Elsewhere, the Ferreiras torture Gavin by playing Dan's record loudly. Shirley is thrilled to be getting her own back.

      Meanwhile, Little Mo encourages Alfie to talk to Kat, but Andy is keen for the couple to leave Walford.moreless
    • Thursday 11th September
      Thursday 11th September
      Season 18 - Episode 7
      Alfie is on edge about Nana when she appears dishevelled. The doctor later arrives to carry out some tests, which she gets upset about, concerned that they are sending her away.

      Lisa manages to manipulate Kate in order to persuade Phil that access is a good idea.

      Elsewhere, Shirley is forced to take action against Gavin but the authorities seem unable to help, and Andy receives a Slater family welcome in the Queen Vic.moreless
    • Thursday 30th October
      Thursday 30th October
      Season 18 - Episode 35
      Ash manages to trap a rat and, with the help of his siblings, he plants it inside Gavin's flat. They lay in wait and Gavin's screams of terror can't come soon enough.

      Pat tries to warn Barry off Janine, but she's the last person he is willing to take advice from. Meanwhile, Janine is enjoying herself at the B&B but Yolande and Patrick suddenly return, leaving Janine and Paul trapped in bed.

      Lisa begins to fall apart and begs Den for help. She stumbles through the Square drunk and gets increasingly upset by the sight of mothers with their children. Feeling desperate, she heads home with bottles of wine.

      Elsewhere, Tariq is sporting a black eye and, after Ronny hears of his latest exploits, he decides that their friendship is over.moreless
    • Thursday 18th September
      Thursday 18th September
      Season 18 - Episode 11
      Phil is anxious about Lisa's impending visit to Louise, but Kate is convinced that all will be fine. However, Phil cannot be persuaded and returns early to collect his daughter, leaving Lisa angry and even more determined.

      Sharon and Vicki return from America and Dennis assures them that all has been fine in their absence. Heading off for his meeting with Phil, Dennis goads the hardened Mitchell about his conquests, including his nanny, sister and wife. Phil has the cavalry on the way in the form of three thugs ready to do his dirty work for him.

      Martin stays out all night and Billy panics when he receives a visit from the insurers.moreless
    • Friday 19th September
      Friday 19th September
      Season 18 - Episode 12
      Sharon and Vicki panic when Dennis fails to return home. Suspicious after a conversation with Phil, Sharon begins to phone around the hospitals, but Dennis finally arrives in one piece, although badly beaten.

      Little Mo refuses to accept any more of Billy's lies and moves to Belinda's, refusing to come home until the money is returned to Sharon.

      The Moons plan a family holiday and Patrick enjoys his Caribbean lover.moreless
    • 25/9/09
      Season 25 - Episode 154
      Jane makes a shock announcement that will change the Beale's future. Ricky puts his foot down with Sam. Whitney gets a job offer and Bradley finally makes his mind up about Canada.
    • Thursday 23rd October
      Thursday 23rd October
      Season 18 - Episode 31
      Alfie subtly makes Kat realise that perhaps she doesn't know as much as she should about Andy. With the implication that he has gangster connections, Kat is forced to confront Andy about his dealings.

      Paul and Janine tease Barry about his physique and he decides to start training to get into shape so that he can keep up with Janine in the bedroom.

      Meanwhile, Kelly overhears Ronny and Tariq discussing girls, but Ronny dismisses her interest as jealousy over his relationship with Zoë. She decides it's time to tell Zoë that Ronny has cheated on her, but Zoë doesn't believe her.

      Elsewhere, Den has words with Lisa when her drinking affects her performance at work. When Dennis takes her home, she makes a pass at him.moreless
    • Tuesday 30th September
      Tuesday 30th September
      Season 18 - Episode 18
      Sharon is delirious with happiness at the sight of her father until the bitter truth dawns on her.

      Torn between scathing anger and heartfelt tenderness, Sharon begins to reacquaint herself with Den.

      Meanwhile, Dennis realises that Vicki has neglected to tell her father that he has a son, and lashes out at her.

      During a moment of anger, Sharon delivers some shocking news to Den.moreless
    • Denise Learns Some Home Truths
      Denise Learns Some Home Truths
      Season 24 - Episode 92
      Denise is not too happy to learn that Lucas is at the bottom of Chelsea's problem, Shirley wants to attract new customers to the Vic, and May is fed up with her efforts with Jase.
    • Monday 22nd September
      Monday 22nd September
      Season 18 - Episode 13
      Dennis tries to make amends with Sharon, but she doesn't want to listen to his excuses and doesn't want Vicki to hear his rumours.

      Lisa continues to play her game of manipulation and spends time telling Pat and Dot that Phil has been a good father to Louise, and that she wouldn't dream of wanting revenge.

      Lynne gives Andy some much-needed advice on how to sweep Kat off her feet and comes up with a plan that even she surely couldn't refuse. Ian, meanwhile has been refused a bank loan.moreless
    • Friday 21st October
      Friday 21st October
      Season 20 - Episode 167
      Johnny oversteps the mark with Ruby which results in her running to stay with Peggy. Johnny becomes more and more frustrated and not sure what else to do he takes his daughter her birthday cards. Peggy answers the door to Johnny but refuses to let him in. Johnny acts like the perfect gentleman and asks that if nothing else can Peggy at least give Ruby her cards. Peggy puts her hand out to get the card as Johnny slams to door catching Peggy's fingers. Johnny continues to squeeze Peggy's fingers as he threatens that if Ruby doesn't go home tomorrow, there's going to be hell to pay . . . Meanwhile, Pauline and Martin decide not to tell Sonia that they went to Rebecca's birthday party.moreless
    • From Bad To Worse For Bianca
      From Bad To Worse For Bianca
      Season 24 - Episode 55
      Bianca won't tell Ricky what she knows despite her kids wanting her to, Mel is upset that people keep talking about her behind her back, and the details of Frank's will are revealed.
    • 23/3/10
      Season 26 - Episode 47
      Max tries to comfort Jean, unaware of the shocking news she's about to receive. Phil lies to the Police over Louise's wereabouts, however later hands her over to social services. Ian tries preparing himself to tell Jane, Lucy now wants an abortion. Jack saves Chelsea from a terrible blind date.
    • Thursday 31st August
      Thursday 31st August
      Season 21 - Episode 136
      Bradley and Stacey head to the clinic for a consultation before the abortion takes place. Stacey isn't 100% certain that she wants to go through with it and questions whether Bradley really loves her. He assures her that they're doing the right thing, he tells her that he wants a family with her but not right now...he's afraid of turning into his father. Stacey heads into theatre with tears in her eyes, she reemerges later and Bradley assures her they've made the right decision. Stacey is heartbroken.moreless
    • 1/10/09
      Season 25 - Episode 157
      Chelsea finds Trina's missing bracelet. Syed starts to juggle his love life. London mayor Boris Johnson makes a surprising appearance in the Vic. Stacey confides in her mum.
    • Trying it on
      Trying it on
      Season 1 - Episode 50
      Sue and Ali visit Hassan's grave. Ian and Kevin get into trouble with the police after a water fight. Naima and Saeed fight over his brothel visit. Lou reveals the baby's name.
    • EastEnders 25 Live: The Aftermath
      EastEnders 25 Live: The Aftermath
      Season 26 - Episode 30
      BBC Three goes live to Albert Square with George Lamb and Kirsten O'Brien presenting backstage footage, alternate endings, interviews with cast and crew, the return of Dirty Den, a Casualty mini episode and anniversary wishes from the teams at Something for the Weekend, Blue Peter, The National Lottery, This Morning, BBC Weather and Coronation Street.moreless
    • Monday 13th October
      Monday 13th October
      Season 18 - Episode 25
      The Watts family take a further hold on Walford as Sharon holds a welcome home party for Den and asks him to become the manager of Angie's Den. Meanwhile, Dennis walks towards the station with a holdall, feeling left out of the cosy set-up.

      Yolande is miserable at Dot's place after an argument and Dot reveals to her that she has never slept with Jim.

      Elsewhere, Zoë sets Kelly up with Martin, but he then stands her up. Pauline later finds Martin stealing money from the cash box.moreless
    • Thursday 4th September
      Thursday 4th September
      Season 18 - Episode 3
      It's the night before Phil and Kate's big day and all the residents of the Square are geared up for the hen and stag nights. The jovial mood of the groom soon evaporates when Geoff, the father of the bride, arrives and he appears the worse for wear, having demolished a bottle of whisky on the way. Not content with ruining the stag do, he heads for the hen night looking for Kate.

      Meanwhile, Minty ends up bound and gagged instead of the groom but the prank goes wrong when the truck he's left in drives off into the night.

      Elsewhere, Kat receives a diamond-encrusted watch from Andy but, mistakenly thinking it is a fake, and determined not to like his flashy gifts, she throws it in the bin. Zoë confides in Kelly about her predicament with Ronny.moreless
    • 1/6/09
      Season 25 - Episode 87
      Nick tries to poison Dot by grinding down a lot of tablets. However, Dotty struggles with her guilty feelings. Dawn is surprised by Garry's plans for their future. Whitney worries about going back to school so she decides to skip one of her exams and Pat is very unimpressed by her actions.moreless
    • Friday 12th September
      Friday 12th September
      Season 18 - Episode 8
      Phil is feeling uneasy about Lisa's visit but goes ahead with it only when Kate agrees to stay with her. However, Kate goes out to get some milk and, when she returns, both Lisa and Louise have gone.

      Elsewhere, Kat tries to get Alfie's attention but he's distracted by Nana Moon, and Kat ends up agreeing to a date with Andy in exasperation and in the hope of a reaction. Getting none, she heads off on the date but is prepared to make things difficult for her suave new admirer.

      Meanwhile, Kareena wonders what Ash is up to after she hears him congratulating Derek about the job, and Shirley finds the body of her cat inside a carrier bag.moreless
    • Bent Gear
      Bent Gear
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      After Nick sells some stolen goods to Kevin, Det. Sgt. Rich finds out about it. Angie finds out that the story about the Bentley Den used to get the night off is not true.
    • 19/5/09
      Season 25 - Episode 80
      Billy lies to Peggy about the money he stole and this makes things very difficult for Shirley. Syd confesses all to Bradley after she learns that he is intending to depart the Square. Mo and Stacey use their wiles to secure a deal on designer clothing. Jean worries about her Stacey's behaviour. Theo arranges a birthday surprise for Chelsea.moreless
    • 7/4/09
      Season 25 - Episode 56
      Tanya admits to giving a false statement in court. Max is questioned about his affair with Stacey and ends up losing his temper. Peggy forces Phil to carry out a terrible demand. However, Billy eavesdrops on their conversation and advises them not to do it. Theo raises Libby's suspicions and Brenda is seen by Mo with another man.moreless
    • 28/4/09
      Season 25 - Episode 68
      Phil is released from the Arches by Garry and Minty after Heather locked him in the previous night. Phil's drinking causes more wretchedness - and Heather has an asthma attack when he boots her out of the Vic. Syed is desperate to regain Masood's faith. Whitney becomes a focus of interest from a mystery stranger when she tries to steer clear of Todd.moreless
    • To Catch a Trout
      To Catch a Trout
      Season 1 - Episode 20
      Angie tries to call Den in Spain, but instead of Den, a 'Mrs Watts' takes up the phone. Angrily, she decides to have another dinner with Tony. Ali gambles and loses a lot of money.
    • While The Cat's Away...
      While The Cat's Away...
      Season 1 - Episode 22
      After Ethel risigned from her cooking duties, Angie tries to get Ian as the new cook. Angie talks to Tony about ending the affair as Sharon knows about it. She then meets with Sharon to tell her about Den's affair.
    • Moped Woes
      Moped Woes
      Season 1 - Episode 29
      Michelle and Kelvin borrow a motorcycle for a night out, even though neither of the two knows how to drive or has a license. Den finds a bracelet that Angie got from Tony. Sharon asks Dr. Legg to prescribe her the pill and ends up in a lengthy discussion about underage sex.moreless
    • 18/5/09
      Season 25 - Episode 79
      Nick pressurises Billy who ends up stealing money from the Vic. Dot continues to be duped by Nick. Bradley finds out from Syd that she is not ready for a relationship. Libby sets Chelsea up with Theo. Jean is still worried about Stacey, but she refuses to believe that she needs any help.moreless
    • 23/3/09
      Season 25 - Episode 47
      Peggy has to decide between the election and the wedding. Danielle wants to tell everyone who she really is but is afraid to do so thanks to Archie. Patrick meets Theo's friend Tommy. Max has been speaking with Lauren's caseworker, which makes Tanya livid.
    • 4/9/09
      Season 25 - Episode 142
      When Bianca's about to tell Ricky how she feels, he has a surprise for her.
    • 11/9/09
      Season 25 - Episode 146
      Lucas tries to get rid of the bracelet, somethings gone missing out of Chelsea's bag and Sam and Ricky's happiness is short-lived.
    • 3/11/09
      Season 25 - Episode 176
      Denise asks Owen why he's still hanging around. Peggy tells Archie that nobody wants him around.
    • 27/4/10
      Season 26 - Episode 67
      Syed insists that Zainab has nothing to be ashamed of, as his marriages breakdown is the talk of the square. Leon finds a gift that Zsa Zsa's kept off of her secret admirer, Phil finds a worrying diary entry in Ben's diary and Billie finally visits Jack in hospital.
    • 8/12/09
      Season 25 - Episode 195
      Jean begs Bradley for help and Archie has a big question to ask Janine.
    • 8/1/10
      Season 26 - Episode 6
      Ronnie and Roxy try and find out why their mums come to Walford as they remember old wounds.
    • 11/1/10
      Season 26 - Episode 7
      Zainab uncovers Bradley & Stacey's big secret while digging dirt on the Beales.
    • 15/1/10
      Season 26 - Episode 10
      Roxy settles in to her new life as landlady of the Vic.
    • Thursday 9th June
      Thursday 9th June
      Season 20 - Episode 90
      Knowing that she is unable to keep in contact with Rebecca, Pauline arranges to see her one last time. Sonia has great sympathy for Pauline and offers to go with her for moral support.

      Elsewhere, Dot and Jim go to dinner at the Allens' to discuss Johnny's plan.
    • 28/1/10
      Season 26 - Episode 17
      DCI Marsden is on hand on the day of Archie's funeral to see if anyone arouses suspicion and is intrigued when Peggy apologises to his grave. Stacey has her own goodbye for Archie. Whilst Roxy & Ronnie are shocked when Danny turns up at their fathers wake.
    • 3/09/10
      Season 26 - Episode 144
      Billy takes Peggy to see Billy, but what she sees leaves her shattered. Sam admits that "mother knows best", and makes up her mind about her baby's future. Elsewhere, Stacey sees the real Becca, and Ryan sweeps Janine off her feet.
    • 15/10/09
      Season 25 - Episode 165
      Patrick finds out Owen is back in the square. Heather returns home to pack her bags. Bianca learns Sam has been asked to move in by Ricky. Janine and Ryan discuss their plans for The Vic.
    • Tuesday 28th October
      Tuesday 28th October
      Season 18 - Episode 34
      Den plays back the CCTV tapes at the club and sees Kelly entering with Gus on the night of the incident. While Den goes to question the hapless teenager, Tariq and Vicki discuss the demand for Ecstasy, but Den returns to catch them.

      It's Janine's birthday and Barry showers her with bags of gifts, but she's more touched by a gesture from Ricky.

      Kat summons the Slater girls for a wedding crisis meeting as things don't appear to be going to plan. More than anything, she is not sure she is up to being a trophy wife and giving up her life in Walford.

      Elsewhere, Gavin receives a call from a male escort agency, while Ash develops a taste for revenge. Lisa is drunk again at work at the club and Dennis is landed with the job of getting her home. However, she gets the wrong idea and makes a pass.moreless
    • 15/8/09
      Season 25 - Episode 148
      Lucas is questioned when Trina's body is discovered by the police. Lauren learns who started the rumours about her.
    • 17/9/09
      Season 25 - Episode 149
      Lucas decides to tell Jordan about Trina, as Denise is called in for questioning. Syed is envious when Christian's old school friend shows up and Whitney tells Ricky the truth about Sam.
    • 22/9/09
      Season 25 - Episode 152
      Ronnie pays Archie back, hoping he'll keep his distance as Sam returns to the Vic. A drunk Ian gets into bed with Tanya. Bradley's shocked with Syed's sudden urge to marry.
    • 5/10/09
      Season 25 - Episode 159
      Zainab finds graffiti on the front door. Stacey loses her job and Max confronts Tanya.
    • 28/9/09
      Season 25 - Episode 155
      Jane's hopes are left in tatters. Roxy finds something shocking in Ronnie's handbag. Christian kisses Syed down a alleyway, but unbeknownst to the secret lovers, someone is watching on.
    • 24/9/10
      Season 26 - Episode 156
      Heather finds somewhere new to live, Darren sends Stacey to cheer Max up. Alfie surprises Kat and whilst reluctant at first to leave Glenda in charge at the bookies, Carol soon realises she's more of an asset then was first expected.
    • Friday 24th Ocotber
      Friday 24th Ocotber
      Season 18 - Episode 32
      Zoë confronts Ronny about the rumours but he denies everything. Convinced that Kelly's jealousy is ruining their relationship, Zoë accuses Kelly of trying to steal her boyfriend. Distraught and feeling rejected, Kelly succumbs when she is offered drugs at the club.

      Meanwhile, Paul devises a new fitness programme for Barry, but he seems unable to resist the lure of fried food. And Andy tells Kat that he wants to bond with Alfie.

      Elsewhere, Den warns Lisa about her loose tongue as she turns up for work inebriated again, and Dennis worries about a favour she has asked of him.moreless
    • 12/10/09
      Season 25 - Episode 163
      Jean threatens to move out. Patrick and Liz plan to go on a date. Charlie encourages Masood.
    • 10/3/09
      Season 25 - Episode 41
      Peggy faces up to the Square after seeing her discomforting picture in the newspaper. Ronnie tells all about Roxy using Jack's credit card and insists that she gives her the card, leading to a brawl in the street and they both get put under arrest. Billy gets drawn into Jay's con to sell on out-of-date food from the Minute Mart. Minty goes out on a date with Manda and finds he has to hide from Heather.moreless
    • 15/12/08
      Season 24 - Episode 196
      Christian helps Roxy, whilst Bianca makes another upsetting discovery.
    • 08/01/2013
      Season 29 - Episode 4
    • 13/10/2014
      Season 2014 - Episode 20141013
      It is Nancy's 21st birthday and a fragile Linda desperately tries to hold everything together. Peter is horrified when he discovers the truth about where Ian was the night Lucy died.
    • Shirley's Torn
      Shirley's Torn
      Season 24 - Episode 57
      Jack finds out the truth about the drugf dealer at the club, Ricky bears the brunt of Bianca's rage, and Shirley isn't happy to see Vince.
    • 9/2/09
      Season 25 - Episode 24
      Garry turns down a new job in order to pursue a future with Dawn. He plans to propose to her and pops a engagement ring in a cocktail. Shirley's left to console Heather after Minty makes some harsh comments. Bianca leaves Ricky a note revealing he may be Tiffany's dad.
    • Ronnie Visits The Past
      Ronnie Visits The Past
      Season 24 - Episode 161
      Jack & Tanya's offer on a house is accepted. Tanya is surprised by a guest Archie brings to her retro night at R&R.
    • Life Without Jase
      Life Without Jase
      Season 24 - Episode 137
      Max tries to prove he's a new man to Tanya, Dawn can't come to terms with what's happened, and Billy decides what should be done with Jase's money.
    • Tuesday 14th October
      Tuesday 14th October
      Season 18 - Episode 26
      Sharon and Vicki worry as Dennis has gone missing and Den secretly feels guilty. Dot bumps into Dennis and persuades him to go home. He returns to the club just in time to help Den kick out troublemakers.

      Pauline and Martin argue about his continuing behaviour and Pauline tells him to move out. Martin agrees to go and visit Asif in Scotland but Derek finds his suitcase empty. Pauline stands her ground and tells him to leave.

      Dot and Yolande discuss what more they could do for their partners, which sets Dot thinking.moreless
    • Monday 20th October
      Monday 20th October
      Season 18 - Episode 29
      While her neighbours offer her their congratulations, Kat is feeling confused. When Andy kisses her, she worries that she doesn't love him enough and, elsewhere, it becomes clear that Alfie is devastated by the news.

      Sam returns from her holiday to meet the legendary Den Watts. She is less than impressed, however, to find that Lisa has been given a job at the club and tries her best to exclude her from business affairs.

      The growing tension between Shirley and Gavin comes to a head when Ash gets involved. He attempts to reason with Gavin but loses his temper and they come to blows.moreless
    • Phil's decline
      Phil's decline
      Season 22 - Episode 115
      Peggy is concerned about Phil's state of mind and urges him to pull himself together, after demanding a group of youths to beat him up. Bradley gets a makeover in hopes of wooing Stacey.
    • Thursday 16th October
      Thursday 16th October
      Season 18 - Episode 27
      Patrick accepts that it is over with Yolande and arranges a lunch date with another woman. He soon realises his mistake and finds Yolande to declare his love to her.

      The Slaters receive a postcard from Kat, and Alfie pretends to have received one too. Later, Alfie meets Den and becomes territorial about the Queen Vic. In a moment of clarity, Nana tells Alfie he needs to ask Kat to marry him, before it is too late.

      Den, Dennis and Sharon discuss buying a house. Den arranges to buy a flat even though it is Phil's old place. Den asks a contact to find out all he can about Phil Mitchell.moreless
    • Friday 17th February
      Friday 17th February
      Season 21 - Episode 28
      Pat's nephew, Kevin, arrives, which comes as a surprise since Deano told her he was dead! Meanwhile, Pauline's having second thoughts about marrying Joe...
    • Tuesday 7th October
      Tuesday 7th October
      Season 18 - Episode 22
      Dennis is jealous of the attention Den gets from the Watts girls, especially because things are particularly awkward between him and Sharon. He is later infuriated to discover that Sharon and Phil have agreed that the two families will stay out of trouble.

      After an encounter in the Square with Den, Phil tips someone off about his return. As the Watts family sit down to dinner that evening, Den receives a surprise visit.

      Shirley calls in sick because of her sleepless nights. She confides in Patrick and her landlord, but is later disturbed by sleazy phone calls; it turns out that her number has been displayed in phone boxes.

      Janine arranges a meeting with Paul and later lies to Barry when he wants to celebrate his divorce. While Barry drowns his sorrows alone in the pub, Janine and Paul worry about almost being caught in the act.

      Finally, Little Mo arranges for her and Billy to move out immediately, much to Billy's disappointment.moreless
    • 29/5/09
      Season 25 - Episode 86
      Ronnie is confronted by Jack over her confession that she desires her own baby. Billy tries to rescue Jay from Terry's gang, but discovers that the only way to bring Jase's murderer to justice is to make sure he is in court on time. Ian makes Mo sacrifice something to pay off what Stacey owes. Bradley shields Dot over claims that she has dementia.moreless
    • 3/9/09
      Season 25 - Episode 141
      Bianca finally opens up and Lucas is pushed too far by Trina.
    • 1/1/10 (1)
      1/1/10 (1)
      Season 26 - Episode 1
      Zainab questions Christian about his behaviour as the day of Amira and Syed's wedding has arrived.
    • Thursday 9th October
      Thursday 9th October
      Season 18 - Episode 23
      Den keeps his cool while the police question him, but realises that the time has come to have words with Phil.

      Lisa is determined that her plan will go ahead and makes arrangements to meet Phil later for a walk in the woods. But when Sharon pops over unexpectedly, she spots the gun case and Lisa is forced to take action.moreless
    • Monday 8th September
      Monday 8th September
      Season 18 - Episode 5
      Phil is forced to reassess his plans in light of Lisa's shock return. It hardly seems appropriate to disappear off on honeymoon with an ex-wife lurking around the Albert Square.

      Kat is disappointed when nothing arrives for her in the post but is later left fuming when she thinks that Andy is using Little Mo to get to her.

      Meanwhile, Shirley's cat disappears and she suspects that Gavin is responsible; Sonia witnesses an accident that brings back painful memories; and Spencer worries about Nana Moon.moreless
    • Peggy Wants Answers From Pat
      Peggy Wants Answers From Pat
      Season 24 - Episode 52
      Peggy takes Pat away to learn why she moved abroad when the appearance of Ricky changes things completely. Elsewhere, Libby has some words of wisdom for Chelsea in her search for her dad.
    • Friday 8th July
      Friday 8th July
      Season 20 - Episode 107
      Johnny enters the house searching for Ruby, but is brought out by a fireman. Realising what Danny has done, Jake arranges to meet him at the canal and says goodbye to a tearful Chrissie. When Jake returns to the canal, he sees Danny in the back of Johnny's car.

      Little Mo admits to Alfie she is confused about her feelings. He asks her what she wants and she says she wants him.moreless
    • Thursday 7th July
      Thursday 7th July
      Season 20 - Episode 106
      Danny parks Sam's chip van outside Scarlets to profit from the punters. But, following a confrontation with Ian and Johnny, a furious Sam tells him to leave.

      Danny makes his way to the bar but he causes mayhem and is soon thrown out. Johnny, meanwhile, has been expecting Ruby home all night. But just as he starts to worry, Danny plots his revenge on him.

      Elsewhere, Chrissie and Jake are in the Vic alone together - and it seems that she wants to open up about Den.

      Johnny leaves the club to find his house burning.moreless
    • Tuesday 21st October
      Tuesday 21st October
      Season 18 - Episode 30
      Sharon celebrates her birthday and Den has 14 missed years of making up to do. He showers her with gifts and cards which she's thrilled with. Meanwhile, Dennis has bought her a sexy dress which doesn't go down well as she's still feeling awkward about their encounter.

      Den has his eye on one of the ladies of the Square and the night ends in a passionate kiss that marks the first conquest of his return.

      Meanwhile, Shirley teams up with the Ferreiras to wreak her own revenge on Gavin. Janine uses her charms to persuade Barry that she needs a company credit card and Pauline agrees to a night out with Derek.moreless
    • 22/3/10
      Season 26 - Episode 46
      Ronnie gets into a confrontation with Phil when she attends Peggy and Ben's party. Ian is dismayed when Zainab announces she's restructuring the Masala unit, Lucy plays truant and Carol finds out why Billie lost his job.
    • Thursday 1st September
      Thursday 1st September
      Season 20 - Episode 138
      The market is cordoned off as the police continue their investigation. Chrissie tries to confront Kat but Kat refuses to listen until Zoe's name is mentioned. Chrissie begs Kat to give her an alibi for Zoe's sake.
      Convinced that the police will believe her word over Chrissie's, Sam tells her brief that she intends to tell the whole truth. However, the police try to twist events that make Sam look guilty. Sam tells them how Chrissie killed Den and how they buried him, but keeps Zoe's name out of it.
      Sharon and Dennis quiz Chrissie on her version of events. She admits that she lied about Den returning to the Vic and insists that Sam forced her to lie.
      Kat asks Mo to give Zoe and Chrissie and alibi and reveals that Zoe was there when Den was murdered. Stacey hears all of this. Mo tells Kat that she was seen with other people and is unable to give an alibi.
      When the police question the Slater's about Zoe, Stacey tells then that her and Chrissie stayed there on the night of Den's murder. The family is shocked at Stacey's lies but Kat is proud.
      Outside, Kat tells Chrissie that she has an alibi. Just then, the police arrive and arrest Chrissie.moreless
    • Wendy Richard, MBE
      Wendy Richard, MBE
      Season 25 - Episode 34
      Upon the day of her death, this programme was a late addition to the schedule, broadcasting after the nights episode of EastEnders. Fans and friends reminisce and classic archive interviews with the soaps star reveal the story about how people came to know her as Pauline Fowler.
    • 16/3/09
      Season 25 - Episode 43
      The Vic holds a party for St Patrick's Day where Heather tries to kiss Minty. Peggy collapses while making a speech in her election campaign and Danielle gets revenge on Ronnie over her nasty remarks about her abortion.
    • 13/10/09
      Season 25 - Episode 164
      Pat see's Liz sneak Owen into Dot's. Phil's infuriated when Sam asks Janine to be her chief bridesmaid and gets her a job at R&R. Heather has a asthma attack.
    • Dawn Grieves Alone
      Dawn Grieves Alone
      Season 24 - Episode 136
      Dawn receives the terrible news that will haunt her forever, Minty gets a surprise from one of his customers, and Billy recalls the events that went on.
    • 31/08/10
      Season 26 - Episode 142
      Carol is impressed with Lewis' handling of Liam's fears of going to school, and Ricky searches for the right way to tell Bianca about Sam's baby. Jane moves forward with her scheme to steal Ian's money in spite of Denise's disapproval. Also, Phil is on Peggy's mind, and Jean is threatened by Bianca.moreless
    • 2/09/10
      Season 26 - Episode 143
      Billy and Jay get a lead as to Phil's whereabouts, Pat learns she's been snubbed by Janine, and Minty's relationship with Heather improves. Meanwhile, Sam has plenty of visitors at the hospital when Ricky, Bianca, Peggy, Ronnie and Jack all turn up there.
    • 29/9/09
      Season 25 - Episode 156
      Syed confesses his sexuality at the mosque. Denise finds out who tipped off DC Cunningham. Jordan notices that Trina is missing something and Roxy confronts Ronnie.
    • Risky Business
      Risky Business
      Season 24 - Episode 133
      Honey has concerns about spotting Terry lurking around, Jase finalises his plans for his last job, and Vinnie shocks the guys as he begins cleaning up the flat when they come back from their vacation.
    • 14/9/09
      Season 25 - Episode 147
      Peggy and Ricky think it was Archie who told the police about Sam and plot their revenge. Bradley keeps his plans secret.
    • 16/09/10
      Season 26 - Episode 151
      When her lies are laid bare, Sam's plans are destroyed, leaving her to contemplate life as a single parent. Minty is worried when he sees Heather wearing her old wedding dress, assuming that she wants to walk down the aisle again with him. Meanwhile, Ronnie has some stunning news for Jack.moreless
    • 07/01/2013
      Season 29 - Episode 3
    • 24/9/09
      Season 25 - Episode 153
      Bianca is disappointed after she confides in Pat and sees Sam and Ricky together. Jane questions her role in the house after the wife swap ends. Tanya's appalled at the idea of Lauren and Peter having sex. Stacey continues hiding her medication.
    • New Years Eve 2011
    • 28/9/10
      Season 26 - Episode 158
      Lauren receives some heartbreaking news from America, Fatboy finds himself faced with a dilemma. Janine sets about getting her revenge. Kat tells Alfie she wants a new place to live, but is unimpressed by the idea of Kim's caravan.
    • Hokey Pokey Flu Bug
      Hokey Pokey Flu Bug
      Season 1 - Episode 48
      Everybody is celebrating the birth of Pauline's baby. Den meets with Jan again in secret, but Sharon is on to them. A virus hits a lot of the inhabitants of the square.
    • Poisoned Pen
      Poisoned Pen
      Season 1 - Episode 47
      It's Michelle's birthday and she gets surprised by Lou. An anonymous letter to Naima reveals shocking information about Saeed. Nick gets out of jail on probation while Pauline goes into labour.
    • Who Ran Over Max?
      Who Ran Over Max?
      Season 24 - Episode 172
      Max is in a bad way after the accident, Bradley is pressured by Dot, and Bianca comes to Pat to tell reveal the secret about her and Tony.
    • 17/09/10
      Season 26 - Episode 152
      Ronnie's completely fed up with Sam's lies, and will do whatever it takes to drive her out of the Square forever. Darren sneaks his way back into Jodie's heart, while another familiar face returns. Elsewhere, Charlie is cheered up by Patrick.
    • 27/8/10
      Season 26 - Episode 140
      Jane learns that Peter and Ian knew the truth about Lucy's abortion. Stacey pulls out on the trip to scatter Bradley's ashes, while Tamwar insists on including Syed in family activities in spite of Zainab's feelings. Shirley's interference with Heather and Minty angers Heather.
    • 16/10/09
      Season 25 - Episode 166
      Sam falls into Jack's arms when she finds out that Tiffany is Ricky's daughter. Libby asks Patrick if Owen can stay. Christian and Syed are caught on camera.
    • 4/1/10
      Season 26 - Episode 3
      Ronnie is determined to find out who it was who killed her father, but theirs something she doesn't know.
    • Tuesday 13th September
      Tuesday 13th September
      Season 20 - Episode 145
      Kat tells Alfie that she wants to take things slowly this time round. They prepare a special song for each other at the karaoke, unaware that they have both chosen the same one. Kat bursts into tears when Alfie suggests having children, but Billy sees and misunderstands her tears of joy. He gets up on stage and gives a toast to the happy couple - Alfie and Little Mo

      Stacey and Ruby plan a big night in before Ruby’s return to boarding school. They are shocked when Johnny takes them both to the club for a night of fun.moreless
    • Friday 23rd September
      Friday 23rd September
      Season 20 - Episode 151
      The funeral cortege returns to the Square and Chrissie apologises to a silent Sharon. Sharon tells Chrissie that she is going to tell Peggy that what she did was evil, twisted and wrong. Peggy and Sharon later square up to each other in the bar. Peggy demands Chrissie swear to everyone that she didn't kill Den. Chrissie does so and everyone ignores Peggy.
      Sharon knows that Dennis is afraid of letting his grief out. Softly and lovingly, she urges him to deal with it and not run away. Later, he goes to the grave and cries.
      Elsewhere, Garry wins Minty round to the idea of going on Mickey's booze cruise so that they can meet girls. Gus tells Mickey who he can get a van from - Juley. Juley arrives back in the Square and appolgises to Mickey about what went on between them. He later finds out that the van he found wont be available in time. Luckily, Minty and Garry spot Ian's new car.moreless
    • 11/3/10
      Season 26 - Episode 41
      When Kylie and Connor deface Arthur's bence, Whitney takes the blame. Ian is impressed by Lucy, Peggy starts to get along with Danny. Patrick and Libby make a shocking discovery when they steal footage from the florists, to try and discover if Owen is safe.
    • 19/4/10
      Season 26 - Episode 62
      Ronnie's fling with Dr. Steele starts to develop into something more, as Jack admits to Max he still has feelings for her. Pat and Peggy compete for Harvey's affections. Ben confides in Heather about the bullies and Masood is left reeling after catching Syed and Christian in the act.
    • 20/4/10
      Season 26 - Episode 63
      Amira has a shock announcement for the family that may end Syed and Christian's affair, as Masood struggles with his conscience. Jack is hostile towards Ronnie after finding out about her fling with Dr. Steele. Shirley and Phil take the school bully issue into their own hands.
    • 5/1/10
      Season 26 - Episode 4
      Peggy has to decide which of her children she'll protect.
    • 7/1/10
      Season 26 - Episode 5
      The police close in on the Mitchells. Ronnie & Roxy's mum arrives on the Square.
    • A Branning Birthday Surprise
      A Branning Birthday Surprise
      Season 24 - Episode 98
      Jack and Tanya are shocked by who turns up to Abi's celebrations, Ricky helps out Bianca, and Vinne is delegated the job of appointing the new taxi driver.
    • 19/1/10
      Season 26 - Episode 12
      Ian's future looks bleak as DCI Marsden produces a vital piece of evidence against him. Ronnie makes a decision regarding Glenda and Denise is worried that new woman has eyes for Lucas.
    • 18/1/10
      Season 26 - Episode 11
      Pat returns to the news of Ricky & Bianca's engagement. As the Mitchells prepare for the reopening of the Vic, Peggy struggles with not having any power. Jane tries to persuade Ian to buy Janine's silence, but DCI Marsden pays him a visit.
    • Ronnie's Past Is Revealed
      Ronnie's Past Is Revealed
      Season 24 - Episode 79
      Ronnie comes clean to Pat, Zainab and Shabnam let out what they feel about each other, and Shirley and Heather reflect on their lifestyles.
    • Ronnie Finds Out
      Ronnie Finds Out
      Season 24 - Episode 78
      Roxy decides against confiding in Ronnie, Wellard is off to a new owner, and Shabnam has a startling revelation.
    • Steven Tries Too Hard
      Steven Tries Too Hard
      Season 24 - Episode 60
      Bianca doubts her parenting skills and what people will make of her, Gus confronts Sean, and Steven wants to take his relationship with Stacey further.
    • 22/4/10
      Season 26 - Episode 64
      Masood can't bring himself to invite Christian to a party organised by Zainab celebrating Amira's news. Chelsea takes a pregnancy test, a darts tournament takes place at the Vic and Ronnie rushes to the hospital to tell Jack how she really feels.
    • 23/4/10
      Season 26 - Episode 65
      Qadim arrives to congratulate his daughter, as Zainab and Masood prepare for the housewarming party and try to convince Syed to change his mind. With Christian left on the outside looking in, he begins to plot his revenge.
    • 12/5/10
      Season 26 - Episode 75
      Ben's plans to prove how cool he is backfires and Masood considers fleeing to a new life.
    • 5/3/09
      Season 25 - Episode 38
      Minty turns to the lonely-hearts pages. Stacey and her mother reach a defining moment, but Callum faces Jean about why she has come back as he is afraid that the bond will be short-term. Roxy is adamant that she and Amy don't need Jack's money.
    • 17/5/10
      Season 26 - Episode 78
      Zainab refuses to play happy families when Masood tries to convince Syed to come home. Stacey thinks she's going into labour, Ryan sees through Janine's lies, when he ends up £500 down. Danny continues with his plans to get to Roxy's money. Phil panics when Louise goes missing.
    • Time To Say Goodbye
      Time To Say Goodbye
      Season 24 - Episode 128
      Ricky is left with the kids when Wellard's condition worsens, Archie gets in the way of what Ronnie wants to do, and Libby takes her own careers advice.
    • 30/10/09
      Season 25 - Episode 174
      Denise and Owen reminisce over the family dinner, upsetting Lucas. Sam gives Jack the chance to end their fling, but they end up kissing.
    • 27/10/09
      Season 25 - Episode 172
      Syed needs a explanation from Tamwar about what he told Anita. Denise tells Lucas about how Owen treated Libby.
    • 7/5/10
      Season 26 - Episode 73
      Peter finds out that Lucy got an abortion, as Leon asks Fat Boy to help him with Zsa Zsa back. Jane pleads with Ian to give Billy more time to pay off his debts. Ronnie becomes more desperate to gather the money needed for Jack's private care, whilst hiding the truth about R & R from him.moreless
    • 10/11/09
      Season 25 - Episode 180
      Janine tries to find out what Archie is up to. Ronnie tells Owen that she doesn't want Roxy to know he stayed over, but Denise sees him leave. Jay takes Lucy to self defence class with Owen.
    • Mitchell Family Tensions
      Mitchell Family Tensions
      Season 24 - Episode 24
      Clare does a bit of reflecting on her actions and comes to the conclusion that things haven't quite gone to plan. Meanwhile, Shirley feels threatened by Suzy and Peggy so Archie tries to get Phil to come round to their way of thinking.
    • 29/4/10
      Season 26 - Episode 68
      Ronnie and Roxy fall out over money, tension reaches a new high between Ben and Louise, Pat & Peggy date Harvey. Whilst Qadim returns to the square with two henchmen intent on getting revenge against Syed, however Masood has no idea were he's gone.
    • 4/12/09
      Season 25 - Episode 193
      When Archie and Janine realise that Ian has what they want, they start making plans.
    • 3/12/09
      Season 25 - Episode 192
      Masood is absolutely exhausted and the result sees disastrous consequences.
    • 1/12/09
      Season 25 - Episode 191
      Ian gets one up on Phil and doesn't mind gloating about it.
    • 6/5/10
      Season 26 - Episode 72
      Fatboy helps Ronnie out by DJ ing at the R & R. Whilst Lucy is still determined to get revenge over Leon. Masood holds a family meeting, forgiving Syed, but it's clear he can't leave Christian. Billy struggles with the realisation of becoming a full time dad.
    • 13/5/10
      Season 26 - Episode 76
      Roxy suggests to Syed he leave Walford for Christian's sake, leading him to hit rock bottom, as he gets a hostile reception at the Mosque. Ian feels guilty so gives Jane what she wants. Whilst Tamwar is confused to learn Masood is planning a trip without him or Zainab.
    • 10/9/09
      Season 25 - Episode 145
      When Bianca cooks Ricky a romantic meal, she isn't prepared to find out about his and Sam's engagement. Janine and Ryan find out about the big scratchcard win.
    • Better Days
      Better Days
      Season 1 - Episode 30
      When Michelle comes home very late at night, she gets in a fight with her parents. Andy's new bike gets stolen.
    • 01/01/2014
      Season 30 - Episode 1
    • Lou's Blisters
      Lou's Blisters
      Season 1 - Episode 31
      An ambulance takes Pauline to the hospital. Ali and Sue try to get money for the car Naima crashed not only from her, but also from Saeed, Den and Angie! Andy's stolen bike is found by the police.
    • 10/10/2014
      Season 2014 - Episode 20141010
      Lauren and Peter make a huge decision that shocks their families. After a revelation from Ian, Max decides to make an anonymous phone call to the police. Ronnie and Charlie receive some important news about the baby.
    • 28/5/09
      Season 25 - Episode 85
      Billy discovers Jay is in serious danger and thinks he ought to take his name off the witness list, but he later plucks up the courage to try to save him. Zainab continues to matchmake for Syed. Bradley is surprised by Syd's anxiety for Dot's wellbeing. Jack finds something surprising in one of his drawers.moreless
    • Who's Calling, Please?
      Who's Calling, Please?
      Season 1 - Episode 21
      The pub starts serving food, but the quality of the cooking is sub-par, which leads to Ethel being fired as the cook. Sharon overhears Angie and Tony talking about their affair and later blackmails Angie for money.
    • 23/2/09
      Season 25 - Episode 32
      Lucas' dirty secret may about to be revealed. Ricky & Bianca face a new dilemma.
    • The Emperor's Clothes
      The Emperor's Clothes
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      Arthur starts working at the Vic, but he has some troubles with his duties. While Den is in Spain, Angie invites Tony for dinner.
    • 20/2/09
      Season 25 - Episode 31
      Ricky & Bianca receive Tiffany's paternity test results. Tanya is given her sentence.
    • 17/2/09
      Season 25 - Episode 29
      Dawn prepares herself to grieve for Garry at the memorial service that Heather has arranged for him, however a surprise visitor to the service surprises everyone. Ian has a chat with Jane about what he's achieved in his life. Libby doesn't like Darren's decision to work for Janine. Ricky and Bianca are anxiously waiting for the DNA test results to come back.moreless
    • 10/2/09
      Season 25 - Episode 25
      Shirley and Heather are on a quest to find George Michael's home, but encounter a few glitches. Dawn's rejected Garry and he's finding it hard to deal with the rejection. Ricky demands the truth about Tiffany from Bianca. Whitney leaves a date, an emotional wreck.
    • Rub-a-Dub-Thud
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      Nick's heroine dealing and his possible involvement in Reg's murder are topic #1 at the square. After a fight with Naima, Saeed gets drunk at the pub.
    • Micro-Wave Goodbye
      Micro-Wave Goodbye
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      Dr Legg finds out that Mary and her baby have bronchities, but he has no luck with getting social service involved. The police catch Nick. Mark gets suspected to be Reg's murderer.
    • A Very Private Party
      A Very Private Party
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Sue tries to get Tony to participate in a money making scheme. Mark is broke and tries to steal from Dr. Legg. After Lofty and Angie kiss in public, Dan is pissed and threatens Lofty.
    • 25 June 1985
      25 June 1985
      Season 1 - Episode 37
      After Hassan's death, Sue stays at Deb's. Ali arranges the funeral and tells Dr. Legg that Sue, as a woman, is not permitted in the mosque. Lofty, with the help of Ian and Michelle, opens up the cafe for the Osmans.
    • 1/9/09
      Season 25 - Episode 140
      Bianca wants to tell Ricky how she feels and Lucas is tempted by Tina.
    • 26/3/09
      Season 25 - Episode 49
      Bradley reveals the truth to Syd about losing his job. Roxy invites Jack to the wedding, which upsets Ronnie. Janine pretends to be Tiffany's mother at the car lot.
    • Dead Drunk
      Dead Drunk
      Season 1 - Episode 38

      Saeed and Naima both make lists, what they are missing in their marriage. Sharon steals a bottle of Gin, and after emptying the whole bottle falls down the stairs. Ali and Sue finally start talking about Hassan's death.

    • Nice Jumper
      Nice Jumper
      Season 1 - Episode 45
      After Naima changed her look, Saeed tries to do the same. Ian's coach asks Ethel on a date. Ali gives Michelle a lift which turns out different than planned.
    • 20/3/09
      Season 25 - Episode 46
      Roxy and Ronnie have an argument and Roxy accuses Ronnie of being envious of Amy. Danielle shows Archie the picture of her mother inside her locket, thus revealing her secret. Max brings a girl home but his hidden purpose soon becomes obvious.
    • A Man's Job
      A Man's Job
      Season 1 - Episode 46
      Nick's case goes to court, but he will not be charged with murder. Kelvin and Ian make a mess while trying to learn knitting from Kathy. Ali blames Sue for Hassan's death.
    • 8/9/09
      Season 25 - Episode 144
      Roxy feels left out, when the Mitchells rally round to protect Sam. Whitney encourages Bianca to tip the police off about where Sam's in hiding. Lucas panics about a missing bracelet.
    • 12/3/09
      Season 25 - Episode 42
      Ian fails to get to know Tanya as he intended. Ronnie gets closer to Roxy as they wait for Archie to let them go from police custody by letting her sister know that she still loves Jack. Jay warns Billy that Honey may never return. Meanwhile, Masood and Jane keep on getting closer as they chat about married life.moreless
    • Thursday 6th October
      Thursday 6th October
      Season 20 - Episode 158
      Jake urges Chrissie not to throw her life away but Chrissie doesn't know how much more she can take.

      Meanwhile, Juley tells Mickey that he should find out how Dawn is, especially as Peggy and some of the other residents have contributed money towards her operation. Later, the Millers head off to see Dawn but are shocked when they discover the truth.

      Elsewhere, Pauline becomes flustered when Sonia and Naomi badger her into calling Joe.moreless
    • Friday 2nd September
      Friday 2nd September
      Season 20 - Episode 139
      Sharon is furious at Chrissie's arrest, insisting she can’t have been involved in Den’s death. Chrissie pleads her innocence to the police and plays the perfect victim, feigning disbelief that Sam would have the gall to use her to cover for her own husband's murder. She also uses the same story that Stacey gave her, putting her in the clear.

      Charlie berates Stacey for giving a false alibi for Zoe while Kat impresses the seriousness of her lying to cover for Zoe and then thanks her for it.

      Sam tells the police about the murder weapon when they find blood under her kitchen sink. They remove the doorstop from Pauline’s house. With Chrissie havening an alibi and all evidence pointing at Sam, the police charge her for the murder of Den.

      Sharon goes into the Vic and sobs to Dennis. She is shocked when he shows no emotion over Dens death and asks him if he wanted Den dead. He replies yes and Sharon storms out.

      The police release Chrissie and as she walks out, Jake appears. She is shocked to see him back and they hug.moreless
    • Friday 9th September
      Friday 9th September
      Season 20 - Episode 143
      Sam is tearful as she talks to her mum.Through sobs, she explains to Peggy what happened with Andy, and tries to make it clear that she didn't kill Den. Peggy returns to the Square and begs Pat to let her stay there. She then visits the Vic to say her piece to Sharon and ends up with a drink in her face.
      Alfie describes to Kat how he felt when he saw her singing – she was everything he fell in love with. He meets with Little Mo and tells her that he and Kat are back together. She sobs to him and he tries to make it clear that she didn't do anything wrong. Billy witnesses this from a distance.
      Elsewhere, Demi is nervous about the reaction she will receive when she takes Aleesha out.moreless
    • 25/3/10
      Season 26 - Episode 48
      Becca surprises Max after the police find a body that they believe is Stacey's, as she takes him to a derelict building. Billie falls in with his old crowd when he loses another job and Jane is led to believe that Lucy has miscarried.
    • Thursday 27th October
      Thursday 27th October
      Season 20 - Episode 170
      Grant and Phil set about clearing Sam's name, they visit her in prison and she insists that she doesn't want Zoe or Stacey dragged into things, she tells them that the only way to get at Chrissie is to convince Sharon...the brothers intend to do just that. Later, in the Vic, Sharon turns Grant and Phil away when they accuse Chrissie of killing Den but later, away from the busy pub, Sharon visits Grant and Phil and tells them she wants to talk...moreless
    • Friday 10th October
      Friday 10th October
      Season 18 - Episode 24
      Den finds out about Lisa's plan and heads out to the woods where he finds her waiting for Phil. Meanwhile, Phil has no idea of the danger he's heading into.

      Shirley calls the police, who help her formulate a plan of action, but her determination is waning and she decides that her best option is to sell up.

      Patrick decides to tell Yolande the truth about the real author of the romantic letters. Shocked by the news that the declarations came from Jim's pen, Yolande decides to leave.

      A drinking competition in the Vic makes casualties out of Gus and Asif but brings Kelly and Martin together for a night of passion.moreless
    • Monday 28th August
      Monday 28th August
      Season 21 - Episode 134
      Max and Tanya throw a birthday party for Bradley. Sean invites himself along...Bradley's delighted to receive a laptop from Max but he's put off by Stacie's bad mood. She storms out and Bradley follows. They argue in the square and Stacie confesses to him that she's pregnant! Meanwhile, Pat urges Ian to sever ties with Victor for Jane's sake and Peggy tells Phil that she's planning a surprise wedding for Billy and Honey.moreless
    • Monday 4th July
      Monday 4th July
      Season 20 - Episode 104
      Little Mo receives flowers and assumes that they are from Alfie; when she realises that they are from Billy, she's disappointed, but agrees to go dancing with him when salsa fever takes over the Square. When Kat asks Alfie to go he is reluctant - until she tells him Little Mo is going with Billy.

      Elsewhere, Danny is furious that Johnny stole his idea for the salsa night and tells him exactly how mad he is. Danny later apologises and begs for a second chance, but Johnny thinks he is a liability.moreless
    • 15/4/10
      Season 26 - Episode 60
      Christian trys stopping Amira from seeing the message on the bedroom wall. Ben is confronted by bullies on his way home from football. Journalist, Harvey Freeman arrives charming council candidates Peggy and Pat. Ronnie has a difficult meeting with Jack and Fat Boy goes on a set of disastrous dates.
    • 19/2/09
      Season 25 - Episode 30
      The book clubs meeting reveals some saucy secrets. Plus Dawn receives a ultimatum from a surprising source.
    • Friday 24th June
      Friday 24th June
      Season 20 - Episode 99
      Still in shock by what Zoë has told her, Kat is physically sick. She wants Zoë to go to the police, but will Zoë listen to her mum one last time? Meanwhile, Chrissie remains anxious about Zoë’s whereabouts.

      Elsewhere, the friction continues at the Fowlers’ as Dennis continues to wind up Pauline.The bickering is too much for Sharon, who storms off, sick of their childish antics, to see Chrissie.

      Kat tells Zoë that it doesn't matter what she has done, she is still her daughter. They hug and Zoë departs the Square for good.moreless
    • 16/4/10
      Season 26 - Episode 61
      Christian asks Syed to decide between him and Amira for good. Darren tricks Fat Boy into getting him a date with Zsa Zsa. Phil gets a confession out of Ben and has a word with the bullies. Dr. Steele has his eyes set on Ronnie and tries winning her over.
    • 21/04/2015
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150421
      Mick tells Shirley that she has to choose between her sons. Ronnie encourages Roxy to attend the funeral.
    • 12/4/10
      Season 26 - Episode 58
      Dot is forced to tell Jack bad news when he comes out of his coma. Amira gets Christian to help save her marriage. Leon tries to impress Zsa Zsa, but he has some competition. Pat and Peggy decide to run for council.
    • Official Notification
      Official Notification
      Season 1 - Episode 40
      Sue wakes at the cry of a baby. Dr. Legg informs Sue and Ali about the post mortem results and tells them that there are some official registrations they have to perform. Mary is spreading rumours about Naima and Saeed's sleeping arrangements.
    • Noses Know
      Noses Know
      Season 1 - Episode 41
      Andy and Deb are jogging with their new "Save the Square" shirts. Michelle and her father argue about growing up, boyfriends and motorcycles.
    • Bedtime Stories
      Bedtime Stories
      Season 1 - Episode 42
      It is the day of Hassan's funeral and a procession goes around the square, with Sue staying at the cafe. Michelle tries to find a job.
    • Gesundheit!
      Season 1 - Episode 44
      After his fight with Naima, Saeed does not come home for a couple of days. Sue is not coping at all with her grief. Kelvin and Ian try to clean up the smelly dog.
    • 12/3/10
      Season 26 - Episode 42
      Jean and Charlie set up a petition to give the gardens a makeover, worrying Lucas who's only just convinced Libby not to try and contact Owen. Ian has his work cut out trying to hide the identity of the father of Lucy's baby and Peggy is delighted when Danny's plan works out.moreless
    • Peggy Snaps
      Peggy Snaps
      Season 24 - Episode 127
      Peggy and Archie disagree over the wedding arrangements, Jack's plans with Tanya angers Max, and the exams results are in for Libby and Tamwar.
    • Thursday 7th September
      Thursday 7th September
      Season 21 - Episode 140
      Jack and Peggy visit Honey and baby Janet at the hospital. Soon afterwards a nurse becomes concerned after inspecting the baby, she calls an expert and Honey and Janet are moved into a private room...Later, Billy arrives at the hospital with books and a teddy for the baby but Honey breaks the news to Billy that their baby will never be able to read - she has Down's Syndrome...moreless
    • Interior Motives
      Interior Motives
      Season 1 - Episode 39
      Sue and Ali are struggling with Hassan's death and are not able to go home yet. Angie thinks that Sharon's drinking was because of her own drinking and she decides to stay sober from now on.
    • 15/3/10
      Season 26 - Episode 43
      Carol's first day at the launderette goes badly, Danny convinces Roxy to bid for the beauty salon, however she wasn't expecting a rival bidder and Jean and Charlie decide that they'll take control of the garden makeover, putting Lucas into a predicament.
    • 16/3/10
      Season 26 - Episode 44
      Phil tries to impress Shirley, a girl arrives in Walford looking for her father, Ronnie and Roxy go head to head trying to buy the salon out, Lucy is horrified at Ian and Jane's plans, homeschooling her and Lucas is petrified when Mo brings a metal detector to the gardens.
    • Monday 3rd October
      Monday 3rd October
      Season 20 - Episode 156
      Stacey confronts Kat, wanting to know the truth about what happened to Den. Kat urges her not to say anything because of Zoe, but will she be able to resist asking Chrissie?

      Rosie finds a letter addressed to Dawn from the hospital. When Rosie questions Dawn she snaps, feeling that her privacy has been invaded.

      Billy and Peggy realise they have to convince everyone that Sam is innocent. Peggy is determined to get some answers from Stacey but Billy is reluctant to involve her.moreless
    • High Stakes
      High Stakes
      Season 1 - Episode 34
      Ali is bringing SUe flowers after he won some money without her knowing about his gambling. Sharon talks to her mother about going on the pill. Angie discusses this with Pauline and Dr. Legg. Ali and his brother Mehmet enter a high stakes poker game and Ali bets everything.
    • Bianca's Back
      Bianca's Back
      Season 24 - Episode 56
      Bianca has nobody else to turn to but Pat, Phil takes Shirley to the hospital, and Gus is in love...
    • Bin Dinners
      Bin Dinners
      Season 1 - Episode 35
      Ali wins the game! Mustapha, the fourth player besides Ali, Den and Mehmet, rushes Ali with a knife but is stopped by Den and Mehmet. Ali decides to buy a new car and some gifts for Sue.
    • 9/3/10
      Season 26 - Episode 40
      Peggy picks up a bruised and battered Danny from the Police station, The Mitchells music night is spoilt at the Vic by Kylie and Connor. Bianca's horrified to find out about Liam's school and Ian starts warming to the idea of raising Lucy's baby with Jane.
    • 04/01/2013
      Season 29 - Episode 2
    • 2/4/10
      Season 26 - Episode 53
      Ryan decides that he's going to put Janine and the Square behind him, as Janine struggles with her feelings towards him. Chelsea tries to get Carol to like her and Ronnie warns Roxy off of Danny. Whitney humiliates Connor and Ben decides to co-operate with Phil.
    • Healing Balm
      Healing Balm
      Season 1 - Episode 26
      Den and Angie decide to try to save their marriage and to end their respective affairs. Naima, Debs, Andy and Saeed discuss Indian tradition and clothing rules.
    • Blue Dance
      Blue Dance
      Season 1 - Episode 24
      It's Kathy's birthday! A stranger askes around the square about Mary. Ian found a substitute 'Carlos' for Michelle. The video party turns out different than planned.
    • Monday 11th July
      Monday 11th July
      Season 20 - Episode 108
      Alfie is still unaware that it was Danny who started the fire and is shocked when Chrissie fills him in on what happened. When Alfie sees the state of Johnny’s car, he is sure that Johnny had something to do with the boys’ disappearance, and goes to confront him.
      Elsewhere, Dennis is put out that Sharon doesn’t seem as keen as him to leave the Square.
    • Monday 6th October
      Monday 6th October
      Season 18 - Episode 21
      Den takes his first walk around Walford and the residents of the Square are stunned to see him. Convinced that she has seen a ghost, Dot faints but later recovers to fill Den in on all he's missed.

      Ian is thrilled to see him return, certain that he will shake things up with Phil, while Pauline is absolutely furious.

      Elsewhere, Lisa discusses her plans with John and, when Billy cannot find a job, he's horrified when Little Mo suggests that they move back in with the Slaters.

      Ian's deal to buy the Meal Machine falls through and he has a fair idea of who may have bought it to spite him.moreless
    • 25/1/10
      Season 26 - Episode 15
      Bianca and Jane think that Janine is to blame for Pat's heart attack. Masood urges Christian to return to work. Max and Bradley celebrate celebrate a new business deal and Ronnie is taken aback by Roxy's dismissiveness when she talks about their brother Danny.
    • 14/5/10
      Season 26 - Episode 77
      Ronnie tries persuading Billy to go along with her plan, however she has second thoughts when Roxy offers to pay for Jack's care. A new arrival cheers Christian up, as Zainab goes to drastic measures to rid Syed from her life.
    • Tango for Two
      Tango for Two
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      The whole Square is in a flurry when Ethel and baby Annie suddenly disappear. After kissing him at her tea invitation, Michelle later finds Kevin fooling around with Sharon.
    • 29/10/09
      Season 25 - Episode 173
      When Ryan tries to cheer Ronnie up, she tells him to stay away. Ricky gets Janine a birthday present.
    • 9/3/09
      Season 25 - Episode 40
      Danielle is pressurised by Stacey to disclose her secret and Jay receives an apology from Billy for past disappointments. Roxy has been using Jack's credit card to run up a large tab at the club and Ronnie is becoming suspicious of her. Jane and Masood eat together at the cafe and become conscious of their emerging bond.moreless
    • 30/8/10
      Season 26 - Episode 141
      Ricky tries to find a solution in his tangled personal life: should he stay with Bianca, or should he be a father to Sam's baby? Stacey takes Becca's advice and quits taking her medication, which helps Becca come between her and Jean. Carol applies for a job at the bookie's and Jane reveals her plan to abscond with Ian's money to Denise.moreless
    • Scorched Silk and Other Delights
      Scorched Silk and Other Delights
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      Nick asks Andy to smuggle some drugs out of the hospital. Instead of doing that, Andy tells Dr. Legg and Den about it. Dr. Legg questions Mark about Nick and the heroin and then tells everything to the police, but Det Sgt Rich doesn't have enough evidence to arrest Nick.
    • 26/10/09
      Season 25 - Episode 171
      Zainab can't believe that Tamwar's drink was spiked at the pub. Janine warns Archie away from Jack.
    • 22/1/10
      Season 26 - Episode 14
      Roxy incurs the wrath of Peggy when she sacks Tracey to hire younger bar staff, as part of the changes she wants to make to the pub. Pat collapses when arguing with Janine. Bianca helps Denise play her own game towards Loretta.
    • 03/01/2014
      Season 30 - Episode 3
    • 26/2/09
      Season 25 - Episode 34
      Ian takes up body art. Masood lets everyone know of his secret.
    • 12/1/10
      Season 26 - Episode 8
      Jean keeps her mouth shut about the big secret, but Bradley finds it hard.
    • 13/09/10
      Season 26 - Episode 149
      Sam soon realizes that single motherhood is a monstrous responsibility, and asks Minty if she can move in with him, much to Heather's dismay. Bianca convinces Jack that he needs to know once and for all whether he's the baby's father, so both he and Ricky agree to be tested. In the meantime, Shirley finds a new job.moreless
    • 14/09/10
      Season 26 - Episode 150
      Ronnie worries about her relationship with Jack should he be confirmed as the father of Sam's baby, but he reassures her of his devotion. Later, they join the others to learn the test's results. In the meantime, Charlie's family concerns brings on a fight, and Shirley makes a tough call.
    • 24/3/09
      Season 25 - Episode 48
      Tommy pretends to be interested in Patrick's stories but it soon becomes obvious he has a secret purpose. Max advises Bradley to not tell Syd he is out of work. Ricky and Bianca go to a meeting at the school. Tiffany is used by Janine at the car lot.
    • 10/5/10
      Season 26 - Episode 74
      Ian tries to get Jane away from the Square and Ronnie discovers the real cost of the fire.
    • 18/9/09
      Season 25 - Episode 150
      Peggy starts to raise the money for Sam's bail. Syed finally realises his true feelings for Christian. Denise's police interview continues.
    • Friday 3rd October
      Friday 3rd October
      Season 18 - Episode 20
      Den leaves with the four heavies, while Sharon presumes that he has returned home.

      During a bitter discussion, Sharon slaps Dennis, who taunts her with the information that Den was followed last night. Dennis later makes Vicki cry with his jibes.

      Meanwhile, Sharon races to the Imperial Rooms as Den comes face to face with Andy.

      After talking with Sharon, Den decides to remain in Walford. Sharon takes him home where he has his first real meeting with Dennis. Den's children welcome him home.moreless
    • Thursday 13th October
      Thursday 13th October
      Season 20 - Episode 162
      Johnny taunts Peggy in the café and she's annoyed by his popularity amongst the locals. Peggy addresses the people in the market in the market and asks whether they are really going to let Johnny take over their local pub.

      Meanwhile, Alfie begins to work through Nana's wish list and discovers that she wants to see a film that she appeared in as a girl. However, she is unable to remember any of the details.moreless
    • Friday 28th October
      Friday 28th October
      Season 20 - Episode 171
      Grant, Phil and Peggy all try to convince Sharon to visit Sam in prison, but she won't go. Later, Chrissie complains that she can't get the Mitchells off her back and so, as a favour to Chrissie, Sharon goes to visit Sam to ask her to back off. At the prison, Sam insists that she is innocent and tells Sharon that Chrissie blackmailed her into keeping quiet. She tells Sharon of Chrissie's last words to Den, Sharon is outraged that Sam could make up such horrible lies and walks out! Later, Sharon confronts Chrissie about the blackmail, Chrissie tells her that she gave Sam the money out of pity but when Chrissie's words come eerily close to what Sam said were Chrissie's last words to Den, Sharon's mind is changed...Sharon visits the Mitchells and tells them she knows Sam is innocent and that Chrissie killed Den!moreless
    • Monday 10th October
      Monday 10th October
      Season 20 - Episode 160
      Peggy is determined not to be beaten to the Vic by Johnny and calls Grant. She later visits Chrissie and offers to top Johnny's bid, but is livid when Chrissie tells her that she'll never do business with a Mitchell.

      Meanwhile, Mickey is furious that Dawn has spent her operation fund money on a boob job and warns her to keep a low profile.moreless
    • 1/4/10
      Season 26 - Episode 52
      On the night of Lauren's birthday party, Billie's plan backfires as a uninvited guest turns up with a gun. Roxy takes a shine to Ryan, as Janine's plan falls into place. Shirley finds out what Ben's problem is with Louise and Darren still feels threatened by Adam.
    • Monday 18th September
      Monday 18th September
      Season 21 - Episode 146
      Billy thinks Honey might be starting to show some interest in the baby when he hears from a nurse that she's been to see the baby. Billy talks to Honey about it, he apologises for pushing her too much, Honey's grateful but she's still holding back... Meanwhile, Stacey's in a rotten mood with everyone and especially Bradley! After talking with Ruby, Stacey decides to give Bradley a chance and agrees that he can buy her a bag of chips. As they head home, Bradley produces a little box, Stacey opens it to find a key inside, Bradley tells her that a mate of his at work is moving abroad and is looking for a tenant and Bradley wants Stacey to move in with him...moreless
    • 13/4/10
      Season 26 - Episode 59
      Lucy sets out to destroy Amira's marriage by leaving a message in her flat. Zsa Zsa sets Fatboy up. Louise persuades Ben to dress up as Lady Ga Ga. Ronnie is upset when she goes to visit Jack in hospital and Chelsea is already visiting.
    • 26/3/10
      Season 26 - Episode 49
      Max finally confronts Stacey over the death of Bradley and the revelation of who it was who killed Archie.
    • Hit and Run
      Hit and Run
      Season 24 - Episode 171
      It's the night of Peggy's party and Jack is out for revenge for what Max has done to him. Tanya worries how far Jack will take it but that is the least of her worries, as Max's life is under threat. Also, Ronnie and Bianca cross paths in the pub.
    • 5/4/10
      Season 26 - Episode 54
      The tension reaches breaking point at the hospital, as Billie's made to feel like he isn't wanted. Janine sets her eyes on the club, whilst Jack's away. Billy realises Minty wants him to move out, so moves in with Heather. When Louise is thrown a party, Ben grows more jealous.
    • Tuesday 18th October
      Tuesday 18th October
      Season 20 - Episode 165
      Johnny struggles to come up with a solution to deal with Stacey and Ruby. Stacey urges Ruby to stay calm until they hear a knock at the door and realise it's Johnny. Wound up by Stacey's meddling, Johnny calls the police and reports that he suspects Stacey was behind the break-in. Stacey is taken down to the station for questioning. Meanwhile, Alfie tries to organize a way for Nana to get arrested without actually getting arrested but before he knows it it's too late - Nana's off assaulting a police officer and gets herself taken down the station with Stacey! Later, Ruby convinces Johnny to get Stacey off the hook while Alfie pleads with the arresting officer to let his Nana go.moreless
    • Monday 5th September
      Monday 5th September
      Season 20 - Episode 140
      Sam is told that she will be held in custody for a further two weeks and is petrified of going to prison. She wants Kittle to make an application for bail but it will cost her a considerable amount of money. In her moment of need, Sam calls upon Billy.

      Elsewhere, Ian teases Alfie about his love life. But Alfie has made up his mind and, by the end of the day, it will all be over.moreless
    • Murder in Albert Square
      Murder in Albert Square
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Reg Cox is near death when he is finally found by Dan, Ali and Arthur after he disappeared three days ago. Pauline tells Lou that she is pregnant from Arthur.
    • Friday 1st July
      Friday 1st July
      Season 20 - Episode 103
      Demi and Leo continue to text each other and Demi is forced to lie to Rosie about who the text is from. When she later catches up with Leo, they both talk and admit that they hate having to sneak about. Later, when Mickey arrives home, he is not happy to find Leo sitting in the Millers’ front room.

      Elsewhere, after talking to Sharon, Pauline realises that Sharon doesn’t want to leave Walford and tells her to let Dennis know about her feelings.moreless
    • Thursday 2nd December
      Thursday 2nd December
      Season 19 - Episode 189
      Zoë and Dennis argue in the flat about the previous night and Zoë hints that she doesn't think he is over Sharon. Later, in the club, Dennis tells Sharon that he would be happy with Zoë if it wasn't for her and wishes that she could find someone to be happy with, but Sharon tells him that maybe it's him she wants. Sharon yells at Dennis to tell her he doesn't love her, and he grabs her and kisses her. Sharon asks him again to say he doesn't love her and he storms off.

      When Jane visits David she finds out that Ian visited him the previous day and is touched by his gesture. Then, when she goes to see Ian at home, she kisses him – and when he pulls away, she pulls him back again.

      Meanwhile, Keith briefs the team in the Vic about their next match and, when they see the state of the van he has hired to take them there, he reveals his plan – to lull their rivals into a false sense of security.

      Elsewhere, Spencer starts his interviews for a worker at the chip shop.moreless
    • Thursday 27th January
      Thursday 27th January
      Season 20 - Episode 15
      Patrick is desperate to find out what happened to Paul. Minty tells him that Andy is capable of arranging a contract killing but Alfie warns Patrick to drop it. Yolande keeps trying to contact Anthony but can't reach him. She feels alone when Patrick is too busy for her. She later upsets him when she suggests he feels he wasn't a good enough father to Paul.

      Ian spends most of the day avoiding Pauline and when she does catch them she causes them to discuss splitting up, warning them that their casual relationship is not fair on the children. But Ian tells Jane he is doing what he wants to do and tells her he loves her.

      Elsewhere, it's Demi and Darren's birthday Rosie keeps dropping hints to Keith about marriage.

      Little Mo has moved back into the Slaters' and Charlie is refusing to let Billy talk to her. Alfie advises Billy to give Little Mo space but Garry plants a seed of suspicion in his mind about his friend's true intentions. Later, Billy spots Alfie and Little Mo talking intimately.moreless
    • 6/4/10
      Season 26 - Episode 55
      After Carol manages to talk Billie out of joining the army, Peggy undermines her throwing him a party in the Vic. Leon shows Zsa Zsa he can be romantic and Amira receives a cheque from her dad and suggests to Zainab that she and Syed move out of the family home.moreless
    • Max Frames Jack
      Max Frames Jack
      Season 24 - Episode 169
      Max is preparing to stop Tanya from moving away, Callum and Stacey spend the afternoon together, and Denise finds out what Libby has been doing...or not doing in her case.
    • 30/3/10
      Season 26 - Episode 51
      Becca and Jean compete for Stacey's attention, Morgan gets roped into one of Janine and Ryan's plans. Shirley struggles to come clean to Heather, Chelsea takes Ronnie's advice about her fling with Jack and Whitney tells Billie that it's her or his old friends.
    • Brewery Drivers Strike
      Brewery Drivers Strike
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      The police conducts interviews about Reg's murder. Dan has to admit that he was with his mistress at the time of the murder. Ali and Lou are both lucky at games of chance.
    • 30/9/10
      Season 26 - Episode 159
      Kat is horrified to discover Alfie has not bought the Vic - he is renting it off the Mitchells. Janine and Stacey continue to fight it out for Ryan. Zsa Zsa leaves Walford after discovering Leon slept with Glenda.
    • Home Delivery
      Home Delivery
      Season 1 - Episode 51
    • Showdown at Walford Towers
      Showdown at Walford Towers
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      Dr Legg is told that there are plans to demolish one side of the square. He tries to rattle the other inhabitance into putting up resistance. Ali celebrates his win from the chain letters.
    • 3/3/09
      Season 25 - Episode 37
      Janine pretends to be a supporter when she phones Peggy as part of her plot to show up Peggy to the local press. Mo and Charlie are worried about Stacey's attitude towards men and Ian is irate after discovering Masood's secret agreement over Peggy's wedding.
    • Clacton or Bust
      Clacton or Bust
      Season 1 - Episode 18
      Den serves at the bar in his underwear to protest Angie's giving some of his clothes to a jumble sale. Debbie is helping to get the 'Save the Square' campaign off the ground. Mark steals some club money and runs away.
    • 9/11/09
      Season 25 - Episode 179
      Happy Hour is a success at the Vic. Owen and Ronnie have a heart to heart that leads to more. Jay is stressed about being called a hero when he is not. Lucy thinks Syed was her attacker.
    • Chef's Surprise
      Chef's Surprise
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      As the profits at the pub go down, Den suggests to use barmaids and strippers to increase revenue. Angie has some fun with this idea, sending Den out to visit a male stripper.
    • 6/3/09
      Season 25 - Episode 39
      Billy gets Darren to help him search for ghosts in his flat, while Roxy sets up camp outside Ronnie's home in order to make amends. Stacey reacts furiously over the fact that Callum confronted Jean, but starts to feel sorry for him when she learns more about his childhood.
    • 8/4/10
      Season 26 - Episode 56
      Billie and a reluctant Carol meet a recruiting officer. Zainab is appalled at the state of the flat, Amira wants her and Syed to move into. Janine gets a new job from Ryan, after she helps him get a job at the bookies. Danny plays Ronnie and Roxy off each other.moreless
    • Tuesday 5th July
      Tuesday 5th July
      Season 20 - Episode 105
      Danny feels betrayed when he finds out Jake and Alfie have planned to go to the salsa night. As his temper rises, he rips the salsa posters down from the launderette and from around the Square, leaving Johnny to come across the remains. Later, Jake and Danny have serious words, and Jake walks off, leaving Danny well and truly on his own.

      Elsewhere, Jane persuades Ian to let Peter take up karate lessons. However, when Peter comes home with a bandaged wrist, Ian changes his mind and bans him from going again.moreless
    • 30/11/09
      Season 25 - Episode 190
      Max & Phil's plan to con Ian goes wrong and Ronnie returns with exciting news.
    • Agreements
      Season 1 - Episode 49
      Pauline and the baby get home. Sue offers Hassan's old clothes for the baby, but Pauline is uncomfortable using the cloths of the dead baby. Den meets Jen again, but this time Angie finds out. Naima confronts Saeed and shows him the anonymous letter.
    • 03/01/2013
      Season 29 - Episode 1
    • Monday 12th September
      Monday 12th September
      Season 20 - Episode 144
      Alfie feels guilty when he thinks about Kat returning home with her news. When she gets back to the Slaters’, she tells all – but how will Little Mo react?

      Elsewhere, Pat is becoming increasingly irritated by Peggy’s presence in the house, and her mood is not helped when Peggy takes her clean sheets to the launderette to be rewashed. Peggy later takes delivery of a monstrous cocktail bar – Pat is over the moon with it but Peggy expresses her distaste.

      Meanwhile, Demi musters up all her strength to face her first day back at school.moreless
    • Monday 19th September
      Monday 19th September
      Season 20 - Episode 148
      The police inform Chrissie that she can now go ahead and arrange Den’s funeral. Sharon is surprised when Chrissie agrees to make the funeral arrangements but Chrissie is secretly relieved.

      Elsewhere, Billy is disgusted with Alfie for cheating on his wife and her sister. Alfie doesn’t receive a warm welcome at the Slaters’, either. When he arrives to apologise, Mo tells him he can rot in hell and Charlie slams the door in his face.moreless
    • Tuesday 2nd September
      Tuesday 2nd September
      Season 18 - Episode 2
      Gavin's music is driving Shirley to distraction and, desperate for sleep, she calls Environmental Health. However, once the representatives have gone, threats from Gavin leave her petrified.

      As the wedding plans come together, news arrives from Peggy that she is unable make the big day. Kate is surprised, however, when her father decides to attend, she worries that his career might put him at odds with Phil.

      Kat receives a gift but is not interested in the contents, even though it promises a night when she will be treated like a princess. Zoë is finding it hard to relax around Ronny and money goes missing from the stall.moreless
    • Friendship
      Season 1 - Episode 33
      Lofty helps Ali and Sue fixing their car, but gets hurt in the process. Ali wins some money and uses it for gambling. Ian wants to learn some boxing after the beating he took the other day. Lou leaves for Beales.
    • Tending Knitting
      Tending Knitting
      Season 1 - Episode 32
      Lou moves in with Pete and Kathy. A group of teenagers beat up Ian. Arthur doesn't like Michelle to go out with Kevin.
    • Ethel's Legs
      Ethel's Legs
      Season 1 - Episode 43
      Ethel joins Ian for a boxing lesson at the gym where she meets an old acquaintance. Arthur takes over the laundrette for a day. Naima finally tells Saeed the real reason why she married him.
    • Telephone Games Reversed
      Telephone Games Reversed
      Season 1 - Episode 23
      Den returns from Spain, but the reception is very cool. Sharon tells Michelle that both her parents are cheating. Ian starts as the new cook at the pub.
    • Hit And Run
      Hit And Run
      Season 1 - Episode 27
      Naima gets driving lessons from Saeed, but during the first lesson, she hits Ali's car! Angie meets with Tony and ends their affair.
    • 02/01/2014
      Season 30 - Episode 2
    • 2/3/09
      Season 25 - Episode 36
      Danielle has a terrible evening when Paul discovers the truth about the abortion from Stacey. Charlie talks to Patrick about his possible life with Brenda and Tanya persuades Jane to make Ian stop controlling her. Janine decides to reveal to Billy the real Peggy.
    • On Offer
      On Offer
      Season 1 - Episode 28
      Den and Angie decide to stop serving food at the pub, which means firing Ian as the cook. After the episode with Ali's car, Naima decides to take proper driving lessons. Den ends his affair with Jan.
    • 3/5/10
      Season 26 - Episode 70
      Tamwar's confession causes more strain on Zainab and Masood's marriage. Leon and Fatboy try and find out who's leaving Zsa Zsa presents. Billy struggles to make ends meet. Peggy and Pat compete for Harvey's affections.
    • 30/4/10
      Season 26 - Episode 69
      Becca discovers she's been set up by Fat Boy, who's stolen Whitney's T-Shirt designs. Dot realises Harvey's two-timing Peggy and Pat, when both introduce Harvey as their date. Ronnie finds out how to make up with Roxy and Lucy is not surprised with Ian's latest surprise for Jane.
    • 24/5/10
      Season 26 - Episode 82
      Phil tries covering up Ben's involvement in the incident involving Jordan as the Johnsons get to the hospital. Whitney plans a surprise for Billie, to celebrate his offer from the Army. Ryan and Janine compete to win their bet. Stacey finds her maternity leave a struggle.
    • 9/4/10
      Season 26 - Episode 57
      When Danny talks to Glenda, his intentions for Roxy become clearer. Zainab and Christian get stuck decorating Amira and Syed's flat together. Carol is furious after Billie quits his new job after the first day, even more so when the police arrive to question him.
    • 26/8/10
      Season 26 - Episode 139
      Jane insists the family confront Mr Allcock about his accusations, but Ian doesn't really believe that Lucy's innocent. Heather feels guilty about being with Minty, and tries to persuade him to get back together with Sam, while Dot's idea of celebrating Bradley's birthday by scattering his ashes wins the approval of Max.moreless
    • 11/01/2011
      Season 27 - Episode 7
    • 4/5/10
      Season 26 - Episode 71
      Lucy plans to tell the truth about Leon to wreck his chances with Zsa Zsa. Tamwar tells Syed that Christian was beaten up. Heather pressures Billy into paying his rent, even though he's got money troubles, as does Ronnie who's considering private care for Jack.
    • Tuesday 20th September
      Tuesday 20th September
      Season 20 - Episode 149
      Chrissie admits to Sharon that she hasn’t slept well since they found Den’s body. Chrissie’s stomach turns when Sharon asks her whether she would prefer the wreath to say “Den” or “Dad”.

      There is still tension in the air between Peggy and Billy. Billy is frustrated when Peggy tells him she’s going to see Sam’s solicitor, but Peggy wants things to be done her way. She later speaks to Johnny and wants to know where Marcus Christie is.moreless
    • 18/3/10
      Season 26 - Episode 45
      Shirley is alarmed when she finds a diamond ring in Phil's bags, Billy helps Carol in her job search, Ian thinks he's out of his depth as the first day of home schooling begins, Lucas takes matters into his own hands to make sure his secret stays buried and Ronnie realises who the father of the lost girl is and wonders if she'd be better off without him anyway.moreless