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    TUBBY Minty Pearson runs into trouble when he tries to lose his beer belly.

    The lardy lad goes for a jog round Albert Square - and ends up being rushed to hospital after a suspected heart attack.
    He decides to get in shape after his girlfriend Hazel Hobbs comments on his large tummy.

    And fearing he may lose the love of his life, he persuades muscleman Jase Dyer to help him get in trim.

    After some personal coaching, the mechanic sets off in full running kit.

    But his work-out ends in disaster when he collapses with chest pains in the post office. A source on the soap said: "Poor Minty never has much luck and his attempts to exercise are no different. After going for a short run he helps Denise Wicks move some boxes in the post office.

    "Suddenly he collapses with a suspected heart attack and an ambulance is called.

    "But viewers will be pleased to know it turns out to be a false alarm and a relieved Minty is soon back to his old lazy self." 

    The insider joked: "Hopefully he will be doing us all a favour and hanging up his hideous sports kit for good.

    "I'm sure seeing Minty run around looking like a reject from Fame will amuse most fans. But we don't want to put
    anyone off their dinner."

    Watch Minty's collapse on Thursday October 18 on BBC1 at 7.30pm.
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