Season 20 Episode 28

Friday 18th February

Aired Weekdays 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2005 on BBC
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Friday 18th February
It's the opening night of Scarlet, Johnny's club, and he is making sure everything will be ready. Johnny meets with Andy to check everything is set up for the client meeting. When Andy makes snide comments to Alfie, he charges at him but Johnny calms him down, asking him to wait just for one day before he hits Andy.

Chrissie, Sam and Zoë meet at the allotments and Chrissie tells them that everything is set up for later. They all go their separate ways to get ready. At the Vic, Rosie approaches Pauline and makes her peace with her. Then the Millers and most of the crowd head over to Scarlet for the opening night.

At the bookies, Andy's meeting goes as planned and Danny takes collection of the money. As they leave for the car, Alfie comes screaming after Andy. He tells Andy exactly what he thinks of him and punches him. The pair fight and Danny springs to his cousin's defense. Andy and Eddie drive off with Johnny's money. At Scarlet, Johnny gets a cake wishing him a happy retirement from Andy, as he looks at it he smirks.

At the Vic, Den reminisces with Dot and Pauline about the old times and shares a friendly moment with Pauline. They hear the crowd leaving Scarlet and go out to see it all. Den says goodbye to them and then locks everything up. Chrissie comes into the Vic but leaves the back door off the latch. The two talk about the future and then Chrissie lets Zoë and Sam in.

Den realizes that Chrissie has known from the start about his affair and commends her on great acting. They each tell Den their reasons for hating him but he tries to turn them against each other. Sam almost falls for it but Chrissie and Zoë get her back on side. The girls tell Den that they want him to sign over everything to Chrissie and then leave Walford for good. Den laughs saying that he doesn't care about them or anyone – and then Sharon emerges from the shadows.

Sharon is furious at Chrissie for telling her Den was ill. Chrissie apologies but says that is was the only way she could get her there. Sharon, having heard the whole conversation is shocked at her father's actions and runs out. Den chases after her full of apologies. Sharon wants to know where Dennis is but Den doesn't know. She tells him that after everything he's done, she wants nothing more to do with him, and then leaves in a taxi.

On their way to the airport, Eddie leaves Andy in the car to go to the toilet. Andy is shocked when Jake gets in and he finds Johnny opening the door. Jake takes the money whilst Andy talks to Johnny. Andy can't believe that Eddie double crossed him. Johnny congratulates Andy on conning him and suggests that he is more careful about who he crosses. As they shake hands, Johnny pushes Andy backwards off the bridge and he falls to his death. Jake is horrified as he watches from the car.

Den returns to the Vic, full of rage now that his daughter has disowned him. Blaming Chrissie for bringing Sharon there, he lunges at her. Den gets her and starts throwing her against the room. Sam stand back horrified. Zoë tries to get Den off Chrissie but he overpowers her. Zoë reaches for the closest item, a metal doorstop, and hits Den over the head with it. Den lets go of Chrissie and falls to the floor.

The girls all panic thinking he is dead. Sam checks his pulse and screams that they've killed him. Chrissie tells Sam to lock up everything downstairs and turn off the lights. She sends Zoë upstairs to turn off the lights. Chrissie looks at Dens body, happy with the outcome. As she stands up, Den awakes and angrily pulls her leg and tries to pull her down. Believing she is in danger, Chrissie grabs the doorstop and hits him again with it, and he falls to the floor, dead.

Sam witnesses all of this from the back but pretends to have seen nothing. When Zoë comes back downstairs she tells Chrissie she hit him because she thought he was going to kill her. Chrissie tells her that it is alright. Zoë asks what they should do next and Chrissie says they all need to get their stories straight. Sam is shocked that Chrissie doesn't tell either of them what had just happened and that she is still letting them think that Zoë killed Den.moreless

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Wendy Richard

Wendy Richard

Pauline Fowler (1985-)

Carol Harrison

Carol Harrison

Louise Raymond (1998-1999)

Perry Fenwick

Perry Fenwick

Billy Mitchell (1999-)

Nicola Stapleton

Nicola Stapleton

Mandy Salter (1991-1993)

Rudolph Walker

Rudolph Walker

Patrick Trueman (2001-)

Tony Caunter

Tony Caunter

Roy Evans (1994-2003)

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