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  • eastenders the end

    I cannot believe how ridicules Eastenders become; some of the dialect is completely awful, it feels like some of the story lines are just to fill in time.

    I am not a prude but all this gay kissing plus some of the heterosexual kissing is so over the top it's becoming embarrassing to watch.

    You really do need to up your game.

  • Eastenders

    I have watched Eastenders since the beginning but now I find it full on constant doom and gloom there never seems to be a happy event. I was very disappointed that Carol and David's wedding day was not a happy event after all these years. He could have stayed and supported her through her cancer and made a more tender storyline as Carol and David are two of the best actors in the show. No wonder they are not winning awards at the moment.
  • Eastenders

    It is great to watch the soaps my mum watches it and i do faulase
  • 30mins of pure boredom

    30 mins about Carol and David are you serious BBC and writers need to pull there finger out and start making some good new story lines or eastenders will just fizzle out very soon I have watched eastenders for years and this is the worst ive ever seen debating to just stop watching for the poor story lines keep coming
  • Eastenders

    Eastenders is the one soap which i have watched since the beginning, but now even I have switched off. Who cares about this new family ??? It should be called the Carter Show, everytime you watch an episode there's another of the clan turned up !!!!

    Absolute Rubbish now, where have they got these writers from? Some of the best and funniest characters ie: Kim, Denise, Dot are never in it now.

    Get a grip BBC!
  • Who is an Idiot? ME.

    I have got to watch Enders, but I have got to admit, My Lady keeps digging at me and calls me an IDIOT, as I keep taking the MICK, out of it all, somehow the producers managed to collect the ugliest people in one production, ie, the UNnaturals, liars, cheats,weaklings, but I will go on switching to the channel just to see how bad it will get!!!!!!
  • An all-time fave,Eastenders

    Eastenders is one of my favorite soaps I've watch since the beginning! I have a passion for British Soaps and totally appreciate the opportunity to able to watch such an awesome and down-to-earth thanks to those who make it possible!
  • Christmas wouldn't be the same without Eastenders...

    ...there to deliver a fight, divorce, murder, arson or children being taken away from hysterical mums by social services. About as uplifting as breaking down on a motorway in a hailstorm, Eastenders is a 30 minute package of depression and despair.
  • My Favourite Soap of All Time

    For as long as I can remember, I've watched EastEnders with my mum whilst eating dinner in front of the TV or when I'm having dessert in the kitchen. Stacey (Lacey Turner) has to be one of the best actresses on EastEnders and I'm hoping the rumours of her return are true.
  • Eastenders is one of the best soap on TV and i'd personally love someone like the whole of the slater crew to come back on it they made the programme and bring about 2 more new slaters and get Ruby Allen back and bring Danielle and Bradley back from dead


    Eastenders is one of the best soap on TV and i'd personally love someone like the whole of the slater crew to come back on it they made the programme and bring about 2 more new slaters and get Ruby Allen back and bring Danielle and Bradley back from dead and then make a massive come back for Stacey and the Slater gang like i'd love to see the Slaters bring more slaters like cousins , aunties , other family relatives and then if Bradley and Daniellle and Ruby came back we would proberly see one of the most loved characters Stacey Slater be happy for a change with the baby and two old bezzie's and then her hubby Bradley it would amazing to see and then i'd love Lauren Branning (Jac) be pregnant with Ryans baby and then Lucy (Melissa) return with a baby and i'd love to work on eastenders maybe in about 4 or 5 years i should be on your screens

  • Could EastEnders be the most depressing TV show on earth?!

    Eastenders at heart is a good idea. A look at the normal people living in the biggest city in Britain. However, the characters that are developed from this idea are far from my idea of normal British people.

    Who on earth thought that a laundrette would be a good setting for a scene?! This is 2005 and the automatic washing machine was invented some time ago.

    The characters in EastEnders are wholeheartedly depressing. They're a prime example of everything that's gone wrong with this country! None of them seem to have any money because they either spend it in the betting shop (another drab location) or the "Queen Vic". To pick one, "Dot Cotton" seems to lead a totally useless existance. She's in her 70's and is more adept with hair colour products than the young girls in the 'Square.

    It seems that there is a market every day in Walford, with the stallholders selling all manner of rubbish stuff. To add to the programme's continuity issues, it seems like there's a constant stream of people waiting to buy. Now, excuse me for looking into this, but isn't Walford in the East End of a thriving city which has real shops? Hell, if they can afford to keep a Laundrette running in this day and age, there must be customers for a few shops!

    How much grey can we get in one programme?! Grey men, grey women and worst of all, grey settings. EastEnders is the worst continuous use of the licence fee and is as much of an embarassment as Noel's House Party. Keep off!
  • This is my life

    I just love eastender iam one of it big fans. It just put ohter soap to same. At 8:00 on a mon and a fri or 7:30 tue and thur iam on bbc1 no matter what it is just the best soap erver made no wonder it geting a usa v of it. So one tip for erver one just wach eastenders.
  • If it's not careful Eastenders will follow the same fate as Brookside, Crossroads and soon Family Affairs.

    I used to love Eastenders, especially in the days of Tiffany Mitchell (Martine McCutcheon) and Bianca Jackson (Patsy Palmer). My favourite storyline was probably that of Tiffany and Grant's relationship. (Grant being the only Mitchell I could stand) Whatever happened to those days?

    When you switch on Eastenders now it feels like a totally different show with it's preoccupation with gangster-type storylines. I thought once the Mitchell clan left that would be the end of it, but instead Sam "thick-as-two-short-planks" Mitchell styled herself as something that can only be described as Walford's own "Godfather" (or should that be Mother?)Did viewers find it believable that when Phil left she took over all his businesses (which he previously deemed her too stupid to be part of)and ran them like clockwork? Did they heck! Of course in true Sam style she was conned by family friend and solicitor, Marcus who conned her into thinking Phil wanted all the businesses sold for cash before running off with the proceeds himself. Upon hearing she was penniless gangster husband Andy Hunter threw her out. He was later killed by 'gentleman' gangster Johnny Allen. Andy still had the last laugh though by leaving his home (formerly the Mitchell HQ, until Sam convinced Andy to buy it for Phil's on-the-run fund) to employee Pat Evans and his business to old friend Dennis Rickman. Penniless Sam (who'd just told Ian to shove his chippy job believing she was about to inherit Andy's wealth) discovered the only thing Andy had left her was his wedding ring, stating that maybe she could sell it and get her roots done. In my opinion this should have been where Sam cut her losses and left Walford, but no apparently the entire Mitchell clan (Peggy, Phil and Grant) are about to make a return. Hmm let's hope it's as sucessful as Dirty Den's return.

    In my opinion Eastenders relies too much on the Mitchell family. Eastenders has moved on so much since they were last in it properly that I don't think there is a place for the Mitchell's anymore. Phil and Grant returning isn't too bad (although Ross Kemp has done lots of good stuff in his time away, much better than Eastenders) it's the return of Barbra Windsor (Peggy) I dread. Whenever she is on screen it feels too much like she thinks she is still in a Carry-On movie and brings the tone of the show down.

    My main gripe about the show currently is the whole Sharon/Dennis union. Why people think this is entertaining and these two make a good match is beyond me. The constant whispering and whining from Sharon and moodiness from Dennis is enough to drive anyone potty. When Den Snr first arrived back on the scene I had high hopes that we would see a father/son relationship develop between them. Instead Dennis' only purporse these days seems to be to serve as eye-candy. It's also funny how Dennis Rickman has changed from being the bad-boy who slept his way around the square and was always in trouble to the caring considerate "perfect boyfriend" material; which seems to be a move to keep the lovelorn younger viewers (affectionately known as "Shannis Tweenies" by many a forum) interested. When Sharon and Dennis headed off to America at Christmas a large proportion of the nation breathed a sigh of relief. Sadly it was not meant to be as both characters have recently returned and within five minutes I found myself unable to bear it for a moment longer and switched over..... I haven't been back since. Maybe when these two characters leave, or they split them up (inevitable for any soap couple) I will be able to watch again.

    For me Eastenders is at its most enjoyable when we see storylines involving characters like Jim, Dot, Pauline, Sonia and Martin. This feels more like what Eastenders was originally meant to be about, normal families in the East End of London.
  • A boring soap like Emmerdale and Coronation Street so change the channel!

    Eastenders is another boring soap just like Emmerdale and Corenation Street but I have givin this show a mark higher because I don't see it as much as I see Emmerdale and coronation Street but it is still boring. Eastenders is to be known as the best soap and it has been made number 1 in the top 20 of programmes week after week. I do think it is a boring saop though and i'd rather watch another channel. Eastenders has also got a lot of argueing in it just like Emmerdale and Coronation Street. Hope they can make a soap which is better!
  • i use to like eastenders but it got to the ponit when there was better programmes on the television. come on the things that go on in eastenders do u ever see the things go on in normal town i dont

    like when there is a murder and they got buried under a tree like come on a dog would have smelled the flesh rotten away some of the people in eastender s are not very good at acting at all i thing there should be a new family who movd here but not a family with problems becuase i know thats what they would do .
    come on so much happens in albert sqaure and it is ssuch a small town like, murders, stealing, under age drinknign and peopel sneaking in to ian's flat and have party's come on how many times have we say that before i think eastenders story lines at time can be gd but i think some of them a point less
  • A character based romp of varying quality, but worth sticking with if you're willing to give it your time.

    Ok, so it's not exactly of a consistent quality and I am not trying to defend the show against some of it's poorer reviews. A lot of the time it can be very silly, badly acted and mundane and you might wonder why on earth you are bothering to watch it. But when a decent storyline rolls around (and if you're lucky there can be 5 or more in a year) it is truly gripping, the villains are almost always very well cast. There are a great range, from the panto-esque nick cotton to the downright menacing Stella (impeccably acted by Sophie Thompson, yes that's right Emma Thompson's sister!)to gorgeous mentalists that tug at your heartstrings like Sean Slater. The characters are mostly very well done as long as you take them at face value. The poorer actors do actually serve a purpose, their characters are meant to be one trick ponies, one sided caricatures to provide a lighter subplot to the heavier storylines.
    In order to get the most out of eastenders, you really do have to invest in these characters. If you can't do that I wouldn't bother with it at all, but it really is worth it if you're willing to give it a shot.
  • ???

    I really dont know why i even bothered watching it eva. It was my brothers fault in the first place!!! I think this is the stupidest most weird depressing show i have ever watched. But i have to admit that Max almost being burried alive in a coffin was the highlight of the whole thing. Also i've already had a dream which relates to Lucy Beales house party and i've always wanted to throw one like that, except not at my house at my enemies house, so people wouldnt be trashing my house, they'd be trashing theres. Dibs on any house party plannings and trashings!!!!!!!!!
  • this show used to be good.

    Eastenders is now terrible, i stopped watching 2years ago and haven't bothered since. long gone are the great characters and cast. now we are left with rubbish and repetative storylines that are bleak- he dies, she dies, they die, its his baby, its her baby, he sells the vic, she buys the vic, she sells the vic, he buys the vic back! Ian Beale is a idiot and annoying. bring back Grant and Phil but make them hard again- as the characters got older and developed they lost their "edge" finally dont watch it because there are plenty of other TV shows to watch
  • boring out of date crap i can't stand it !

    oh my god where do i start with this show its boring out of date crap and i have no idea how the hell it's won best soap for the last god knows how many years.
    infact come to think of it i'd rather watch 2 cockraces running up a wall and it's totally unfunny
    infact i'd rather watch corronation street atleast thats funny unlike eastenders honestly i hope that the writers run out of ideas and thats the end of this **** but thats not bloody likely because they just seem to come up with even more carp storylines
    bbc please axe this crap
  • What happened ?

    Eastenders is a show us Brits have become accustomed to for a good 25 years now. In it's prime Eastenders was indeed the show of the now. The plots were fresh and the characters were actually exciting, unfortunately 25 years on it appears to have lost it's charm. The plot has become so bland that it would probably be of more interest to count the hairs on your head. The characters are boring and have no dimension. These problems have been a part of the show for a very long time and it's like listening to a broken record. Instead of introducing the modern day character they rely on the old ones, whom have definitely passed their sell by dates. Plots are dragged on for so long it is beyond painful. One of the major problems is they tend to introduce a new character and then within a month of being part of the show they kill them off. This has become a trend of late not leaving any room for character development.

    The story is constantly recurring and it seems as if the writers really don't have a clue what they are doing anymore. It has become so outdated that it feels like it is set in the 90's.

    It is worrying that the show is not changing for the better and it makes you wonder how long it will last in this state. It's a real shame because I really enjoyed old Albert Square growing up and now the majority of the time I do my best to avoid it.
  • A guilty pleasure that sometimes justifies itself.

    I have to admit this is one of my guilty pleasures. I think I got into it because my mum would watch it, and although I have stopped watching it at times, recently I have really got back into it again. My favourite storyline at the moment involves Syed and Christian, but I have to admit I'm getting a bit sick of the mitchells and the revolving door of the vic. Definately not always great (for instance Darren being George's father, which I don't even want to think about), but then occasionally it comes up with absolute stunners, like the episode where stacey was sectioned, which actually had me in tears. It celebrates 25 years in 2010, and it'll no doubt be going for many more years.
  • Pretty average

    Eastenders has, for many years, followed a pattern. When it's good... its unmissible. When it's bad... goddam it its bad. So bad you find yourself switching off for ages and coming back to the show many months later.

    Thus the cycle continues. Of the early years I know little of; the first episode I ever saw was when Sascia met an end via ashtray. These days, the show is teetering on the brink between the "good" and "terrible" stage. Storylines are tried, tested, and done so many times before you quickly loose interest. More and more old faces are brought back as a way of boosting ratings, sometimes not to welcome. And it seems that no charactors are ever developed, with the people experiancing the same damn problems they were 5 years ago.

    An example of this is Phil's alcoholism... which shows up every few years when he is out of storylines. This is common in EE; continous circles that never seem to lead anywhere. It does however have redeeming features. The acting certinaly better than Corrie, and the show is definately more entertaining. It's very depressing... but hey you can't have anything. With EE many years lie ahead... continously going back to it to find its in a "good stage" again.
  • .

    this is the only soap opera that i watch because it is the most like life, but to be fair it is nothing rli like life in londeon, sure there are people dying all the time but i dont believe that os much rli goes on like drugs, rape burgalry murder and other stuff rli happens in a square taht has very little population, saying this a lot of the stroies are rli gd and interesting like danielle being the lost daughjter of ronnie but i knew summin was up with it, all in all not a bad half hour programme 4 times aweek but sometimes u relaly need your fix for it if something interseting is happenioing in it vut usuyally you are dissapointed with the outcome.
  • Great long-running soap that has kept a loyal fanbase over 25 years.

    Despite the fact that Eastenders has been going for nigh on 25 years now, they still manage to pull out the shocks and create memorable and often lovable characters, both good and evil. I actually saw the very first episode in 1984 and although I watch much less regularly now, every now and then there will be a plot which will catch my eye and I will start watching again. It can be incredibly addictive at times and that's what makes a successful soap. Yes, it has it's ups and downs but what can you expect with a show that is approaching its silver anniversary? Eastenders may well survive where an awful lot of others will fall by the wayside.
  • boring dragged out rubbish

    the worst thing about it is the fact that simple story lines are dragged out for about 6 months. the danielle - ronnie - mother story line has been going on for about 4 and it is SO boring. the characters are dry and the show has no character. it is not funny or interesting...its just what it is: nothing. the characters are drippy with no real charisma and they are boring to watch. the only girls with a bit of character are ronnie and stacey. the guys are just beyond dry...particularly ian beale. the stupid storyline with him and jane's mum is so stupid its laughable. rubbish.
  • Eastenders

    This is a absolutey awesome show. One of my favourites but the reason why i didnt rate it 10 was because sometimes the story lines get to boring. OK i gave it a 9.5 becuase i have seen so many awesome story lines and the majority of them are fabulous. But saying that i cant say that all of them have be as fascinating as others. I rember 1 week i got really bored becuase nothing really dramatic or cool happened. My favourite story lines that i can rember will have to be: Mad May captures Dawn, Mad May Dies and Max gets burried alive.Overall i have to say Eastenders is Cool.
  • There's only only one way to describe this show.

    As I've already said there is only one way to describe this show and that is to say that it is so bad it's good. Yes, the acting can be abysmal and the plots are often stupid but this is what makes this show entertaining for me. I can't help but watch an episode and laugh my butt off at a scene that will likely get featured on Harry Hill's TV Burp. With the recent episodes there could be an entire TV Burp episode to do with Eastenders. Tanya buries Max, who just happens to be ALIVE, then she digs him back up again, now she will possibly get back with him. Could it get much more unrealistic? Apparently this is why I prefer Eastenders to cacky Coronation Street and boring ol' Emmerdale. I don't mind Eastenders as sometimes it can be unintentionally hilarious!!
  • Just dont get it anymore....

    Anyone else with me???? This show used to be good, I grew up watching Eastenders, but over the past few years its starting to show the *SCRAPING OF THE BARRAL* for story lines. Half of them are so unrealistic or just plain BAD. I love a good old dramatic story line but however i think they take it a bit to far. And whats with bringing back all the oldies and all the faces that come in and out for a few episodes then they VANISH. Something has to give somewhere in the world of *SOAP* With all these soaps is hard to compete *Eastenders ship has sailed*
  • Eastenders goes from good to bad all the time. But when they get a story right, MAN! do they get a story right.

    It Hard not to like Eastenders, it had many excellent moments and has ever growing history to lean on. MAny charecters are of course now British TV icons from Ian Beal to Dot Cotton, so it can't be denied that when all is said and done Eastenders is a success.

    The show for me now though is stretching its limits, I personally think the show could benefit from a few months off air to allow time for a rehaul, and time to spend on seriously raising the all-round quality of the show. Also cutting it down to 3 episodes a week would be a good idea too.

    Sadly it seems to have dulled down, and after over 20 years they really isn't much left to tell, so they might as well spend more time telling it better.
  • eastenders ha ha

    eastender is funny nd wt tyania did 2 max that was so funny [ha ha] i hav nothin left 2 say bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi
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