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  • Carry on Eastenders

    The title for me sums up what the show has become. It's easier to start by saying there only a couple of actors who can act and true statement that none of the writers can write. This will not change unless tv viewers take pen to paper and complain, also sending emails is another always asking for a reply.

    All the soaps are a reflection of everyday life for that area. Eastenders fails to come anywhere near a reflection of real life and is to depressing to be a comedy which it is trying so hard to be. The acting is an insult to the word acting and the cast are really being paid to live out the writers fantasies. There really has to be some twisted writers being employed. 2018 is off to the worst start ever and is on course to win the fixed tv awards. All they need now is ant and dec to join the cast as they are finished on itv. I am lost for words on just how bad Eastenders has become.

    Happy New Year
  • Easters.... Complete and utter drivel!

    EastEnders.... A brilliantly written show full of outstandingly well written brain numbing drivel that is far out done by the 1960's test card with the Bunny on it!

    In fact one could honestly say having a re-run of the test cards produced and shown during the 1960's through to the 70's on prime time TV instead of EastEnders and the other two soaps that infest our screens would be far more entertaining and educational
  • Hooked

    I was hooked from the first time I watched "EastEnders" a little over a year ago. It took a few episodes for me to catch on, but it was worth it. These characters, although sometimes predictable are more realistic than some soaps. It's chock full of good stuff happening in Albert Square.
  • Its unrealistic

    There is no lighthearted moment its dreary unrealistic drivel
  • its beyond rubbish

    its my wife who watches it, i just get glimpses of it, ok everone seems to think that the script, acting and producing is awful, thats a given, but from what i have seen its more than that, IT PORTRAYS NEGATIVITY, HATRED, SPITEFULLNES, AND GREED . as the norm , as desirable traits in people, and something to be admired, Its the tv equivalant of alchopops, masquerading as entertainment, yet providing none. and as such i believe it to be one of the most evil programmes on tv at the moment, why doesnt the bbc realize this and scrap it immediatly? or better still scrap the bbc and save me 145 pounds a year
  • I am not really sure what is going on.

    So we have a new guy in the hot seat, he is giving us wafting camera shots and deep and meaningful, cuts between on going stories with rising music just to drive home the pain and drama.

    Except there isn't any.

    Some poignancy is great and thought the ronnie roxy death was a bit beautiful and all wrapped up prettily it lacked reality.

    The simple fact is real poignancy comes from grim reality.

    Eastenders is definitely lacking that at the moment. Feels more like episodes of Dawson creek.
  • Eastenders xmas episode 2016

    The most deadest most boring episode I have ever seen in my entire life! Very disappointing! Tbh the entire year 99% has been the most boring year for eastenders ever witnessed! Why would we want to see people taking out bins and having arguements over that? Why would we want to see Dot a very old lady getting blind?? So boring!! No deaths, no madness nothing just borrrrringggg! I may have to resort to watching Corronation Street now.
  • More Claudette

    She is a beautiful and charismatic character. She is so interesting and we are always looking forward to seeing on. So we hope to see her more
  • Someone should be sacked ...

    ... over the ridiculous Christmas Day episode. Bobby can lift up a flat screen TV and hurl it down the stairs? Not possible. Dennis is shown wearing a seat belt but is thrown out of the car. Not possible. Stacey watches a nativity play while in the last stages of labour. Not possible. Mick buys Linda a wedding dress. Ridiculous. Women like to buy their own wedding dress. For goodness' sake, give the actors something credible to work with.
  • No Storylines No good or Bad seeing of actual life

    I don't watch this crap but my misses does I don't really know why because this show is worst one ever on tv I rather watch the whole street arguing 24/7 & fighting there's no storyline just sounds like an argument all time. Coronation street & emeraldale has a story line to it :D

    This is why it's bad everybody will agree unless they don't know what are decent shows

    1 miserable

    2 never no Happy scenes Always Sad scenes

    3 Always leading to trouble & loads of cheating involve

    4 involving Violence & Drugs

    5 Bad influence to the public Why because people that watch could be violent & drugs from watching it sorted it out

    BBC what the fuck are allowing on TV
  • rubbish story lines

    Am so sick of hearing about Lucy's murder the story line as just gone on way to long. The story lines at the moment are just ridiculous. And what's Ronnie mitchel all about will she just kill anybody that looks at her the wrong way. You need some new writers eastenders, how you win awards over ccoronation street is beyond me. The only saving Grace in the show is Danny dyer who plays Mick carter and the whole of Carter family are very good.. they played the rape story line very well.... So eastenders can we please have some new story lines to watch this Christmas or is it going to be yet another story set around Lucy's murder.
  • Lacey Turner needs better script

    Lacey Turner has returned to Eastenders, having previously demonstrated superb and believable acting skills. I am not a great EE fan, simply because the show gives me heart burn and grief at tea time, and I would rather come home to a believable and light hearted soap. But Lacey Turner had great scripts and gave excellent performances. She has now been turned into miss nicely nicely around the square and everyone's shoulder to cry on. You may as well give her a job as a social worker! Poor girl, what a waste of good acting talent. My family are all driving me made with this question!!
  • Dean Wicks

    I just watched tonight's eastenders and Dean has been let out of prison for Stans funeral. My issue is why was he let out without police officers? He came out of a taxi with his mum and dad freely walking around. In my experience if a person is given a day pass to go to a funeral then the prisoner is handcuffed then chained to one of the officers cuffs. So why have eastenders made a mistake like this? Prisoners will think it's ok to wander freely on a day release for a funeral a week after their arrest!
  • is east enders damaging our society?

    story lines are so bad, the stupid cockney slang, the complete negativity, the lack of proper morals, the complete lack of any wisdom, the lowest form of acting... the list could go on all night. I think it is contributing to a breakdown in our society. there is never any real joy, never anything to love, no real inspiration. no wisdom, nothing new, etc etc
  • not good enough

    I tune in and tune out again. kat storyline being dragged out for all its worth. just forget the money and get a grip kat. you have kids to look after! need more likeable characters and positive story lines. they could still write dramatic story lines and have a bit more comedy.
  • Battle of the Boneheads

    Compelling TV - Eastenders now delivering a challenge - who is officially the worst actor on BBC -Just when you thought Nick Cotton had edged Mick Carter, in comes his hapless girlfriend with an act to reinforce every Irish 1970's stereotype you can that this show is supposed to be based in the east End- as Mick would say- your avin a larf- drag a paper thin murder out for months- your avin a is too shite for words.
  • EastEnders

    I think you need some new story lines, some happier than others like others but am not going to be critical about it because I have only started watching this ever since two years ago - therefore would not know about others. Anyway, I think you need a bit more of a storyline with Aleks Shirov and his marriage with his daughter too. Please reveal who is the main suspect/ murderer of Lucy Beale soon and get a few characters back up and running. Oh, and Linda Carter needs to reveal her rape. Love your show!
  • Eastender

    I think Eastenders is a complete bag of SHIT these days you do nothi g but drag out story lines and by the time anythings revealed its no longer exiting. I dont kno who os writing the scripts but they need to be sacked!!!! You have bought back 2 of the best charectors "stacey and ronnie" and uve gave them complete fucking shit story lines. U NO longer have my viewing good luck with future reward. Which i doubt ull be geting u useless fucktards.
  • Shouting?

    Congratulations to the BBC for making a TV show that deaf people don't have to use subtitles for. Each and every episode handily has all the characters screaming at each other.
  • max or jay

    hi I change my mind about killing Lucy Beale. it was not Max. it is jay. I am sorry about what happened. I watch you everyday. did you know that Max sleeps with Emma. Emma I'm really that you are upset. but I need to tell you.
  • "The Carter Family"

    I have been watching Eastenders for many years and have absolutely loved it until the Carter family arrived. I feel they have had a good run now and wonder if anyone feels as I do. It always takes time to get used to new characters, but why so many dominating the show now ?There acting is terrible, apart from Timothy west. Danny/Mick is terrible, either a bad actor or the direction is very bad. There have been many great characters that have been written out of the series which is such a pity. I think one person who wrote a review suggested Eastenders should be called The Carter Show, and I must say I agree. I am sure the programme must be losing viewers.
  • eastenders the end

    I cannot believe how ridicules Eastenders become; some of the dialect is completely awful, it feels like some of the story lines are just to fill in time.

    I am not a prude but all this gay kissing plus some of the heterosexual kissing is so over the top it's becoming embarrassing to watch.

    You really do need to up your game.

  • Eastenders

    I have watched Eastenders since the beginning but now I find it full on constant doom and gloom there never seems to be a happy event. I was very disappointed that Carol and David's wedding day was not a happy event after all these years. He could have stayed and supported her through her cancer and made a more tender storyline as Carol and David are two of the best actors in the show. No wonder they are not winning awards at the moment.
  • Eastenders

    It is great to watch the soaps my mum watches it and i do faulase
  • 30mins of pure boredom

    30 mins about Carol and David are you serious BBC and writers need to pull there finger out and start making some good new story lines or eastenders will just fizzle out very soon I have watched eastenders for years and this is the worst ive ever seen debating to just stop watching for the poor story lines keep coming
  • Eastenders

    Eastenders is the one soap which i have watched since the beginning, but now even I have switched off. Who cares about this new family ??? It should be called the Carter Show, everytime you watch an episode there's another of the clan turned up !!!!

    Absolute Rubbish now, where have they got these writers from? Some of the best and funniest characters ie: Kim, Denise, Dot are never in it now.

    Get a grip BBC!
  • Who is an Idiot? ME.

    I have got to watch Enders, but I have got to admit, My Lady keeps digging at me and calls me an IDIOT, as I keep taking the MICK, out of it all, somehow the producers managed to collect the ugliest people in one production, ie, the UNnaturals, liars, cheats,weaklings, but I will go on switching to the channel just to see how bad it will get!!!!!!
  • An all-time fave,Eastenders

    Eastenders is one of my favorite soaps I've watch since the beginning! I have a passion for British Soaps and totally appreciate the opportunity to able to watch such an awesome and down-to-earth thanks to those who make it possible!
  • Christmas wouldn't be the same without Eastenders...

    ...there to deliver a fight, divorce, murder, arson or children being taken away from hysterical mums by social services. About as uplifting as breaking down on a motorway in a hailstorm, Eastenders is a 30 minute package of depression and despair.
  • My Favourite Soap of All Time

    For as long as I can remember, I've watched EastEnders with my mum whilst eating dinner in front of the TV or when I'm having dessert in the kitchen. Stacey (Lacey Turner) has to be one of the best actresses on EastEnders and I'm hoping the rumours of her return are true.
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