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  • Wednesday 31st December
    Janine is preparing for the wedding in her hotel room when she's shaken by some unexpected news from Paul. It leaves her with a life-changing decision to make. One of the Walford youngsters is trapped inside the bus as smoke begins to billow from the engine.As they are pulled free, flames engulf the bus but Spencer hears a noise: someone else is trapped.Lost in the Scottish Highlands, with freezing weather setting in, they need to find help fast.moreless
  • Tuesday 30th December
    Barry tells Paul that, although it's hard for him, he doesn't want Janine to be a young widow. Janine, however, has disappeared, and so it's up to Paul to change Barry's mind. With the service due to begin at midnight, there's no time to lose.The Square's youngsters pile into the minibus for their Scottish adventure and furious at being left out of their plans,Tariq sneaks on too and hides. The journey gets off to a merry start as Kelly passes round the booze and Kareena flirts with Mickey. But when the boys begin to bicker, they soon find themselves lost in the middle of nowhere.It's getting late, patience is wearing thin, and the arguments are getting out of hand. Taking his eyes off the road for a second, Mickey loses control of the bus and it plunges down a steep embankment.moreless
  • Monday 29th December
    Shell-shocked by the doctor's news, Barry decides that the best course of action is to delay the wedding and set Janine free. Janine, however, has other ideas.Lynne has news for the Slaters, which means that it's time for Garry to face up to his responsibilities. And elsewhere, Sam and Kate begin a bitter feud, while the youngsters of the Square prepare for their trip to Scotland. Left in charge of transport, Mickey arrives with an old banger.moreless
  • Friday 26th December
    With Ian eavesdropping on their conversation, Lynne convinces Garry that it's time to tell Laura about their relationship. Surely the spirit of Christmas won't get to Ian when he has the chance to break his ex-wife's heart..?Barry receives some shocking news from his doctor, and Derek gets an unexpected Christmas surprise.moreless
  • Thursday 25th December
    Kat is excited about her big day but Alfie is struggling to find a solution that will allow the wedding to go ahead. As the guests arrive, the wedding begins and the registrar asks if anyone knows if there is any reason why the couple cannot marry.

    As the wedding service comes to an abrupt halt, Alfie has a lot of explaining to do. After alot of explaining, Kat and Alfie tie the knot.

    Meanwhile, the Watts awake on Christmas morning unaware that Phill is seeking revenge on Den for setting him up. As Kate takes refuge with Sharon and Vicki, Phill faces off in Angies Den with Den and Dennis.

    Den gives Phill his share in the robbery after he agrees to leave the Watts alone. With that, Phill says goodbye to Sam and leaves Walford to go into hiding from the police. Den also says his goodbyes to his family and returns to Spain to tie up some loose ends.moreless
  • Wednesday 24th December
    Alfie oversleeps and then receives some bad news from the registrar. But, oblivious to the truth, Kat is getting excited.Meanwhile, Pauline discovers that Martin has been getting into the festive spirit with a new job as Santa. She decides to make a Christmas delivery of her own and takes Derek's burnt letters to his daughter.Elsewhere, when the subject of her wedding anniversary is raised, Little Mo hides her concerns from Kat, and Kate seeks solace in Dennis's company.moreless
  • Tuesday 23rd December
    Alfie and Kat enjoy their stag and hen nights. A little worse for wear, they stagger home, where Kat puts into action her plan to ensure that Alfie won't leave The Vic before they get married.Meanwhile, Dan gives Ash an ultimatum: he will only be allowed to return home if he dumps Shirley. Ian's divorce comes through and, when he catches Garry kissing Lynne, he comes up with a cunning plan.And the Watts family enjoy a drink in The Vic, refusing to worry about Phil.Elsewhere in Walford, Derek, unable to deal with losing his children for the second time, burns his family letters and photos.moreless
  • Monday 22nd December
    Kate tries to convince the police that she doesn't know anything about Phil's escape but it proves more difficult than expected.Meanwhile, Dennis convinces Sharon that Den is in the clear, but everything changes with a surprise visit.During a jog with Paul, Barry experiences a funny turn and decides to visit the doctor. Meanwhile, at the Ferreiras', Dan throws Shirley out when she visits to try to make peace but not before hearing that Adi knew all about it. Furious, he takes out his anger on his son, leaving him bruised and battered.moreless
  • Friday 19th December
    Alfie subtly tries to persuade Kat that perhaps it would be best to delay the wedding, but her reaction is worse than he could have predicted.Meanwhile, Den and the Watts's have a family drink in the Vic to wish him well on his trip back to Spain, but Sam is sure that their celebration will be short-lived.Billy is finding it hard to come to terms with Little Mo's news and his increased feelings of doubt and so avoids her whenever he can.Elsewhere, Lynne tells Garry that she's changed her mind about the divorce and has some life-changing news for them both.moreless
  • Thursday 18th December
    Billy reassures Little Mo that together they will get through her terrible ordeal. However, Graham has some news for the police that Billy finds hard to comprehend.Dot gets wind of Jim's fight and is determined to put a stop to his antics. And there's trouble elsewhere in the Square when Mo presents Kat with a cake decorated with the words "Merry Christmas!" that the Slater girls plan to re-ice as a wedding cake. An unhappy Kat tells Alfie that she hopes the cake is their only wedding disaster but Alfie receives some devastating news from his solicitor.Shirley is nervous about the speed at which her relationship with Ash is developing, while Barry has an important question to ask Paul, and a surprise for Janine that is sure to put a smile on her face.moreless
  • Tuesday 16th December
    Little Mo confesses to Billy that she's been raped. Devastated, Billy convinces her that it is time to involve the police.Ash makes a stand and moves in with Shirley while Dan continues to take his anger out on those around him.Patrick gets knocked out by Jim after helping him train which later prompts Patrick to open a book on the match.Martin's plans give Barry an idea and he tells Janine that they are heading to Scotland for a New Year's wedding.At the Vic, Alfie continues to hide the solicitor's news from Kat.moreless
  • Monday 15th December
    A frightened and confused Little Mo struggles to cope with her ordeal but forces herself to go to work and try to maintain normality. However, the situation worsens when she sees Graham playing darts with Charlie and, when he later attempts to present her with a birthday gift, she is astounded. She realises that she cannot continue to block out what has happened and decides that it is time she confided in Billy.Meanwhile, Alfie finds himself lying to Kat after a visit from his solicitor. Dan is absolutely furious with Ash and throws him out of the house. Not content, he then pays Shirley a visit and shouts abuse at her in the bookies.Elsewhere, Martin is determined to get the youngsters out of the Square for New Year's Eve and is set on Scotland as a destination; and Jim gets into training for his boxing match.moreless
  • Friday 12th December
    Back at home, Little Mo is finding it difficult to be normal around Billy and her family. She struggles to maintain her composure but finally breaks down at a surprise party in the Vic.Pauline tracks down the second of Derek's children and begs her to see him. She pays her a visit to try to convince her but is sent away after they argue. Derek is deeply upset to discover that his children do not want any contact.Ash tells Shirley that he will finally confess to Dan but bottles out at the last minute, so Shirley decides enough is enough and takes matters into her own hands.moreless
  • Thursday 11th December
    Billy has arranged a romantic night in for Little Mo and waits for her to come home from work. When she fails to turn up, he starts to worry. Back at the Vic, Little Mo lies motionless on the floor, panic setting in as she realises what has happened to her.moreless
  • Tuesday 9th December
    Adi tries to deter Dan from meeting Shirley but Dan ignores his advice. Worried about the situation, Ash finally agrees to tell Dan.Billy is suspicious of punters in the Vic eyeing up Little Mo and heads home to prepare for her birthday the following day.Meanwhile, Tracey goes home sick and Little Mo is left alone holding the fort. Graham offers to help her tidy up but his motives are sinister.moreless
  • Monday 8th December
    Monday 8th December
    Episode 57
    Initially shocked that Pauline has been in touch with his daughter, Derek eventually comes round to the idea and begins to look forward to their meeting. But things don't go well when Derek and Pauline arrive at her house - they get the door slammed in their faces.Little Mo becomes more confident at the Vic: she breaks up an argument, and Alfie later trusts her enough to mind the pub while he is away. She is further delighted when a customer, Graham, presents her with a pen after she helps him with his crossword.Kate responds to Sam's ultimatum and proves that she is a force to be reckoned with; Jim comes to blows with an old adversary; and Alfie gets some bad news.moreless
  • Friday 5th December
    Friday 5th December
    Episode 56
    It's far from a quiet day at the Vic with two unwelcome family arrivals for Alfie. His cousin, Maxwell, could be of some help with the wedding preparations but the arrival of his ex-wife, Liza, results in some unwelcome news.Meanwhile, Kate walks home and straight into an argument with Billy and Sam. The pair are determined that Kate should leave the Mitchell house and she realises that she has a fight on her hands.Elsewhere, Little Mo receives a gift from an admirer at the Vic and, while Laura is keen to flat-hunt with Garry, he is more concerned with celebrating his wedding anniversary with Lynne.moreless
  • Thursday 4th December
    Kate is beginning to have her doubts about Phil's arrest and informs Dennis that she thinks Phil has been set up. Dennis and Den are concerned that Kate is asking questions and they make it their priority to quell her doubts.Adi unsuccessfully tries to talk Dan out of pursuing Shirley and then turns to Ash to reason with him. However, Ash isn't particularly receptive and the two come to blows.Meanwhile, Pauline tells Derek that she has a surprise for him and Garry's actions unexpectedly catch up with him.moreless
  • Tuesday 2nd December
    It seems that power has gone to Sam's head when she demands the books from Laura, Alfie and Ricky. And when the snooker club manager turns out to not be up to scratch, she's not afraid to show him his marching orders - neither is she concerned when she's forced to face up to Den.Meanwhile, Pauline gets in contact with Derek's daughter and is pleased when her encouragement pays off; Dan is convinced that Shirley is playing hard to get and invites her out on a boat cruise; Sonia agrees to a date with Martin; and Kat reveals to Alfie her Christmas wish.moreless
  • Monday 1st December
    Monday 1st December
    Episode 53
    Sharon wants the full story from Den about exactly what happened at the warehouse, but he directs her to Kate's door.Meanwhile, Kate has made a decision about her future and informs Sharon that Phil's current predicament is not Den's fault.The Watts later celebrate their good luck, but Den is shaken by a surprise phone call.Elsewhere, Sam is forced to face up to her responsibilities and Alfie is troubled that the wedding is going to be on the cheap.At the Arches, Garry double-books himself for dates with Laura and Lynne, and Little Mo is unsure whether her new job at the Vic is appropriate.moreless
  • Friday 28th November
    Kate strikes a deal with the police; they allow her to see Phil and she will get a name out of him. Phil feeds Kate a few lies about what happened in the warehouse. Kate thinks that Phil's behaviour is a way of pushing her away - like he's done to everyone else who's loved him. She suspects that he's incapable of loving anyone but himself. Phil insists this isn't true. Phil's devastated to realise that Kate no longer wants him. He's convinced he'll be let off. Kate's unmoved. Even if he walks free, she's not interested. He didn't just steal from the factory - he stole from her by lying. Kate dismisses Phil's affection for Lou - he does the best that he can, but one day Lou will see what a disappointment he is. As Kate leaves, Phil calls after her - if she ever loved him, she won't let Lisa take Lou. DCI Marsden won't let Phil see Sam. Phil wants Sam to go home and get Lou, but Marsden won't pass the message on. Phil sits alone in his cell, realising he's lost everything.Den convinces Lisa to collect Lou. She's rightfully hers - Lisa's the name on the birth certificate. Den gives her money to make a new start away from Albert Square, and urges her to leave that night. Lisa departs the Square, stopping only for Kate to give her Lou's favourite toy and wish her luck. As she leaves, Dennis reflects how he and Den are back on top.moreless
  • Thursday 27th November
    Phil assumes Dennis's role and sets off for the job with Den, but soon realises that he doesn't have an alibi. Things get worse when Kate becomes suspicious; she knows that Phil has lied to her about his whereabouts.The job itself goes to plan until they reach the safe, when Phil and Den are caught out by a security guard. The police begin to close in but one of the men remains trapped in the warehouse.moreless
  • Tuesday 25th November
    Den and Dennis plan a heist and Dennis is shocked when Den includes Phil in their plans. Losing control and bolstered by drink, Dennis lunges for a customer in the Vic and is arrested. With Dennis off the scene, Phil has no choice but to step into his shoes, something that he is more than capable of doing.Marcus Christie, Phil's solicitor, approaches Lisa and smugly informs her she is making a mistake trying to fight Phil in her custody battle for Louise. Lisa remains unfazed and tells him to pass on the message that she will see Phil in court.Kat decides that she wants to get married sooner rather than later and this leaves Alfie with a lot to arrange.Meanwhile, Dan is under the illusion that Shirley is playing hard to get, but Shirley asks Ash when he intends to tell his father about their relationship.moreless
  • Monday 24th November
    Sharon is absolutely seething at Dennis's lies and informs Lisa that Den and Phil are in cahoots. Determined to do something to stop this, Sharon offers to fund Lisa's court fight to win back Louise from Phil.Alfie finds that engagement rings are more expensive than he thought and he begins to sell things to try and raise some quick cash. With a party planned for that evening, he panics that he is going to let Kat down but Nana Moon saves the day.Having won the cash from Ricky, a guilt-ridden Garry hands it over to Laura. Meanwhile, Belinda and Lynne discuss how their lives are looking up.moreless
  • Friday 21st November
    No episode shown
  • Thursday 20th November
    Patrick receives a final reminder in the mail. He's short of cash, and even Yolande's declaration of love fails to perk him up. Victor lurks around to remind Patrick that his offer is still on - ten grand to dump Yolande. Victor raises his offer to £15,000. He boasts that he's loaded. Patrick is seriously tempted when he slaps a wad of notes on the table. Paul advises him to grab the lolly and wave goodbye to Yolande. Victor leaves Patrick wrestling with his conscience. He finds Yolande and sows the seeds of doubt in her mind. He claims that Patrick asked him for money. What kind of man would sell his woman for fifteen grand? Victor announces that he's lost the battle, but Patrick might as well keep the money. Yolande catches Patrick with a bag of notes. He swears he was set up. She rages at both men and takes the cash as her alimony. Sharon quizzes Dennis about the contents of the case. He swears that it was entirely innocent. There were just some old photos that Den had borrowed off Phil. Sharon's not convinced by his explanation. Den promises Phil that he's found the ideal person for the job. Phil's horrified when Dennis sits down and grins at him. Phil splutters that there's no way he's going to work with Dennis. He'll find someone himself. Sharon opens Den's briefcase. The evidence has gone, but she's still suspicious. She probes Dennis again. He pretends that Den was holding some gear for Phil. He assures her that nothing dodgy is going on. Den piles the pressure on Phil. Finally, Phil relents and allows Dennis in on the deal. He warns him not to mess things up. Sharon enters the Vic and sees the three of them sitting together, as thick as thieves. Shirley and Ash are getting down to it when her phone rings. He urges her to ignore it, but she answers. It's Dan! He asks her out to dinner that night. Shirley's flustered and agrees. Ash can't believe it. Ash urges Shirley to give Dan the elbow. She follows his advice and lets Dan down. He returns home and bins the chocolates that he bought her. However, he mentions to Ash that he enjoys a challenge! Garry's worried. He's bragged about his conquests to Ricky, who's sure he'll get found out. Lynne stops by to look for a lost earring. Garry decides that she's the one for him, but she prefers him as her bit on the side! Belinda finds Lynne's earring in the Arches. She accuses him of sleeping with Lynne as well as her! Garry's sorry and moans that he only wants his wife back. Belinda storms out and warns Garry's that he's in trouble. Kat welcomes Nana home - she jokes that she's only marrying Alfie so that she can see more of her. Alfie wants to buy Kat a flash engagement ring. Little Mo advises him that she'd prefer something simple.moreless
  • Tuesday 18th November
    Patrick and Yolande's bright mood is spoiled when they're reminded of Victor's presence upstairs. Yolande wants the two men to sort out their differences. Patrick thinks that it's up to her to deal with Victor. Victor makes an impassioned speech and begs Yolande not to leave him. She's unimpressed when he quotes the Bible, and reminds him of his affairs. Yolande throws him out when he suggests that she's just as bad. Victor's desperate not to lose Yolande. He invents stories about her affairs with young men, but Patrick refuses to believe him. Finally, Victor offers Patrick £10,000 if he'll finish with Yolande.

    Dennis and Sharon wonder what their dad's up to. Den remains tight-lipped and says he has business to attend to. Sharon spots Phil meeting a dodgy bloke in the Square. She tries to speak to him but Kate interrupts. Den's examining photos in the club. He tries to hide them when Dennis comes in. Dennis is suspicious, but Den makes a quick getaway. Sharon sees him head round to Phil's house. She's concerned and calls Dennis. Den assures Phil that his team's up to scratch. Phil wants proof. He reminds Den that he's invested twenty grand in this job. He wants to see a return on it. Den takes a briefcase home and hides it under the sofa. Dennis finds the briefcase and picks the lock. Sharon rings to warn him that Den's on his way back, but Dennis ignores his phone. He stares in disbelief at what he finds inside - cash, tools and explosives. Den's furious that Dennis has opened his briefcase. Dennis demands to know what's going on. Den's reluctant to speak, but Dennis won't let up. Den fumes, but knows that he's got to come clean.

    Laura cuddles up to Garry. He's alarmed when she describes him as being part of the family. He wriggles away from her, and claims that he's late for work. Laura flatters his sexual prowess and entices him back to bed. Belinda flirts with Garry, convinced that it's all over between him and Lynne. Later, Lynne turns up at the Arches for a quickie! Garry rises to the challenge and they have a romp in the back seat of a car.

    Kat urges Alfie to clarify his marital status. He rings his solicitor, but can't find out the truth. There's no reply when he calls his wife Liza, so he decides to pay her a visit. Alfie's mother-in-law says that Liza's on holiday. She invites him in. It's clear that she fancies him! Alfie's horrified - he only wants to know if he's still married. Marlene promises him that he isn't and he scarpers.moreless
  • Monday 17th November
    Alfie and Kat wake up together. Both reveal that they've never felt so close to anyone. Alfie admits that he's unsure if his divorce came through, but thinks Nana will know. Jilted Andy sits depressed on a park bench. Little Mo apologises for ducking out of Kat's wedding. She couldn't stand by while Kat married the wrong man. She's overjoyed when Kat reveals that she's going to marry Alfie. Little Mo gets to keep her job in the Vic. Ash has spent the night with Shirley. Dan catches him creeping home and presumes that he's been gambling. The Slaters agree to rally round Kat, amid the inevitable gossip. Charlie's worried what Andy will do next. Just after Alfie leaves the Vic to visit Nana in hospital, Andy and his heavies turn up. Meanwhile, a flush new guest books in at the B&B, with Paul happy to overcharge him. Andy admits to Kat that they've nothing left to say to each other. She's got something that belongs to him - her £20,000 engagement ring. Kat struggles to get it off her finger. Nana's concerned to see the bruises on Alfie's face. He admits that he's been in a fight, but he won the best prize ever. A nurse reveals that the doctor wants to see Nana. She won't say what it's about. Kat's still having no joy removing her engagement ring. Andy refuses to leave without it and will do whatever it takes to get it back. Charlie doesn't take kindly to the threat, but is held back by Andy's heavies. Kat finally gets her engagement ring off - thanks to Mo's pile cream! She returns it, along with her wedding dress. Andy and his heavies are left red faced when they're also given a pile of wedding presents. Nana's pleased to learn that she can soon leave hospital. Alfie quizzes her about his divorce. She's sure that there are letters from the lawyers about it. Alfie's worried he may have to start proceeedings from scratch. Den hands Phil a brown envelope. Dennis sees them conspiring. Den claims that they're just doing business. He remains silent when Phil tells Dennis to run along as the grown ups are busy. Sharon follows Den and sees him hand a man the brown envelope. Later, Den senses that something's bothering her. She's not happy about him doing business with Phil. He claims that he's only buying the Vic. Sharon confides in Dennis that she doesn't think Den's changed. Dennis confronts Den about his dealings with Phil. Den isn't interested, and argues that Dennis is just sore from not being top dog in the family anymore. Yolande and Patrick can't keep their hands off each other. Paul and the new B&B guest catch them fooling around. The guest's shocked and asks Yolande if this is any way to greet him. It's her husband, Victor!moreless
  • Friday 14th November
    The service begins in the church as an increasingly desperate Alfie and Ian speed their way through traffic to get there. As Kat and Andy begin their exchange of vows, Alfie arrives at the church but his entrance is blocked by Andy's heavies. With Ian's help, Alfie finally manages to scrape his way through and into the church but it seems he is too late.moreless
  • Thursday 13th November
    Kat wakes up on what should be the happiest day of her life and confides in Little Mo that she still loves Alfie. Little Mo implores her to tell him before it's too late, but Kat's mind is made up and she prepares for the service.Meanwhile, Alfie receives a reminder that he is not welcome at the wedding. Frustrated with his lack of action, Ian persuades Alfie to call Kat, but he can't find the words to voice his feelings. Little Mo is determined to intervene and enlists Ian's help. Together, they try to track down Alfie, who has gone to see Nana Moon in hospital. Frantically ringing round the hospitals, they finally manage to trace him and he hears the news that he has waited so long for - Kat still loves him. Alfie rushes back to find Kat but it is too late. Everyone has left for the church.moreless
  • Tuesday 11th November
    Everyone is excited about Kat's hen night except for the bride-to-be herself, who struggles to feign enthusiasm. The night gets of to an explosive start as Kat and Belinda immediately clash over men and a drag artist arrives as the organised entertainment.Andy then sends along a guitarist to serenade Kat, which upsets Zoë as it upstages the music. It's all too much for Kat and she slips out and heads to the hospital to see Nana Moon. As Nana sleeps, Kat takes the opportunity to pour out her real feelings.The Ferreiras discuss Ash's gambling addiction and Dan follows him to the community centre and barges in, interrupting a gamblers anonymous meeting. Ash is mortified at the intrusion and, unwilling to go home, he visits Shirley and they share a passionate kiss. Elsewhere, Den has a business proposition for Phil and Garry finds that juggling two women is not as much fun as he anticipated.moreless
  • Monday 10th November
    Alfie advertises for a new barmaid at the Vic and jokes to Little Mo that perhaps she should take on the job. She rises to the challenge and is immediately befriended by a regular, while Billy is less than thrilled about her new career. With one problem taken care of, Alfie has others to deal with: Nana is due to go into hospital and he has yet to tell Kat that he can't attend her wedding. Lynne summons Garry round and they argue about dividing up their belongings. Before long, they are reminiscing about happier times and end up in the bedroom. Later, Garry heads back to Laura and finds her waiting in a sexy night dress. At the Ferreiras, Dan holds a family meeting without Ash and instructs the kids to follow Ash the next time he goes out to one of his "classes".moreless
  • Friday 7th November
    Friday 7th November
    Episode 40
    Andy wants Kat to give up work and is furious when she misses a house viewing to cover for the Moons whilst they take Nana to hospital. Phil is fuming when Alfie's not at the Vic, not realising that he has taken Nana to hospital. When Alfie returns, Andy has a warning for him.Meanwhile, Dan leaves some cash lying around to try to trap Ash, but Tariq visits Ronny and steals half of the money. Dan discovers that both the cash and Ash are gone.At the Vic, Dennis sees Den and Phil shaking on a deal.moreless
  • Thursday 6th November
    Pauline spoils Martin, not knowing that he is trying to borrow cash from everyone. He moans to Sonia about his life after she has visited Jamie's grave and she explodes, telling him that she blames him for Jamie's death.Alfie thanks Kat for staying the night with Nana but Andy is angry when he overhears Alfie telling Spencer.Lynne realises she needs to get her life in order and arranges to meet Garry. He is optimistic, but she has other plans.Meanwhile, Phil and Minty are pleased to see the club swarming with police as Den plans revenge. Den leaves Minty and Phil baffled after he offers to buy them a drink at the Vic.Barry is the happiest man in Walford while Janine wonders if she has made the right decision. Barry embarrasses Janine by making an announcement in the Vic, causing Paul to walk out.moreless
  • Tuesday 4th November
    During a power cut at the club, Phil plants drugs and makes a call to the police. Before long, officers have arrived and begin to carry out a search of Angie's Den as Sharon, Dennis and Den look on.Examinations reveal that Nana Moon requires further tests and Alfie is concerned. Kat and Alfie's relationship remains strained until Little Mo persuades Kat to go over to the pub, where she sees Nana cradled in Alfie's arms. He is relieved to finally tell her the truth about Nana's deterioration.Janine is thoroughly depressed but knows that she has to come to a decision.Dan discovers that Ash hasn't been lecturing at the college and has a fair idea of how he has been spending his time instead; and a remorseful Martin returns to the Fowler household.moreless
  • Monday 3rd November
    Monday 3rd November
    Episode 37
    As Nana's condition worsens, Alfie takes action and makes her an emergency appointment at the hospital, forgetting that he has promised to meet Kat. When he does not show, Kat is hurt and makes an important decision.Phil returns to the Square and is furious to discover that Sam has been sacked from Angie's Den. When Den welcomes him back sarcastically, Phil decides that it's time to show him it is unwise to mess with the Mitchells.Paul is stunned to hear that Barry has proposed to Janine but hides his real feelings. Meanwhile, the Ferreiras discover their trashed van and are in for a second run of bad luck when Adi finds that their insurance has expired.moreless
  • Friday 31st October
    Friday 31st October
    Episode 36
    Gavin is fuming about the rat and is forced to back down and suggest a truce. But when the Ferrerias turn him away, he arms himself with tins of paint and breaks into their van of stock.

    Den is concerned about Lisa, and asks Dennis whether he has anything to do with her current state. He denies everything, so Den heads round to see Lisa, all the time thinking how like Angie she is. There is no answer and, prepared for the worst, he kicks in the door.

    Janine and Paul are still stuck in the bedroom and things get worse when Barry rings the doorbell. Paul has no option but to invite him in; he tries to get rid of him quickly but Barry wants a long chat about Janine.moreless
  • Thursday 30th October
    Ash manages to trap a rat and, with the help of his siblings, he plants it inside Gavin's flat. They lay in wait and Gavin's screams of terror can't come soon enough.

    Pat tries to warn Barry off Janine, but she's the last person he is willing to take advice from. Meanwhile, Janine is enjoying herself at the B&B but Yolande and Patrick suddenly return, leaving Janine and Paul trapped in bed.

    Lisa begins to fall apart and begs Den for help. She stumbles through the Square drunk and gets increasingly upset by the sight of mothers with their children. Feeling desperate, she heads home with bottles of wine.

    Elsewhere, Tariq is sporting a black eye and, after Ronny hears of his latest exploits, he decides that their friendship is over.moreless
  • Tuesday 28th October
    Den plays back the CCTV tapes at the club and sees Kelly entering with Gus on the night of the incident. While Den goes to question the hapless teenager, Tariq and Vicki discuss the demand for Ecstasy, but Den returns to catch them.

    It's Janine's birthday and Barry showers her with bags of gifts, but she's more touched by a gesture from Ricky.

    Kat summons the Slater girls for a wedding crisis meeting as things don't appear to be going to plan. More than anything, she is not sure she is up to being a trophy wife and giving up her life in Walford.

    Elsewhere, Gavin receives a call from a male escort agency, while Ash develops a taste for revenge. Lisa is drunk again at work at the club and Dennis is landed with the job of getting her home. However, she gets the wrong idea and makes a pass.moreless
  • Monday 27th October
    Monday 27th October
    Episode 33
    Charlie brings Kelly home from hospital and she is immediately greeted by Ronny, who is bearing flowers. Both Den and Zoë coax her to tell them who her supplier was, but she's reluctant to talk.

    Den gives Lisa some money and tells her to sort herself out but, later, she shows up for work and has clearly been drinking again.

    Elsewhere, the Ferreiras torture Gavin by playing Dan's record loudly. Shirley is thrilled to be getting her own back.

    Meanwhile, Little Mo encourages Alfie to talk to Kat, but Andy is keen for the couple to leave Walford.moreless
  • Friday 24th Ocotber
    Friday 24th Ocotber
    Episode 32
    Zoë confronts Ronny about the rumours but he denies everything. Convinced that Kelly's jealousy is ruining their relationship, Zoë accuses Kelly of trying to steal her boyfriend. Distraught and feeling rejected, Kelly succumbs when she is offered drugs at the club.

    Meanwhile, Paul devises a new fitness programme for Barry, but he seems unable to resist the lure of fried food. And Andy tells Kat that he wants to bond with Alfie.

    Elsewhere, Den warns Lisa about her loose tongue as she turns up for work inebriated again, and Dennis worries about a favour she has asked of him.moreless
  • Thursday 23rd October
    Alfie subtly makes Kat realise that perhaps she doesn't know as much as she should about Andy. With the implication that he has gangster connections, Kat is forced to confront Andy about his dealings.

    Paul and Janine tease Barry about his physique and he decides to start training to get into shape so that he can keep up with Janine in the bedroom.

    Meanwhile, Kelly overhears Ronny and Tariq discussing girls, but Ronny dismisses her interest as jealousy over his relationship with Zoë. She decides it's time to tell Zoë that Ronny has cheated on her, but Zoë doesn't believe her.

    Elsewhere, Den has words with Lisa when her drinking affects her performance at work. When Dennis takes her home, she makes a pass at him.moreless
  • Tuesday 21st October
    Sharon celebrates her birthday and Den has 14 missed years of making up to do. He showers her with gifts and cards which she's thrilled with. Meanwhile, Dennis has bought her a sexy dress which doesn't go down well as she's still feeling awkward about their encounter.

    Den has his eye on one of the ladies of the Square and the night ends in a passionate kiss that marks the first conquest of his return.

    Meanwhile, Shirley teams up with the Ferreiras to wreak her own revenge on Gavin. Janine uses her charms to persuade Barry that she needs a company credit card and Pauline agrees to a night out with Derek.moreless
  • Monday 20th October
    Monday 20th October
    Episode 29
    While her neighbours offer her their congratulations, Kat is feeling confused. When Andy kisses her, she worries that she doesn't love him enough and, elsewhere, it becomes clear that Alfie is devastated by the news.

    Sam returns from her holiday to meet the legendary Den Watts. She is less than impressed, however, to find that Lisa has been given a job at the club and tries her best to exclude her from business affairs.

    The growing tension between Shirley and Gavin comes to a head when Ash gets involved. He attempts to reason with Gavin but loses his temper and they come to blows.moreless
  • Friday 17th October
    Friday 17th October
    Episode 28
    Alfie plans a romantic meal and prepares to propose to Kat. When she walks in he tries to talk to her, but Andy arrives with a shock announcement.

    Pauline and Derek get tipsy over lunch and, back at home, enjoy looking through old photographs. Derek passes out but Pauline continues flicking through the pictures - until he sees of shot of Derek as the groom at his own wedding.moreless
  • Thursday 16th October
    Patrick accepts that it is over with Yolande and arranges a lunch date with another woman. He soon realises his mistake and finds Yolande to declare his love to her.

    The Slaters receive a postcard from Kat, and Alfie pretends to have received one too. Later, Alfie meets Den and becomes territorial about the Queen Vic. In a moment of clarity, Nana tells Alfie he needs to ask Kat to marry him, before it is too late.

    Den, Dennis and Sharon discuss buying a house. Den arranges to buy a flat even though it is Phil's old place. Den asks a contact to find out all he can about Phil Mitchell.moreless
  • Tuesday 14th October
    Sharon and Vicki worry as Dennis has gone missing and Den secretly feels guilty. Dot bumps into Dennis and persuades him to go home. He returns to the club just in time to help Den kick out troublemakers.

    Pauline and Martin argue about his continuing behaviour and Pauline tells him to move out. Martin agrees to go and visit Asif in Scotland but Derek finds his suitcase empty. Pauline stands her ground and tells him to leave.

    Dot and Yolande discuss what more they could do for their partners, which sets Dot thinking.moreless
  • Monday 13th October
    Monday 13th October
    Episode 25
    The Watts family take a further hold on Walford as Sharon holds a welcome home party for Den and asks him to become the manager of Angie's Den. Meanwhile, Dennis walks towards the station with a holdall, feeling left out of the cosy set-up.

    Yolande is miserable at Dot's place after an argument and Dot reveals to her that she has never slept with Jim.

    Elsewhere, Zoë sets Kelly up with Martin, but he then stands her up. Pauline later finds Martin stealing money from the cash box.moreless
  • Friday 10th October
    Friday 10th October
    Episode 24
    Den finds out about Lisa's plan and heads out to the woods where he finds her waiting for Phil. Meanwhile, Phil has no idea of the danger he's heading into.

    Shirley calls the police, who help her formulate a plan of action, but her determination is waning and she decides that her best option is to sell up.

    Patrick decides to tell Yolande the truth about the real author of the romantic letters. Shocked by the news that the declarations came from Jim's pen, Yolande decides to leave.

    A drinking competition in the Vic makes casualties out of Gus and Asif but brings Kelly and Martin together for a night of passion.moreless
  • Thursday 9th October
    Den keeps his cool while the police question him, but realises that the time has come to have words with Phil.

    Lisa is determined that her plan will go ahead and makes arrangements to meet Phil later for a walk in the woods. But when Sharon pops over unexpectedly, she spots the gun case and Lisa is forced to take action.moreless
  • Tuesday 7th October
    Tuesday 7th October
    Episode 22
    Dennis is jealous of the attention Den gets from the Watts girls, especially because things are particularly awkward between him and Sharon. He is later infuriated to discover that Sharon and Phil have agreed that the two families will stay out of trouble.

    After an encounter in the Square with Den, Phil tips someone off about his return. As the Watts family sit down to dinner that evening, Den receives a surprise visit.

    Shirley calls in sick because of her sleepless nights. She confides in Patrick and her landlord, but is later disturbed by sleazy phone calls; it turns out that her number has been displayed in phone boxes.

    Janine arranges a meeting with Paul and later lies to Barry when he wants to celebrate his divorce. While Barry drowns his sorrows alone in the pub, Janine and Paul worry about almost being caught in the act.

    Finally, Little Mo arranges for her and Billy to move out immediately, much to Billy's disappointment.moreless
  • Monday 6th October
    Monday 6th October
    Episode 21
    Den takes his first walk around Walford and the residents of the Square are stunned to see him. Convinced that she has seen a ghost, Dot faints but later recovers to fill Den in on all he's missed.

    Ian is thrilled to see him return, certain that he will shake things up with Phil, while Pauline is absolutely furious.

    Elsewhere, Lisa discusses her plans with John and, when Billy cannot find a job, he's horrified when Little Mo suggests that they move back in with the Slaters.

    Ian's deal to buy the Meal Machine falls through and he has a fair idea of who may have bought it to spite him.moreless
  • Friday 3rd October
    Friday 3rd October
    Episode 20
    Den leaves with the four heavies, while Sharon presumes that he has returned home.

    During a bitter discussion, Sharon slaps Dennis, who taunts her with the information that Den was followed last night. Dennis later makes Vicki cry with his jibes.

    Meanwhile, Sharon races to the Imperial Rooms as Den comes face to face with Andy.

    After talking with Sharon, Den decides to remain in Walford. Sharon takes him home where he has his first real meeting with Dennis. Den's children welcome him home.moreless
  • Thursday 2nd October
    Den and Dennis meet for the first time in the market.

    They head for the club, where they discuss Dennis' mother and Dennis reveals that he dealt with Dalton.

    Den realises that Dennis has put Sharon and Vicki in danger, and father and son threaten each other. Sharon tells Den that she wishes he were dead.

    As Den walks away, four heavies follow him in the shadows.moreless
  • Tuesday 30th September
    Sharon is delirious with happiness at the sight of her father until the bitter truth dawns on her.

    Torn between scathing anger and heartfelt tenderness, Sharon begins to reacquaint herself with Den.

    Meanwhile, Dennis realises that Vicki has neglected to tell her father that he has a son, and lashes out at her.

    During a moment of anger, Sharon delivers some shocking news to Den.moreless
  • Monday 29th September
    Dennis decides to terminate his involvement with the club by offering Billy his cash share of the venture. Billy breaks down and begs for his job back, leaving Dennis exasperated.

    Meanwhile, Phil questions Sam about family loyalty as she works in E20. Sam, keen to prove where her loyalty lies, mocks Dennis about his conception being the result of a one-night stand. Incensed, he heads home and straight into an argument with Sharon, which brings an atmosphere fraught with sexual tension.

    Dennis wants their relationship to progress while Sharon battles to keep her composure as Dennis moves closer and closer.

    Later, Sharon and Dennis arrive at the Den where Vicki gives them the surprise of their lives.moreless
  • Friday 26th September
    Kat is preparing for her trip away with Andy but is still hoping that Alfie will reveal his true feelings before she leaves.

    Dennis tells Sharon everything he knows but she remains cynical, and Martin brings home a different girl after another night on the town.

    Billy has a confession for Sharon and has to face the consequences of his robbery. Meanwhile, Dot's embarrassed when Yolande talks of her frolics with Patrick.moreless
  • Thursday 25th September
    Sharon realises that Vicki has run away and lays the blame in front of Dennis. Worried sick, they comb the Square looking for her but Spencer is the one who hears from the tearaway.

    Kat attempts to talk to Alfie but he's concerned about Nana Moon and doesn't pay attention to what she's trying to tell him, resulting in crossed wires and another missed opportunity.

    Meanwhile, Shirley is tired as Gavin and his mates continue to torment her, and Billy fights with his conscience about the money.moreless
  • Tuesday 23rd September
    Vicki demands the truth from Sharon but Sharon is determined to continue to shield her from the rumours that Dennis has been spreading about Den.

    Billy is feeling guilty about the money but events conspire against him; Sharon, worried that the money is connected to drugs, ends up telling Billy that he's better off keeping it, rather than it staying on her premises.

    Kat tells Alfie about Andy's plans for her but, when Alfie appears distracted, Kat is hurt. Lynne continues to dispense advice and tells Kat it's time to let Alfie know how she feels.

    Pauline is shocked when Martin returns from a night out with a girl and Phil allows Lisa some visitation rights.moreless
  • Monday 22nd September
    Dennis tries to make amends with Sharon, but she doesn't want to listen to his excuses and doesn't want Vicki to hear his rumours.

    Lisa continues to play her game of manipulation and spends time telling Pat and Dot that Phil has been a good father to Louise, and that she wouldn't dream of wanting revenge.

    Lynne gives Andy some much-needed advice on how to sweep Kat off her feet and comes up with a plan that even she surely couldn't refuse. Ian, meanwhile has been refused a bank loan.moreless
  • Friday 19th September
    Sharon and Vicki panic when Dennis fails to return home. Suspicious after a conversation with Phil, Sharon begins to phone around the hospitals, but Dennis finally arrives in one piece, although badly beaten.

    Little Mo refuses to accept any more of Billy's lies and moves to Belinda's, refusing to come home until the money is returned to Sharon.

    The Moons plan a family holiday and Patrick enjoys his Caribbean lover.moreless
  • Thursday 18th September
    Phil is anxious about Lisa's impending visit to Louise, but Kate is convinced that all will be fine. However, Phil cannot be persuaded and returns early to collect his daughter, leaving Lisa angry and even more determined.

    Sharon and Vicki return from America and Dennis assures them that all has been fine in their absence. Heading off for his meeting with Phil, Dennis goads the hardened Mitchell about his conquests, including his nanny, sister and wife. Phil has the cavalry on the way in the form of three thugs ready to do his dirty work for him.

    Martin stays out all night and Billy panics when he receives a visit from the insurers.moreless
  • Tuesday 16th September
    Phil receives a crank call and, assuming it is Dennis, decides to go out looking for him.

    Meanwhile, Dennis returns to the Square, armed and ready to use the knowledge that Phil grassed on him. As the day passes, with no sign of Dennis, Phil begins to lose his cool, unable to predict when things are going to catch up with him. As he heads down to the Vic cellar, Dennis is waiting.

    Meanwhile, Kat is feeling hurt and rejected by Alfie, but further distracted about Nana Moon, and Alfie ends up sending her on a date to Brighton with Andy.moreless
  • Monday 15th September
    Lisa is determined not to let Louise and Phil out of her sight and keeps watch over the Mitchell house. With a plan in mind, she makes a mysterious phone call that could bring everything together.

    Spencer thinks it is time to confide in Kat about the problems with Nana Moon, but Alfie decides they need to keep this between themselves out of respect for Nana.

    Tariq advises Ronny that, to take his relationship with Zoë one step further, he must woo her with fine food, charm and words of love, whether they are meant from the heart or not.moreless
  • Friday 12th September
    Phil is feeling uneasy about Lisa's visit but goes ahead with it only when Kate agrees to stay with her. However, Kate goes out to get some milk and, when she returns, both Lisa and Louise have gone.

    Elsewhere, Kat tries to get Alfie's attention but he's distracted by Nana Moon, and Kat ends up agreeing to a date with Andy in exasperation and in the hope of a reaction. Getting none, she heads off on the date but is prepared to make things difficult for her suave new admirer.

    Meanwhile, Kareena wonders what Ash is up to after she hears him congratulating Derek about the job, and Shirley finds the body of her cat inside a carrier bag.moreless
  • Thursday 11th September
    Alfie is on edge about Nana when she appears dishevelled. The doctor later arrives to carry out some tests, which she gets upset about, concerned that they are sending her away.

    Lisa manages to manipulate Kate in order to persuade Phil that access is a good idea.

    Elsewhere, Shirley is forced to take action against Gavin but the authorities seem unable to help, and Andy receives a Slater family welcome in the Queen Vic.moreless
  • Tuesday 9th September
    Spencer suspects an intruder at the Vic but, when Alfie investigates, baseball bat in tow, he finds a bewildered Nana and decides it is time to take some action.

    After a confrontation with Lisa in the Vic, Sam comments to Phil that she seems like a different person. Unnerved, he's reluctant when Kate tries to persuade him to leave Louise with Lisa for an afternoon.

    Meanwhile, Sonia becomes attached to the accident victim and Ronny is foolish enough to take advice about Zoë and making women jealous from Tariq.moreless
  • Monday 8th September
    Phil is forced to reassess his plans in light of Lisa's shock return. It hardly seems appropriate to disappear off on honeymoon with an ex-wife lurking around the Albert Square.

    Kat is disappointed when nothing arrives for her in the post but is later left fuming when she thinks that Andy is using Little Mo to get to her.

    Meanwhile, Shirley's cat disappears and she suspects that Gavin is responsible; Sonia witnesses an accident that brings back painful memories; and Spencer worries about Nana Moon.moreless
  • Friday 5th September
    The much-anticipated wedding day finally dawns on the Square and, as Kate and Phil prepare for their nuptials, nothing is running to plan. While Kate is feeling sick with nerves, Phil receives a call from Minty. He is stranded in Edinburgh and the suits and rings are locked in his house.

    Meanwhile, Geoff wakes up feeling no happier about the proceedings than the night before, and it looks as though he's determined that the day won't run smoothly. However, despite a multitude of problems, the happy couple finally make it to the register office and Kate playfully runs through her vows with her husband-to-be.

    As Billy steps in as best man and the rest of Walford celebrates their union, there is a surprise in store. An unwelcome guest decides to put in an appearance at the reception.moreless
  • Thursday 4th September
    It's the night before Phil and Kate's big day and all the residents of the Square are geared up for the hen and stag nights. The jovial mood of the groom soon evaporates when Geoff, the father of the bride, arrives and he appears the worse for wear, having demolished a bottle of whisky on the way. Not content with ruining the stag do, he heads for the hen night looking for Kate.

    Meanwhile, Minty ends up bound and gagged instead of the groom but the prank goes wrong when the truck he's left in drives off into the night.

    Elsewhere, Kat receives a diamond-encrusted watch from Andy but, mistakenly thinking it is a fake, and determined not to like his flashy gifts, she throws it in the bin. Zoë confides in Kelly about her predicament with Ronny.moreless
  • Tuesday 2nd September
    Gavin's music is driving Shirley to distraction and, desperate for sleep, she calls Environmental Health. However, once the representatives have gone, threats from Gavin leave her petrified.

    As the wedding plans come together, news arrives from Peggy that she is unable make the big day. Kate is surprised, however, when her father decides to attend, she worries that his career might put him at odds with Phil.

    Kat receives a gift but is not interested in the contents, even though it promises a night when she will be treated like a princess. Zoë is finding it hard to relax around Ronny and money goes missing from the stall.moreless
  • Monday 1st September
    Derek prepares himself for a court appearance following his arrest on drugs charges. Pauline asks him if he will lie to protect Martin from another spell in jail but Derek is not sure whether to let him off the hook yet again.

    Janine arrives home from her weekend away with Paul to find Barry thrilled about her return. She is forced to promise him a special present while hoping that Paul will rescue her in time.

    Kat can't believe her luck when she receives two-dozen red roses but her excitement dissipates when she discovers that her admirer is not Alfie.moreless