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  • Friday 31st December
    Friday 31st December
    Episode 209
    It's New Year's Eve and everyone gathers in the Vic to celebrate, but New Year's Eve in Walford is never just a party.

    Danny and Jake, the dynamic duo, acquaint themselves with the residents of Albert Square and receive a mixed reaction. Alfie's not happy that his dodgy cousins have decided to hang around, especially as they flirt with 'taken women'. Danny tricks Spencer into breaking into Pauline's house to retrieve the bag. As he is inside, Dot hears noise and calls the police. Spencer is arrest and spends New Years Eve in a cell.

    Meanwhile, Jane visits David at the hospice and talks to him about all the plans they had and how she will make David proud of her. As Jane says he final goodbye to David, he dies in her arms. She runs outside crying where Ian is waiting to console her.

    After discussing his concerns with Garry, Minty goes home and tells Sam some home truths. Sam has a choice - to wallow in her misery or decide that New Year's Eve is the ideal time to show everyone in Walford that the Mitchells may be down, but they're certainly not out. Sam finally leaves the flat to go to the Vic with Minty, only to be upset by Andy's comments.

    Elsewhere, Den tells Zoe the only way to keep up the baby lie is to get pregnant with Dennis. Zoe tells him they haven't been sleeping together since Christmas. He tells he that she will have to make him sleep with her. Zoe tries to temp Dennis but he doesn't want to risk Zoe's 'pregnancy'.moreless
  • Thursday 30th December
    Two new Moons, Jake and Danny, arrive at Walford East tube station and make their way to the Vic. Not realising that their cousin no longer works there, they decide to let themselves in and help themselves to a drink. Danny also steals Den's watch.

    At Alfie's new flat, all the electricity is off and they have no money at all. Alfie leaves Nana with the Slaters whilst he looks for some work.

    Elsewhere, Jake realises that in the bag Danny stole is nothing but fake cash and over a kilo of drugs. Danny takes care of it by breaking into the Fowler's and hiding it there,

    Zoe has finally started to realise that Dennis wants her as well as the baby. She tells Den she is going to tell Dennis the truth. Not wanting his deception to be revealed, Den tells the whole pub that Zoe is pregnant, making sure she sticks to the story.

    Alfie is angry when he realises Jake and Danny are in Walford and tells them to go away. His concerns are elsewhere when Charlie tells him that Nana is ill from exhaustion. Alfie agrees to let Jake and Danny stay one night to help take care of Nana.

    Meanwhile, Ian is angry that Minty hasnt come into work. Garry tells him that it is because of Ian's harsh words to him. Ian goes to the flat and apologises to Minty, who is more concerned with Sam.

    Also, Kate has another meeting with DI Price. She tells him she is interested in returning to the police and he tells her the door is open if she is ready.moreless
  • Tuesday 28th December
    Tuesday 28th December
    Episode 207
    Now that Ian is the new boss of the Arches, he takes out his frustrations on Garry and Minty, who decide that they won't tolerate his behaviour any longer. Ian also unleashes his wrath out on Alfie for stealing a few potatoes from the chip shop.
    At the flat, Zoë tells Den everything that has happened between her and Dennis and admits that she doesn't care if Dennis leaves or stays. Zoe packs her bags to leave but Dennis comes home. He tells her he loves her and will make the relationship work.
    Meanwhile Chrissie gives her share of the salon to Kate so she can spend more time at the Vic. Later that day, Kate goes out with her old friend from the force. He asks her if she had ever thought about coming back to the police. Kate sits and ponders the matter, showing a hint of interest.
    Elsewhere, Andy visits Sam at Minty's, belittling her about her scruffy appearance. Andy later suggests a business deal to Den about buying the club. Den looks it over but then publicly humiliate Andy in the Vic telling him he would never sell Sharon's club to him.moreless
  • Monday 27th December
    Monday 27th December
    Episode 206
    Dennis is struggling to maintain control over his life as Andy mocks him when he tells him that Zoë is pregnant. Dennis give Andy back the money he lent him but Andy tells him to use it to go and find Sharon. Zoe tells Den she wants to tell Dennis that she was lying but he insists that's she continues to go along with it. Zoë and Dennis have crunch talks to discuss whether he will stay with her and their unborn child or go to America to be with the love of his life.
    Den talks to Sharon on the phone and she tells him to sell her share of the club as she wants to start a new life in America. New of Sharon and Vicki's departure spreads over the square and Pauline is on the warpath after Den made her Granddaughter leave.
    Meanwhile, Jane stuns Kate as she tells her about David and his illness and shares her concerns that she will pay the price for sleeping with Ian. Ian visits with a present for David, but Jane hasn't got time to think about Ian while David is so ill.
    Little Mo and Aflie bump into each other and are still very defensive after the kiss they shared on Christmas day. Mo tells him they should just forget it happened.
    Elsewhere, Billy asks Alfie to become godfather to Freddie; and Sam gets a shock when she visits the cash machine - Andy's emptied their joint account. Minty decides to help Sam to pay the bills that Andy has dumped on her. Also Ian takes Alfie to the Vic for the first time since Den threw is family out. Andy finds out that the club may be for sale and tells his agent to make an offer.moreless
  • Sunday 26th December
    Sunday 26th December
    Episode 205
    Den's dream of the Watts family being together in the Vic doesn't go to plan and it doesn't take too long before Chrissie tells him some home truths. Sharon phones Den and he tries to get her to come home, but she tells him she will not be comming back.

    Not able to cope with Christmas at the Slaters, Dennis goes out to consider his choices. After confiding in Dot about his dilemma, Dennis tells Zoë that he will stand by her and the baby.

    Elsewhere, Jane and Ian wake up happily together on Boxing Day before she heads off to visit David at the hospice. However, Jane receives devastating news that David has pneumonia, while Ian's happily thinking that his life is finally moving on.

    The Moons are still homeless until Ian helps them out and gets them a flat to rent. Dot, Jim, Rosie and many other residents thn help move the Moons into their new home.moreless
  • Saturday 25th December - Double Christmas Episode
    As the Watts prepare to celebrate Christmas in the Vic, Zoë becomes suspicious of Dennis and Sharon's relationship and fears her worst nightmare is about to come true.

    Alfie considers his future with Spencer now they are no longer living in the Vic. Spencer wants to stay in Walford to let everyone know what's happened, but Alfie has already made his decision and booked a taxi.

    Elsewhere, Darren thinks he has got Demi the perfect present for Christmas but the rest of the Millers aren't so pleased that he has stole Derrick's donkey.

    During the Watts Christmas Dinner, Den presents Dennis and Zoë tickets for a holiday. Dennis grabs Sharon's hand and they admit that they are in love. Zoë launches herself on Sharon and the two have to be broken up by Vicki and Chrissie.

    In the midst of the fight, half the locals are waiting outside for their Christmas dinner, only to be told by Den they will have to go elsewhere. They all go and hunt for Alfie. He arranges for everyone to have their dinner and have a great time.

    Elsewhere, Minty is cooking Christmas Dinner for Sam. He has taken her in after Andy threw her out. Her spirits are very low. Back in the Vic, Den tells Zoë to pretend she is pregnant as a way of keeping Dennis. She refuses but when she sees no other choice, she announces to the whole family that she is carrying Dennis's child. Sharon is furious as Dennis told her that he had Zoe had never slept together. Sharon and Dennis both agree that he can't leave Zoë to bring up their child alone.

    Over at Ian's house, the residents of Albert Square are enjoying Christmas dinner thanks to Alfie. When his taxi comes for him to leave then the residents beg him to stay, making him realize just how many friends he has in Walford. The Moons decide that they are there to stay. Alfie celebrates with a kiss under the mistletoe with Little Mo, a kiss that they both enjoy.

    Dennis tells Zoë that he is staying with her whilst Sharon goes to tell Den that she will be going to New York on her own. Den tries everything to get her to stay and even tells her that he love her more than he does Vicki, something which she overhears. Vicki is upset at what Den said and starts to pack. She tells the Watts that she is leaving with Sharon. As the girls get in the taxi, Den pleads with them to stay. Sharon says her final farewell to Dennis, telling him she will love him forever, and then she and Vicki leave Walford.moreless
  • EastEnders Christmas Party
    The cast of EastEnders are full of festive spirit as they perform some popular Christmas songs from Albert Square on BBC One.
    Shane Richie (Alfie) and fellow regulars are joined by Brit Award-winner Lemar, double Olympic gold medallist Kelly Holmes and McFly, who perform an exclusive festive number.
    Richie opens the show with Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and Kim Medcalf (Sam) performs her rendition of Last Christmas.
    How Clean Is Your House gurus Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie get their rubber gloves on to clean the Queen Vic and Mike Reid (Frank) returns as the Ghost of Christmas Past.
    Other performances come from Jill Halfpenny (Kate), Pam St Clement (Pat) and Laurie Brett (Jane), plus there is a duet from Rudolph Walker (Patrick) and Angela Wynter (Yolande).
    Fame Academy's David and Carrie Grant join in and help teach some of the cast to sing. And Charles Kennedy makes a special appearance in Albert Square.
    There are some comedy moments featured throughout the show as Adam Woodyatt delves into Dickens and celebrity guests are put through their paces at the Walford School of Body Language. Natalie Cassidy (Sonia) teaches young actors to reenact scenes from the shows history and some of the male cast members dress up as Atomic Kitten.moreless
  • Friday 24th December
    Friday 24th December
    Episode 202
    The Watts family is shocked when Den announces that he has bought the Vic. He quickly realises that not all of the family shares his dreams of running the Vic as a family.

    Elsewhere, when half the cast of the Nativity play is struck by a sickness bug, Derek considers cancelling the performance. However, Pauline has other ideas and quickly ropes in the residents of Albert Square to help out.

    Rosie and Demi argue as Demi announces that she wants to be a real mum to Aleesha-Beyonce. Eventually Rosie agrees to take a back seat and let Demi do more with the baby. Over at the B&B, Yolande and Patrick receive news every foster parent dreads - Katie's mum is out of hospital and wants her daughter home for Christmas. When her mum comes to pick her up they say a tearful goodbye.

    After breaking the news to his family, Den goes to tell Aflie that he will be taking over the Vic. Alfie accepts that he will have to move out in the new year but is shocked when Den tells him he wants all of the Moons' out straight away. With no other choice, Alfie, Spencer and Nana leave their home. Alfie manages to get Nana a bed at the Slaters whilst he and Spencer settle down in Ian's chip van.

    Den follows Sharon to Angie's Den and is faced with a sight that makes him determined to keep his family together. Sharon and Dennis need to watch out - Den knows their secret and he'll stop at nothing to ensure that his family stays together.moreless
  • Thursday 23rd December
    Paul breaks his mobile phone and is terrified that he can't get hold of his protection team. In a panic, he rushes home to collect his car keys to leave, but Patrick refuses to give them to him, terrified of what his son might do. Outside, Paul bumps into Carter, a grass, who threatens to harm his family. With his family in danger Paul decides he has to face the consequences for going to the police if he wants to protect his family. Paul gets in the car with Carter and leaves Albert Square for good.
    Desperate to help Phil, Sam considers selling the Vic to Den but, when he hands over the money, she realises that it's not enough and has to decide whether to back out of the deal or to sell the Vic for less cash. Sam meets with Marcus who packs the money in a case and wishes her luck. Sam takes the money and goes to meet Phil. When he does not turn up, Sam goes through her case and sees that the money is gone. Marcus then calls Sam, telling her that he is too old to keep doing what he does. He then leaves for the airport, with all the money from the Mitchell empire.
    Elsewhere, Andy lends Dennis some money so that he and Sharon can disappear together. When Sam returns home and tells Andy what has happened, Andy admits to Sam that he only married her for her money. Now with Sam having sold all of her businesses and having no money, Andy kicks her out and tells her that he owns the house and she now own nothing.
    Meanwhile, Marcus meets with Den at the airport where Den pays him for getting Sam to sell the Vic. Then back in his car, Chrissie gives Den an early Christmas present - the licence plaque to the Vic.moreless
  • Tuesday 21st December
    Tuesday 21st December
    Episode 200
    Sam and Paul become anxious when they both notice an unfamiliar car in the Square. Sam assumes it's something to do with Phil, whilst Paul panics and thinks that the police are looking for Andy.

    Paul becomes deliriously happy when the clock signals that Andy will have been arrested by now on the way to his deal, but when Andy walks into the Vic while he's celebrating, he knows there's no way out.

    Meanwhile, Marcus tells Sam that Phil is leaving the UK today. Sam vows to do whatever she can, even if she has to sell the Vic. Is the Mitchells' ownership of the Vic about to end? Elsewhere, as Zoë happily prepares for Christmas, Sharon and Dennis plan their future together.moreless
  • Monday 20th December
    Monday 20th December
    Episode 199
    Paul becomes alarmed when two senior drug squad detectives come to speak to him. When the police start asking questions about why Paul is protecting Andrew Hunter, they give him an ultimatum, which Paul sees as a no-win situation.

    Patrick and Yolande try to hide their concerns about Paul's strange behaviour in front of Katie but, when Patrick takes delivery of a new car for Paul, it causes a stir around the Square - people want to know where he has got the money from.

    When Sam hands over the cash from the sale of the Arches to Marcus, he wants to know where the money from the Vic is. Sam realises that if she sells the pub, Phil will have nothing left to come back to.

    Elsewhere, Dennis and Sharon have a close shave when Den nearly catches them together.moreless
  • Friday 17th December
    Friday 17th December
    Episode 198
    After the confrontation with her mum, Stacey asks Charlie not to tell anybody about what happened. Determined to make an effort, she tries to behave herself all day, leaving the rest of the family suspicious.

    Meanwhile, Paul goes to see Andy at the bookies. He tells him he wants out and is going to work at the shop – but Andy won't accept that. As Paul leaves the bookies with another package, the police turn up and arrest him.

    Elsewhere, Andy is incredulous when Minty tells him that Sam has sold the Arches to Ian. When he confronts Sam, she admits it's true but he doesn't want to know the reasons why.

    Dennis is still uncomfortable lying to everyone and makes a decision to leave. Sharon stops him at the tube station and promises Dennis she will find a way for them to be together.moreless
  • Thursday 16th December
    When Den finds Sharon's bra in the club, an embarrassed Sharon tells him that Stacey put it there to insinuate that something had been going on between her and Dennis. Sharon confesses that something happened between them but then tells Den that he rejected her.

    Meanwhile, Zoë orders Stacey out of the Slater house – she doesn't believe what Stacey is telling her. However, Dennis later tells Sharon that it's time to tell Den what's going on.

    When Stacey arrives home with Charlie, her mum, Jean, tells her she doesn't want her and never wants to see her again. Charlie is left with no option but to take Stacey back home with him.

    Elsewhere, Paul is horrified when he returns home and finds Patrick and Yolande's foster child, Katie, playing with the packages that were in his pocket. Also Patrick tells Paul he has bought the shop for them to run as a family.moreless
  • Tuesday 14th December
    Tuesday 14th December
    Episode 196
    Stacey shocks Dennis by telling him she saw him and Sharon together in the cab and he wonders what else she has seen. Determined to make her last day in the Square memorable, Stacey steals Sharon's bra from her laundry bag and tries to set her and Dennis up – but it backfires badly, putting a stop to all of Stacey's hopes of staying in Walford.

    Meanwhile, Little Mo tries to convince herself that Billy will be a great dad. However, she worries when he leaves Freddie in the laundrette and goes to the Vic.

    Elsewhere, Yolande is delighted when she receives a call from the foster agency telling her that they have a child for them. When their child Katie arrives, Patrick tells Paul he wants him to get involved but Paul has other things on his mind. Andy tells Paul that he wants him to meet someone important. He's expanding and wants Paul to front a big job. However, when Paul meets and Andy and another client, they are unaware that they are being photographed.moreless
  • Monday 13th December
    Monday 13th December
    Episode 195
    Little Mo is delighted that Freddie is now officially a Mitchell. To celebrate the change of name, Billy takes Freddie to the Vic but after a few drinks and much to Little Mo's embarrassment, Billy announces the name change to the whole pub.

    Meanwhile, Alfie tries his best to impress two punters who he and Mo believe to be judges for the pup of the year award. After everything going wrong, Alfie tries to reason with the customers, something which impresses the real judge.

    When Sam realises she doesn't have enough money for Marcus, she tells Minty and Garry that she is going to have to sell the Arches. They both decide to try to buy it, but Ian later tells them that he has already bought it and is going to be their new boss.

    Stacey is told that she is going to have to return home in a couple of days now that her mum is out of hospital. Unhappy, she goes to the Vic and tries to steal someone's drink but Alfie quickly throw her out. When she gets outside she is pleased when she notices a cab pulling up with Dennis inside – but is then shocked to see him kiss the other occupant - Sharon.moreless
  • Friday 10th December
    Friday 10th December
    Episode 194
    Billy tells Little Mo that he didn't mean what he said about Freddie, but she takes the baby and shuts herself away with him in the bedroom. However, when Billy tells her that he wishes he could be a perfect dad, she begins to soften towards him.

    Elsewhere, Dennis follows Sharon into the office at Angie's Den. When the coast is clear, they fall into each other's arms. However, when Zoë goes looking for Dennis and can't find him, she decides to look for Sharon at the club.

    Meanwhile, the twins are disappointed by Ian's birthday surprise of pizza and a video, but Jane turns up unannounced to take them all bowling.moreless
  • Thursday 9th December
    Thursday 9th December
    Episode 193
    Billy convinces Little Mo that he can look after Freddie while she goes to work. But when they go out for a walk he bumps into Alfie and tells him that whenever he looks at Freddie, he sees Little Mo's rapist. Little Mo walks in the house just as Billy is telling Alfie that he feels he can never be a father to Feddie.

    Ian finds out that Lucy didn't get the role of Mary in the Nativity play and tries to convince Derek that the play excludes people from other religions so that he can get the roles recast.

    When Sharon drops some files in the café, Stacey has an idea. She steals Sharon's phone and later gets Dennis's number and tries to cause more trouble for Zoë.

    Elsewhere Marcus tells Sam that Phil needs to get a large sum of money as he is in danger. Sam realises that the only way to raise the cash is to sell the house. Andy agrees to buy it but Sam does not tell him who its for.moreless
  • Tuesday 7th December
    Tuesday 7th December
    Episode 192
    In the video shop, Billy has trouble trying to stop Freddie crying. When he sees Dr Leroy, Billy asks him for his advice. Then Little Mo sees the doctor with Billy and Freddie and panics.

    When Andy and Sam return from their honeymoon, Sam tells Minty that she's a Hunter now and that things will change.

    Elsewhere, Stacey notices a look between Sharon, Zoë and Dennis and continues to fish for information from Pauline and Mo.

    Meanwhile, Ian and Keith are both hopeful that their daughters will land the role of Mary in the Nativity play.moreless
  • Monday 6th December
    Monday 6th December
    Episode 191
    Dennis regrets showing any sympathy towards Stacey when he realises that she set him up. Stacey continues to wind up Zoë and rummages through the stock for the stall and tries to sell it at half price.

    Alone in the club, Sharon tells Dennis that she wants to keep things quiet for a little longer, but they look forward to their evening working together.

    Meanwhile, Patrick and Yolande are given the news that they can be foster parents and celebrate in the Vic. However, Patrick feels let down when Paul fails to turn up on time.

    Elsewhere, Little Mo leaves Billy with Freddie for the day but as soon as she leaves, Freddie starts crying.moreless
  • Friday 3rd December
    Friday 3rd December
    Episode 190
    Dennis stumbles out of the club, telling Sharon to stay away from him. He passes Zoë and she is immediately worried by the state he's in. Later, when Zoë heads back to the stall, Stacey sneaks into the flat and, when Dennis returns, he finds her wearing nothing but his shirt.

    Elsewhere, Billy is proudly showing off baby Freddie in the Vic, when Little Mo opens a letter from Graham's mother asking about the baby.

    Meanwhile, as they celebrate their football win, Minty tries to drop hints to Garry that it's his birthday. Later, thinking that Garry hasn't picked up on his hints, he heads to the Vic, where there is a surprise waiting for him.moreless
  • Thursday 2nd December
    Thursday 2nd December
    Episode 189
    Zoë and Dennis argue in the flat about the previous night and Zoë hints that she doesn't think he is over Sharon. Later, in the club, Dennis tells Sharon that he would be happy with Zoë if it wasn't for her and wishes that she could find someone to be happy with, but Sharon tells him that maybe it's him she wants. Sharon yells at Dennis to tell her he doesn't love her, and he grabs her and kisses her. Sharon asks him again to say he doesn't love her and he storms off.

    When Jane visits David she finds out that Ian visited him the previous day and is touched by his gesture. Then, when she goes to see Ian at home, she kisses him – and when he pulls away, she pulls him back again.

    Meanwhile, Keith briefs the team in the Vic about their next match and, when they see the state of the van he has hired to take them there, he reveals his plan – to lull their rivals into a false sense of security.

    Elsewhere, Spencer starts his interviews for a worker at the chip shop.moreless
  • Tuesday 30th November
    Tuesday 30th November
    Episode 188
    Zoë insists that Dennis must tell Sharon that it's her he wants, and not Sharon. She later goes over to the club to warn Sharon to leave Dennis alone, otherwise she'll tell Den that Sharon is after Dennis.

    Ronny is still considering giving half of his compensation to Tariq, however the rest of the family thinks it's a bad idea. Tariq is over the moon when he finds out he'll be getting £11,000.

    Sparks fly in the Vic when Zoe once again asks Dennis to tell Sharon to leave them alone. Zoe storms out while Dennis follows her. Den walks past just in time to see Sharon follow after Dennis.

    Meanwhile, when Mo finds lipstick on one of the mugs at the Slaters' she assumes it must be Pat's and quickly confronts Charlie.

    Elsewhere, Jane's angry when she finds out that Ian called the hospice to tell them that she won't be in today as she needs a break. Jane agrees to take some time off and spends the day with Lucy helping her with some personal issues.moreless
  • Monday 29th November
    Monday 29th November
    Episode 187
    Sparks fly when Sharon, Dennis and Zoë are left alone in Angie's Den and Zoë asks Dennis to tell Sharon that he doesn't love her.

    Meanwhile, Mo's upset when she hears that Charlie is taking Pat to the cabbies' party, so she and Stacey come up with a plan to ruin their night. Their plans backfire and Charlie and Pat go off to enjoy the night.

    Kate is visited by her ex-collegue who wants to catch up. However, he is secretly keeping his eyes on the bookies.

    Elsewhere, Pat becomes concerned about Jane when she notices how tired she's looking. When Ian tackles her, Jane says she's been with David all night. Wanting to help his friend, Ian calls the hospice when Jane is asleep on his sofa to tell them she wont be in for a few days.moreless
  • Friday 26th November
    Friday 26th November
    Episode 186
    Zoë gets up early to avoid Dennis seeing her scratched face.When Charlie notices her face and sees her being nervous around Dennis he becomes concerned. When he talks to Mo about it, she storms over to Dennis, accusing him of hitting Zoë. Dennis is confused as he found blood on the floor but he quickly assumes that it was Stacey and marches over to the café to confront her, leaving Zoë to confess what happened.

    When Charlie is invited to a posh cabbies' dinner, Mo tries to get herself invited but Charlie is undecided, finally asking Pat to accompany him. She is delighted, but he cannot bring himself to tell Mo.

    Little Mo is excited when Alfie asks her to work as she enjoys spending time with him. But Billy becomes envious of him when he sees Alfie having no problems with Freddie.moreless
  • Thursday 25th November
    Sharon feels awkward when she shows Zoë around the flat she used to share with Dennis. When she later asks Dennis how long he will lie to Zoë, he quickly dismisses her and leaves. However, Sharon doesn't listen to Dennis and heads over to the flat to tell Zoë that she suspects Dennis still loves her. An argument soon breaks out and Zoë launches herself at Sharon.

    Meanwhile, Billy apologises to Little Mo for shouting at Freddie but she is touched when he brings home some toys.When she talks to Alfie, she questions her family – what if Billy can never love Freddie?moreless
  • Tuesday 23rd November
    Tuesday 23rd November
    Episode 184
    Zoë questions Dennis about where he's been and, although he admits that he had to think about their relationship, he agrees that they should move in together. When he goes to the Watts', Sharon throws her arms around him but Dennis tells her that he has returned to be with Zoë. However, Dennis is shocked when Zoë takes them to their new home – it's No. 43, which is Sharon's old flat.

    Billy agrees to look after Freddie on his day off and finds it a challenge when he can't stop Freddie from crying. Feeling desperate, he shouts at the baby just as Little Mo walks in.

    After overhearing conversations, Mickey and Kareena decide to meet up and both skirt round the issues until they realise that neither of them wants children.moreless
  • Monday 22nd November
    Monday 22nd November
    Episode 183
    Den decides to pay Tommy a visit despite Vicki telling him that they have already split up. When Tommy hears Den knocking on his front door, he decides to hide indoors. Thinking Den has gone, Tommy quickly jumps into a cab to go to the airport but Den surprises him by jumping in the cab and insisting on a detour to the club. Den takes his revenge on Tommy, leaving him bruised and cut.

    Vicki and Zoë plan a night out together to cheer themselves up but when Zoë receives a bunch of flowers with a card telling her to be at the tube station at 6.30pm, she assumes they must be from Dennis. She quickly drops her plans and waits at the station for Dennis, but her hopes are soon turned to humiliation when she realises Stacey has set her up. As the two get caught up in a vicious slanging match, there is a knock at the door - its Dennis!

    Elsewhere, Kareena and Mickey babysit for Aleesha. Kareena is in awe of Mickey's abilities and they both think the other wants a baby.moreless
  • Friday 19th November
    Friday 19th November
    Episode 182
  • Thursday 18th November
    Vicki confronts Chrissie over Tommy's claims but refuses to listen to her version of events. But when Chrissie manages to persuade Sharon that she's telling the truth, they decide to set Tommy up.

    Meanwhile, Stacey gets caught out when she moans about Kate to Chrissie, and it's the Walford Reals' first match. Keith's masterplan is for everyone to enjoy themselves, leaving the team looking for inspiration.moreless
  • Tuesday 16th November
    Tuesday 16th November
    Episode 180
    Chrissie is unnerved when she sees Tommy watching her in the Square. When Vicki spots him, he tells her that he is there to see Den to get his approval on their relationship.

    Later, when Chrissie sees Tommy, she tells him that she experienced a moment of weakness and deeply regrets what happened between them. However, Tommy decides to tell Vicki his version of events.

    Stacey, quick to spot the tension between Kate and Chrissie, tries to play them off against one another. However, when Kate and Chrissie confront each other, they quickly realise what Stacey's been up to and decide it's time to get her back.

    Elsewhere, Keith feels like he is failing to get his vision across to the rest of the football team so decides to organise some training.moreless
  • Monday 15th November
    Monday 15th November
    Episode 179
    Den playfully accuses Chrissie of being taken in by Tommy, so when Tommy calls her and asks to meet up, she declines. Den also infuriates Chrissie when he tells her that he doesn't believe Tommy came on to her, insisting that he likes younger women. However, when Chrissie goes to meet Den at the club, Tommy is there, waiting for her.

    Charlie packs Stacey off to work at the nail bar but she's unimpressed and tells all the potential customers that they're closing down to become a funeral parlour.

    Elsewhere, Ian decides to run the café in Jane's absence and let Spencer look after the fish shop - until he hears some of Spencer's ideas.moreless
  • Friday 12th November
    Friday 12th November
    Episode 178
    Den arranges to meet Tommy but, when they toast Tommy's trip to Thailand, he's surprised to hear that Vicki is planning to go with him.

    Stacey continues to cause chaos in the Square. When Charlie sends her to work on the stall with Zoe, she starts selling the tops half price and Zoe gets rid of her.

    Meanwhile, Demi is upset by the response to her text message from Leo and Chrissie and Kate fight over the temp in the salon, causing her to quit.moreless
  • Thursday 11th November - Double Episode
    Den returns from Spain and visits Dot and Ian before making up with Pat. He sends a singing telegram and roses to Chrissie in a bid to win her back but she's unimpressed - until Den shows her some papers.

    Stacey continues to take advantage of Spencer and makes him give her money in return for her silence. However, when Zoë reveals Stacey's real age, Spencer realises she's been lying to him.

    Elsewhere, Billy becomes the manager of the football team, the Walford Real, and the Millers prepare for Demi's return from hospital with the baby – but Keith is worried about how the new baby might upset Genghis.moreless
  • Tuesday 9th November
    Tuesday 9th November
    Episode 176
    A glowing Spencer tells Alfie and Nana about his date with Stacey; he can't wait for the next one. When he tells Alfie that Stacey thinks he is a big-shot businessman, Alfie suggests he comes clean. But when Spencer takes his advice and reveals the truth over a surprise meal, he doesn't get the reaction he'd hoped for.

    Chrissie and Sharon try on clothes that Vicki has made for a fashion show.When Tommy arrives and joins in, they decide that perhaps he's not so bad after all.

    Elsewhere, Little Mo goes back to work in the Vic, leaving Billy alone with Freddie for the first time.moreless
  • Monday 8th November
    Monday 8th November
    Episode 175
    It's Stacey's birthday and she tries to use this as an excuse for everyone to be nice to her. Feeling guilty about forgetting her birthday, Mo offers to take her out but Stacey has already made other plans with Spencer.

    Billy suggests having a welcome back party for Little Mo but she insists she doesn't want a big fuss. However, when Billy overhears Rosie discussing the trial, he tries to protect Little Mo by insisting that he would prefer to spend a quiet night in together.moreless
  • Friday 5th November
    Friday 5th November
    Episode 174
    A miserable Alfie ignores Kat when she arrives home after her night out. After a conversation with Nana, Alfie decides to confront her about where she has been but he's not prepared for confessing all - she had slept with Roger. Alfie tells Kat that he no longer loves her, and with that she packs her bags and leaves Albert Square.

    Billy tells Little Mo that he loves her but when she offers him the baby to hold, Billy is unsure of what to do, leaving Mo in doubt about what he wants.

    Elsewhere, after discussing Stacey's antics with Mo, Charlie asks Garry to come home. Hoever, Garry decides it's time to leave the Slater house as he has no reason to stay.

    Meanwhile, it's the final day in court and Billy and Little Mo talk while they await Grahams verdict. The Slaters are left cheering after the jury announces its verdidc - guilty. As Billy and Little Mo celebrate, he plucks up the courage to hold baby Freddy. Little Mo thinks Billy will make a great Dad to Freddy, and they all watch the fireworks together.moreless
  • Thursday 4th November
    Thursday 4th November
    Episode 173
    Little Mo's solicitors can't believe she kept quiet about Freddie, and Kate tells Billy that Little Mo is having a terrible time alone, drawing both of them to admit that they still love one another. Later, when Billy is called to the witness box, he gets carried away, telling the judge what he has lost.

    After being sent home from the court by Charlie, Kat goes to another bar, where a man eyes her up. As they discuss their failed marriages over a drink, Alfie appears and Kat forces him to admit he still loves her. However, when Alfie refuses to go to a hotel with her, a hurt Kat dismisses him as a mate and continues her drinking with her new friend.

    Elsewhere, Stacey is continuing to cause trouble and bets her mate that she call pull Garry. She moves in for a kiss just as Charlie walks in and throws Garry out.moreless
  • Tuesday 2nd November
    Tuesday 2nd November
    Episode 172
    Everyone is silenced by Little Mo's appearance in court and Billy discusses with Alfie how worried he is about handling the situation with her. He knows that Little Mo hasn't told her solicitor that Freddie is Graham's son and tries to talk to her, but she is confused. Billy broaches the subject of Graham being able to have custody of Freddie if he is let off the charge - something that Mo hadn't previously considered.

    Meanwhile, Stacey preens herself and asks Garry to sleep with her. Garry refuses, reminding her that she is only 15.moreless
  • Monday 1st November
    Monday 1st November
    Episode 171
    It's the day of Graham's trial and the Slaters frantically prepare for Little Mo's return. Billy asks Charlie if he thinks she will forgive him and give him a second chance, but Mo throws him out.

    Zoë tells Charlie that she's moving back home and, when she gets back to the Vic, she finds Kat sprawled on the sofa. Alfie thinks Zoë's been out on the tiles with Kat but she quickly puts him straight and tells him that he deserves a medal for putting up with Kat.

    When Alfie confronts Kat, she reveals the truth and tells him exactly what she said to Zoë, leaving Alfie stunned that she could be so cruel.

    Meanwhile, there's trouble in the Square when a new Slater, Stacy, makes an appearance.moreless
  • Friday 29th October
    Friday 29th October
    Episode 170
    Demi tells Pauline that her waters have broken and asks her to go and find Rosie. But when she finds out that Rosie and Keith have gone to bingo, Demi begs Pauline not to leave.

    Alfie touches a nerve when he tells Kat that her behaviour is rubbing off on Zoë.The situation goes from bad to worse when Kat tells Zoë she doesn't want her around anymore – in fact, she wishes she'd never been born.moreless
  • Thursday 28th October
    Thursday 28th October
    Episode 169
    When Zoë and Kat go to the Watts' flat to collect some of Zoë's clothes, Zoë reveals that she misses Dennis. Kat quickly tells her that she thinks Dennis never stopped sleeping with Sharon.

    Spencer has to deal with the day from hell. Jane cals in sick and so he has to manage the cafe and the chip shop. With Ian arriving back that day, he needs to get help.

    Meanwhile, Mickey offers Demi cash to give him and Kareena some time alone. She sneaks out to see Darren but, when he leaves her alone, her waters break.

    Elsewhere, Kate inadvertently mentions Little Mo's son, Frederick, to Billy - not realising that he didn't know about him.moreless
  • Tuesday 26th October
    Tuesday 26th October
    Episode 168
    Kat locks herself in the bathroom when Alfie tells her that he's spoken to Dr Leroy. Later, Alfie is worried when Kat goes out and sends Zoë to go and look for her. However, he is annoyed when they both finally return home drunk.

    When Chrissie sees an advert for a hairdresser in SophistiKates, she immediately goes round to ask Kate for her share of the business. However, when Kate tells her that she must wait, Chrissie calls her regulars to tell them she's back. Later, Kate causes chaos while Chrissie is out at lunch.

    Meanwhile, Andy's henchman, Eddie, tells Paul that as Dennis is now out of the way, they can start doing business in Angie's Den but it doesn't take Sharon long to work out what's going on.moreless
  • Monday 25th October
    Monday 25th October
    Episode 167
    Pauline and Sonia tend to Martin in hospital as he recovers from his stabbing. Between them they manage to hold things together but Pauline breaks down when she can't get Martin's blood out of the tablecloth.

    Kat arrives back in the Square and Alfie tries his best to turn their relationship around. But things don't go quite as planned when Kat spends the day in bed nursing a hangover.

    When Billy receives a letter calling him as a witness against Graham, he decides it's time to move on and throws out all of Little Mo's things. Zoë is upset when she learns that Dennis has asked for his passport.

    Elsewhere, Mo is the latest resident to fall for one of Darren and Demi's scams when they trick her into believing Demi is about to give birth and manage to get money for a cab.moreless
  • Friday 22nd October
    Friday 22nd October
    Episode 166
    Sonia is pleased when she receives an unexpected visit from Sarah but is concerned by her fresh bruises and cuts. Sarah tells Sonia that she was mugged the previous evening and Sonia invites her in.

    However, as Sarah begins to discuss Jamie, Chloe and Sonia's past in detail, Sonia is rattled. Her suspicions are confirmed when Sarah's façade slips and she tells Sonia that Martin only married her out of guilt.

    As Sonia begins to panic, Martin desperately bangs on his cell door in a bid to be let out, sure that his wife is in grave danger.

    Martin arrives just as Sarah is lunging a knife towards Sonia, and jumps infront of her taking a stab wound to himself.moreless
  • Thursday 21st October
    Thursday 21st October
    Episode 165
    Alfie's romantic first evening back with his wife is ruined when Kat is first sick, and then passes out in bed. Disappointed and upset, he gets back to work behind the bar where he pastes a smile on his face as he accepts all the congratulatory gestures from the regulars on Kat's return.

    Zoë tries to forget her worries by heading down to Angie's Den but, instead, she gets drunk and tries to call Dennis.

    Meanwhile, having heard about Ronny's recent actions, Adi is absolutely livid and decks him the middle of the Vic. Sasha is furious that Adi feels the need to protect her and lashes out at both him and Ronny.

    Martin begins to panic at the police station when his account of Sarah's stalking falls on deaf ears. He admits to the police that he did push Sarah and they start to suspect that he's been lying.

    Martin tries to call Sonia but the line is dead and he worries that she could be in danger.moreless
  • Tuesday 19th October
    Tuesday 19th October
    Episode 164
    Pauline advises Martin that the only way to save his marriage is to be honest. Martin takes this on board and waits nervously for Sonia to return home so that he can confess everything. However, the police arrive first and Martin is confused when he is arrested.

    Ronny still isn't getting the message and, misinterpreting Sasha's friendliness, asks her if she wants to have an affair with him.

    Meanwhile, Alfie is excited about the prospect of Kat's return to the Vic and spends his day tidying the flat. He fondly chats to Zoë about his turbulent relationship with Kat and tells her how much he loves his wife. Kat's return, however, is not what Alfie expected as she stumbles into the Vic clearly the worse for wear.moreless
  • Monday 18th October
    Monday 18th October
    Episode 163
    Martin is relieved when he visits Pauline in hospital and learns that she is recovering well. He begs her not to tell Sonia about Sarah - and suddenly realises that Sarah must have been behind his mum's mysterious fall. He heads straight round to her flat - and is shocked to find it full of his belongings. Sarah desperately pleads with him to listen to her - but he has reached breaking point and lashes out.

    Sasha tells Ronny that she is going to tell Adi about what happened, but hesitates when Adi begins to tell her how happy she has made him. Elsewhere, Zoë has had a sleepless night, worrying about Dennis, who has still not returned. Sharon's fears are assuaged when Dot tells her that Dennis didn't want to hurt her or Zoë, but she can't resist the opportunity to stir things up and tells a heartbroken Zoë that she has spoken to Dennis.moreless
  • Friday 15th October
    Friday 15th October
    Episode 162
    Convinced that Sarah is lying, Pauline is furious and orders her out of her house - and Walford. But Sarah's plans are far from over. Sasha is first shocked, then angry, that Ronny should dare to make a pass at her. Ronny argues that she led him on but, when Sasha threatens to tell Adi, he begs her not to.

    Elsewhere, Zoë has planned a special night out as a treat for Dennis. But her delight turns to despondency when Dennis doesn't show up.A drunk and confused Dennis, meanwhile, is seeking solace with Dot, who advises him to follow his heart.

    And the rest of the Square face the wrath of Rosie Miller when she discovers that one of her neighbours has reported Demi and Darren to the police.moreless
  • Thursday 14th October
    Thursday 14th October
    Episode 161
    Martin's nightmare shows no sign of ending, as Sarah seems to have charmed Pauline. He takes decisive action and goes to the police, informing them that he's being stalked. But he doesn't get the response he anticipated and, in desperation, decides the time has come to confide in his mum. However, before he gets home, Sarah and Pauline have a chat of their own.

    Dennis and Sharon try to sit down and have a rational conversation about their relationship but Dennis is riled by the appearance of Sharon's new man and the situation deteriorates. Elsewhere, Ronny takes kind words from Sasha as encouragement and moves in on his brother's girlfriend, and Darren and Demi cause chaos in the Square.moreless
  • Tuesday 12th October
    Tuesday 12th October
    Episode 160
    Sharon and Dennis continue to bicker and it becomes apparent that Dennis is unable to handle seeing Sharon with another man. Meanwhile, Alfie warms to the idea of having a baby with Kat, thinking it's just what they both need.

    Pauline is less than happy with her new house guest, Sarah - as is Martin. He shouts at Sarah, telling her that she must leave, but all she wants is a declaration of love from her man.moreless
  • Monday 11th October
    Monday 11th October
    Episode 159
    Martin spends his day on edge, concerned that Sonia knows the truth. He desperately tries to work out where his wife is but when Sonia returns home, she's perturbed as to why Martin feels the need to check up on her. She informs a relieved Martin that Sarah has decided to leave, her affair with a married man apparently over.

    However, just when Martin begins to relax, events take another turn for the worse.

    Sharon uses Vicki's absence as a tool to make digs at Dennis, telling him he has driven her away. Dennis knows that there is more to her ill-feeling and throws himself into his relationship with Zoë. He's on the verge of reciprocating Zoë's strong feelings for him when something stops him literally in his tracks.

    Alfie decides that he knows just what will repair his relationship with his wife and Andy informs Paul that he owes him a favour.moreless
  • Friday 8th October
    Friday 8th October
    Episode 158
    Sam's world crumbles further when she realises that Andy has been peddling drugs through Paul at the club. She confronts Andy, who admits his involvement, but he manipulates the situation by removing his ring and asking Sam what she really wants. Sam is left in a dilemma and turns to Minty for advice.

    Chrissie tries to persuade Vicki that Tommy is too old for her but Vicki stubbornly refuses to listen to reason.

    Alfie is enjoying himself as he flirts with a woman at Angie's Den and Kareena is surprised at the sight as she serves them both drinks.moreless
  • Thursday 7th October
    Thursday 7th October
    Episode 157
    Tired of putting on a cheerful front, Alfie leaves Spencer in charge and takes a well-earned break from The Vic. Desperate to let off steam, he heads to Angie's Den, where he relaxes over a few drinks - and comes face to face with temptation.

    Sam is shocked when she receives a call from Minty, who's in hospital. Suspicious about what's happened to him, she confronts Andy, who denies knowing anything. But, later, Andy pays Minty a visit.

    Dennis and Chrissie are confident that they have caught Tommy out and triumphantly head home. However, the situation is not as simple as it first seems and the tables are soon turned on them.moreless
  • Tuesday 5th October
    Tuesday 5th October
    Episode 156
    Marcus Christie confirms that Minty has power of attorney in case anything should happen to Sam. Andy is absolutely furious and, recognising that Marcus could be a powerful ally, plots to transfer his loyalty to him rather than the Mitchell family. Meanwhile, Andy has also decided that the time has come to do something about Minty's interfering nature.

    Chrissie is increasingly unhappy about Vicki's relationship with Tommy, despite her efforts to accept him. Together with Dennis, she decides to stake out Tommy's flat, sure that there is more to the suave lecturer than meets the eye.moreless
  • Monday 4th October
    Monday 4th October
    Episode 155
    Alfie is feeling rather tender after the previous night's incident in the Vic but has no option but to go to work as normal and present his usual chirpy self behind the bar.

    Martin can't believe the audacity of Sarah when she pushes a note through his front door. It turns out to be the start of a treasure hunt and Martin frantically rushes around the Square trying to find her trinkets before anyone else does. However, Gus and Spencer accidentally happen across some of the gifts, so a quick-thinking Martin passes it off as a game with Sonia. The hunt eventually leads Martin to Sarah, who confesses her feelings for him over a lovingly prepared picnic. Martin loses his temper which causes Sarah to make a call.

    Elsewhere, the residents of the Square are losing their patience with the rubbish and mess that seems to follow the Millers everywhere.moreless
  • Friday 1st October
    Friday 1st October
    Episode 154
    Minty is concerned when he hears Andy and Sam finalising the arrangements for joint ownership of their businesses, and calls Marcus Christie for advice. Keen to protect Sam's interests, Minty is thrown when Andy asks him to witness the signing of the documents.

    A sad Alfie deflects Spencer's questions about Kat but, as the day progresses, he begins to lose control of his emotions.

    Elsewhere, Charlie finally realises that the Miller kids are his burglars; a deluded Sarah is sure that Martin has packed Sonia off so that she can spend more time with him; and Vicki and Chrissie argue about Tommy.moreless
  • Thursday 30th September
    Not one to give up, Sarah continues to pursue Martin when she sees him in the Square, but he quickly brushes her off. When he later sees her talking to Sonia, he hastily comes up with a plan, inviting them both out to lunch in an attempt to prevent Sarah from revealing all.

    Garry is still on edge as objects move around the house, to the amusement of Darren and Demi, and Dot receives some long-awaited good news: the doctors are confident that she is cancer free.

    Elsewhere, Vicki realises why her relationship has failed and, knowing someone close to home that she thought she could trust is to blame, determines on a confrontation.moreless
  • Tuesday 28th September
    Sharon and Zoë continue to argue and make snide comments, clearly vying for Dennis's attention. Keen to resolve the situation in a mature way, Sharon urges Dennis to talk to Zoë. However, he is sick of playing games and demands some real honesty and that Sharon be straight with him.

    When Martin hears that Sonia and Sarah have gone shopping together, his now constant state of panic reaches new heights. He is further unsettled when Pauline invites Sarah to stay for dinner.

    Garry has suspicions that there are ghosts in the house and is distressed when he returns home to find the television on and mysterious ghoulish slime all over the place.

    Meanwhile, Paul is shocked when he discovers what he's been delivering for Andy, and Nana Moon and Spencer are concerned about Alfie.moreless
  • Monday 27th September
    Monday 27th September
    Episode 151
    Continuing her pursuit of Martin, Sarah pays Pauline and Jim a visit to find out more about Sonia. When she learns that Martin is out, she quickly pops round to see the Fowlers and thank Sonia for the help she has given her ... and to pump her for more information about Martin. When he finds out that Sarah has been round to his house, Martin is horrified and panics.

    Alfie reluctantly agrees to let Billy hold his Mr and Mrs quiz night at the Vic but regrets his generosity when Andy makes snide comments about Kat's absence.

    Meanwhile, Zoë invites Dennis to the quiz night but is quick to point out to Sharon that it's for couples only. Ian receives some bad news while he is enjoying a picnic with Jane and Kareena and Mickey come clean about their relationship.moreless
  • Friday 24th September
    Friday 24th September
    Episode 150
    Martin struggles to act normally when Sonia introduces him to a smug Sarah. When Sonia leaves the room, Martin urges Sarah to leave but she refuses, upset that Martin has not told Sonia about her.

    The tension in the room rises when Sarah confides to Sonia that she is depressed because she is waiting for her married boyfriend to get divorced. Martin is convinced that Sarah is mad and tells her so when they're left alone. Sarah, however, has an ultimatum: he can tell Sonia or she will.moreless
  • Thursday 23rd September
    Jane realises that she needs to clear the air with Ian but, feeling rejected, he tells her that he is happy to remain friends. Jane opens up and tells Ian that she has been hiding a secret from him that will affect the way he feels about her.

    Sarah keeps watch on the Fowlers' house and follows Sonia when she goes out to have her nails done. She engineers a meeting between them and Martin is shell-shocked when he comes home to find Sarah and Sonia chatting over drinks.

    Minty panics when he hears that Andy and Sam are expected back from honeymoon and his worries appear to be founded when he receives a visit from two of Andy's heavies.moreless
  • Tuesday 21st September
    Martin arranges a secret meeting with Sarah to try and end things once and for all but she mistakes their rendezvous for a date and Martin eventually loses his temper with her.

    Meanwhile, Ian is impressed when Jane stands up to Rosie, after the pair get into a row about the kids. But when he tells Jane he might be falling in love with her, she panics and flees.moreless
  • Monday 20th September
    Monday 20th September
    Episode 147
    A dejected Minty tells Billy that there is no point in him worrying about Sam any longer - she has made her choice. Billy realises that Minty has feelings for Sam and is shocked that he has gone back on his promise to protect her.

    Meanwhile, the Miller children, Demi and Darren, find themselves in trouble when Rosie discovers that they have been playing truant from school. And when Martin desperately tries to convince Sarah that he does not want a relationship with her, she does not seem to get the message.

    Elsewhere, Ronny loses his DJ gig and, in a moment of madness, makes an error of judgement. And Kat tells Alfie that she needs to give him some space and time to think. With that, she packs her bags and leaves.moreless
  • Friday 17th September
    Friday 17th September
    Episode 146
    Minty enters the church as Sam and Andy walk up the aisle towards him. Devastated that he has arrived too late, he manages to make a dig at Andy, who only threatens him back.

    As the jubilant wedding party returns to Albert Square, Peggy catches sight of Kate and the fireworks begin.The party spirals into chaos and Peggy finally gets wind of Andy's true nature. She threatens that Andy should look after her precious girl or her boys will come after him. Minty urges Peggy to call Phil.moreless
  • Thursday 16th September
    Sam wakes on the morning of her wedding and contemplates the married life ahead of her. Before she can collect her thoughts, however, Peggy arrives home in dramatic fashion and sets about organising everyone and everything. And when she meets the new residents of the Square, she invites them all to the wedding.

    Meanwhile, Billy persuades Minty that he should tell the formidable Peggy the truth about Andy's past. Minty races to the church - but is it too late?moreless
  • Tuesday 14th September
    Sam's nerves begin to kick in and she worries that something might go wrong. Andy is worried when Sam requests full honesty from her future husband and asks if he is after her money. Andy plays yet another game of his own and suggests calling the wedding off. Alfie confronts Kat over her flirting at the bar as well as discussing some of his problems with her, which leads the couple unsure over their future. Elsewhere, Martin ponders wether to tell Sonia the truth about his infidelity.

    Meanwhile, a contented Zoë sleeps in Dennis's bed, as he finds himself outside Sharon's bedroom, unsure of whether he should go in and act on his feelings. After giving in an sharing a lingering kiss with Sharon, Dennis returns to Zoe, still uncertain over what he wants.moreless
  • Monday 13th September
    Monday 13th September
    Episode 143
    Sam receives a last-minute phone call from a relative who is able to come to her wedding. However, news of their arrival worries Andy, who thinks it could lead to trouble for him.

    Minty is dumbstruck when he goes to see Sam and she answers the door in her wedding dress. Unable to control his emotions, he makes Sam a proposal. With two men vying for her attentions, Sam is forced to make a decision.

    Meanwhile, Spencer becomes Ian Beale's protégé but doesn't expect his high-flying career to involve scrubbing the floor.moreless
  • Friday 10th September
    Friday 10th September
    Episode 142
    Rosie is thrilled when the family remember her birthday and present her with flowers and chocolates. Preparations begin in earnest for the barbecue and everyone is invited. Meanwhile, Pauline is annoyed when she discovers that the flowers at Arthur's bench have mysteriously disappeared.

    Most of the Square turn out for the party and Keith is particularly proud of his famous barbecue sauce, concocted specially for the event. However, the sauce proves to have more of an impact than he expected.moreless
  • Thursday 9th September
    Kareena is initially annoyed to find that Sasha has her feet firmly under the table at the Ferreiras but the girls quickly bond and Kareena is soon confiding her innermost secret to the newcomer.

    Mickey is worried that his family's actions are alienating them from the Square's regulars.The last straw comes when Keith decides to confront Dennis after Mickey falls off his ladder while cleaning windows at the club. The family resolves to change the impression people have formed and they plan a big Miller barbecue for Rosie's birthday the following day.

    Elsewhere, Minty seeks advice on women from an unlikely source - Ian Beale - which causes him to head round to Sam's on a mission.moreless
  • Tuesday 7th September
    Tuesday 7th September
    Episode 140
    Relations between the Fowlers and the Millers are strained, to say the least, because of the previous day's incident. Derek steps in to try and make peace but finds himself manipulated by Keith and no closer to a truce.

    Martin spends his day ducking and diving around the market in an attempt to avoid Sarah. She eventually catches up with him and he finally tells her the truth about his marital status.

    Kareena returns to the Square and Mickey is gobsmacked by her sexy transformation. Spencer, meanwhile, is disappointed to find that Kelly has stayed on in Ibiza.moreless
  • Monday 6th September
    Monday 6th September
    Episode 139
    The residents of Walford are immediately wary when the new residents at No. 27, the Millers, burst on to the Square in their battered removal van. The move is far from calm and son Mickey tries to control his unruly rabble of a family as they unpack their belongings amidst noise and chaos.

    Teenage twins, Darren and Demi, quickly run off to discover their new surroundings as dad Keith settles himself in his armchair and supervises the move. Mum Rosie is left to sort things out and matters are made worse with Irish Wolfhound Genghis under her feet. Before long, the kids have created mischief in the market and Rosie becomes convinced that Keith's charms have attracted the attention of the Square's ladies.

    Meanwhile, Martin has to cope with the morning after the night before and is feeling terrible about his actions. He is relieved to find that Spencer and Ronny have sketchy memories of their night out.moreless
  • Friday 3rd September - Double Episode
    Jim, unable to keep his secret any longer, pours out his grief to an assembled crowd in the Vic. It results in a lock-in, and in timehonoured tradition in times of crisis the people of Walford come together to put their own lives into perspective. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Sonia and Pauline put aside their differences in an outpouring of grief for Dot as her life hangs in the balance.

    Elsewhere, the lads of Walford decide upon a belated stag do for Martin. As the revelry gets increasingly raucous, happily married Martin finds that the devotion and loyalty that he feels for his wife is put to the test.moreless
  • Thursday 2nd September
    Ian gets increasingly annoyed when he sees Jane joking with Dennis in the café. His jealousy eventually gets the better of him and he accuses her of being a flirt.

    Sam struggles to find someone willing to be her bridesmaid as not many of the Square's residents approve of her match. Eventually, Andy asks Pat to do them the honour, but to Sam's relief, someone else has already agreed.

    Dot prepares to leave for hospital and writes letters to all of her closest friends, in case anything should go wrong. After an argument with Pauline, Dot realises that she can't hide the truth any longer and reveals all to her devastated best friend.moreless
  • Tuesday 30th August
    Tuesday 30th August
    Episode 136
    Dot and Jim begin to make tentative arrangements for Dot's operation and are stunned when her doctor reveals that they need to call her in immediately. Jim is finding it increasingly hard to cope with the pressure alone and, when he inadvertently finds Dot's will, he confides in Dennis.

    With Den gone, Chrissie is certain that her future doesn't lie in Walford, but Vicki desperately tries to persuade her to stay for the sake of the family.

    Sasha reveals her new boyfriend, Adi, to the astonishment of the other Ferreira boys. Meanwhile, Sam is delighted when Andy sets a date for the wedding.moreless
  • Monday 29th August
    Monday 29th August
    Episode 135
    Dot goes home realising that the time has come to have a serious talk with Jim. However, her plans to gently tell him about her illness go awry when Jim rants about inconsequential things without letting her get a word in. Jim is shocked when Dot shouts him down and tells him the truth.

    Meanwhile, Den also takes control of his life and calls Chrissie. He asks her to come over and talk to him but she is tired of broken promises and making fresh starts and doesn't know whether she wants to see him.moreless
  • Thursday 26th August
    Thursday 26th August
    Episode 134
    Den and Dot bump into one another at the launderette, where they are both seeking solace from their problems. Dot confronts Den with a few home truths about his life and character, forcing him to admit to his mistakes. But when Den discovers that Dot has been concealing her illness, he is shocked that she should dare to confront him when she is a hypocrite and a liar herself.The pair realise that they need to act before it's too late.moreless
  • Tuesday 24th August
    Tuesday 24th August
    Episode 133
    Sharon is frustrated when Den refuses to pay Chrissie a visit. She is certain that his stubbornness is concealing real loneliness. Later, Den gets into several arguments at Angie's Den and Dennis sends him home. Zoë is planning a romantic night for Dennis but Den has some romancing of his own in mind.

    Jim is concerned about Dot's strange behaviour and assumes that she is lonely. He invites Derek to move in with them but Dot is furious to find she has gained a new lodger.

    Sasha decides that Ash's romantic picnic is not quite her idea of a great date but finds her perfect man elsewhere. Meanwhile, Jane and Ian have a huge row and Jane hands in her notice.

    Ian writes her a reference but eventually backs down and asks her to stay. Jane agrees but is nevertheless pleased with the glowing reference.

    She takes it to show a special person she has been keeping secret from her new friends on the Square.moreless
  • Monday 23rd August
    Monday 23rd August
    Episode 132
    Andy confronts Pat when he discovers that she and Den have pulled off a scam at the bookies. He forces her to double-cross Den to get his money back, but Den soon realises that he has been betrayed and his reaction is, predictably, a furious one. Andy however, has an announcement that will further humiliate the great Den Watts.

    Pauline decides to give Martin and Sonia some space and so moves them into the master bedroom.The newlyweds are thrilled until Martin realises that his new bed is the same one on which he was conceived.

    Ronny receives the brush-off from Sasha, so Ash tries his luck, inviting her out on a date.

    Elsewhere, Sharon and Vicki return from holiday and Sharon is upset to discover that Zoë has moved in.moreless
  • Friday 20th August
    Friday 20th August
    Episode 131
    Den persuades Pat to help him scam Andy at the bookies, but Andy soon susses out the situation and resolves to teach Den a lesson he won't forget in a hurry.

    Sonia plans a dinner party with Martin, and Derek agrees to help by keeping Pauline away for the evening. However, when Pauline returns unexpectedly and interferes in the plans, Sonia is furious.

    Tariq invites Sasha out for a drink in the Vic but instead of impressing her, he makes a fool of himself. Sasha can see what he is up to and Tariq ends up being carted home, drunk, by the boys.moreless
  • Thursday 19th August
    Thursday 19th August
    Episode 130
    Ian asks Jane to help him redecorate Bobby's room, and Kate offers to join them, concerned that Jane will feel awkward. But there is tension in the air and, when Kate finally leaves, Ian makes a move to kiss Jane. Jane, however, is surprised at his advance.

    Despite his luck with a lady, Den is still lonely and seeks solace at the bookies'.

    Elsewhere, on what would have been Arthur's 60th birthday, Pauline and Martin share fond memories of him; Dot teaches Sonia how to make her famous sponge, fearing that she might not be around for much longer; and Adi plucks up the courage to ask Sasha out on a date.moreless
  • Tuesday 17th August
    Tuesday 17th August
    Episode 129
    Paul struggles to convince a dubious Ian that he was not responsible for the drugs found at the community centre. Furious, Ian threatens to go to social services but a desperate Patrick steps in, afraid that his fostering dreams will be ruined for ever.

    Den is back to his old tricks and makes a play for Kate. When she rebuffs him, he gets dressed up and heads out to charm the other ladies of Walford.

    Meanwhile, Gus is proud of Juley when he hears about his actions and is pleased when his brother tells him that he will reconsider his decision to work for Andy. Kate suspects that Jane has feelings for Ian, and the Ferreira boys all take a shine to Sasha.moreless
  • Monday 16th August
    Monday 16th August
    Episode 128
    Paul fools Patrick and Yolande into believing that his criminal record won't affect their fostering plans.

    George confides in Juley that he did attack someone in the mini mart and, although shocked, Juley decides to help him escape. However, when George violently confronts Gus, Juley realises he must take action.

    A fuming Ian has words for Derek after his children reveal that they were offered drugs at the community centre.

    Dot realises that she may not have enough time left to go and visit Robbie in India but, unable to tell Jim the real reason, she instead creates India for him at home.moreless
  • Thursday 12th August
    Thursday 12th August
    Episode 127
    Dot's worst fears become reality when she gets the results of her tests. She numbly heads back to the waiting room and lies to a worried Dennis, telling him that things were blown out of proportion and she's all clear. As she gets home, Dot resolves that she is going to go through this ordeal alone.

    Martin and Sonia have an important decision to make in the light of Pauline's shock gesture.

    Gus's feelings of apprehension about Juley's guest appear to be founded when a report concerning a break-in in the Square fits his description.

    Paul is desperate to make it up to Jase and decides to ask him to come back and play for the team. However, Jase proves that he is not to be trusted after Paul gives him the keys to the community centre and he gets involved with some dodgy characters.moreless
  • Wednesday 11th August
    Wednesday 11th August
    Episode 126
    Dot desperately tries to hide her anguish as she goes about her day to day life and concentrates on planning Jim's birthday. She heads off to the hospital to get her test results and the pressure begins to take its toll.

    Martin and Sonia are set to finalise the flat that they want to rent, but a surprise gesture from Pauline causes them to think twice.

    Gus is becoming increasingly suspicious about Juley's guest especially because he is staying in their flat

    Paul is forced to drop Jase from the basketball team after the other players refuse to play with him.moreless
  • Tuesday 10th August
    Tuesday 10th August
    Episode 125
    Dot sneaks away from the Square for her hospital appointment, telling Jim she is off to find him a birthday present. When Dennis checks up on her, he can't believe that she is still concealing her illness.

    Jase annoys the rest of the basketball team when he shows off his skills to Paul. Paul is left to cope with the youngster when he is later shunned by the rest of the team.

    A surprise visit leaves Juley delighted, however Gus is dubious about the new arrival.moreless
  • Monday 9th August
    Monday 9th August
    Episode 124
    Den gets increasingly furious about the continual phone messages that he's taking for Chrissie. Feeling as if he's being taunted, things get worse when Dennis moves Zoe in. To keep himself occupied and to reassert his bachelor status, Den arranges a boy's card game. However, Den is left disappointed when Dennis and Andy both leave to see their women and he is left alone.

    Sonia is struggling to keep her patience at Pauline's and is desperate for her and Martin to get a place of their own, Martin is reluctant and doesn't want to upset Pauline. Things are taken out of his hands however when Pauline finds details that Sonia has collected about flat lettings.

    Dot is terrified about her forthcoming treatment, however continues to keep her worries to herself.

    Paul bonds with the basketball team as they attempt to raise cash for new kits. He holds a pool competition that is a real hit and he starts to revel in his success.moreless
  • Friday 6th August
    Friday 6th August
    Episode 123
    Zoe is secretly delighted when a confrontation between Dennis and Andy escalates. Later, Dennis realises that he has seen another side to the youngest Slater sister and considers his options again.

    Martin tries his best to build bridges between Pauline and Sonia but, after constant interference from Pauline, Sonia tells Martin she has had enough.

    Kate dismisses Den's advances and attempts to make up with Ian. She is surprised to see that he is not angry with her and they begin to rebuild their friendship. Kate suggests the type of woman Ian needs to be with, and unbeknown to him, there is someone in the Square who meets all the criteria.

    Paul is late for his first practice as trainer of the basketball team. At first he does not take it seriously, but soon realises he needs to be committed, and together with Derek comes up with a fundraising idea.moreless
  • Thursday 5th August
    Thursday 5th August
    Episode 122
    Kat and Zoe head back to the Square after their night in the cells. Zoe is absolutely furious about the news she has heard and sets off to find someone in particular with confrontation in mind.

    Dot finally receives her results from the surgeon and her hopes are shattered by the news. While the doctor is positive about her chances, Dot fears the worst.

    Elsewhere, the Ferreiras help Sasha get her belongings back from the her pervious employers at the pole-dancing club; and Sonia is forced to bite her tongue when Pauline is unappreciative of her efforts to help around the house. Pauline berates Den for leaving Chrissie, and Den is furious that she can see through his blasé exterior.moreless
  • Tuesday 3rd August
    Tuesday 3rd August
    Episode 121
    Kat and Zoe spend the night in police cells after the fracas in Angie's Den. They have a heart-to-heart talk and Kat reveals some news that shocks Zoe.

    With Sharon and Vicki away, and Zoe in the cells, Den instigates some male bonding with Dennis. However, Den has an ulterior motive and some manipulation in mind.moreless
  • Monday 2nd August
    Monday 2nd August
    Episode 120
    Den is feeling isolated from the rest of the Watts as he stubbornly refuses to try to make amends with Chrissie. The girls are keen to see her and are angry at Den's behaviour. Den's day gets worse when he walks into a confrontation with Ian and ends up telling Ian that Kate is out of his league.

    Meanwhile, Zoe is despondent after she fails to convince Dennis that she should move in. Kat decides to cheer her up and takes her out on a girlie night out that goes horribly wrong.

    Paul is nervous about the impending visit from a social worker regarding Patrick and Yolande's fostering. The social worker is impressed when he volunteers to supervise a local children's basketball team with Derek.

    Martin and Sonia plan a cosy night in together with a video but Sonia is exasperated when Pauline joins them.moreless
  • Friday 30th July
    Friday 30th July
    Episode 119
    After discovering the truth about Den, Chrissie is absolutely furious but knows that she must be cool and calculating as she sets out to plot her revenge.

    Dennis accompanies Dot to her first set of tests at the hospital. She comes out shaken and Dennis realises that something is seriously wrong, despite Dot's assurances to the contrary.

    Meanwhile, Vicki discovers that she has been accepted on to the fashion course.moreless
  • Thursday 29th July
    Thursday 29th July
    Episode 118
    Chrissie's suspicions are roused when Ian probes Kate about her new man. Chrissie becomes convinced that Kate is Den's mistress and sets about collating evidence.

    Patrick is quickly put at ease by the social worker in his solo interview and his initial dread subsides. However, he begins to worry when he learns that Paul's past may affect his and Yolande's chances of fostering.

    Meanwhile, Sasha appreciates Adi's support and decides to make up for ruining his important new business contact, and Vicki is pleased to find that Pauline and Chrissie have finished her Fashion College project.moreless
  • Tuesday 27th July
    Tuesday 27th July
    Episode 117
    Den tells Chrissie that he is not seeing anyone else but she is still suspicious. Kate is put into an awkward situation when Chrissie reveals her heartache and anger over Den's affair, which leads her to make a important decision.

    Pat gives the Ferreira boys some advice on running their ailing cab firm and puts them in touch with a contact who promises to reward them with some much-needed business.

    Adi gets the opportunity to impress the potential new client, but things go wrong when he has to help a friend in trouble.

    Vicki's dreams of becoming a fashion designer are jeopardised when she is struck down by the flu. When she is unable to finish her first project, Pauline and Chrissie step in to save the day.moreless
  • Monday 26th July
    Monday 26th July
    Episode 116
    Den is forced to comfort Kate as she struggles to cope with sharing him with Chrissie who, oblivious to Den's whereabouts, has arranged a surprise dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Den faces a dilemma and has to choose between his wife and his emotional mistress.

    Garry pays no heed to Minty and Charlie's concern at his increasingly erratic behaviour. Charlie's concern turns to anger when Garry crosses the line, but he softens when Garry reveals his torment.

    Meanwhile, the Ferrairas are disappointed with the profits from their first day of running the cab firm business; and Vicki passes an interview at a fashion college with Chrissie's help.moreless
  • Friday 23rd July
    Friday 23rd July
    Episode 115
    Patrick is heartbroken when he hears that Anthony and Paul are preparing to leave Walford again.The Vic regulars mock Paul when they hear about his plans but his determination doesn't waver.

    Anthony decides it's time to sit down and have a heart to heart with his brother, which leads Paul to make an important decision.

    Dennis decides to follow Dot to the hospital to lend her some moral support. Her spirits are raised when she sees him and, together, they wait nervously for her test results.

    Ian is interested in the identity of Kate's mystery man and asks Den to help him find out more.moreless
  • Thursday 22nd July
    Thursday 22nd July
    Episode 114
    Ian is convinced that he is being sent positive vibes when Kate agrees to help with Bobby's birthday celebrations.With his confidence riding high, Ian makes a pass at her. Kate is appalled and informs a humiliated Ian that she already has a man.

    Yolande is thrilled when her wedding dream becomes a reality and Patrick is delighted to receive some surprise visitors of his own for the ceremony.

    Garry insists that he is fine and is looking forward to recapturing his old life. Minty, however, can see through this brave front and realises that Garry is not facing the truth.moreless
  • Tuesday 20th July
    Tuesday 20th July
    Episode 113
    Kat is surprised when she hears about Sam and Andy's engagement and vows to tell Sam that she is making a terrible mistake. Sam, however, is convinced that Andy is a changed man and refuses to heed Kat's warning.

    Minty heads for the Arches to pay Garry a visit but can't believe the scene that awaits him. He acts on instinct, quickly overcoming his feelings of shock and panic, to save the day.

    Dot confides in Dennis about her recent doctor's visit and he is further concerned to learn that she has been referred to a specialist.moreless
  • Monday 19th July
    Monday 19th July
    Episode 112
    Garry sinks further into a state of depression, despite the support and advice offered by Charlie and Mo. Feeling alone, and faced with the realisation of his divorce and a future without Lynne, Garry breaks down.

    Minty is concerned that Andy is taking advantage of Sam when he boasts about holding bigger shares in her businesses. He nervously broaches the issue with Sam, but things don't go to plan. She confuses Minty's concern with jealousy and reiterates that they will only ever be friends.

    Attempting to gain control of his life, Billy applies for a job at the video shop. He is left betrayed, though, when a friend is offered the position.

    Meanwhile, Kate continues to help care for Ian, unaware that he is faking his injury. Jane advises Ian to be truthful but the warning comes too late.moreless
  • Friday 16th July
    Friday 16th July
    Episode 111
    Den agrees to meet Kate at Angie's Den where he receives a tirade of abuse. However, the situation reverses and Kate is left shocked when Den angrily tells her the true nature of their affair. Just as things look like they couldn't get any worse, Den hears Chrissie coming into the Club.

    Ian has no option but to come clean when Jane catches him out of his wheelchair. He reveals that he got carried away with the deception in an attempt to get closer to Kate. Jane is disheartened and is forced to bury her own feelings for Ian.moreless
  • Thursday 15th July
    Thursday 15th July
    Episode 110
    Kate is secretly seething when Chrissie happily boasts about the Watts' new-found wealth and happiness. She realises that Den has been lying to her about the sale of the flat and determines to confront him and demand the truth.

    After a dangerous and potentially fatal accident in the Cafe, a furious Jane walks out on Ian, leaving him to fend with unhappy customers alone. Having calmed down, she eventually returns and can't believe her eyes.

    Andy sets Pat a test on her first day at the bookies to see if she can resist the lure of temptation.moreless
  • Tuesday 13th July
    Tuesday 13th July
    Episode 109
    Mickey and Mo are gleeful when they manage to persuade Charlie to hold a race night at the Vic. Both are convinced that they can earn a fortune from this latest scam. However, Pat is suspicious when they keep picking the winning horses and, as the night progresses she steps in to reveal their deception.

    Den is initially thrilled when he hears that the flat in Spain has finally sold but his jubilation is short-lived. Chrissie surprises him by deciding that they should combine their cash now that she is staying in Walford for good. Kate, meanwhile is becoming increasingly impatient and reminds Den that she won't be strung along for much longer.

    Dennis becomes concerned about Dot's health when Jim lets slip that she hasn't been eating. Worried that this could signal something serious, Dennis arranges an appointment with the doctor and forces a reluctant Dot to go for tests.moreless
  • Monday 12th July
    Monday 12th July
    Episode 108
    After a relaxing break abroad, Pat returns to the Square and received a shock when she discovers that Jane has taken over in the Cafe. Initially perturbed, she quickly bonds with the feisty newcomer, and together they prove more than a match for Ian.

    Den continues to court the affections of both Chrissie and Kate and sneaks out to present Kate with a romantic gift. With Chrissie on the prowl, he's forced to hide the gift but the situation becomes even more complicated; Chrissie finds a hidden necklace and assumes it's intended for her.

    Elsewhere, Andy warns Minty to stay out of matters that don't concern him and a shaken Minty tells Billy that he had better watch his back as well.moreless
  • Friday 9th July
    Friday 9th July
    Episode 107
    Andy has a strategy which he knows will reel Sam in and so he pours his heart out to her. Having confessed his sins, and win Sam convinced that everyone is wrong about Andy, he realises that the time is right and presents her with a proposal.

    Meanwhile, Den is faced with the dinner party from hell and is forced to engineer a row with Chrissie in order to convince Kate that his marriage is failing.moreless
  • Thursday 8th July
    Thursday 8th July
    Episode 106
    When Minty tells Billy about an accident he's had at the garage, Billy realises that there is a more sinister explanation. Defiant that he can rival Andy, Billy boasts that he is going to take him on by telling Sam some home truths. However, he doesn't anticipate the surprise Andy has up his sleeve.

    Meanwhile, Patrick and Yolande are left disappointed following a visit from their social worker; and Den is feeling anxious when he hears that Chrissie has invited Ian and Kate over for a friendly dinner party.moreless
  • Tuesday 6th July
    Tuesday 6th July
    Episode 105
    Billy and Minty begin to suspect that something has happened between Andy and Alfie. Alfie naively alerts Andy to these suspicions, with dangerous consequences.

    Chrissie and Sharon become closer when they have a heart-to-heart, in which Sharon opens up about Dennis.

    Martin and Sonia receive an unexpected surprise from the residents of Albert Square, and Dot attempts to speak to Dr Leroy about her health worries.

    Despite Yolande's deep religious beliefs, she and Patrick decide on a register office wedding.

    Charlie offers to stand in for Kat and Alfie at the pub while they go away.moreless
  • Monday 5th July
    Monday 5th July
    Episode 104
    Billy stumbles across a surprising discovery about the snooker hall. Minty also learns something of his own: Lynne may not be coming back to the Square at all, news that might make Garry more depressed than he is already.

    Kate, meanwhile, is having second thoughts about her secret affair with Den; and Alfie plans a break with Kat, leaving Maxwell to take care of Spencer and Nana.

    Jane makes a good impression at the Cafe, despite her lack of cooking experience. In contrast, Dot isn't touching food. Jim isn't overly concerned, putting it down to Dot's usual hypochondria. However, she is secretly convinced that it is more serious.moreless
  • Friday 2nd July
    Friday 2nd July
    Episode 103
    The Square's residents rally round Lynne in the wake of Viv's funeral, but she is finding it hard to control her grief. Garry catches her preparing to leave and tries desperately to persuade her to stay.

    Ian is nervous when Pauline takes him home but just as things begin to get uncomfortable, Kate arrives in the nick of time to save the day.

    Sonia is sad to discover that Jack had no family or friends and sets about organising a proper send-off with the residents of Albert Square.

    Elsewhere, Den tries to arrange a meeting with Kate but she brushes off his advances.moreless
  • Thursday 1st July
    Thursday 1st July
    Episode 102
    Patrick is furious and has serious words with Juley, giving him with an ultimatium; Garry becomes increasingly worried about Lynne; and Ian is embarrased about having Pauline as his live-in help.

    Sonia is upset over Jack's death and the residents gather in the Vic to raise a toast to him. And Sharon is forced into an awkward situation when Zoe backs her into a corner to ask for advice about Dennis.moreless
  • Tuesday 29th June
    Tuesday 29th June
    Episode 101
    Sonia is concerned when Jack, a regular, doesn't show up at the pub. With Martin's help, she tracks him down but makes a shocking discovery at his flat.

    Meanwhile, Gus, sickened by Juley's actions, turns to Patrick for help, and Zoe has second thoughts about dumping Dennis and sets about winning him back. She's successful and the pair make up for lost time - though Zoe soon realises that her feelings are stronger than his.

    Charlie and Garry desperately try to help Lynne come to terms with her loss but she refuses their offers. And Ian receives shocking news from the hospital: he'll need live-in help when he goes home. He panics but receives an interesting offer from Pauline.moreless
  • Monday 28th June
    Monday 28th June
    Episode 100
    As Lynne and Garry try to come to terms with their tragic loss, the Slaters become increasingly worried about Lynne's wellbeing. Garry's attempts to help her recover backfire, fuelling the Slaters' concerns.

    Sharon is shocked by Dennis's confession and, struggling to keep her composure, she has an important decision to make.

    Ian is in hospital with a broken leg and collar bone, but is delighted when he receives a visit from a new lady friend, much to Pauline's disapproval.

    Meanwhile, Billy's job prospects look bleak; and news from Sam looks set to bring welcome relief to the Ferreira clan.moreless
  • Friday 25th June
    Friday 25th June
    Episode 99
    The Square is a mess in the aftermath of the accident at the fair, and people begin to wonder how it happened; the finger of blame soon points to one person. Following the recent events, Sonia reconsiders her job prospects.

    Andy's plan to stir up trouble between Kat and Alfie backfires and he's left looking like a fool. After Alfie and Kat have a serious heart to heart, the future of the couple's marriage is decided.

    Just when Garry and Lynne are relieved to get good news about the baby, things take a sudden turn for the worse and tragedy strikes. Devastated, Garry realises he could lose them both.moreless
  • Thursday 24th June
    Thursday 24th June
    Episode 98
    Panic sets in after the accident at the fair. Screams can be heard from the debris as it becomes clear the extent of damage the rides caused as the fell onto the square. It's a race against the clock to save the people trapped.

    Kat stays with Spencer to keep him from going into shock from his injuries. When he reveals something to Kat, she's left feeling heartbroken.

    Ian is heavily injured under one of the rides with several children. Pauline and Dot remain trapped under the car lot as residents rush to get them out.

    Gary and Charlie discover Lynne motionless under the wreakage and assume she is dead. When she comes around they realise the situation is just as bad and race her to the hospital fearing for her unborn baby's life.moreless
  • Tuesday 22nd June
    Tuesday 22nd June
    Episode 97
    After some encouragement by Sharon, Dennis finally goes to find Zoë. During a heart to heart, Zoë declares her love for Dennis and he eventually reveals his true feelings.

    Meanwhile, Pauline and Dot's friendship looks bleak after the pair have a bitter row; Lynne tells Garry the sex of their baby; and a petty row with a punter leaves Ian with a new member of staff at the café.

    Everyone is happily enjoying the celebrations at the fair, unaware that disaster is about to strike.

    Spencer, realising that Alfie has left, panics and tries desperately to contact him. As he leaves a message on Alfie's phone, Andy listens in and is pleased to hear the news. Choked with emotion and unable to tell Kat the truth, Spencer flees to one of the rides.

    As the square begins to fill up with residents and children on the fair rides, disaster strikes, plummiting the square into panic.moreless
  • Monday 21st June
    Monday 21st June
    Episode 96
    As Alfie makes preparations to leave the Vic for good, Spencer desperately tries to persuade him to stay but, with Alfie as determined as he is, it looks unlikely to work.

    Kat confides in Lynne about her marriage problems.

    The Square is buzzing as the residents are busily preparing for the fair. This provides the perfect opportunity for Den to distract Chrissie and Vicki while he arranges a secret date with Kate. However, Sharon is suspicious that her dad is up to his old tricks again.

    Zoë is excited about her and Dennis's seven-week anniversary, but her hopes are dashed when Dennis makes a public display towards Sharon.

    Before Martin and Sonia leave for their honeymoon, Sonia drops a bombshell on Dot and Pauline which leaves the two women fuming.moreless
  • Friday 18th June - Double Episode
    Den reassures Chrissie that she is the only woman for him. However, as soon as she is out of earshot, he's back on his mobile making mystery calls. Chrissie listens in secret and follows Den on his date, with dramatic results.

    An increasingly desperate Kat searches the Square for Alfie, worried that he has disappeared. She finally finds him but his feelings haven't changed and Kat is obviously distressed.Andy takes pleasure in telling Alfie that he will never be able to think of Kat in the same way again, and Alfie feels sick, knowing it's true.

    Elsewhere, Dot and Pauline prepare for the centenary fair, and Sonia leaves Martin gobsmacked with a surprise announcement about her career.

    The Square gathers to say goodbye to Kareena and Kelly, who are excited about their trip to sunnier climes. Spencer, however, is upset to be losing Kelly and puts on a brave face for her sake.moreless
  • Wednesday 16th June
    Wednesday 16th June
    Episode 94
    Nana catches Alfie asleep in the living room and knows something is very wrong. She urges Alfie to sort things out but he is feeling increasingly inadequate, especially when Andy flashes the cash from his latest business venture in The Vic.

    Chrissie finds Den murmuring into his mobile phone and is immediately suspicious, but he comes up with an excuse. She decides to set a trap to catch him out and uncover the truth once and for all.

    The Ferreira boys are fired with fresh hope as they discuss ideas for their new taxi firm. However, they are shocked when Kareena tells them her news.moreless
  • Monday 14th June
    Monday 14th June
    Episode 93
    With everyone else in the Fowler household the picture of domestic bliss, Sonia struggles to maintain good humour. She seeks refuge with Dot and Jim and learns that Dot is jealous that she is living with Pauline.

    Meanwhile, Spencer, Kelly and Kareena all prepare for their interviews to become club reps. Kareena is dismayed to find that she's got the dress code wrong, while Spencer struggles to overcome his nerves.

    Den makes a call to his mystery woman to invite her out for a walk; Chrissie is becoming increasingly suspicious.

    Kat suggests that she and Alfie get some help to talk through their problems but Alfie hides his feelings so as not to upset Nana.moreless
  • Friday 11th June
    Friday 11th June
    Episode 92
    Sonia receives a surprise visitor who is shocked to find that he's missed the main event. Keen to please Martin, Sonia makes Pauline a promise that should make her happy.

    At the Vic, Kat desperately asks Alfie what she can do to make things right but he doesn't know himself.

    Elsewhere, Kelly has had enough of seeing Zoë put Dennis before the business and decides to apply for a new job. Mickey and Mo plan yet another dodgy scam and the Ferreiras move into their new flat.moreless
  • Thursday 10th June
    Thursday 10th June
    Episode 91
    Sonia and Martin decide whether or not to have a big, white, Walford wedding.

    Elsewhere, Mickey and Mo are thrilled that their new venture has made them rich, and Kat tries to seduce Alfie but doesn't get the result she had hoped for.
  • Tuesday 8th June
    Tuesday 8th June
    Episode 90
    Martin and Sonia's wedding day dawns and the couple are excited about their impending nuptials. However, Jim arrives at the hotel and Sonia issues him with an ultimatum. Meanwhile, Martin is beginning to worry about Pauline.

    Back at Albert Square, Dot and Pauline try to stay positive and, confident that Jim will convince the couple to return for the ceremony, they push ahead with the arrangements.

    Elsewhere, Kat breaks down and confides in Zoë; and Mickey gets stuck up a ladder as a result of his latest business venture with Mo.moreless
  • Monday 7th June
    Monday 7th June
    Episode 89
    Martin and Sonia awake together in a hotel room. They are both initially pleased that they have eloped but their happiness soon gives way to guilt when they worry about whether they have done the right thing.

    Meanwhile, Kat wakes in tears, hearing the bedroom door shut as Alfie leaves the room. She plucks up the courage to ask Alfie if they are okay. Although he says that things are fine, his actions tell a different story and Kat is worried.

    At the Slaters', Adi is left feeling slightly uncomfortable by Mo's incessant flirting; and elsewhere, Ian makes a new purchase and Pat decides on a journey.moreless
  • Friday 4th June
    Friday 4th June
    Episode 88
    Dot and Pauline fuss over the wedding rehearsal and bliss soon gives way to bickering as the two fight over blue garters and necklaces.

    Pat is distraught to find that she has been taken in by a conman. She goes straight to the police station but gets more help when she confides in Den.moreless
  • Thursday 3rd June
    Thursday 3rd June
    Episode 87
    A radiant Nana puts her doubts aside and waits for her prospective husband. Alfie returns with the groom - but the news he brings is unexpected.

    Word spreads around the Square about the Ferreiras's eviction and, in a show of community spirit, Dot and Mo take them in.

    Meanwhile, when Den heads off to a posh restaurant to meet his mystery lunch date, Chrissie sneaks out to follow him.moreless
  • Tuesday 1st June
    Tuesday 1st June
    Episode 86
    The big day dawns and Nana begins to get the jitters, worrying that she is betraying her first husband by remarrying. Alfie is also worried, but for a different reason - Wilfred is nowhere to be found. As Nana waits at the altar, Alfie goes on a frantic search for the groom.

    The Ferreiras barricade themselves in as they wait for the bailiffs to arrive. Adi sneaks out because he knows it's their last chance to try to get a mortgage.

    And Den makes secret calls to attempt to reach his mystery woman.moreless
  • Monday 31st May
    Monday 31st May
    Episode 85
    Alfie steps in when Wilfred refuses to take Nana away on honeymoon and marches him straight to the travel agents.

    Elsewhere, Chrissie snoops around and finds Den's diary. Flicking through it, she finds some numbers that could prove to be interesting.

    Meanwhile, at the Queen Vic, Kat is shocked when Dennis kisses Zoë in front of all the regulars. Ronny and Tariq come up with a plan to confuse the bailiffs and Dot plans the wedding reception in The Vic.moreless
  • Friday 28th May
    Friday 28th May
    Episode 84
    Alfie and Kat struggle to put on a normal front in the Vic but, in private, the cracks are starting to show.Vicki celebrates her birthday and revels in the attention as everyone spoils her on her special day. All prepare for the party at Angie's Den and Zoe, in particular, pays special attention to her appearance. Meanwhile, Dennis asks Sharon if she minds him seeing Zoe.Chrissie is suspicious when Den shows up late for the party and is sure that her worst fears have been confirmed.Ian waits for the results of his DNA test, and Pat considers a business proposition to manage the car lot.moreless
  • Thursday 27th May
    Thursday 27th May
    Episode 83
    Kat and Alfie put on a united front as they face Andy for the first time.At the Fowlers', wedding preparations are under way but the vicar's visit leads to yet another row between Pauline and Dot. Just when it seems things couldn't get worse, the pair discover they have matching outfits.Sharon resents the speed at which Chrissie has settled into the family, especially when she takes Vicki shopping for her 18th birthday. However, Chrissie has some worries of her own when Den makes some secret phone calls.Meanwhile, the record attempts continue as Juley tries to persuade Gus to eat the hottest curry in the country.moreless
  • Tuesday 25th May
    Tuesday 25th May
    Episode 82
    Alfie is devastated as he learns of Kat's infidelity with Andy. Kat arrives home and is shocked to discover that he knows.She pleads with Alfie to let her explain and they have a heartbreakingly honest discussion that leads them both to confront the skeletons in their cupboards.
  • Monday 24th May
    Monday 24th May
    Episode 81
    Alfie returns and while Kat is delighted to have him home she is desperately concerned that Andy has the power to ruin her marriage. True to form, Andy waits until she is out and pays Alfie a visit - with shocking consequences.While Ian is delighted to be looking on Bobby, he is struggling to cope with him. Reluctantly, he calls on Garry who is more than happy to help.Ash receives a letter from the bailiffs giving the family a week to vacate their house.Meanwhile, Juley convinces Gus that it would be a good idea for them to try and break a world record.moreless
  • Friday 21st May
    Friday 21st May
    Episode 80
    A frantic Ian heads over to the Slaters' house to tell Garry that they need to take a DNA test. Garry is convinced that he is Bobby's dad but is reluctant to take the test. However, Ian is determined and together they head for the doctors' surgery to find out who really is the father. In her quest to impress Dennis, Zoe gets herself a sophisticated new haircut and heads over to the club in a stunning dress. Meanwhile, Den arranges to meet a business partner and Chrissie is suspicious.moreless
  • Thursday 20th May
    Thursday 20th May
    Episode 79
    Ian refuses to believe that Bobby could be his child because of his operation. However, he hears a few home truths from Den that leave him with doubts. Spencer and Kelly are trapped in the office at Angie's Den and the time together makes them reassess their feelings for each other.moreless
  • Monday 17th May
    Monday 17th May
    Episode 77
    Alfie is thrilled that he has finally paid Andy off, but Kat is feeling overcome with her secret guilt and shame. Meanwhile, Garry tells Pat that he and Lynne are considering adopting Bobby. She is horrified by the news, but doesn't know what to say. Pauline gets carried away with wedding preparations and Martin reminds her that Sonia's family will want to get involved as well. Elsewhere, Vicki prepares a romantic lunch at Angie's Den and sets up an unassuming Kelly and Spencer on a date.moreless
  • Friday 14th May
    Friday 14th May
    Episode 76
    Kat pleads with Andy not to force her to sleep with him but he says there is no other way. She is sickened and disgusted - with Andy and with herself - but realises that it may be the only option. Kat is facing one of the biggest decisions of her life. Pat tries to persuade Ian to go to Laura's funeral but he refuses, mindful of how badly he treated her when she was alive. And Zoe is distraught when Dennis doesn't get in contact with her.moreless
  • Thursday 13th May
    Thursday 13th May
    Episode 75
    Kat's plan to foil Andy backfires and she is forced to consider his offer seriously. Chrissie starts working at SophistiKates as a hairdresser and is helped out by Den, who encourages people to visit the salon. After everything that has happened the past year, Natalie decides to leave the square after a final goodbye to Paul.moreless
  • Tuesday 11th May
    Tuesday 11th May
    Episode 74
    Alfie tries to get a loan to pay Andy, but it is Kat who is the more terrified when she realises it is she who must pay. Ash continues to gamble, once again in the full grip of addiction and wins big. His luck soon changes, though, and he faces losing it all. After taking advice from Kelly, Zoe decides to make a move on one of Walford's bad boys.moreless
  • Monday 10th May
    Monday 10th May
    Episode 73
    As Andy's threats to Alfie and Kat escalate, both, separately, consider selling valued items in a bid to pay him off. However, it seems money is not the only thing Andy is interested in. Paul is keen to make amends for the hurt he has caused Natalie, who makes a discovery in Janine's empty house.moreless
  • Friday 7th May
    Friday 7th May
    Episode 72
    Desperate to save her skin, Janine pleads first with Pat and then with Paul to help her. Both are unsympathetic to her plight and determined that justice will finally be done. Janine frantically packs her suitcase as police cars close in on the Square.Alfie hands over a full weekly payment to Andy but his relief is short-lived when Andy's demands increase. Meanwhile, there is a celebration in Walford as a jubilant Sonia and Martin spread the word about their engagement.moreless
  • Thursday 6th May
    Thursday 6th May
    Episode 71
    Janine swaggers back into the Square, confident that she can talk Pat round. She announces to all in the Vic that she is out on bail and is frankly surprised at everyone's sudden concern for Laura.Sonia celebrates her 19th birthday and Martin is acting mysteriously. He arranges a meeting with Jim where he pours out his fears about holding Sonia back in life. Jim tells him to have faith as he realises that Martin is gearing up to ask his granddaughter an important question.moreless
  • Tuesday 4th May
    Tuesday 4th May
    Episode 70
    Stunned at her predicament, Janine allows herself to be led to Walford Police Station. The officers waste no time in charging her on suspicion of murder and a shocked Janine realises that she has been trapped.Vicki and Sharon playfully deliberate the identity of Den's mystery woman. Den finally introduces her as his wife, Chrissie, and both girls are upset at his deceit.Meanwhile, Spencer's jealousy gets the better of him and he lashes out at Dennis.moreless
  • Monday 3rd May
    Monday 3rd May
    Episode 69
    The Police pay Walford's residents a visit following Laura's suspicious death. Ian and Garry are both asked to help with their enquiries. Janine seems to enjoy revelling in others' misery and has a spring clean, throwing out all of Barry's things. Pat can tolerate Janine no longer and takes her revenge.Den meets up with his mystery woman, offering her money that he knows he hasn't got. Relying on his charms, Den is convinced that he can persuade her to stay and manipulate the situation to his advantage.moreless
  • Friday 30th April
    Friday 30th April
    Episode 68
    Pat rushes home to find Laura sobbing and hysterical. She soothes her as much as she can and then pays Janine a visit, pleading with her to leave Laura alone. However, Janine turns her vicious tongue on Pat and leaves her stunned by confessing the truth about Barry. At Laura's flat, Laura is at her lowest with no money and few friends. When she hears a knock at the door she races to open it, desperate for some company. But in her haste, tragedy strikes and Pat returns home shocked to find Laura lying at the bottom of the stairs. Meanwhile, Den takes his mystery woman to the B&B to talk and, as they argue, it becomes clear that they have shared a past. Chrissie accuses Den of taking money and leaving her. It is apparent that she knows nothing of the Watts family and is shocked when Patrick mentions that Den has a daughter.moreless
  • Monday 26th April
    Monday 26th April
    Episode 68
    Laura receives a visit from the benefits agency and is forced to confess that she worked a shift at the Queen Vic. Furious that she has been accused of fraud, she suspects that Janine has shopped her and they have yet another venomous argument. Meanwhile, Ian seeks advice on women from Den and later asks Kate out; and Minty is mortified about acting on his feelings for Sam.moreless
  • Thursday 29th April
    Thursday 29th April
    Episode 67
    When Janine flaunts her date - a handsome businessman - at Angie's Den's opening night, Laura takes the opportunity to tell him about Janine's sordid past. On the receiving end for once, Janine leaves the club in tears but vows revenge. She follows Laura home and confronts her. Den receives a shock when a mystery woman arrives at the club; he steers her away from his family. Meanwhile, Zoe dresses to impress and Dennis is her target.moreless
  • Friday 23rd April
    Friday 23rd April
    Episode 67
    Pauline and Martin attend the reading of Mark's will and find that he has taken care of friends and family alike. Both are touched by his gestures and it brings them closer together. Andy puts increasing pressure on Alfie, and Kat decides that it is time to step in. Meanwhile, an optimistic Alfie puts all his faith in a St George's Day celebration at the Queen Vic to raise money.moreless
  • Tuesday 27th April
    Tuesday 27th April
    Episode 66
    Pat lifts Laura's spirits by finding her work at the MinuteMart. However, Janine is reluctant to see Laura succeed and, by the end of the day, vicious rumours leave Laura out of work again. Desperate, and at her lowest, Laura attacks Janine in the street but comes off worst. Janine gloats as Laura is left crying in the gutter. The pressure is on for the Watts family as they count down to the re-opening of the club. Den leaves his children in charge but things go from bad to worse when the water supply to the Square is cut. Meanwhile, Spencer thinks he has a date with Zoe, and Sam is finding things awkward with Minty.moreless
  • Thursday 22nd April
    Thursday 22nd April
    Episode 66
    The Square's residents join together to say their last goodbye to Mark as the day of his funeral dawns. Martin is defiant in refusing to speak at the service, bitter because Mark did not leave him a letter. However, Sonia urges Martin to reconsider and show everyone how much he loved his brother. In a touching service, Martin courageously steps up and encourages everyone to celebrate Mark's life.Alfie assures Kat that he can handle Andy. However, Andy has turned the situation to his advantage and re-issues his ultimatum to Kat.moreless
  • Tuesday 20th April
    Tuesday 20th April
    Episode 65
    Kat is distraught to find Alfie battered and bruised and does not believe his story about how it happened. Increasingly concerned about his debt repayment, Alfie calls Andy to the pub. However, he does not realise that Andy is manipulating the situation and Kat gets a shock. Spencer is convinced that improving his body is the way to attract Zoë and seeks tips from Dennis. Laura and Janine continue their bitter feud as they trade insults in the Queen Vic but, for once, it is Laura with the upper hand.moreless
  • Monday 19th April
    Monday 19th April
    Episode 64
    Den assures Sharon that family life is back to normal, but Dennis is convinced that he has blown things with Sharon and will never really be accepted into the family. Andy returns to the Square and wastes no time in giving Dennis an unsavoury order. He wants Alfie to receive a reminder that he is back in Walford and is not to be messed with. Elsewhere, Pauline receives another blow when a call from America confirms that Michelle will not be returning for Mark's funeral. Meanwhile, Martin takes his role as man of the Fowler house seriously by handling all of the necessary arrangements.moreless
  • Friday 16th April
    Friday 16th April
    Episode 63
    As Pauline comes to terms with her loss, Martin lashes out at her and Derek. He can't believe that Pauline kept Mark's illness from him and his cutting comments leave his distraught mother inconsolable. Meanwhile, Yolande tells Patrick that she can't marry someone who so obviously doesn't love her. Patrick realises that it's time to show her how he feels and he needs to do it publicly.moreless
  • Thursday 15th April
    Thursday 15th April
    Episode 62
    Shocked and numb, Martin tells Sonia that Mark is dead. He can't bring himself to believe it's true and forces Sonia to ring Mark's care worker for confirmation.As they both struggle to comprehend such devastating news, they realise that they have a terrible task ahead: Pauline needs to be told.
  • Tuesday 13th April
    Tuesday 13th April
    Episode 61
    Pauline learns the truth about Derek's friend and is left alone when the two men go out to dinner to catch up. Meanwhile, Patrick and Jim drown their sorrows at the local pub as they lament about how neither can fathom women and their whims. Back at the holiday camp, Dot and Yolande find themselves having the same conversation but decide to give their spouses another chance. However, the nectar continues to flow at the pub and, as Jim falls asleep on a fairground ride, Dot gets an unexpected shock. Martin plans a surprise meal for Sonia but, as he waits patiently for her to return, the food burns. He is upset to hear from Spencer that Sonia is having dinner with friends at the curry house. Stunned, he goes to confront her and a blazing row ensues and they decide to end their relationship. However, a phone call late that night brings Martin some terrible news. With nowhere else to turn, and in need of support, he finds Sonia.moreless
  • Monday 12th April
    Monday 12th April
    Episode 60
    A nervous Patrick shows Paul the ring that he's bought for Yolande. However, unbeknown to him, Yolande overhears his conversation and excitedly confides in Dot. However, she is soon heartbroken when Patrick's proposal comes across as a passionless business proposition, rather than a romantic declaration. As everybody arrives for their holiday camp break, spirits are high. Pauline finds herself making eye contact with a handsome stranger and Derek is surprised to come across a face from his past. Back in the Square, Martin looks forward to spending quality time with Sonia, away from the prying presence of their respective families.moreless
  • Friday 9th April
    Friday 9th April
    Episode 59
    Dot steps into the middle of the Watts' feud with some words of wisdom for Den, and a furious Vicki also confronts her dad over whether he really wants a fight. With their words ringing in his ears, Den pays Dennis a visit.Mickey sleeps in after a late drinking session and Garry is furious when he arrives at work to find the Arches still locked up. Lynne pushes him to find a more reliable employee but Mickey redeems himself by landing a fantastic contract.Meanwhile, Alfie is concerned that Wilfred is trying to move into The Vic, and Jim tries to persuade Dot to take a holiday.moreless
  • Thursday 8th April
    Thursday 8th April
    Episode 58
    Sharon confides in Vicki, who is unsure about the choice that her sister is making. Meanwhile, Den has a plan to rid Walford of Dennis forever.As the Ferreiras worry about their money situation, Ash looks for a holiday job and Adi puts Dan's Elvis outfit up for sale.
  • Tuesday 6th April
    Tuesday 6th April
    Episode 57
    Den is relieved to have finally split Dennis and Sharon. However, Sharon needs to hear the truth for herself and pays Dennis a visit. She finds him at Dot's, exhausted after a night working for Andy, and the atmosphere is immediately tense.Patrick has a proposal on his mind and Vicki finds herself on the receiving end of Den's temper.moreless
  • Monday 5th April
    Monday 5th April
    Episode 56
    Though Den warns the girls to stay away from Dennis, claiming that he is dangerous, Vicki ignores his dad and pays him a visit. But, determined to put a stop to the situation once and for all, Den has some devastating news for Sharon about her lover.Meanwhile, Juley begs Gus for a place to stay and, as the Ferreiras continue to worry about their debt, Kareena produces a family heirloom to sell.At The Vic, Spencer desperately tries to impress Zoe. Alfie, however, has worries of his own and, after talking to Ian, comes up with a novel way of raising money.moreless
  • Friday 2nd April
    Friday 2nd April
    Episode 55
    The Watts family attempts to deal with the morning after the night before and Dennis finds himself an unlikely ally. Elsewhere, Patrick and Yolande return and Tariq and Adi attempt to come up with money-making ideas. Under Juley's influence, Gus pockets a wallet that he finds on the street.
  • Thursday 1st April
    Thursday 1st April
    Episode 54
    Drinks are forgotten and conversations abandoned when Den and Dennis enter the Vic. With all eyes upon them, they head for a quiet table and a remarkably calm Den asks his son for an explanation. Dennis lashes out in anger but is shocked and more than sorry for his actions.
  • Pat and Mo Special: Ashes to Ashes
    Meet Pat and Mo in the 1960s when they were the best of friends, making eyes at boys and dancing the night away, without a care in the world. 40 years later at a memorial service for her brother Jimmy, Pat is forced to confront Mo about the real cause of their bitter fall out.moreless
  • Tuesday 30th March
    Tuesday 30th March
    Episode 52
    Pauline is thrilled to be the bearer of bad news when she runs into Den, fresh off the plane from sunny Spain. He can't believe what he hears about his precious princess and seeks confirmation from Vicki. Vicki acknowledges it's true and Den furiously heads straight over to the Watts' house. After a tension filled talk with Sharon, Den heads over to the Vic to confront Dennis.moreless
  • Monday 29th March
    Monday 29th March
    Episode 51
    Against her better judgement, Vicki decides to move in with the Fowlers. Pauline is thrilled and sets about retrieving Vicki's belongings from Dennis and Sharon. Furious at the way things have escalated, Dennis pleads with Vicki to talk before it gets totally out of control. Little do they all realise that the situation is about to explode. There's tension elsewhere in the Square as the Ferreiras prepare for a meeting at the building society. Ash is confident - until the manager reveals that his bad credit history means he is not eligible for a mortgage. Meanwhile, Andy gets some good news from Sam but isn't amused when Alfie's payment is short, and Gus is concerned when a badly beaten Juley appears unexpectedly at his house.moreless
  • Friday 26th March
    Friday 26th March
    Episode 50
    Adi feels that the responsibility for the family's future lies squarely on his shoulders. As they struggle to come to terms with the seriousness of the financial situation they are in, Ash pays the building society a visit. However, the family is left shocked by the revelation that Dan has been pilfering from the mortgage account.Elsewhere, the hapless Mickey comes up with a plan to pass off chip oil as motor oil, with hilarious results.Meanwhile, Charlie is feeling betrayed by his family and Nana tells Alfie that she's considering a move.moreless
  • Thursday 25th March
    Thursday 25th March
    Episode 49
    Mo is on a mission to organise Charlie's homecoming party but Kat is worried that someone will let slip about the pay-off. As the celebration gets under way in The Vic, Ian begins to talk to Charlie, while the Slaters look on in panic.The slimming club finds a winner but it's a close race. Pat and Mo are sure that they have beaten the others in the battle of the bulge but there can only be one winner.When Adi comes round to the idea of clearing the house of Dan's belongings, the Ferreiras get carried away and Adi is decked out in Dan's prized Elvis suit as the doorbell rings. They are all expecting Dan but there's a bigger shock in store.moreless
  • Tuesday 23rd March
    Tuesday 23rd March
    Episode 48
    Kat pays Charlie a visit in prison to ask him to sign paperwork that will free them from Graham's threats. However, when she arrives, she loses her resolve; there is no way that Charlie will condone paying Graham off. Kat is left with a difficult choice and must consider faking Charlie's signature. Meanwhile, Alfie has bigger worries: his debt is about to be called in.Minty warns Sam that Andy is a dangerous character to be mixing with. Elsewhere, Gus is panic-stricken about Juley's predicament and calls on Sonia for help.moreless
  • Monday 22nd March
    Monday 22nd March
    Episode 47
    Juley settles into the Square with Gus, but they are set for trouble when Gus makes a shocking discovery in one of Juley's bags.Paul begs Natalie for forgiveness, but she can't bear to look at him, let alone consider building a life with him. She confides in Pat and makes a decision about her future.Meanwhile, Dennis and Sharon face the public for the first time as a couple. Vicki is ashamed at the mockery they are making of the Watts family, and Pauline, in particular has an opinion to share.Elsewhere, Alfie finds the cash that the Slaters so desperately need to pay off Graham, from Andy!moreless
  • Friday 19th March
    Friday 19th March
    Episode 46
    Janine faces her worst nightmare when she answers the door to two policemen. She is forced to accompany them to the station for questioning, and it seems that the Square's ultimate bad girl is set to get her comeuppance.Meanwhile, word spreads through the Square that Janine has been arrested and Laura, especially, is delighted. Paul, meanwhile, is more concerned with Natalie and begs her for forgiveness.moreless
  • Thursday 18th March
    Thursday 18th March
    Episode 45
    Having heard the truth about Barry's death, a devastated Natalie cannot bear to be near Paul. After a night walking the streets, a desperate Paul returns, begging Natalie to let him explain. She has heard enough and tells him there is only one way he can appease his conscience: he must go to the police and turn Janine in.Vicki causes trouble between Dennis and Sharon, telling Dennis that his new girlfriend is ashamed of their relationship. Stirred by Vicki's words, Dennis goads Sharon and the resulting row forces her to face up to her feelings.moreless
  • Tuesday 16th March
    Tuesday 16th March
    Episode 44
    An uncertain Natalie shelves her plans to move in with Paul because she cannot trust him. Hurt and confused, Paul pays Pat a visit. She leaves him with some alarming advice: tell Natalie the truth.The Slaters rally round to raise money to pay off Graham. Kat is realistic enough to know that they need someone who can lend them large amounts of cash. Against her better judgement, she turns to an unlikely source for help.Elsewhere, Sharon tests the water by telling Kate about her relationship with Dennis.moreless
  • Monday 15th March
    Monday 15th March
    Episode 43
    Vicki continues to live up to her reputation of causing trouble wherever she goes, and on this occasion it is at the Ferreira household. Adi is unhappy about her staying, thinking that they are disrespecting the house in Dan's absence. Sharon tries her best to convince Vicki to come home. Unfortunately, she underestimates her sister's strength of feeling about her relationship with Dennis.After persuasion from Pat, Natalie decides to confront Paul about the bangle. Initially startled, Paul quickly feigns ignorance and Natalie's fears are dispelled. However, when Natalie later goes to give Paul a surprise, she sees something that makes her question his story.moreless
  • Friday 12th March
    Friday 12th March
    Episode 42
    Vicki succeeds in Sharon and Dennis a shock that leaves them reeling. Triumphant that she has hurt them as much as their relationship has hurt her, Vicki plans her ultimate revenge; it's time to call Den.Over at the Vic, Nana Moon is sure that she has found a way to make Alfie and Wilfred realise they have common interests.Pat is concerned about Natalie and questions Janine about the bracelet. Unprepared, and increasingly nervous, Janine can't explain away the engraving and Pat's suspicions are heightened.moreless
  • Thursday 11th March
    Thursday 11th March
    Episode 41
    After a big win at the bookies, an elated Vicki shyly invites Ash back to her place. Aware that Dennis and Sharon could return at any moment, Vicki kisses Ash and leads him towards the bedroom.Natalie decides to cement her future with Paul by moving into the B&B. Janine tries her best to put Natalie off, unaware that she should be more concerned about a problem of her own. Pat has discovered an engraved bangle at the car lot and Janine's New Year's secret may be about to become public knowledge.Meanwhile, Kate returns and Ian is concerned that she is hiding her feelings about her recently bereaved dad.At the Ferreira's house, Ronny and Ash step up their attempts to persuade Adi to accept Tariq.moreless
  • Tuesday 9th March
    Tuesday 9th March
    Episode 40
    Janine receives a letter from Natalie's solicitor, demanding maintenance for Jack. Furious, she issues Paul with an ultimatum: call the lawyers off or face the consequences.The Slaters plan a traditional family roast in preparation for Charlie's homecoming. Mo takes a risk when she puts Mickey in charge of decorations, and Nana takes over as head chef after a disastrous start by Kat. But as everything starts to come together, a call from the prison ruins the day.Vicki struggles to explain her erratic behaviour to Spencer without telling him the painful truth about Sharon and Dennis. As her emotions spiral out of control, she decides to seduce Ash and lures him home for a game of strip poker.moreless
  • Monday 8th March
    Monday 8th March
    Episode 39
    Love is in the air in Walford as Paul and Natalie realise that their relationship is developing into something more than a casual fling. However, their happiness seems destined to be short-lived when a jealous Janine vows to ruin everything.Elsewhere, Sharon is concerned when she rings home to check on Vicki. Having ignored Sharon's call, Vicki embarks on a path of self-destruction.The Slater girls are delighted that they have raised enough money to take on Graham. The girls head off to the prison to tell Charlie - but his solicitor arrives first with some unwelcome news.moreless
  • Friday 5th March
    Friday 5th March
    Episode 38
    Nana Moon returns from her mini-break in Eastbourne with a shocking announcement for everyone - she is getting married, and Alfie is especially taken aback. Ian offers Kate a shoulder to cry on when she is upset about her father's death and blames herself. Pat and Mo challenge each other to arm wrestle at Alfie's party as they become even more competitive. They also give Andy an idea and he challenges Alfie.moreless
  • Thursday 4th March
    Thursday 4th March
    Episode 37
    Ash tries to persuade Adi not to blame Tariq for Dan's mistakes but Adi isn't prepared to welcome him into the family so easily. Elsewhere, Ian gets a bee in his bonnet about drainage problems, for which he blames Kate's nail bar. Unable to bear his whinging, Kate yells at him - and he feels a twinge of guilt when he hears her devastating news. Alfie catches everyone in the Vic armed with cake, balloons and banners. Far from amused, he leads Kat off for a quiet word.moreless
  • Tuesday 2nd March
    Tuesday 2nd March
    Episode 36
    Spencer overhears Zoe and Kelly saying that he's a soft touch and gets his revenge in a typically teenage fashion. Juley, Mickey and Gus help with a delivery of helium balloons in the Vic, ready for Alfie's birthday celebrations but, instead of doing their job, Kat finds them giggling and speaking in squeaky voices. Meanwhile, Kate is being driven mad by incessant phone calls from her dad, and Vicki tries to force Ash to put a bet on for her.moreless
  • Monday 1st March
    Monday 1st March
    Episode 35
    Ronny is doing well but he still can't face speaking to Tariq. Eventually, his hatred boils over and he tells Tariq that he's expecting to find an ulterior motive for his generosity.Ian celebrates his birthday and, though he's lonely, he still delights in being vile to Laura. However, he doesn't bank on the fact that Laura has a birthday surprise of her own from him. Kat and Alfie are concerned that Spencer and Zoe are bickering and ruining their perfect happy family. Action is called for and they decide that there can only be one teenager living under the roof.moreless
  • Friday 27th February
    Kat discovers that Alfie is about to turn 40 and plans a surprise party, without realising that he is feeling down about the milestone birthday.

    Natalie returns and Paul prepares to tell her everything, while Ronny gets ready to go under the knife.Elsewhere, Juley suggests to Gus that perhaps he could turn Mo off food by making her fall in love with him.moreless
  • Thursday 26th February
    Ronny nervously waits for his operation but is concerned about the hold this will give Tariq over him. Meanwhile,Tariq is back at his bed-sit, packing, having made the decision not to go through with it. Despite Ash's best efforts,Tariq is resolute that he will not be used. Laura is staying with Pat and struggles to persuade Garry that she needs more money. Her catering ideas for the Vic don't go down well with Kat. With Pat and Mo competing in a weight-loss competition, Juley and Gus lay bets on who will win but are concerned when they see Mo eating everything in sight. Yolande is excited when information arrives from the fostering agency but Patrick warns her not to get too involved just yet.moreless
  • Tuesday 24th February
    Adi struggles to control his feelings towards Tariq while Kareena and Ash try their best to keep the peace. Convinced that Tariq is taking advantage of the family, his fears appear to be confirmed as Tariq struts around the market. Adi takes his worries to Ash who stresses that they have to be nice just to save Ronny. But Tariq overhears and feels used. Patrick is furious with Paul for ruining things with JJ and, along with Yolande, they pay the boy a visit. Hearing about his difficult past, they make the decision to foster. Laura is angry with Sam for betraying her.With her life becoming increasingly difficult at work, she makes a decision having enlisted the support of Pat.moreless
  • Monday 23rd February
    Laura tries to negotiate a pay rise with Sam but, with the café not doing well, it's up to Laura to increase the profits and prove her worth. A Cockney grub night is a roaring success and she plans more of the same, until Sam delivers some devastating news. Paul is increasingly suspicious about JJ and tips off the social services that he's been stealing from Patrick and Yolande.The social services officer reveals that he's a runaway and defensive about his past, with the result that JJ takes off again. Tariq meets with a counsellor to discuss his impending operation and is told to seek support from his family. Adi, however, is determined that Tariq will never be part of their family, despite Ash's best efforts.moreless
  • Friday 20th February
    JJ endears himself to Patrick and Yolande by preparing breakfast, but Paul is suspicious of their new lodger and makes his feelings known.Feeling upset, Vicki heads to the Vic and ends up stealing a bottle of vodka. Feeling desolate and reckless, she heads for the viaduct scaffolding.Ronny spends his 21st birthday in hospital and not even a gift of new amplifiers can lift his mood, especially when he catches sight of Tariq.Billy is pleased when Andy gives him more responsibility and Paul and Natalie arrange a dinner date, but she is left waiting when he fails to show.moreless
  • Thursday 19th February
    With their differences sorted, Dennis and Sharon, closer than ever, pack for their holiday but their plans take a turn for the worse when Vicki tells them that she can come after all.Yolande and Patrick are woken in the night by noises downstairs and find that a runaway has broken in. Starving and afraid, 16-yearold JJ is taken in by the couple who allow him to stay the night.Janine feels a twinge of jealousy when she sees Paul buying Jack a present but events escalate and she's seething when she sees Paul and Natalie kissing.moreless
  • Tuesday 17th February
    Having decided that she needs a rest from Walford, Sharon plans a family break and is touched when Dennis reveals that it will be his first proper holiday. However, Pauline and Kate dampen her spirits when they suggest Dennis will be chasing the ladies and breaking hearts all over Spain.When the Ferreiras invite Tariq over for tea, Adi feels increasingly sidelined and seeks solace at Ronny's bedside. Meanwhile, Martin is jealous when Sonia goes out for a drink with college friends, and Billy lands a job working for Andy.moreless
  • Monday 16th February
    Sharon is embarrassed when she sees a photograph of her dancing with Dennis at the ball and is concerned that the chemistry between them is obvious. However, when the police arrive with their verdict on the cause of the club fire, she has more serious concerns.Andy takes Sam for a look around his new investment, the bookmakers', and decides to shake things up there.Adi is reluctant to let Tariq help on the stall, so is less than impressed when his selling technique proves to be hugely successful. Things deteriorate further when Tariq decides to give money to Vicki so that she can design for the stall.When Sonia returns from a shopping trip, Dot is concerned about the change in her and things are awkward between Paul and Natalie.moreless
  • Friday 13th February
    Natalie is delighted to receive an invitation to the Valentine's ball from Paul. But when Martin tells Sonia that the Ball isn't important and that he would much rather spend time with her alone, her insecurities escalate.She meets Vicki and breaks down, wondering how long it will be before Martin leaves her for a gorgeous girl. Vicki calms her down and plays fairy godmother, determined that her friend will go to the Ball!Meanwhile, Sharon feels awkward when she receives a Valentine's card that she suspects is from Dennis. And, at the Ferreira's place, Tariq's spirits are lifted when Kareena invites him to dinner, but Adi is fuming to see Tariq sitting in Dan's place at the table.moreless
  • Thursday 12th February
    Tariq makes preparations to go to hospital for his operation and Kareena is eager for her brothers to support him. However, Ronny refuses to listen and is unsympathetic to Tariq.Meanwhile, the Slaters are pleasantly surprised by Charlie's upbeat attitude when they visit him in prison, and Janine is suspicious of Paul's developing relationship with Natalie. Kelly and Zoe hunt for dates for the Valentine's ball and Gus and Juley are top of their list. Meanwhile, feeling insecure about her looks, Sonia cancels her date with Martin.moreless
  • Tuesday 10th February
    Ash is concerned when Tariq misses an appointment with the donation counsellor. Meanwhile, Kareena is finding it difficult to come to terms with Tariq's secret and urges him to tell her why he lied for so long.Dot helps Sonia out after she sees a gorgeous dress that would be perfect for the Valentine ball and Paul steps in for Natalie when she experiences childcare problems.Andy calls Sharon's bluff but later discovers that Sharon is more than able to play him at his own game.moreless
  • Monday 9th February
    Monday 9th February
    Episode 23
    Ash tells Tariq that everyone is grateful to him for agreeing to help Ronny, but Adi is far from happy about Tariq being involved.Ian's divorce comes through and he wastes no time in making plans for a new business, while Laura learns some sad news.Sharon receives an unexpected offer for Angie's Den and Spencer develops a crush close to home.moreless
  • Friday 6th February
    Friday 6th February
    Episode 22
    It is Charlie's day in court and he gets a suitcase ready, preparing for the worst. Kat and Mo attempt to make him change his plea to not guilty but he remains defiant.The solicitor arms him with further advice but the last thing the family is prepared for is Graham's appearance in the courtroom. Meanwhile,Tariq has to decide whether or not to take the tests to see if his blood matches Ronny's, and Pat berates Paul for lying about Barry. Sharon has to consider whether or not to sell the club and Dennis tries to influence her decision. Elsewhere, Kelly finds herself a new flatmate.moreless
  • Thursday 5th February
    Kareena tells Ash and Adi that Mickey has upset her and, when the boys confront Mickey, they suspect that it is all a lie. Meanwhile, Mickey must confess to Tariq that his secret has been blown, and the family faces a challenging time.
  • Tuesday 3rd February
    Ricky confides in Gus about his problems and makes a decision about his future. Mickey urges Tariq to tell the truth and help the Ferreiras, realising that he may be Ronny's last chance. Finding himself in the middle of a desperate situation, Mickey knows that he should act. Charlie tries to remain positive and the Slaters rally round.moreless
  • Monday 2nd February
    Monday 2nd February
    Episode 19
    Ricky is determined to avoid Janine and convinces Gus to let him hide out at his flat. Janine begs him to see her and is desperate for him to keep her secret. Derek prepares for an interview at the Community Centre but Pauline's mind is elsewhere. Meanwhile, marital bliss is short-lived for Kat and Alfie, who bicker about chores at the Vic. With Nana Moon due home, someone needs to take charge and Kat is determined that it's not going to be her. The distressed Ferreira kids get ready for their blood tests, knowing that Ronny's life hangs in the balance.And, following his arrest, Charlie finds out whether he is going to be allowed to keep his cab license.moreless
  • Friday 30th January
    Friday 30th January
    Episode 18
    A panicked Tariq runs to find Ash and Adi and tells them that Ronny is being attacked. But by the time they get back to him, he is in a serious condition. As they wait for the ambulance, Ronny loses consciousness.Ricky tells Janine that it is time for the truth. When she desperately spins a web of lies about Paul's jealousy, he sees through it and demands to know what is really going on.moreless
  • Thursday 29th January
    An insistent Pat forces Ricky to question Janine, but he is far from keen, worried about what he might hear.Mickey tries to persuade Tariq to tell Kareena the truth. When Tariq meets with Kareena, she's convinced that he is going to tell her that he loves her, but she is in for a shock. However, Tariq cannot bear to tell her and, instead, causes an argument and storms off. In a foul mood, he gets into an argument with a group of lads, and Ronny, who arrives to bail him out, ends up in more trouble than he bargained for.Meanwhile, Lynne tells Garry that as they are saving to help Charlie he must cut the money that he gives to Laura but, inevitably, Laura's reaction is far from supportive.At the Brannings, Jim is unhappy about Martin and Sonia's relationship, and it is up to Dot to talk him round.moreless
  • Tuesday 27th January
    Pat's suspicions are heightened when Patrick tells her that Janine and Paul have fallen out. She thinks that Paul is hiding something and tells Ricky that perhaps it is time to have a talk with Paul.Sam wakes up a happy woman and Sharon applies for a bank loan to start up the club.While Kareena is delighted that Tariq has paid her a compliment, Mickey is disgusted that Tariq is leading her on and tells him that it is time for the truth.Meanwhile, Lynne sticks her oar in with Janine as she tries to protect Charlie but only succeeds in doing him out of a job.moreless
  • Monday 26th January
    Monday 26th January
    Episode 15
    Janine is thrilled when Ricky decides that they can become a proper family again and that he is moving in with her. However, Pat is suspicious when she sees Dot with Barry's record collection, which Janine had thrown out.Paul continues to attempt to blunt his feelings of guilt by drinking and Janine is disgusted with his behaviour.Andy decides it is time to move on but something changes his mind, and Zoe and Kelly give Kareena a makeover to help her win back Tariq.moreless
  • Friday 23rd January
    Friday 23rd January
    Episode 14
    Dennis is determined to teach Sam a lesson but it's not going to be easy. Vicki thinks that the best course of action is to get Den involved and the feud between the Watts family and the Mitchells intensifies.The Slaters are in further turmoil with bad news all round.Sonia returns, having spent the night with Martin, to disapproving words from Dot. And Kareena admits to Zoe that she still carries a torch for Tariq.moreless
  • Thursday 22nd January
    Kat tells Little Mo that she needs to put her ordeal behind her. Devastated, Little Mo runs in tears from the Vic, watched by a stunned Zoe.A call from her insurance company brings bad news for Sharon, and Paul finds solace in an unlikely source.Meanwhile, Sam sets her attentions on a new man.moreless
  • Tuesday 20th January
    The police question Sam and Billy about the fire but they keep their cool and suspicion turns towards Sharon. Tensions are raised and things come to a head in a very public way in the Vic.Jim and Dot are unhappy about Sonia's relationship with Martin, which forces them to meet in secret.Meanwhile, Paul celebrates his birthday but the cracks are beginning to show and he's unable to cope with his guilt. He makes a decision about what to do with the money and drowns his sorrows in the Vic, Alfie calls on Sam's help to get rid of the Vic's new houseguest who is outstaying his welcome.moreless
  • Monday 19th January
    Monday 19th January
    Episode 11
    Sharon is devastated to have lost the club and suspects that Vicki was behind the fire. When the police confirm that the fire was arson, her suspicions are further heightened and she is particularly dismayed to learn that the place was stocked with unlicensed drink and cigarettes.Meanwhile, Billy is stunned by Sam's lack of emotion about the fire when he himself is wracked with guilt and Kat finds herself in the position of playing nurse. Alfie, however, is not happy about who she is helping.Martin feels left out as Sonia starts college but she reassures him, in a very public way. Elsewhere, Paul receives a payoff to ease his guilt and ensure his silence.moreless
  • Tuesday 18th May
    Tuesday 18th May
    Episode 10
    Zoe moans to Kat that Dennis is playing games but is later thrilled when he meets her at the pub, even if it is for a game of darts. Garry urges Pat to keep quiet and not to speak to Ian about Bobby's paternity. Pat has a difficult decision to make and Den becomes involved. Vicki is determined to play matchmaker and sets about setting up Kelly and Spencer again, sure that they will make the perfect couple. Sonia heads out shopping for her wedding dress and the day becomes increasingly stressful as Pauline and Dot have conflicting opinions.moreless
  • Friday 16th January
    Friday 16th January
    Episode 10
    Billy begins to have second thoughts but knows that he cannot back out of his arson attempt on the Den.But Vicki is downstairs in the stockroom unpacking her loot of cigarettes and booze. Before long, the place is engulfed in smoke and flames and a terrified Vicki collapses.Kelly and Zoe argue about the events of New Year's Eve - each is uncomfortable sharing their feelings with each other.Meanwhile, a face from the past is quite literally thrown back into Albert Square.moreless
  • Thursday 15th January
    Vicki is eager to prove herself to Sharon but seems to be going about it the wrong way when Dennis catches her with the cheap cigarettes and alcohol she has bought from Mickey. She promises him she will get rid of it but Mickey refuses to take it back and Vicki is left to try to hide it in the club's storeroom.Billy offers Sam a helping hand in her bid to teach the Watts a lesson. He waits for Dennis to leave Angie's Den and puts his plan into action.Meanwhile, Gus faces the fact that Sonia is happy with Martin, and helps Kelly think things through with Zoe.moreless
  • Tuesday 13th January
    Sharon and Kate discover that the nail bar has been trashed and have a good idea of who is responsible. Kate calls Sam and Minty's bluff, forcing them to admit causing the damage. Furious that she has been made to look a fool, Sam decides that it is time to take action.Gus is shocked to find Sonia and Martin kissing, and Kelly does not seem to notice that Zoe is looking increasingly dejected.At Angie's Den, Sharon decides to trust Vicki with organising a Valentine's Ball in the hope that giving her more responsibility will allow her to prove herself.moreless
  • Monday 12th January
    The Slater family sits down to dinner but there is an unwelcome interruption and it looks like Charlie will have to face the consequences of his actions.Sam is unhappy that the bosses of her various businesses do not seem to be taking her seriously as a manager and she vows to Minty that it is time for her to play dirty.Tariq is beginning to wish he had not confided in Mickey about his secret and pays him a visit, telling him that is was not true and urging him to forget about it.Kat persuades Zoe to talk to Kelly but she seems to have missed her chance and Adi is forced to let Tariq work on the stall.moreless
  • Friday 9th January
    Friday 9th January
    Episode 6
    Little Mo has revealed the truth to her family and, though shocked, everyone except Zoë agrees with Billy about what she should do. Meanwhile, Charlie pays Billy a visit and discovers the identity of the rapist. Shell-shocked and blinded by fury, he knows that he has to act and heads over to the Vic.Elsewhere, Ronny spots Kareena and Tariq talking and suspects that they are back together. Kareena tells Tariq that she does have feelings for him but he defensively tells her that he was only after one thing. Kelly offers Zoë support, which she finds difficult to accept.moreless
  • Thursday 8th January
    Billy pushes Little Mo to make a decision and moves out to allow her to get some perspective. The family is confused yet distracted by Zoë's return. And Little Mo tries her best to encourage Billy to move back in.Kate discovers that the vandals have stepped up a notch in their attempt to put her out of business, when the nail bar windows are daubed in paint. Sam realises that Minty is behind it and tells him that it's time to get serious.moreless
  • Tuesday 6th January
    Despite his best intentions, Billy is unsympathetic to Little Mo's plight and the Slater family are quick to pick up on the rift. All assume that Billy is at fault and, unable to cope with the pressure, he issues Little Mo with an ultimatum.Paul makes the decision to leave the Square for a few days as the guilt is too much for him.Kate discovers that someone has jammed the locks at her nail salon with superglue and accuses Sam of vandalism. Insistent that petty crime is not her style, Sam later tells Minty that she wants Kate gone.Meanwhile, at the Vic, the sense of happy families is short-lived and Alfie realises it might be time for a chat with Nana Moon.moreless
  • Monday 5th January
    Monday 5th January
    Episode 3
    Billy and Little Mo's relationship is struggling under the weight of her recent ordeal and events take a further turn for the worse when she hears from the doctor's clinic and it is confirmed that she is pregnant.The Square receives some devastating news from Scotland that shakes them all and mars the start of the New Year for more than a few. Paul, in particular, is feeling guilty about the events of the past few days.moreless
  • Friday 2nd January
    Friday 2nd January
    Episode 2
    At the crash site, Tariq begs Mickey not to betray his confidence, but Mickey finds it hard to contain his feelings on the issue that Tariq is Dan's son and breaks up with Katrina. Meanwhile, Sonia diagnoses Zoe with hypothermia and, as the weather worsens and help remains elusive, her condition rapidly begins to deteriorate. Paul finds a dead Barry in the Scottish hills but Janine denies killing him, but with the police investigating his death what will they find?moreless
  • Thursday 1st January
    Janine and Barry take a walk in the hills and, unable to hold back any longer, she confesses all. Barry is stunned and pleads with Janine but as he tries to hold her she pushes him and he takes a huge fall off the hill. Janine walks down the hill and as he pleads for his son, she sits and watches him die.Back at the scene of the bus crash, Kelly is still upset about the events of the previous evening and wants to talk; there's a development between Sonia and Martin; and Tariq confides in Mickey about a secret he's been harbouring since childhood.moreless