EastEnders - Season 21

Weekdays 8:00 PM on BBC Premiered Feb 19, 1985 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Monday 26 September
    Monday 26 September
    Episode 150
    Owen is missing, when he turns up drunk & angry Squiggle hides. He beats up Liz & trashes the flat. Peggy, Jack, Honey & Billy visit Petal. Sean messes Ruby about.
  • Friday 22nd September
    Friday 22nd September
    Episode 149
    Honey is deeply upset that Petal has Downs Syndrome as think she will never be able to play with her toys.
    Things get hot and heavy between Denise and Kevin just as Owen disappears.
    Owen later appears in front of Denise's house demanding to talk to Squiggle but soon leaves with his mum Liz in a cab.moreless
  • Friday 22 September
    Friday 22 September
    Episode 149
    Honey is feeling depressed about her baby, but someone is there to give her a helping hand.Cedric gives Patrick a valuable lesson about life and Owen goes on the loose leaving the Fox family scared.
  • Thursday 21 September
    Thursday 21 September
    Episode 148
    Billy and Honey prepare to make their announcement about their baby,Janet,having Down syndrome but somebody might have already spread the news. Patrick's old friend Cedric comes bearing dreadful news and Bradley goes to his friend Alex to search for a flat.
  • Tuesday 19th September
    Libby bunks off school so that she can attend her dad's trial, she confides in Darren that she doesn't think her dad can last more than a few months in prison...Later, Denise is furious with Libby when she finds her out of school. Libby breaks down, blaming herself for Owen's situation. When Denise sees how much it means to Libby that she testify, she agrees, much to Chelsea's shock and disappointment. Later, as a result of Denise's testimony, Owen is given a suspended sentence and set free, leaving the Fox's speechless. Meanwhile, word spreads that Bradley and Stacey are moving in together. Ruby is upset by the news - giving Sean the chance to comfort her - while Max worries that Bradley might be rushing into things...moreless
  • Monday 18th September
    Monday 18th September
    Episode 146
    Billy thinks Honey might be starting to show some interest in the baby when he hears from a nurse that she's been to see the baby. Billy talks to Honey about it, he apologises for pushing her too much, Honey's grateful but she's still holding back... Meanwhile, Stacey's in a rotten mood with everyone and especially Bradley! After talking with Ruby, Stacey decides to give Bradley a chance and agrees that he can buy her a bag of chips. As they head home, Bradley produces a little box, Stacey opens it to find a key inside, Bradley tells her that a mate of his at work is moving abroad and is looking for a tenant and Bradley wants Stacey to move in with him...moreless
  • Friday 15th September
    Friday 15th September
    Episode 145
    Libby is put under pressure when her gran takes her to see Owen and tells her that only Denise's testimony can help Owen. Billy lets out his frustrations on Phil and completely looses it, later he confesses that Janet has Down's. Bradley tries desperately to cheer up Stacey.
  • Thursday 14th September
    The doctors inform Billy and Honey that Janet is going to need a heart operation. Billy tries to keep optimistic in the face of Honey's obvious pessimism. Meanwhile, Jack lies to Peggy over Janet's condition... Also, Ruby offers Sean a job at the club so that he can stay in the Square and Owen tries to convince Liz to get Denise to testify for him.moreless
  • Tuesday 12th September
    Jack and Peggy break the news of their relationship to Phil, but he's too distracted to care...Later, Honey tells her father the truth about Janet's condition. Meanwhile, life returns to normal at the Fox's until Owen's mum, Liz, shows up at the door - she can't accept the truth about what Owen did. Also, Ruby tries her hardest to impress Sean, but to no avail. He changes his tune when Stacey lets slip that Ruby is loaded!moreless
  • Monday 11th September
    Monday 11th September
    Episode 142
    Pat urges Honey to let her friends and family know of Janet's condition, but Honey wants nothing to do with her daughter...Later, Billy and Pat become concerned when Honey disappears from the hospital. Also, Ruby tries flirting with Sean but he pushes her away - he only has eyes for Tanya...moreless
  • Friday 8th September
    Friday 8th September
    Episode 141
    Billy and Honey try desperately to come to terms with the news that their baby girl has Down's syndrome. It's even harder for them surrounded by "normal" families all overjoyed by their new born babies... Honey's instinct is to find somebody to blame...she blames the doctors for not spotting it and Peggy for rushing her into a surprise wedding...Billy tells her that it's nobody's fault. Peggy, Jack, Dot, Jim and Pat come by to visit the newborn baby - unaware of her condition. Pat quietly approaches Billy and guesses that Janet has Down's. Pat tells him that all he has to do is love his child. After everyone has gone, Billy talks things over with Honey. She confesses that the baby isn't the child she dreamt of and that she has no feelings towards her. Billy tells her that they can get through this together - Honey's not so sure...moreless
  • Thursday 7th September
    Jack and Peggy visit Honey and baby Janet at the hospital. Soon afterwards a nurse becomes concerned after inspecting the baby, she calls an expert and Honey and Janet are moved into a private room...Later, Billy arrives at the hospital with books and a teddy for the baby but Honey breaks the news to Billy that their baby will never be able to read - she has Down's Syndrome...moreless
  • Tuesday 5th September
    Tuesday 5th September
    Episode 139
    Honey races to the hospital where she changes her mind about having a natural birth. During the birth, Honey becomes delirious on gas and air while Billy faints when he sees the baby's head crowning! Later, Billy comes to. They name their daughter Janet. Meanwhile, Peggy and Jack toast the arrival of the baby and share another kiss. SJ continues to drive a wedge between Garry and Minty.moreless
  • Monday 4th September
    Monday 4th September
    Episode 138
    Honey's not in the mood for getting out of bed but Peggy's got big plans for her day - a surprise wedding! Jack eventually convinces Honey to get up and go shopping with Peggy. Honey soon hops in Charlie's cab...he tells her he's taking her the scenic route. Honey arrives at the church but is a reluctant bride...she soon comes round to the idea and puts on her wedding dress to walk down the aisle. All of a sudden, Honey's hit with a searing pain - she's going into labour!moreless
  • Friday 1st September
    Friday 1st September
    Episode 137
    Peggy worries about Billy and Honey's surprise wedding - everyone fears her plans may be ruined when Billy announces that he's taking Honey away for a romantic weekend, Phil and Jim convince him not to. Meanwhile, Jack returns to Walford, much to Peggy's delight. Later, Jack takes Peggy to one side and thanks her for taking Honey in as one of the family. They kiss! Honey sells her wedding dress to Mo. When Peggy discovers this she asks Mo to give it back, but Mo refuses because she wasn't invited to the wedding. Stacey's avoiding Bradley and later tells Sean and Ruby that she's had a miscarriage. Garry worries that Minty's being conned by SJ and Sid.moreless
  • Thursday 31st August
    Thursday 31st August
    Episode 136
    Bradley and Stacey head to the clinic for a consultation before the abortion takes place. Stacey isn't 100% certain that she wants to go through with it and questions whether Bradley really loves her. He assures her that they're doing the right thing, he tells her that he wants a family with her but not right now...he's afraid of turning into his father. Stacey heads into theatre with tears in her eyes, she reemerges later and Bradley assures her they've made the right decision. Stacey is heartbroken.moreless
  • Tuesday 29th August
    Tuesday 29th August
    Episode 135
    Bradley tries to come to terms with Stacey's news...and the fact that she kept it from him this long. Later, Bradley tells Stacey that he doesn't think he's ready to be a dad and suggests that she go for a termination. Meanwhile, Sean's left alone with Tanya after the party has broken up. They flirt and he makes a move. She pulls back and tells him she's a married woman and that she's not interested. Later, Tanya confesses all to Max.moreless
  • Monday 28th August
    Monday 28th August
    Episode 134
    Max and Tanya throw a birthday party for Bradley. Sean invites himself along...Bradley's delighted to receive a laptop from Max but he's put off by Stacie's bad mood. She storms out and Bradley follows. They argue in the square and Stacie confesses to him that she's pregnant! Meanwhile, Pat urges Ian to sever ties with Victor for Jane's sake and Peggy tells Phil that she's planning a surprise wedding for Billy and Honey.moreless
  • Friday 25th August
    Friday 25th August
    Episode 133
    Sean pays a visit to his army mate Al to show him his war injury: a bullet wound that narrowly missed his heart. Sean accuses Al of shooting him on purpose in revenge for sleeping with a girlfriend he never slept with. Sean takes Al out to the woods and ties him to a tree and threatens that if he ever sets foot in Walford again - he'll kill him...Later, Sean returns to the Slater's. Stacey confides in him that she's pregnant; Sean reassures her that he'll stick around and look after her. Also, Jane is on the verge of dumping Ian but then guilt sets in over her earlier infidelities so she assures him she'll stand by him and Dawn confesses all to Rob - he agrees to pay her credit card bill and they kiss...moreless
  • Thursday 24th August
    Thursday 24th August
    Episode 132
    Stacie quizzes Sean on why left and where he went - his answers are not very forthcoming. Later, Stacie is upset to learn that it was only by chance that she ran into Sean, he came to Albert Square to meet a mate.
    Meanwhile, Jane storms out of the WCCT event but not before she's wrecked Dawn and Ian's days!moreless
  • Tuesday 22nd August
    Tuesday 22nd August
    Episode 131
    Jane causes trouble for Ian and Dawn at the WCCT event. Meanwhile, back in Walford, Stacie worries after her pregnancy test came back positive. Later, Stacie spots a face from her past in the Vic...her brother Sean!
  • Monday 21st August
    Monday 21st August
    Episode 130
    Pat convinces Jane that she should join Ian at the WCCT event. She eventually agrees and heads off to surprise him. Meanwhile, Victor's wife, Maeve, becomes suspicious of Dawn and Rob's flirting her suspicions are confirmed, it seems, when she catches the pair kissing! Later, Jane arrives at the event and is surprised to see Dawn answering to the name Mrs Beale... Stacey's in a bad mood and no one can figure out why. She snaps at her whole family as well as Bradley and Ruby. Later, Stacey takes a home pregnancy test and it seems her worst fears are confirmed when it turns out positive!moreless
  • Thursday 10th August
    Thursday 10th August
    Episode 124
    Sonia's worried when she gets a call from her tutor demanding a meeting with her - she fears she may have failed her course. Later, Sonia's relieved to hear that she's passed but her tutor warns that she needs to get her personal life on track before she can continue and suggests counselling. Meanwhile, Gus wonders how best to convey is love to Sonia, Mickey urges him to keep it simple but things don't go Gus' way as Sonia reveals she's not interested... Elsewhere, Jim has a good day getting to know his grand-daughters but the bitterness that exists between him and Max remains and after being wound up by his colleague, Steve, Bradley tries to get Steve into trouble with the boss as they're both interviewed for the same job.moreless
  • Tuesday 8th August
    Tuesday 8th August
    Episode 123
    Martin surprises Sonia by letting her take Rebecca out for the day, even though Rebecca doesn't want to go...Later, as Sonia starts regaining Rebecca's trust, Pauline shows up to take Rebecca home - she hadn't been informed of Martin's decision and was upset about being lied to by Martin and Joe. Elsewhere, Dot tries to arrange that Max's family spend some time with Jim and Bradley's given a rough day at the office by some of his colleagues.moreless
  • Monday 7th August
    Monday 7th August
    Episode 122
    Max is furious when he overhears someone ridiculing Bradley and steps in to help but Bradley turns on his father... Martin points out a few home truths to Pauline. Mickey suspects Tanya fancies him.
  • Friday 4th August
    Friday 4th August
    Episode 121
    At the Foxs' things come to a head! Both Kevin and Denise's lives are put in danger when Owen threatens them with a knife. Squiggle is forced to decide whether or not to call the police to inform them of her dad... Meanwhile, Deano and Chelsea share a bottle of wine and finally share a kiss. Martin catches Carly and Jake kissing.moreless
  • Thursday 3rd August
    Thursday 3rd August
    Episode 120
    Owen opens up to Jake over his failings as a father and realises that he may have lost Squiggle for good. Carly and Jake continue their affair but it comes to an abrupt end when Pauline catches them!
  • Tuesday 1st August
    Tuesday 1st August
    Episode 119
    Denise upsets Squiggle by ordering Owen out of the flat. Owen leaves but gets drunk. Later, Owen returns to the Fox's where he turns violent... Rob confesses to Dawn, who he still thinks is Ian's wife, that he has feelings for her. While planning Martin's 21st birthday, Carly ends up having sex with Jake!moreless
  • Monday 31st July
    Monday 31st July
    Episode 118
    After chatting with Max, Dot begins to question how well she knows Jim. Denise and Owen kiss, infuriating Chelsea. Martin discovers that he's inherited £30,000!
  • Friday 28th July
    Friday 28th July
    Episode 117
    After spending the night with Denise, Owen is keen to make a go of things. But Chelsea is furious when she finds out, and Denise begins to think that she's made a big mistake. Keen to ensure SJ stays in Walford, Minty finds her a bed-sit nearby and arranges to pay the rent. At the salon, Mickey decides to try out the new tanning booth, with disastrous consequences.moreless
  • Thursday 27th July
    Thursday 27th July
    Episode 116
    It's Squiggle's birthday and she orchestrates a lunch date for Denise and Owen. Denise isn't keen at first, but she is soon charmed by Owen and begins to enjoy herself. Later that evening, she calls him and asks him to come over. A disgusted Gus tries to make amends for Juley's actions but when Jake realises what he is trying to do, he gives him an ultimatum. Dot and Tanya decide that they need to get Max and Jim together, and come up with a plan.moreless
  • Tuesday 25th July
    Tuesday 25th July
    Episode 115
    Stacey is left worried and frustrated after Ruby's attack. She is keen to speak to the police and tells them that she knows who was responsible for the mugging. Kevin tries to get Denise to open up to him about her past with Owen, but she brushes him off. When Kevin tries to push the subject, he is stunned when she asks him to leave. Garry isn't pleased to find SJ at the flat and he is further frustrated when Minty insists that she stay with them for a while. Gus plans a quiet evening in with Sonia but is left reeling when he makes a shocking discovery.moreless
  • Monday 24th July
    Monday 24th July
    Episode 114
    Dot returns but is unaware of Jim's relationship with the new neighbours.
    Bert and Joe hire Mickey to help do up Tanya's salon.
    Ruby disturbs an intruder at the club. The intruder, a hooded figure, throws her to the ground before fleeing...
  • Friday 21st July
    Friday 21st July
    Episode 113
    When Billy wakes up in a bed warehouse it doesn't look like he's going to get to the church on time! While Phil and Garry franticly search for Billy, Billy is busy making his own way. He gets to the church just as the congregation is breaking up. Billy assures Honey of his love for her and they decide that today wasn't their day; they decide to get married quietly at a later date after the baby's been born.moreless
  • Thursday 20th July
    Thursday 20th July
    Episode 112
    Honey gets depressed on her hen night as Peggy and Caroline compare notes on their failed marriages. Meanwhile, Billy gets very drunk on his stag night - in the end, Phil and Garry take Billy's clothes and leave him to sleep in a bed warehouse!
  • Tuesday 18th July
    Tuesday 18th July
    Episode 111
    Kevin's attempts to get on with Squiggle don't go well - she makes it clear that she has no intention of liking him and later urges her mum to give Owen another chance. Bradley's in two minds as to whether or not to tell Tanya about Max's cheating. He decides to go ahead but he can't go through with it and tells Max that it was for Tanya's sake not his. Bradley warns Max to keep his distance.moreless
  • Monday 17th July
    Monday 17th July
    Episode 110
    Juley is struggling for cash so he's forced to take the cleaning job at the Vic, much to Phil's amusement. Kevin treats Denise to a picnic in the park. Bradley and Sonia drown their sorrows and realise that they're both unhappy, Sonia urges Bradley to clear the air with Max and she realises that she wants Gus... Bradley heads round to Max's place and finds Max with a woman, he realises that his dad will never change.moreless
  • Friday 14th July
    Friday 14th July
    Episode 109
    Elaine gives Chelsea a hard time now that she's hired her back. Meanwhile, Kevin flirts with Denise. Max tells a woman, Gemma, that their affair is over! Sonia kisses Gus.
  • Thursday 13th July
    Thursday 13th July
    Episode 108
    Kevin uses his charm to convince Elaine to hire back Chelsea while Pat and Carly wonder what Kevin sees in Elaine... Meanwhile, Bradley heads round to dinner at Max's place, but Max never shows up. Bradley leaves without seeing his dad and warns Tanya of Max's cheating ways.
  • Tuesday 11th July
    Tuesday 11th July
    Episode 107
    Max pleads with Jim to put their troubled past behind them - Jim insists that it's too late... Meanwhile, a nervous Sonia tries to take her mind off her problems with alcohol but when her supervisor smells it on her breath she suspends her!
  • Monday 10th July
    Monday 10th July
    Episode 106
    Sonia's hung-over and can't concentrate on her duties causing a senior nurse to send her home - Sonia's embarrassed and claims that she's merely tired. Meanwhile, the new Brannings decide to hold a house warming party so that they can get to know the neighbours. Tanya invites Bradley who refuses; he says he wants nothing to do with them...moreless
  • Friday 7th July
    Friday 7th July
    Episode 105
    Rosie's on her way but is upset to learn that Darren doesn't plan to go with her. She asks Keith to tell Darren that he doesn't want him there, he does so and Darren packs his things. Later, as Rosie's leaving the square, she has a change of heart and much to Keith's joy and relief, Darren reappears in his front room just in time for tea... Meanwhile, Sonia wants to go away for the weekend with Rebecca but Martin says they already have plans.moreless
  • Thursday 6th July
    Thursday 6th July
    Episode 104
    Keith remains baffled after being dumped at the registry office! Later, Rosie puts in an appearance and tells Keith that she doesn't love him anymore and that she's taken a cleaning job in Cornwall and wants the kids to go with her - Darren's not keen at all and begs his dad to do something... Meanwhile, Bradley's pleased when he sees a removal van pulling up outside his dad's place but later he's left disappointed when the van drives off empty and he sees his dad's family rushing back up the steps and into their new home!moreless
  • Tuesday 4th July
    Tuesday 4th July
    Episode 103
    Rosie doesn't know what to make of Keith's silence, she assumes the wedding won't be going ahead, that's until Keith shows up in a brand new suit to tell her that he's on his way to the registry office. Later, as Rosie arrives at the registry office, Keith's got himself into bother chasing the dog across the square and ruining his suit in the process. He shows up at the registry office late and covered in mud making Rosie re-think her decision to marry him...moreless
  • Monday 3rd July
    Monday 3rd July
    Episode 102
    Max moves his family into the Allens' house but still hasn't quite got round to telling them that his son is living just across the Square so Tanya's in for a shock when Bradley goes round to visit... Meanwhile, Keith deliberately mucks up his and Rosie's interview and Dawn plays Mrs Beale at the WCCT charity auction!moreless
  • Friday 30th June
    Friday 30th June
    Episode 101
    Ruby catches Bradley and Stacey in her dad's house and is furious with them. Stacey and Bradley apologise and eventually Ruby agrees that she may have overreacted - after all it's just a house... Meanwhile, Ian asks Dawn if she'd like to be his wife for the WCCT auction after Jane refuses to go...Dawn says that he'd better make it worth her while!moreless
  • Thursday 29th June
    Thursday 29th June
    Episode 100
    While Keith brags to Kevin that Rosie's agreed to a no-frills wedding, Rosie sees an advert for couples wanting to work outside London. Meanwhile, Tanya and Max take a tour of the Allens' house and Tanya eventually gives the place a thumbs up!
  • Tuesday 27th June
    Tuesday 27th June
    Episode 99
    Jim gets the shock of his life when his son, Max, shows up in his house. Later, Bradley gets an even bigger shock when he discovers that Max is his father! Max tries to convince Bradley to get to know him...Bradley's not so sure. Bradley asks Max to leave, Max does so but when he meets his wife, Tanya, for lunch outside the Vic he spots the 'To Let' sign outside the Allens' house and he suggests they make a new start for themselves in Albert Square...moreless
  • Monday 26th June
    Monday 26th June
    Episode 98
    Bradley and Stacey are both bursting with excitement having spent the night together for the first time, Bradley's so excited that he lets slip to Jim - making him promise not to tell anyone. Jim's got other plans and later lets the whole of the Vic in on Bradley's secret. Stacey's quick to forgive him, however, she tells him that she doesn't care who knows. Meanwhile, Keith is stunned when Rosie books the registry office so that they can get married next week!moreless
  • Thursday 22nd June
    Thursday 22nd June
    Episode 97
    Stacey and Bradley decide the time is right for them to sleep together. Stacey confesses to Bradley that she's never had sex with someone she really likes and tells him worried that he'll disappear once he gets what he wants. Bradley promises that he won't. Meanwhile, Rosie fumes when she sees that Keith gave up on the window cleaning she asked him to do. She starts to do the job herself, but falls off the step ladder.moreless
  • Wednesday 21st June
    Wednesday 21st June
    Episode 96
    Stacey's stunned when Bradley shows up at her mum's flat. AT first she's furious with him but eventually sees that he's only there because he cares about her. Meanwhile, Owen invites Squiggle to Spain to visit her nan. Squiggle's thrilled but when Darren let's slip that Squiggle's flying to Spain with Owen, Kevin's worst suspicions are confirmed.moreless
  • Tuesday 20th June
    Tuesday 20th June
    Episode 95
    Bradley urges Stacey to open up to him, but when she won't he gets frustrated and in the heat of the moment, he dumps her! Meanwhile, Denise calls off her date with Kevin so that she can accompany Squiggle while she spends time with Owen. Kevin is put out when Denise won't even let him but her a drink.moreless
  • Monday 19th June
    Monday 19th June
    Episode 94
    Chelsea and Carly hatch a plot to get their parents talking again while Owen announces to Denise that he wants regular contact with Squiggle.

    Meanwhile, Minty's captivated by SJ but when Garry winds Minty up, he faces losing SJ.
  • Friday 16th June
    Friday 16th June
    Episode 93
    When a new woman enters Minty's life it causes friction with Garry. Meanwhile, Stacey's forced to make a difficult decision.
  • Thursday 15th June
    Thursday 15th June
    Episode 92
    Denise tries to protect her daughters from an unwelcome visitor. Meanwhile, Martin and Sonia pull together for the sake of Rebecca.
  • Friday 9th June
    Friday 9th June
    Episode 91
    After a few lies, Grant finally reveals to Carla that he knows the whole truth and deposits her in a dustbin as he tells her just what he thinks of her! Later, Grant and Courtney head to Spain, hand in hand, for their new life together. Meanwhile, things seem to being going great between Kevin and Denise until their extended date is interrupted by the ringing of Denise's doorbell, Kevin goes to answer it and returns with a bouquet of flowers - with no explanation, Denise orders him out of her house!moreless
  • Thursday 8th June
    Thursday 8th June
    Episode 90
    Grant begs Phil to lend Carla the money, Phil is reluctant but eventually agrees but only as long as he and Grant can hand over the money to Ray themselves. When they meet Ray, Grant asks him to lower his price but Ray insists he wants his full £12,000. Grant realises he's been had and heads back to the Vic to have it out with Carla... Meanwhile, against Jim's strong objections and behind Martin's back, Sonia takes Rebecca to the park to reveal that she is her mother but in the end, she can't go through with it.moreless
  • Tuesday 6th June
    Tuesday 6th June
    Episode 89
    Rebecca feels abandoned after Margaret's death, Sonia tells Martin that the best thing for her would be for her to know that they are her parents! Meanwhile, having tracked her down to Walford, Carla's ex, Ray, is after his £12,000. Carla says that she doesn't have the money but says they should run away together, but Ray wants his money and after sleeping with her, he convinces Carla to ask Grant for the money...moreless
  • Monday 5th June
    Monday 5th June
    Episode 88
    While Pauline lets Joe move back in, Martin lets Rebecca decide whether or not she wants to go to Margaret's funeral. Also, Grant tells Carla that since they've both had affairs they can call in quits and start afresh...
  • Friday 2nd June
    Friday 2nd June
    Episode 87
    On Billy and Honey's wedding day things don't go quite as planned!
  • Thursday 1st June
    Thursday 1st June
    Episode 86
    Martin and Carly plan a date but later his life is changed when Sonia becomes more desperate...
  • Tuesday 30th May
    Tuesday 30th May
    Episode 85
    Sonia's left with nowhere to turn when Naomi throws her out. Meanwhile, Courtney's less than happy with the news that Grant plans to make a go of things with Carla.
  • Monday 29th May
    Monday 29th May
    Episode 84
    Martin and Carly decide to keep their fling quiet but discover that the news is already out! Meanwhile, Sonia and Naomi have another falling out and Carla receives a frosty reception from Grant.
  • Friday 26th May
    Friday 26th May
    Episode 83
    Little Mo is determined to leave the Square with Doctor Oliver but when Stacey sees Oliver innocently kissing Dawn she thinks there's more going on than meets the eye and tells Little Mo, whose plans are thrown into disarray...
  • Thursday 25th May
    Thursday 25th May
    Episode 82
    Jane finds Grant and tries to tempt him back to the Square.

    Meanwhile, Little Mo is thrilled with Oliver's proposal.
  • Tuesday 23rd May
    Tuesday 23rd May
    Episode 81
    Deano takes it on himself to make amends in the Fox household by doing some DIY, but he only manages to make things far worse.

    Meanwhile, Little Mo agonises over whether to talk to the police or not after Ben's confession.
  • Monday 22nd May
    Monday 22nd May
    Episode 80
    Little Mo and Phil are shocked by Ben's confession. Billy is alarmed at Honey's new theme for their wedding.
  • Friday 19th May
    Friday 19th May
    Episode 79
    Dot tries to come to terms with the news about Nick, and about the fact that Jim kept it from her...Later, she decides to visit Nick in prison and just in time, Jim catches up with her and says he'll go with her and support her.

    Also, Little Mo realises that life in Albert Square will never be the same and she decides to leave. Meanwhile, Ben reveals a secret to Phil...moreless
  • Thursday 18th May
    Thursday 18th May
    Episode 78
    A smug Sonia pushes Pauline to her limit and Pauline can't help but rub Sonia's face in some news that Martin had hoped to break gently.

    Meanwhile, Bradley tells Stacey to go easy on Dot because she'll soon find out that her son has cancer. Later, as Dot rambles to Stacey about the evil ways of her son, Stacey tells her about Nick...moreless
  • Tuesday 16th May
    Tuesday 16th May
    Episode 77
    Dot's on strike but Bert has an idea that means the men won't have to get their hands dirty!

    Meanwhile, it all becomes too much for Grant so he decides to head out of Walford...
  • Monday 15th May
    Monday 15th May
    Episode 76
    Jane pushes Grant away while Ruby threatens to sack him! Meanwhile, Honey has her heart set on a church wedding but she doesn't approve of the only vicar that will perform the ceremony...
  • Friday 12th May
    Friday 12th May
    Episode 75
    Jane breaks off her relationship with Grant, causing him to smash up the cafe! Meanwhile, Sonia's pleased when Martin says that he wants them to have a fresh start - only it's not the sort she had in mind...
  • Thursday 11th May
    Thursday 11th May
    Episode 74
    Jane attempts to cause trouble for Grant by telling Chelsea's mum that she's seeing an older man. Later, Chelsea's mum, Denise, heads straight to the Vic where she finds Chelsea talking to Kevin - she lays into him while he wonders what he's done wrong! Meanwhile, Sonia takes out her frustrations on Naomi.moreless
  • Tuesday 9th May
    Tuesday 9th May
    Episode 73
    Martin attempts to convince Margaret that he is the best one to take care of Rebecca. Also, Grant plays games in an attempt to make Jane jealous…it seems to work!
  • Monday 8th May
    Monday 8th May
    Episode 72
    Sonia begs Margaret to forgive her for not being honest, Margaret in turn expresses concerns about Sonia's relationship with Naomi. Meanwhile, Oliver tries to explain himself to Little Mo.
  • Friday 5th May
    Friday 5th May
    Episode 71
    Sonia worries that she'll never be allowed to see Rebecca again.
  • Thursday 4th May
    Thursday 4th May
    Episode 70
    Martin and Sonia prepare to act as witnesses to Margaret's will but Martin can't take the deceit any longer and blurts out that Sonia's left him! Meanwhile, Grant tries to seduce Jane!
  • Tuesday 2nd May
    Tuesday 2nd May
    Episode 69
    Sonia reveals to Martin that Margaret visited yesterday and says that she wants them to be Rebecca's guardians but she warns Martin that she might not be so keen if she finds out they're no longer together…
  • Monday 1st May
    Monday 1st May
    Episode 68
    Little Mo is questioned by the police over Freddie's injuries and the only explanation she can think of is that Ben was left alone with him…
  • Friday 28th April
    Friday 28th April
    Episode 67
    Little Mo and Oliver rush Freddie to the hospital. Later, Little Mo's forbidden from seeing her son as a blood clot's removed from his brain. Oliver is interviewed by a paediatrician and says he's not sure if Mo is capable of injuring Freddie but he did see her almost hit him once... Meanwhile, Grant and Jane kiss passionately in the Vic's cellar when Ian walks in! He doesn't spot them and they make out they were just moving barrels.moreless
  • Thursday 27th April
    Thursday 27th April
    Episode 66
    When Little Mo returns from a day out she finds that she can't wake Freddie! She calls out in distress... Meanwhile, Deano spends the anniversary of his brother's death stealing a car from the lot and joyriding through the square, he almost gets into an accident with doctor Oliver which causes him to reconsider his actions.moreless
  • Tuesday 25th April
    Tuesday 25th April
    Episode 65
    Little Mo and Billie contemplate the official end of their marriage. Later, Mo reveals to Oliver that she was raped, he tells her that he admires her honesty and strength and reassures her that it makes no difference to how he feels about her. Meanwhile, Ian spitefully cancels plans with Jane so that Phil can't spend time with Ben, leaving Jane free to head to the club where she and Grant get together once again...moreless
  • Monday 24th April
    Monday 24th April
    Episode 64
    Jane enjoys the attention she's getting from Grant in the run up to Scarlet's relaunch. Meanwhile, Ruby feels uneasy about the reopening.
  • Friday 21st April
    Friday 21st April
    Episode 63
    Joe confesses to Pauline that he's got a prison record and says he'd hoped that he'd never have to tell her. Pauline's upset that he deceived her but she's even more furious to hear that Dot knew! Also, Ruby gives Jake permission to run Scarlet.
  • Thursday 20th April
    Thursday 20th April
    Episode 62
    Jane vents her frustration about Ian's behaviour to Grant and thanking him for listening moves to peck him on the cheek - the peck turns into a kiss... Meanwhile, Oliver takes Little Mo out for dinner.
  • Tuesday 18th April
    Tuesday 18th April
    Episode 61
    Jane goes behind Ian's back to allow Ben to spend some quality time with his father. Ian is livid when he finds out. Meanwhile, Dawn gets into a cat fight with Carly!
  • Monday 17th April
    Monday 17th April
    Episode 60
    Phil and Ian row about who's to blame for Ben running off. Later, Doctor Oliver locates Ben's hiding place. Also, Joe appeals to Dot for leniency.
  • Friday 14th April
    Friday 14th April
    Episode 59
    Phil and Ian attempt to put their differences aside as they search for Ben. Meanwhile, Joe is horrified to learn the extent to which Dot has it in for him!
  • Thursday 13th April
    Thursday 13th April
    Episode 58
    Grant and Phil make an effort to pull Jake back from the brink of self destruction. Later, Ben has had enough of the fighting over him, he packs a bag, grabs the phone he got from Phil and sneaks out of the house into the night...
  • Tuesday 11th April
    Tuesday 11th April
    Episode 57
    Peggy visits Ian who tells her he's terrified that Phil will hurt Ben. Peggy insists that Phil loved Kathy and that he wouldn't lay a finger on his son. Also, Jake breaks into the Slaters and chases Ruby the length of the house - he eventually pins her against a door and hisses that he's just trying to protect her!moreless
  • Monday 10th April
    Monday 10th April
    Episode 56
    Jane urges Ian not to battle with Phil over Ben, Ian agrees but later scorns Phil for thinking that he'd give in that easily! Meanwhile, Little Mo fears for her job.
  • Friday 7th April
    Friday 7th April
    Episode 55
    Sonia tells Jim that no matter how he treats her, he'll always be her grandad. Meanwhile, Martin tries to convince everyone that he's over Sonia.
  • Thursday 6th April
    Thursday 6th April
    Episode 54
    Sonia is eventually allowed to be present during Rebecca's visit, it all goes well and Sonia tells Martin that she hopes they can be friends, however, Sonia is devastated when Jim tells her that she disgusts him and that he wants nothing more to do with her!
  • Tuesday 4th April
    Tuesday 4th April
    Episode 53
    Upon hearing that all his mates are going to Sonia's surprise party, Martin does his best to ruin her day. Meanwhile, Jane and Grant make a deal.
  • Monday 3rd April
    Monday 3rd April
    Episode 52
    Phil tries to build bridges with Ben but he becomes frustrated when things don't go his way. Patrick offers Kevin his half of the car lot.
  • Friday 31st March
    Friday 31st March
    Episode 51
    Johnny orders Danny to take Grant and Phil out to the woods and shoot them. Before he can, Jake shows up with a pistol and shoots his brother, accidentally killing him. Grant and Phil head back to Walford as Jake buries his brother. Meanwhile, Ruby discovers that Johnny ordered Danny to kill Dennis. She demands that he confess all to the police otherwise she will disown him. Johnny agrees. Ruby heads back to Albert Square with Jake who drops her at the Slater's door...moreless
  • Thursday 30th March
    Thursday 30th March
    Episode 50
    Grant and Phil pursue Johnny to a deserted goods yards. He leaves them there and then doubles back home... Grant and Phil confront one another about their relationship. Phil lets out his anger as Grant admits that he's walked out on his wife. Later, Danny appears with a baseball bat to announce that Johnny wants to see them. The brothers laugh it off until Johnny appears behind them with a shotgun...moreless
  • Tuesday 28th March
    Tuesday 28th March
    Episode 49
    Inside the house, Ruby is upset to learn that her dad is drinking again. Then, Phil manages to get into Johnny's secure office. While they argue, Grant and Ruby enjoy tea and scones in the kitchen. Ruby tells Grant about how Phil paid Juley to sleep with her. Meanwhile, Johnny pushes Phil's buttons, telling his that he was in fact indirectly responsible for Dennis' death. Phil grabs Johnny and starts to choke him...moreless
  • Monday 27th March
    Monday 27th March
    Episode 48
    Grant and Phil head to Essex where Grant tells his brother that he's been seeing a therapist. He encourages Phil to confront his demons and so Phil decides to do just that, he directs Grant to a large country house, Grant's confused until Phil tells him that this is Johnny Allen's home - he's come to confront his demons!moreless
  • Friday 24th March
    Friday 24th March
    Episode 47
    Phil returns to the Vic to be told by Billy that Kathy's died - he heads straight round to Ian's to find out where his son is! Ian refuses to let Phil see Ben but later Jane takes Ben to visit Phil at the Arches where they bond over their love of cars. When Ian finds out where Ben is, he rushes round and drags him home. Upset, Phil very nearly turns to drink but before he can, Grant appears at his doorway!moreless
  • Thursday 23rd March
    Thursday 23rd March
    Episode 46
    Ben feels the loss of his mother more than ever on his birthday but as he attends Peggy's birthday party, he asks a delighted Ian if he can have a party of his own. Meanwhile, Peggy receives a phone message from Phil who says that she can expect her present sooner than she thought... Also, Sonia tries to talk to Jim, but he gives her the cold shoulder, unable to understand why she's left Martin.moreless
  • Tuesday 21st March
    Tuesday 21st March
    Episode 45
    Joe plans to confess all about his criminal past to Pauline, just in case...but before he can, Dot bursts in with the news that Joe has passed the security check. Meanwhile, as Mo and Bert canoodle on the sofa, she uncovers a tattoo on his arm - she spots that it's a prison job and figures that Bert's hiding it to protect Joe. She promises to keep quiet. Danny returns and surprises Jake with the news that he's now working for Johnny Allen.moreless
  • Friday 17th March
    Friday 17th March
    Episode 44
    Martin still has hope that he can save his marriage; he visits Sonia to apologise for his actions the previous day. Sonia later makes it clear to Martin that their marriage is over and that she loves Naomi, Martin breaks down in tears. Keith tries desperately to stall the wedding plans but when confronted by Dawn and Rosie he says that he just wants to put it off because he wants to give Rosie a proper wedding and needs time to save up for it.moreless
  • Thursday 16th March
    Thursday 16th March
    Episode 43
    At Billy's urging, Honey goes to the doctors to have some tests done only to discover that she's perfectly healthy. Honey is furious with her dad for misleading her all her life... Meanwhile, Mo suggests to Bradley tat he should take his relationship with Stacey to the next level but he goes about it all the wrong way. Naomi tries to explain Sonia's position to Martin but ends up with a drink over her head.moreless
  • Tuesday 14th March
    Tuesday 14th March
    Episode 42
    Martin fears that Sonia's run off with another man and he's relieved when he hears she's staying at Naomi's. Martin heads straight round and bangs on the door, demanding to be let in, Naomi eventually comes to the door and Martin forces his way in to find that Sonia and Naomi have been in bed together... Meanwhile, after Kevin mocks Deano in front of some girls, Deano gets revenge by telling Kevin that Pat fancies him!moreless
  • Monday 13th March
    Monday 13th March
    Episode 41
    Jack reveals that Honey's mum died in labour because of a heart problem and tells a stunned Billy and Peggy that Honey has the same condition! Martin comes home to find Sonia with her bags packed - she runs out without explanation to go to Naomi's. Her face drops when Garry reveals that Naomi has gone.moreless
  • Friday 10th March
    Friday 10th March
    Episode 40
    Rosie and Mickey join Dawn to meet Mike and hand over his mother's money. Rosie gives Mike the money in exchange for staying away for good. Later, Keith clumsily proposes to Rosie! Joe receives paperwork from Dot for driving the church minibus and is alarmed when it requests information on criminal offences - Bert suggests that he should lie...moreless
  • Thursday 9th March
    Thursday 9th March
    Episode 39
    Rosie discovers the truth about Mike's mother's inheritance. Peggy lets slip to Jack that he's going to be a granddad. Naomi accuses Sonia of using her to spice up her own love life.
  • Tuesday 7th March
    Tuesday 7th March
    Episode 38
    Dawn poses as Rosie to pick up her mother's inheritance for Mike. Pauline and Joe return home to find Bert and Mo canoodling on the sofa! Sonia tries to kiss Naomi.
  • Monday 6th March
    Monday 6th March
    Episode 37
    Mike meets his mother's carer and is stunned to learn that his mother's left all her valuables to Rosie - £5,000 worth! Later, Mike plots how to get his mother's money without letting Rosie know... Meanwhile, Ian returns from South Africa with his half-brother Ben.
  • Friday 3rd March
    Friday 3rd March
    Episode 36
    Stacey's in a fowl mood after her encounter with Ruby, she pushes everyone away and decides to get drunk! Meanwhile, Jack talks to Peggy about the death of Honey's mum - they both admit to getting lonely and Mike tells Keith that the only reason Rosie didn't leave him was for the kids' sakes.moreless
  • Thursday 2nd March
    Thursday 2nd March
    Episode 35
    Mike returns to the Square because he can't get hold of his mum, Rosie is forced to break the news of her death to him. Keith is upset when he sees Rosie comforting Mike. Meanwhile, Ruby pops by to her old house to pick up some of her stuff; Stacey is upset that Ruby hasn't been in touch and about the fact that she seems to want nothing to do with her once best friend.moreless
  • Tuesday 28th February
    Jack gives Billy a hard time and pushes him too far: Billy looses his temper and shouts at Jack that he may not be a tough guy but claims that he truly loves Honey and he'd never do anything to hurt her. Jack's pleased to see that Billy really does care and gives him the green light!moreless
  • Monday 27th February
    Billy admits to Honey that he's nervous about meeting her dad. Later, when her dad shows up, Honey's out and Billy makes the assumption he's a plumber. While Honey's dad mends Billy's pipes, Billy chats about his lack of income and failed marriage...he's more than a little alarmed when he discovers his plumber's true identity! Meanwhile, Pauline returns home to some devastating news and an unwelcome guest in her home.moreless
  • Friday 24th February
    Martin and Sonia return home to find a scruffy northerner in their house. He tells them that the back door was open and introduces himself as Bert, an old friend of Joes. Meanwhile, Nico leaves Carly for good and when Kevin finds his daughter in tears he realises that he can't go ahead with his plan to leave the country...moreless
  • Thursday 23rd February
    Sonia tries to make up with Martin by offering to cook a romantic meal for two, Martin's up for it until he talks with Jim who says that it was Sonia's idea to go for dinner the other night, not Dot's...Martin gets his revenge by inviting half the square round for a poker session! Also, Rosie is disappointed that Keith is still full of empty promises in spite of all that has happened.moreless
  • Tuesday 21st February
    Ian struggles to come to terms with his mother's death. He's encouraged from all sides to face up to it and head to South Africa, for Ben's sake if nothing else... Meanwhile, Kevin tries to put his daughter's relationship back together but it ends in a brawl!
  • Monday 20th February
    Pat gets short shrift when she attempts to smooth things over with Yolande. Ian receives a bolt from the blue.
  • Friday 17th February
    Pat's nephew, Kevin, arrives, which comes as a surprise since Deano told her he was dead! Meanwhile, Pauline's having second thoughts about marrying Joe...
  • Thursday 16th February
    Rosie returns from the hospital, having spent the night there. Keith is upset with her, Rosie soon breaks the news that Nora died. Keith tries to backtrack and apologise for his behaviour but as far as Rosie can see, it's too late for that... Meanwhile, Patrick worries that Pat might confess their affair to Yolande if she has too much to drink at Pauline's hen night! Jim twigs that Patrick's having an affair.moreless
  • Tuesday 14th February
    Keith makes an effort to treat Rosie. She's impressed but their evening is cut short when Rosie receives a call from the hospital telling her that Mike's mum has taken a turn for the worse. As she heads to the hospital, Keith is outraged and sees her decision as a rejection of him. Meanwhile, a guilty Patrick treats Yolande with gifts, a takeaway and a foot massage. Bradley and Stacey agree to be mates.moreless
  • Monday 13th February
    Pat warns Patrick that she expects a Valentines gift. He tries to but some sexy underwear from the market but when Yolande catches him he tells her it's for Joe's stag do! Later, Pat and Patrick meet in the car lot, Patrick's pleased to see that Pat's wearing nothing but a fur coat! As they emerge from the car lot later, Stacie is horrified to catch a glimpse of the couple!moreless
  • Friday 10th February
    Yolande gives Patrick a pedometer and insists that he do 6000 steps before dinner, but when he discovers you can strap it to anything that moves - he heads straight to Pat's! Sonia stars to realise that she has feelings for Naomi.
  • Thursday 9th February
    Patrick is guilt-ridden having spent the previous evening with Pat. Nonetheless, after a bottle of whiskey is up for round two! Meanwhile, Stacey convinces Charlie to let her go to a fashion show if Bradley will go with her, she tells Bradley that he can escort her back from the station at the end of the day to make Charlie think they went together. It all goes wrong when Charlie catches Bradley waiting outside the station for Stacey; Bradley takes the rap for it and in the process gets himself a date with Stacey on Saturday!moreless
  • Tuesday 7th February
    Pat cures her loneliness by taking Patrick to bed! They are both very pleased with themselves! Meanwhile, Bradley and Stacey's 'date' isn't such a success and Pauline worries about removing her wedding ring from Arthur.
  • Monday 6th February
    Monday 6th February
    Episode 21
    Dot helps Pauline decide that she does want to marry Joe. They rush back to Albert Square to try and catch him before he heads off to Dubai...but they're too late it seems. That is until Pauline returns home to find Joe in her kitchen, he confesses that there never was a job in Dubai; he just wanted to give her a deadline! Pauline's delighted! Meanwhile, Billy and Honey decide to move in with Pat who confesses that she's starting to feel lonely.moreless
  • Friday 3rd February
    Friday 3rd February
    Episode 20
    Billy makes a mess of things again when his quiet proposal to Honey ends up being broadcast to the whole of the Vic - including Little Mo! Also, Patrick enlists Pat's help with his VAT and Joe attempts to woo Pauline!
  • Thursday 2nd February
    Billy devastates Little Mo when he blurts out that Honey's pregnant and that he wants a divorce! Meanwhile, Bradley and Stacey have a date of sorts, but it ends badly when Bradley's nut allergy causes him to choke on her cooking.
  • Tuesday 31st January
    Little Mo is snappy and irritable after spending a sleepless night with Freddie. Meanwhile, Honey is convinced that Billy wants to get back with Little Mo.
  • Monday 30th January
    Monday 30th January
    Episode 17
    Honey is moody and distant. In a bid to cheer her up, Billy asks Garry and Minty to help him arrange a romantic surprise for her. Over at the car lot Yolande soon realises she is not a saleswoman, and decides to patch things up with Pat. Elsewhere, Dot is distracted and accidentally runs over the new doctor, but both she and Pauline are on hand to tend to him.moreless
  • Friday 27th January
    Friday 27th January
    Episode 16
    Guilt gets the better of Deano and comes clean to Stacey that it was he who spiked her drink and that Bradley was only trying to help her then he rushes off to the police station to confess. Bradley's let off but the police tell Deano that he could face up to 10 years in prison for his actions...Later, Deano's let off with a caution but Bradley and Stacey aren't so forgiving... Also, on the twin's birthday, Rosie is forced to confess that Keith's moved out. Later, she tells Keith she wants him back and begs him for a second chance. Joe tells Pauline that he's taking a job in Dubai so he'll soon be leaving for good.moreless
  • Thursday 26th January
    Stacey returns home in a state and calls the police to inform them of her assault. They question her and when she denies taking drugs they suspect her drink may have been spiked. The next day the police question Deano and Bradley. Since Bradley was the one all over Stacey they suspect him of spiking her drink and take him down the station. Bradley admits that both he and Deano bought drinks for Stacey. Meanwhile, Pat guesses that Deano isn't entirely innocent and asks him if he can live with himself by keeping quiet. Later, the police get back Stacey's test results and charge Bradley with giving Stacey ketamine with intent to assault her...moreless
  • Tuesday 24th January
    Jim's grandson, Bradley, arrives in the Square. Dot insists that Stacey and Deano take him for a night out so that they can get acquainted. Later, Deano slips something into his and Stacey's drinks, the effects quickly show on Stacey…Bradley and Deano decide to take Stacey home, along the way she collapses, Deano runs for help leaving Bradley with Stacey, he tries to help her up onto a nearby bench but ends up ripping her tights in the process - Stacey awakens to find Bradley looming over her and punches him, Bradley tries to insist that it's not how it looks! Keith finds out the truth about Rosie's relationship with Mike, he's even more disappointed to learn that Mickey was in on the whole thing and didn't tell him. Keith leaves the Millers and goes in search of somewhere to sleep for the night. Garry chats up a girl and scores himself a date. Later, Garry takes his date back to his place but they're interrupted by Keith who needs a bed for the night. While Garry deals with Keith, the girl takes off…with his wallet!moreless
  • Monday 23rd January
    Monday 23rd January
    Episode 13
    After talking to Keith, Mickey tells Dawn that he's worried he might find out the truth. Dawn reassures Mickey that she'll sort it out. Dawn talks to Rosie and urges her to confess her sins to Keith otherwise it'll drive her mad. Later, Keith cooks Rosie a romantic dinner for two at which point she confesses that she kissed Mike. She reassures Keith that there was no more to it than that. Keith is pleased that he's won and later gloats to Dawn. She tells him she's surprised that Keith is so calm after hearing that his wife was on the verge of leaving him for another man. Keith is left stunned by this latest revelation. Stacey is upset now that her friend has gone; she's even more upset when she sees a 'For Sale' sign going up outside the Allen's'. She decides to throw a party to distract her and give her an excuse to drown her sorrows but she has a bit too much to drink and throws everyone out!moreless
  • Friday 20th January
    Friday 20th January
    Episode 12
    Rosie can't find the time, the place or the words to tell Keith that she's leaving him. She decides to write him a note but she's interrupted by Mickey, he's furious that his mum would even consider leaving Keith for Mike after all Keith has done for them and after all that Mike did. Later, Rosie starts to have a change of heart when Mike tells her that it might be best if they leave together at first and then call for the kids later. Rosie tells him that she can leave her kids. Meanwhile, Darren shows Keith a school project he's been working on - a video about where he lives - Keith watches closely and in the background he catches a glimpse of what he thinks is Rosie sharing an intimate moment with Mike. Rosie decides that she can't leave her kids and tells Mike that she's staying with Keith. He's stunned, Rosie reassures him that if it wasn't for the kids she'd go with him in a second...Rosie returns to the Miller's and is comforted by Mickey while a suspicious Keith looks on...moreless
  • Thursday 19th January
    Rosie wants to give Keith every chance she can to redeem himself. They go on a walk together and Rosie encourages him to share his dreams but she's disappointed when she hears that he doesn't have very high aspirations. Later, Rosie tries to tell Keith how unhappy she is but she has no success so she turns to Mike and agrees to leave Keith for him! Stacey gives Ruby the cold shoulder and tells her that she can't have her as a mate and see Juley at the same time. Meanwhile, Johnny tells Ruby that he's planning a holiday for them but confesses to Pat that he has no intention of coming back. Later, Ruby tells Juley that they were kidding themselves thinking that they could forget the past and pick up where they left off...she decides to break up with him and she tells a delighted Johnny that she wants to go away ASAP! Johnny and Ruby leave Albert Square, as they do so, Ruby worries that she hasn't said goodbye to Stacey, Johnny lies that she'll be able to see her when they get back...moreless
  • Tuesday 17th January
    Ruby goes to see Juley. He tries to convince her that he's truly in love with her but she has trouble trusting him. Eventually Juley wears her down and they agree to give their relationship another shot. Ruby takes Juley home so that they can announce their reunion together. Johnny and Stacey are horrified to see Juley back in Ruby's life... Mike hears that there's a job of bar manager going at Scarlet and begs Johnny to give him a shot. Johnny's reluctant but his mind is soon changed when he sees Mike's commitment to his family - he offers Mike the job. Later, Mike announces to Rosie that he's going to make a fresh start and asks her to make it with him - he wants her to leave Keith!moreless
  • Monday 16th January
    Mickey tells Keith that he won't come home as long as Mike in there. Keith convinces him to come and visit his mum at least. Meanwhile, Mike surprises Rosie at work with an invitation for lunch. She accepts and they have a cheerful afternoon reminiscing over old times. They return home to find the house in chaos: Clint and Darren are sparring and the front room's in chaos. Rosie soon finds an excuse to escape. She and Mike meet by the swings where Mike confesses his love for her. They kiss. Stacey pushes Ruby away and Ruby doesn't understand why. Later, Stacey tells Ruby that being in the hospital reminded her of the time her mum made a suicide bid. Stacey apologises and they become friends again, much to Johnny's relief. Meanwhile, Pat and Peggy wonder how much of a role Johnny played in Dennis' murder. Pat comes right out and asks Johnny, he's defensive and denies any wrongdoing.moreless
  • Friday 13th January
    Phil calls an ambulance and accompanies Ruby to the hospital. Meanwhile, Sharon tells Pauline that she plans to leave the square alone. Later, Phil convinces Sharon to let him leave with her. Upon hearing that it was Phil who saved Ruby's life, he offers a truce and shakes Phil's hand. As Phil and Sharon pull out of the square, Phil reassures her that Johnny is a dead man! Mike convinces Keith to buy Rosie a new sofa with the £200 he's got stashed away. The kids are horrified when they come home to find that Keith's chucked out the sofa and that Clint has set light to it. Dawn tells Keith that he's just cost them £20,000! Later, Mike heads out to grab some cash from his wallet, in fact he's got the kids' money stashed in his boot!moreless
  • Thursday 12th January
    Johnny gives Stacey some cash to spend on Ruby but when Stacey presents Ruby with Johnny's offer, Ruby flies off the handle and accuses Stacey of having to be bought to be her friend. Later in the Vic, Juley asks Stacey how Ruby is doing, Stacey screams at Juley over the way he treated her, Phil throws Stacey out of the bar. Sharon soon becomes inquisitive as to why Stacey was so angry at Juley, Phil confesses that he paid Juley to sleep with Ruby. Sharon is outraged. Meanwhile, Ruby decides to drown her sorrows with vodka. Phil breaks into the Allen's house and finds her body motionless... Wellard is a free dog once again but Jane worries how Ian will react when he discovers that it was her letter of recommendation that got the dog off the hook. Martin urges Pauline to give Joe a chance.moreless
  • Tuesday 10th January
    It's a big day for Joe. He buys Martin a drink and asks for his blessing to seek Pauline's hand in marriage - Martin's over the moon for Joe and his mum and agrees. Later, Martin can't help but let slip to Jim of Joe's plans. Jim in turn lets slip to Dot, before you know it, the whole square is in on Joe's surprise. Later, Joe's proposal is ruined when he accidentally drops the ring in the crowded Vic, when Pauline figures out what's going on, she heads home, closely pursued by Joe. He asks her to marry him. She thinks for a moment before turning him down. Johnny warns Phil that he'll harm him if Ruby ever finds out the truth about his deal with Juley. Later however, Ruby becomes frustrated when she figures out that there's more going on than meets the eye. She packs her bags and threatens to leave home unless her dad tells her what's really going on. Under duress, Johnny reveals how Phil paid Juley to sleep with her.moreless
  • Monday 9th January
    Monday 9th January
    Episode 5
    Sharon has pulled herself together for Dennis' funeral but struggles to keep it up. Later, when Johnny offers his condolences, it's more than Sharon can take she lashes out at Johnny before breaking down completely. Meanwhile, Phil is racked with guilt over his role in Dennis' murder and confesses all to Peggy. She becomes worried over her son's safety when she catches Johnny paying him a visit. Keith tries to get Rosie's brother Clint on side in his battle with Mike. Clint gets fired up and punches Mike in the face but to Keith frustration, Mike soon wins him round just like the rest of the family!moreless
  • Friday 6th January
    Friday 6th January
    Episode 4
    When Johnny gets wind of Juley and Ruby's break-up, he pays Juley a visit. He reminds Juley that he warned him that should he hurt Ruby, he would hurt him. As Johnny is about to make the call to sort out Juley, Juley confesses all. Johnny warns Juley not to go near Ruby or Phil ever again. Sharon starts to show signs of recovering from her loss. She reassures Phil that she'll be well in time for Dennis' funeral.moreless
  • Thursday 5th January
    Ruby is deeply upset over her split with Juley but she tells Stacey that she's convinced there's more going on than meets the eye. She confronts Juley, but for Ruby's sake he doesn't tell her the truth. Mike tells Rosie and Keith of his plans to move on but his plans change when his mum, Nora, takes a turn for the worst. Mike and Rosie become closer while reminiscing about the time they were married. Ian's frustrated when he catches Lucy wearing a Save Wellard T-shirt - he's annoyed that his family aren't supporting his campaign.moreless
  • Tuesday 3rd January
    Phil's demand that he break up with Ruby is playing on Juley's mind. Gus agrees to talk to Phil on Juley's behalf but when Phil hears that Juley's been blabbing about their deal he's even more irate and still fuelled with guilt over his role in Dennis' death, orders Juley to dump Ruby immediately. Later, with no other option, Juley does just that. Mike gets his feet under the table at the Miller's. Keith is disturbed to hear that Mike will be staying for weeks rather than days… Deano settles into life on Albert Square, befriending Dawn, Gus and Juley.moreless
  • Silent Sharon
    Silent Sharon
    Episode 1
    Sharon and Dot, among others, struggle in the aftermath of Dennis' death. Later, Phil visits Johnny in hospital, he considers tampering with his life support equipment, but decides that it's too quick a death. Phil returns to the Square where he tells Juley that the time has come for him to break up with Ruby and break her heart, Juley refuses but Phil makes him see that he has little choice in the matter… A relation of Pat's, Deano, shows up in Albert Square. Pat needs some convincing but agrees to let Deano stay with her for one night. Darren worries that his stash might be discovered.moreless