Season 1 Episode 6

Bonfire and Betrayal

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

It's the day before Halloween in Eastwick and preparations are being made for the bonfire event for the following night wherein coffins containing metaphorical demons will be burned in front of the townsfolk and tourists. Roxie, who is filling in for the regular tour guide Bun, heads the tour and gives an inaccurate historical account of events which transpired on Witch's Field where witches were burned at the stake more than a hundred years ago. Darryl interrupts the tour and brings his own coffin for burning. Roxie suddenly screams after getting another vision of a funeral and is shocked to learn that Bun possesses extraordinary powers as she herself sees what Roxie sees. At Joanna's place, Roxie and Kat try to console her after she gets fired from her job at the Eastwick Gazette and after the fight she had with Will. Kat suggests that she should apologize to Will until he forgives her. Meanwhile, Jamie goes to Penny and tells her that all the information he passed on to her and Joanna on Darryl Van Horne was accurate. Penny is still upset after Joanna loses her job over the Van Horne article. Roxie confronts Bun about the vision she had and asks her if she saw the person in the coffin. Bun only tells her that the person in the vision is a friend who will be killed because of a statue. Thinking she is referring to Darryl, Roxie runs into his house just in time to save him from his falling bronze replica. Furious from almost getting killed by his own statue, Darryl fires Chad for not bolting the statue properly. Much later, Chad and Roxie have an argument about her flirtatious relationship with Darryl. Joanna sneaks into the newspaper office to apologize to Will, who confesses that there is another woman in his life and that the woman is Joanna's friend, Kat. She then goes to the hospital and has a fight with Kat over Will. Even as Kat tries to explain her actions, Joanna is unable to forgive her and walks out on her. At Josh's home, Mia asks for his forgiveness after saying bad things about him. Josh tells her that one way she can make it up to him is by going out with him on Halloween night. They later make up after Mia appears in a silly costume for trick or treat. Back at Joanna's place, she discovers she can move things with her mind. Pastor Dunn, whose life and career she destroyed by coming out with the article on him seen in a whorehouse, surprises her at her door and kidnaps her from her home. Worried about Joanna not answering her calls, Kat goes to Penny for help. They go to her home and find that she is indeed missing. Penny calls the police, but they are unwilling to help while Kat runs to Roxie and asks her if she has had a vision about Joanna being in trouble. They realize that Joanna's life in peril and that it will all happen during the bonfire after Bun's hand burns as she touched Joanna's keys. At Pastor Dunn's shed, as Dunn builds Joanna's coffin, she frees herself from being bound by using her telekinetic powers and tries to escape. However, Pastor Dunn catches her on the run and slams her against a post, knocking her out instantly. While looking for Joanna, Penny stumbles across Jamie and finally admits that it is her own fault that Joanna got fired from the paper and that she should have verified the information handed to her by Jamie before passing it off as the truth. At the Halloween bonfire, Joanna screams from inside the coffin atop all the other coffins being burned in front of the crowd. No one hears her screaming amidst all the noise and music. After seeing the statue in the middle of the coffins, Roxie soon realizes that Bun's vision of a dead loved-one refers to Joanna and that Joanna is inside one of the coffins. Roxie goes to the firemen for help, but they are unable to hear her. Kat tries to climb up the stack of burning coffins, but then, Will, for fear of Kat's life, grabs her and prevents her from reaching Joanna. Feeling hopeless and grieving her friend's impending doom, Kat tears up and a rain cloud suddenly passes over the bonfire and douses the fire. Will climbs up to get Joanna from the coffin. Later, Joanna forgives Kat for making out with Will. She also asks for her forgiveness after calling her a copper-headed biatch. They make up and renew their friendship. On their way home, Bun tells Roxie that they can't change the future however hard they try. In another part of town, still mad over Roxie's relationship with Darryl, Chad picks up a pipe and hits Darryl's statue repeatedly. As he turns around, the statue falls on him, killing him instantly.