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Season 1 Episode 4

Fleas and Casserole

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 2009 on ABC
Fleas and Casserole
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Episode Summary

Darryl persuades Roxie to uncover the mystery that shrouds her new neighbor while his divorce lawyer helps Kat with her marital issues. The man Joanna was once engaged to shows up in Eastwick.

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  • Fleas and Casserole

    Fleas and Casserole was a superb episode of Eastwick and I really enjoyed watching this episode as more of the story unfolded in some interesting ways. It was cool to seeBrian Hallisay playing Morgan and alsoIvana Milicevic playing the devilishly delightful Ivanka, a power lawyer from New York. Roxie learns a more about her neighbor who has some secrets and an interesting revelation about Penny is made. I just love how entertaining this show is and I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • A sitcom, a drama and a sci-fi show walk into an L.A. studio...

    I really want to like this show, and for the most part, I kind of do. It's just…well…we're four episodes in folks and not a lot has actually happened.

    It feels as though the writers are trying to reach a quota by assigning a different genre to each of our three leads, rarely having their storylines cross over, except for when the typical cocktail/vodka/martini moment is required (really getting sick of it now).

    So Joanna is our sit-com fix; Kat is our drama fix; and Roxie is our mystical fix. They're so disconnected from each other, it's all rather frustrating to me. The execs are clearly afraid to outright label this show sci-fi, as we have two of our leads aware they have gifts, while one of them is the cynic, and yet when they do gather to chit-chat they NEVER mention 'maybe we're witches'. Just before they do a spell from a creepy, old book, Kat is calling it all nonsense, and then their spell comes true and she tosses it up to fleas. FLEAS. Grrr!

    Kat's storyline is the weakest link this week. There's a will they/won't they element to her plotline, but it's not about hooking up, it's about getting divorced, and it's all so bloody tedious. The drama is there, but it's never taken to the next level. Just when something interesting happens, Kat fires her lawyer and is rubbing her husband's wounds, which she inflicted upon him, all better. GRR.

    Roxie's outing is a bit lighter in tone, but it's just as irksome. She probably has the most intel so far and still cannot connect the dots that she's a witch. She's openly talking about her visions, but there's an unspoken word amongst these leads that's bugging the hell out of me. Either her new neighbor is a witch-hunter or else the show's equivalent of a white-lighter. While Joanna's storyline was extremely predictable, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. It was very funny in parts, and genuinely felt like a sit-com, entirely separate from everything else in the show. She has her own, adorable side-kick, her own ex to worry about while trying to woo the hunk of man-meat of the office; she should get her own 30-min series.

    Overall, it's a very disappointing episode. There's no real direction and no sense of these women connecting and becoming an ensemble to care about. Their separate storylines are entirely forgettable; the show needs to mix things up, and pronto. As for Penny? Nice twist, I admit. Ahh, I love Penny.moreless
  • Another great episode that shows all three women to be on a very slippery slope...(spoilers)

    There are many signs that Roxy, Joanna and Kat are getting sucked into a very dark world. The biggest one being the moment they all decided to cast a 'spell' and put a pox on Ray. Sure, they thought it was a joke, but on some level they must know. Then there is Joanna - she committed a lot of atrocities! For me one of the worst things she did was to use her power to make Will accept her lie about the night before when she stood him up (but was actually sleeping with that creepy ex). One wonders if Darryl had something to do with the ex-fiance suddenly showing up in Eastwick in the first place. It certainly destroyed the beginnings of a wonderful romance with Will - which would suit Darryl's agenda. And Roxy - well she didn't do anything too terrible - just breaking into the neighbour's and snooping around and taking his antique witchcraft book. She did give it back, but still.... And Kat got sucked into the evil divorce war thing for a while... she backed out and fired the lawyer, but - - she got sucked in for a little while. They seem to get sucked into a very evil place, then find their way back to normalcy and compassion for others and then the cycle repeats... but what if the evil times get longer and longer or if they do something reeeeeeaally terrible one of these times?moreless
  • Kat and Raymond's divorce is getting nasty. Joanna's ex-fiancee who walked out of her as she was ready to walk down the aisle shows up and is marrying another women in two days. Roxie is dealing with the upstairs neighbor who is photographing her.moreless

    I am really enjoying this series and still feel overall it is the best of the new one hour shows on TV this season. This episode was a little schizophrenic though.

    ***** Major Spoilers *****

    Roxie is still having her visions. She sees the upstairs neighbor photographing her and she finds a book in his loft with the symbol on it which appears all over town. Also Bun has lost her memory and Roxie is trying to help her. The book she took from her neighbor turns out to belong to her. Also the revelation comes out that he might be her son as he was adopted from a woman who lived in Eastwick originally. The neighbor is lying about not photographing her and he is seeing Penny as well as he is the unnamed source on Van Horne!

    On to Joanna. She is ready for her big date with Will when she runs into her ex-fiancee on the street that morning. She runs away to work and then blurts out everything about him to Penny who was already somewhat familiar with the story. When she meets him again later he's with another woman who is the current fiancee and they are getting married in two days in Eastwick. Before the night is over she misses her date with Will and ends up in bed with her ex-fiancee which is totally out of character and makes absolutely no sense. Add to that she finds out he really doesn't like her that much anyways. Of course in the end it also blows any chance she had with Will.

    Finally we come to Kat. Raymond is getting vindictive which is not surprising as he seems that way naturally. If he doesn't get his way it's the highway. After their last fight Kat hires Darryl's lawyer who will rip Raymond to shreds. But she seems to come to her senses and tries to set up an amicable situation with him by them sharing custody one week at a time at the house.

    There's unreasonable actions and some really strange behavior. We do get to see the three women give a Pox to Raymond which definitely works. In general this is just a well acted, well produced, well written, dramedy. Hopefully the numbers will stabilize so it will be around for a while. Thanks for reading...moreless
Brian Hallisay

Brian Hallisay


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Ivana Milicevic

Ivana Milicevic


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Jack Huston

Jack Huston


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Mia Hays

Mia Hays

Amy Gardener

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J.P. Foster Jr.

J.P. Foster Jr.

RJ Gardener

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Kat: Well, I'm hiring that lawyer.
      Roxie: No way.
      Joanna: Get out.
      Kat: Yep. Daryl's friend from New York, she is flying in tomorrow.
      Roxie: Wow. Fancy-schmansy.
      Kat: Oh, no, no. I'm not going for fancy. I am going for fierce as in take no prisoners. I am done trying to be nice.
      Joanna: Yeah, screw nice! You want to take him for all he's got. Just grab him by the balls!
      Roxie: Joanna, anything you'd like to share with the group?
      Joanna: Uh, not really. Just that my, um, ex-fiancee showed up today in town with his new fiancee. Did I tell you guys that I was left at the altar? 'Cause I was. Yeah, it was awesome.

    • Joanna: (rambling to Morgan) Boy! I wish I could stay and chat, but unfortunately, I'm-- I'm very late... For work, not like, 'oops! I missed a period, late' which would be pretty impossible right now. Not-- not that I'm not having a lot of sex, I definitely am. Just, you know, safe sex-- safer sex.

    • Penny: You wore a Vera Chang wedding dress?
      Joanna: I couldn't afford Vera Wang.

    • Joanna: (talking about her ex-fiance Morgan) Penny, that man took six years of my life! I thought we were soulmates and then he pooped on my heart.

    • Kat: I want that man to feel pain!
      Darryl: I must admit it is thrilling to watch you finally getting angry, Kat. And I love cooking up revenge strategies, but... there is a certain breed of people who plays this game better than others.
      Kat: Mafia?

    • Penny: (to Joanna) I'm buying you a muzzle.

    • Kat: You know what?! We live in a town with all kinds of silly, witchy, tourist-y bull crap. This is got to be related somehow. It's just another silly, witchy, tourist-y, bull-crappy symbol.

    • (Kat meets her divorce lawyer for the first time)
      Ivanka: Your dress is perfect.
      Kat: Oh, really?
      Ivanka: So dowdy. Almost like a tortured pilgrim growing that hair all dry and desperate for highlights. I love it. You're the perfect victim.

    • Morgan: Do you know that not a day goes by that I don't kick myself for what I did to you?
      Joanna: Where? Someplace soft, I hope.

    • Joanna: Do you think my boobs are weird?
      Penny: No. They're beautiful.
      Joanna: I am good in bed, right?
      Penny: I-- I have no idea.

    • Morgan: It would be wrong to get married with someone when I'm sleeping with someone else. I may be a lot of things, but I don't cheat... (notices Penny rolling her eyes and looking at Joanna) except with my soulmate, obviously.
      Penny: Awww, he's got boundaries.

    • Joanna: (runs after Morgan) Oh, and by the way, you also have terrible bacne, a mild case of halitosis, and miniscule man-berries.
      Morgan: I happen to be an avid cyclist!
      Joanna: Teeny-tiny testes. We're talking smurf-sized!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Poisoned Apple:

      Roxie suspects that the apple Jamie gave him might be poisoned. In the fairy tale Snow White, the Evil Queen, disguised as an old woman, offers a posioned apple to Snow White, who after taking bite from the fruit, falls into a deep sleep.

    • When Penny talks to Joanna about Danny Zuko, Kenickie, and Thunder Road, she is referring to characters and a location from the 1972 musical Grease. In the 1978 film version, John Travolta played the role of Zuko while Jeff Conaway portrayed the character of Kenickie.

    • Joanna: We're talking smurf-sized!

      Smurfs are tiny blue-colored creatures created by Belgian cartoonist Peyo in his late-'50s comic strips. These characters were brought to life on television by Hanna-Barbera Productions thru the '80s animated series The Smurfs.