Season 1 Episode 3

Madams and Madames

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 07, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

Bun has woken up from her coma. Kat attends to her and attempts to jog her memory by showing her an old photo of a woman. She catches Bun singing "Three Blind Mice" while drawing a weird symbol on everything she can write on – the same symbol branded on Jamie's hip.

During the groundbreaking ceremony of Van Horne's Eastwick Brewing Company, he tries to give Kat the number of a divorce lawyer, but she declines and returns the business card. After dodging interview questions from Joanna, Darryl confronts Roxie about her visions and Gus' accidental death. Roxie then begins to see the ghost of her daughter's dead ex-boyfriend. Pastor Dunn, along with several protesters, storms the event to stop the establishment of Van Horne's new company.

Meanwhile, Mia gets invited to a memorial his schoolmates prepared for him. Much later, while Gus' friends mourn for his passing as emo songs play in the background, Mia reveals her true feelings about Gus and her disgust over his so-called friends' pretentious memorial. She walks out on the ceremony, but Josh, Chad's younger brother, follows to console her.

Joanna continues her quest to reveal the true identity and intentions of Van Horne, so she goes to Pastor Dunn to question him about his knowledge of the man. She then tries to use her hypnotic powers on Darryl, but she only gets the usual evasive response from him.

Excited with his new job and his first paycheck, Raymond tells Kat to dress up for a dinner date. In the kitchen, Kat oddly finds the business card of Darryl's attorney. She just tears up the card and throws it away.

At the Lenox Mansion, Darryl continues to seduce Roxie into bed. Roxie sees Gus' ghost again and mentions it to Darryl, who suggests that she figure out the reason for Gus' apparitions in order to make him go away.

Joanna finds an address on Van Horne's notepad and asks Penny to go on a stakeout with her. Later, while Joanna consults Roxie about her outfit for her spying and snooping, Kat picks out a dress from Roxie's closet for her date with her husband.

During their date, Kat and Raymond break into a closed town property and swam in the pool. With a chilly evening, the water starts out as cold but soon heats up as the couple engages in some steamy intimate action.

In the meantime, Roxie consults with a medium named Madame Aleksandra about her ghostly visions of Gus. She soon learns that the supposed psychic is a fake and is only trying to scam her out of her money. Frustrated and irritated, Roxie unintentionally causes the fake psychic to choke on a coin.

Penny and Joanna grow impatient during their stakeout and finally enter the establishment. They find out that it's not a teahouse as they earlier thought, but instead a whorehouse which Pastor Dunn frequents. Joanna snaps a picture of Pastor Dunn in the act of acquiring the services of one the girls there.

Back at the pool, Kat and Raymond start an argument about Kat's newfound friends which leads to another major fight. Suddenly, the water begins to turn extremely cold and just as soon as they get out of the pool, the whole pool freezes over.

At the office, Joanna shows Will her snapshots of Pastor Dunn's indiscretion as she finally realizes that Van Horne set Dunn up to be found. Will accidentally stumbles upon Joanna's photos of him in her flash drive. They end up making out on the desk, but before it escalates into something more, Will stops and instead asks Joanna out on a dinner date for later.

While driving, Roxie sees Gus' image pop out in front her car causing her to swerve and hit the sidewalk. She finally confronts Gus and learns that all he wants is for her to ask for his forgiveness. Irate, Roxie leaves and goes to Darryl for consolation. Van Horne points out that she shouldn't have to feel guilty for Gus' death.

Back at Joanna's place, she hears noises in her house while she takes a shower. Freaked out that someone might have broken into her home, she calls Kat and Roxie, who invites them to sleep over at her house. Kat confides to the girls the recent fight she had with Raymond. After she gets home, Mia tells her mom about the memorial and some things about Gus.

Early the next day, Joanna walks into Roxie's house screaming as she excitedly shows Kat her printed article on the front page of the newspaper. At another part of town, Dunn sees the article and vows to make Joanna pay for what she did to him.

Mia and Roxie visit Gus' mom and give their condolences. At the same time, Roxie is able to ask for forgiveness from Gus, who disappears after hearing Roxie's apology. At the Lenox Mansion, Darryl sits calmly as he burns Joanna's researched articles and photos in his fireplace.
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