Season 1 Episode 3

Madams and Madames

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 07, 2009 on ABC

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  • Madams and Madames


    Madams and Madames was a superb episode of Eastwick and I really enjoyed watching this episode as the women's powers grew and they each had their own individual adventures. This episode had a lot of character depth and development as Mia and Roxie both dealt with the death of Gus in their own ways, Joanna uncovers a scandal, and Kat thinks she could give Raymond one more chance. I enjoyed the story and the way things played out. There was suspense, intrigue and magic. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!

  • 'Ya know sometimes when you're drunk and you see your daughter's dead date-rapist standing there with a string of lights around his neck?...No?...Just me?' - Roxie

    Only three episodes in and I can already see this series gelling and enduring a rather long shelf-life. Sure, I bemoaned how slow things were moving along, and the supernatural elements are merely a façade to this small town, sexed down Sex and the City show, but there's an undeniable charm to the proceedings, and a lot of fascinating character bits, especially Van Horne's manipulation of all three leading ladies. It's rare for a show to allow its protagonists to be played like puppets, and that's what really appealed to me with this one.

    Roxie, Joanna and Kat are put in rather strenuous, emotionally draining (or in Joanna's case ecstatic) situations, which blurs their judgment, allowing themselves to be vulnerable for our devil to strike. With Roxie it was inventible that she'd let her guard down, so much so she had an 'almost' with Darryl. Now, did he summon that spirit? It's hard to say, but he certainly constructed the reappearance of the card and the timing of that priest's promiscuous outing being caught on camera.

    Kat's storyline again played out more or less the same as previous weeks, but the pool scene was really well done, and she looked amazing in that red dress. I really like Kat, and only after three episodes, I was shocked that she lost the most because of Van Horne, even though she's the least threatening, or enticing, to Daryl Van Horne. Maybe since she has the strongest power, he needs her to be such an emotional train-wreck so he can swoop in and take over? Joanna and Penny, once again, are the highlights of the episode. My love for Penny grows deeper, more Penny time, please. The whore house scenes were very funny ('will you do a double?') and does Penny suspect Joanna has a power? I hope so! As for Roxie, her storyline was surprisingly fluffy considering how the writers were trying to milk the melodrama. It got a bit too Ghost Whisperer, although there were some funny scenes, I have to admit, and Roxie got the best one liner.

    Again, though, it's all still far too safe. And, once again, the show has to fill its Sex and the City quota of the gals palling about over a few glasses of wine. I get it, they're close friends, are they also alcoholics? Hehe.

    Eastwick Extras

    - It appears Roxie has another power, similar to Joanna's, it would seem, unless these scenes are just misleading us. It did seem like Roxie has the power of persuasion, not over people, but over events. It could all stem from her premonitions, and she just happens to say it before it happens, instead of actually causing events to actually bend to her say so.
    - It's Liz from Nip/tuck!
    - That last scene was surprisingly menacing, and the first time we get to see Van Horne as an actual threat.

    Overall, a decent episode: the show seems to be improving with each passing episode.
  • The girls powers seem to be growing. Van Horne is building a brewery and the local Reverend opposes it. Joanna gets pictures that scandalize him. Kat tries again with her husband but he's still the same. Roxie sees the recently dead boy around town.

    Very entertaining show that for some reason is not getting any viewers. It's a real shame as it is one of the few truly clever programs on TV today. We have all the procedurals, medical shows, comedies, and reality shows. Along comes a show that doesn't fit those molds and no one watches?

    All three of the women stars and Joanna's friend Penny as well shine in their roles as women coming to grips with their strengths and weaknesses. Kat is an enabler. Joanna is shy and Penny is her confidant. Roxie is unsure of herself despite putting on a tough exterior. Each of these women are experiencing a breakthrough related to Van Horne coming to town.

    It has been an interesting three episodes. They have built a feeling of empathy in each of these characters in a very short time. Meaning they are very well written. Obviously they are being manipulated somewhat, but the strength of the show is the fact that these women are not push overs. It's interesting to watch each of them spar with Van Horne and even he is not always 100% sure of himself around them. You see a little bit of doubt creeping in.

    I think the writers, actors, and director have done a wonderful job of creating the right mood and atmosphere to make this show sizzle. So far there has been a little mayhem, a little giddy behavior, and some real thought provoking activity.

    This week Kat with her husband and the realization that he really is never going to change. Roxie gets the capacity to forgive. Joanna with the spunk to do things she never thought she could. Each one of these characters is growing before our eyes.

    I really hope ABC gives this show a legitimate shot at making it. It certainly is a quirky, nitch type show. It would be a shame to see it go too quickly. Thanks for reading...
  • Meow indeed

    Let me just say Lindsay Price is a fox. This recent episode was a particular treat because we got to see her in her underwear! Yes! In fact, the entire episode was overtly sexual, with makeout sessions on desks, sex in pools, 4 rounds with Kyle XY, a smashing red dress, and the said, skin tight 'catwoman' outfit. Meow indeed! But let's not forget about the Brothel and pastor scandal, which may have been an even better title for this episode than Madams and Madames (What is this, Freaks and Geeks?). When sneaking around to dig up more dirt on Van Horne, Joanna stumbles across the town pastor and his late night indiscretions. She may not have found the story she was looking for, but she found a juicy story nonetheless, and Joanna's front-page excitement the next morning was infectious. Lindsay Price is really standing out as a highlight of this show. Her excursions with partner-in-crime Penny are so much fun!

    Sandly, Kat isn't quite having the same luck with her husband, and it's a shame because things were looking promising. I think it really shows that Kat and Ray were old high school misfits/sweethearts, and Jamie Ray and Jon Bernthal have such great chemistry. The shift in tone from pleasant to arguing within that one scene is expertly played by both actors. I loved the affect Kat had on the temperature of the pool (based on mood), and the freezing over effects were pretty cool. I don't so much mind the back-and-forth, on-again/off-again stuff with Ray, but I think after this, it's about time he started wondering what's up with his weird wife? Roxie is haunted by the boy she killed. The heart of the story is here, as she questions why she doesn't feel bad about what she did, and her daughter reminds her of the value of life, no matter how crummy the person; a nice counter-point to Daryl's devilish speech about giving in to primal instincts. Ashley might be getting a new love interest in Kyle XY's younger brother, whom I found quite charming.

    Not much to say about Van Horne this week. In a weird way, he's kind of like Dallas weather- he just sweeps in and out of scenes. You never really know what he's going to do or say, but for the most part, it's been uneventful. He's still mysterious, and it looks like he (or his man servant) may have been the one to break into J's house. I found it odd that the Johnny depp-lookin dude and the mystery around him and his scar wasn't examined at all this week, but the symbol did show up again on that old lady's death bed.
  • The plot thickens...the ladies are getting more and more powerful. Joanna uncovers a great scandal trying to spy on Darryl. Roxy is seriously haunted by what happed to Gus and for Kat it is still one step up, two steps back.

    "...I just got Ladywood". This is a very entertaining episode. This show is a great mid week escape. The writing is fun, the characters are developing well and it doesn't take itself too seriously. In a TV world with a glut of upteen versions of CSI and Law & Order and now NCIS, not to mention all the reality garbage and lame sitcoms, it's something different to see. It is nice to have a fun show to take one's mind off of the week in progress. As a former Charmed devotee, this fills the gap made by it's absence nicely.