Season 1 Episode 3

Madams and Madames

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 07, 2009 on ABC

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  • The girls powers seem to be growing. Van Horne is building a brewery and the local Reverend opposes it. Joanna gets pictures that scandalize him. Kat tries again with her husband but he's still the same. Roxie sees the recently dead boy around town.

    Very entertaining show that for some reason is not getting any viewers. It's a real shame as it is one of the few truly clever programs on TV today. We have all the procedurals, medical shows, comedies, and reality shows. Along comes a show that doesn't fit those molds and no one watches?

    All three of the women stars and Joanna's friend Penny as well shine in their roles as women coming to grips with their strengths and weaknesses. Kat is an enabler. Joanna is shy and Penny is her confidant. Roxie is unsure of herself despite putting on a tough exterior. Each of these women are experiencing a breakthrough related to Van Horne coming to town.

    It has been an interesting three episodes. They have built a feeling of empathy in each of these characters in a very short time. Meaning they are very well written. Obviously they are being manipulated somewhat, but the strength of the show is the fact that these women are not push overs. It's interesting to watch each of them spar with Van Horne and even he is not always 100% sure of himself around them. You see a little bit of doubt creeping in.

    I think the writers, actors, and director have done a wonderful job of creating the right mood and atmosphere to make this show sizzle. So far there has been a little mayhem, a little giddy behavior, and some real thought provoking activity.

    This week Kat with her husband and the realization that he really is never going to change. Roxie gets the capacity to forgive. Joanna with the spunk to do things she never thought she could. Each one of these characters is growing before our eyes.

    I really hope ABC gives this show a legitimate shot at making it. It certainly is a quirky, nitch type show. It would be a shame to see it go too quickly. Thanks for reading...
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