Season 1 Episode 3

Madams and Madames

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 07, 2009 on ABC

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  • 'Ya know sometimes when you're drunk and you see your daughter's dead date-rapist standing there with a string of lights around his neck?...No?...Just me?' - Roxie

    Only three episodes in and I can already see this series gelling and enduring a rather long shelf-life. Sure, I bemoaned how slow things were moving along, and the supernatural elements are merely a façade to this small town, sexed down Sex and the City show, but there's an undeniable charm to the proceedings, and a lot of fascinating character bits, especially Van Horne's manipulation of all three leading ladies. It's rare for a show to allow its protagonists to be played like puppets, and that's what really appealed to me with this one.

    Roxie, Joanna and Kat are put in rather strenuous, emotionally draining (or in Joanna's case ecstatic) situations, which blurs their judgment, allowing themselves to be vulnerable for our devil to strike. With Roxie it was inventible that she'd let her guard down, so much so she had an 'almost' with Darryl. Now, did he summon that spirit? It's hard to say, but he certainly constructed the reappearance of the card and the timing of that priest's promiscuous outing being caught on camera.

    Kat's storyline again played out more or less the same as previous weeks, but the pool scene was really well done, and she looked amazing in that red dress. I really like Kat, and only after three episodes, I was shocked that she lost the most because of Van Horne, even though she's the least threatening, or enticing, to Daryl Van Horne. Maybe since she has the strongest power, he needs her to be such an emotional train-wreck so he can swoop in and take over? Joanna and Penny, once again, are the highlights of the episode. My love for Penny grows deeper, more Penny time, please. The whore house scenes were very funny ('will you do a double?') and does Penny suspect Joanna has a power? I hope so! As for Roxie, her storyline was surprisingly fluffy considering how the writers were trying to milk the melodrama. It got a bit too Ghost Whisperer, although there were some funny scenes, I have to admit, and Roxie got the best one liner.

    Again, though, it's all still far too safe. And, once again, the show has to fill its Sex and the City quota of the gals palling about over a few glasses of wine. I get it, they're close friends, are they also alcoholics? Hehe.

    Eastwick Extras

    - It appears Roxie has another power, similar to Joanna's, it would seem, unless these scenes are just misleading us. It did seem like Roxie has the power of persuasion, not over people, but over events. It could all stem from her premonitions, and she just happens to say it before it happens, instead of actually causing events to actually bend to her say so.
    - It's Liz from Nip/tuck!
    - That last scene was surprisingly menacing, and the first time we get to see Van Horne as an actual threat.

    Overall, a decent episode: the show seems to be improving with each passing episode.
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