Season 1 Episode 2

Reaping and Sewing

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 30, 2009 on ABC
Reaping and Sewing
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As Kat gathers the courage to break free from her unhealthy marriage to Raymond, Roxie tries to protect her daughter from a hounding ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Joanna and Penny attempts to uncover the truth behind Darryl Van Horne's identity by seeking the help of a town recluse.

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  • Reaping and Sewing

    Reaping and Sewing was a superb episode of Eastwick and I really enjoyed watching this episode as each of the three woman had their own individual experiences and story lines which were fun to watch. It was cool to have more of Darryl's past revealed and I just enjoy how adult this show is and how dark it can get. The characters are awesome and I like how things are progressing. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!

  • A noted improvement over the premiere episode!

    Eastwick may have finally found it's legs. I thoroughly enjoyed this second episode, which saw the series gain some focus, and have a few things to say in the process. Playing out even more like Desperate Housewives than ever, Eastwick has gained a few mysteries to unravel. I enjoyed seeing quirky Joanna sleuth it up, looking for clues to the real Van Horn. There's a very amusing scene with a guard dog and some perfume! Also we got a juicy 'person of interest' who might also be a witch herself.

    Kat and Ray might be patching up their marriage, after a sweet scene with one of the kids (with some pretty butterflies for effect) and some great sex, but Kat still wants more from her man, and she may have gotten her wish with Darryl giving Ray a new job. I know he's a little rough around the edges, but I'm starting to like Ray, and he and Jamie Newman have good chemistry. Roxanne's "flash forwards" (sorry, I had to) continue, and she cold shoulders a new neighbor that she believes will kidnap her in the future. I actually didn't care for this plot much- as the usual "I was wrong about you" (but really she's not) wrench is tossed in, to throw Roxy off the scent. More intriguing, was seeing her, with the power of the other girls, force harm on the boy from last week who tried to rape her daughter. I was less impressed with Darryl Van Horn this week, and wanted a little bit more from him (so good in the premiere) but I suppose he's already made his mark with the series. Joanna continues to have some fun butt-grabbing moments, Kat's strained relationship is well done so far (it puts perspective on divorces with children involved). Overall, the show is finding it's footing, and Eastwick is officially up to my standards.moreless
  • An improvement over the pilot - this glossy production may be featherweight stuff, but it's proving to be an enjoyable witchly series.

    This is more like it! I'm still getting that auto-pilot feel, and the increasingly girly nonsense can be rather irritating, but the mythology is building, and a male character is introduced that's not just an 'ass-face'. Okay, so he may be a murderer down the line, but for now, he's a charming fellow who likes to burn himself with the occasional mysterious symbol that seems to be popping up all over the place in Eastwick.

    I'm still not buying the whole Van Horne stuff; it's just not interesting at all. In fact, it's a tad ridiculous. The writers are playing him out to be this hunk of a mystery, but we ALL know who he really is, so can we just cut the cake and have him do some evil stuff instead of prancing around in the nude acting as if he's, ahem, God's gift.

    The three main leading ladies all have their likeable quirks, as well as some major flaws, and I don't mean character flaws, I mean their storylines have flaws, or maybe it's just that they carry a whiff of too much cheese to them. I like Roxie, I really do. She's the hard-ass of the bunch, a bit of a flirt, a widower, and supposedly, the town bicycle. Her storyline with Van Horny seriously bugs me, though, as does her relationship with her Stud Muffin Boy Toy. Maybe I just want Mystique all to myself, I'm selfish like that. I think Kat's storyline is the weakest, even if it is the most realistic, but I've seen the kind of drama on countless other shows and this one feels rather diluted – they should really hit the pedal with this one, but again, it's too cheesy.

    Joanna had the best storyline and that may have had a lot to do with the fact she's trying to uncover the mystery of our main villain, which involved tracking down a woman who I presume was part of the previous generation of witches Van Horny pranced around with. It may also have a lot to do with Penny – I love Penny. She's funny, cute and brings out the playful side in Joanna. Their 'like a virgin' moments were genuinely funny, and the dialogue always seems much more natural with these two, even if their scenes are aimed to be more sit-com than the rest of the show. Penny's 'what's up?' greeting made me chuckle. Penny FTW!

    I was a little disappointed that Scar-Man actually turned out to be some crazy, self mutilating bad guy. It would have been interesting to have Roxie misinterpret her premonition and actually reveal that it was Gus and her daughter that was playing out her vision. Ah well, Gus got his comeuppance, sorta. Actually, he didn't really deserve that kind of treatment, which leads to my next bit. So far the girls have only used their powers for personal gain and, frankly, evil shenanigans. Surely there has to be a price to pay?

    Eastwick Extras:

    - The dream sequences involving Roxie were rather unsettling for such a candy floss show. Nicely done. Is he a witch-hunter, or does he work for Van Horne?

    - I bet you anything that those pictures of Darryl allow him to see what's going on all over the town.

    - I wonder if the old generation of witches has the same powers as our new recruits.

    - Did all 3 witches make Roxie's anger towards Gus have something to do with his death or was it the devil in disguise?

    - It's Mr. Craft!!

    Overall, it's watchable fluff. Guilty pleasure, if ever I've seen one.moreless
  • The 1st episode gave us the mandatory Cliff Notes version of the film,this episode delves into Eastwick of today.Elements of the new Eastwick lore are introduced here,such as a recurring symbol and people who seem to have missing memories...moreless

    The mystery of Daryl Van Horne is being sussed out by Joanna, Roxy is having visions of a Johnny Depp wannabe driving her out to the woods to kill her-and just so happens to be her new neighbor! Kat is dealing with wanting to be herself or at least figuring out who that is while being a mother and wife.Now, I have read neg.reviews on the Kat character saying she is under-developed DUH! That is deliberate! The whole point of Kat (a.k.a Michelle Pfiffers "Sukie")is she is the strongest but doesn't know it yet. Becoming a mum very young,her identity is her family life. She is SUPPOSED to blossom. There are some great stars showing up here, adding to the mystery. This show is getting richer in character and story and is a great stand-in for those missing Charmed, Practical Magic and even Sex&the City to some extent (Van Horne is kinda Mr.Big-ish). I really enjoyed this episode and eagerly await the next installment.I also love the very yummy Mr. Gross.moreless
  • All of the girls lives become more complicated. Kat's husband gets out of the hospital and tries to make up. Roxie is focusing on the man living upstairs and the boy who molested his daughter. Joanna is hot on the trail of Van Dyke's real story.moreless

    Another fine episode of the new Dramedy Eastwick. I really think this show could be a hit. All three women who star are terrific in their individual roles. The only unfortunate part is I keep putting Paul Gross up against Jack Nicholson which is extremely unfair. It's my own problem and I will work on that.

    The story is progressing nicely. I was wondering what direction they would take this. The women's powers are fluctuating and growing as time goes by. I like the subtle touches such as the vegetables growing in the foreground when Kat was aroused. Van Dyke gives Raymond a job so Kat has less of a reason to leave him?

    Cybill Shepherd as Eleanor was a stroke of casting. It was great to see her. Her reaction to Joanna and Penny was very funny. It will be interesting to see what Van Dyke's angle is with Joanna. At this point he seems to be playing with her. He gives Kat the wonderful lingerie and Roxie the dice, but he gives Joanna some bad smelling perfume that he picked up because he needed floss! Funny.

    Roxie seems to be the complicated one. What's with the guy upstairs. She's on again off again with her current "boyfriend". Somehow she and Kat and Joanna did the deed to that boy who molested her daughter and they don't even know how or if they did it.

    Van Dyke is all about chaos and manipulation so everything he does has a point to it. It will be fun dissecting the episodes as they come along during the season. One of the best of the new hour long shows on television. Thanks for reading...moreless
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    • Penny: The man that you've had the most pathetic crush on for the last two years finally asks you out and you say, 'No'?
      Joanna: Don't call me pathetic.
      Penny: I didn't call you pathetic. I said that your crush is pathetic.

    • Roxie: You think you're really adorable, don't you?
      Darryl: I think you think I'm really adorable.
      Roxie: I think you're not as adorable as you think I think you are.

    • Joanna: (opening her gift from Darryl) And it's Maurice. Oh boy! Kat gets silk, and I get... Maurice.

    • Roxie: Thanks for coming over, even though we had a stupid fight.
      Chad: You know me, I'm like a sexual Batman. You call at four AM, and I come running.

    • Joanna: I ran out of deodorant this morning, so I rubbed my pits with the dryer sheet and now I just smell like mountain fresh BO.

    • Roxie: Since you're a high school dropout, would-be rapist, future Dateline predator who works in a gas station, I'll talk slowly. If you ever touch my daughter again, or any other innocent girl for that matter, so help me God!
      Gus: Ok, well, first of all, your little Mia is not so innocent, lady. And second, I may be a high school dropout, but you're the slut who killed her husband so she can bang half the town.
      Roxie: I'd be careful what I say next, if I were you.

    • Darryl: You don't understand the usefulness of anger. Society tries to force you to swallow it down like a good little girl. Because you are angry, you're a bitch. If you're a bitch, no one will you love. Well, I say, that's nonsense.

    • Penny: You know, I can be at HarvestFest right now. I could be getting drunk, eating pie. But instead, I'm in the woods, with you, knocking on what looks like the door of a serial killer.
      Joanna: I know. Isn't it fun?

    • Eleanor: (looking at her picture standing beside Sebastian Hart) Look at my breasts! They were so high back then. Hmm. I didn't even need to wear a bra.
      Penny: Sweet!

    • Joanna: I have some pretty interesting leads.
      Darryl: You just be careful, okay?
      Joanna: What do you mean?
      Darryl: Sometimes it's probably safer to let sleeping dogs lie.

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