Season 1 Episode 7

Red Ants and Black Widows

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2009 on ABC

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  • Red Ants and Black Widows


    Red Ants and Black Widows was a superb episode of Eastwick and I really enjoyed watching this episode as Joanna tried to convince Penny of her powers, Roxie found a hidden message from Chad which was touching and emotional, and Kat discovered some of her own abilities as well as another who has them as well. There was a lot of character and plot development and the story was well written. I look forward to watching the next episode to see what happens next!!!!!!!

  • A good show, but dun know why people dun like it, just season 1 and yet pending to be cut of the chance to show season 2. It will be a waste for the writer to put their effort in writing this show.

    Show is a bit slow in its storyline but all the actors and actresses is doing their their best in their own parts of this show. Will be a great waste if the show were to be stopped at season 1 without knowing what will be the outcome finally. And also the reason why it is a bit slow in its storyline, i think is due to the writer wishes to create a chance for this show to have more seasons and have more scenarios so that it could let us viewers to have an another version of "EastWick" as compared to the original movie EastWick.
  • The show's unwillingness to term these women as witches is just ridiculous.

    The problem this series faces is in finding its own unique voice - it simply doesn't have one. While the show so far hasn't been stellar, at least there have been aspects I'd almost class as 'dramatic'. Now more than ever, it would seem, Eastwick is quite contempt with being a 1-hour sit-com. It's not working. Chad's death is treated as an afterthought, and any screen-time it does receive, it's played for cheap laughs. Likewise, Joanna's situation unravels like some direct-to-DVD rom-com, there's just nothing to latch on to. Kat also still grates; after everything that happened throughout this episode, she's still a non-believer, and the show's unwillingness to term these women as witches sinks to a new low. They're not witches, they're dogs. Oh dear. The only redeeming features of this episode rest on the older generation of wit--I mean, er, Dogs. It turns out they killed Van Horne once upon a time and intend to do it again, which could prove interesting (great casting here, hopefully Bun and Eleanor receive more air-time). Although judging by how slow things progress on this show, we could be waiting a while.
  • Roxie has a visit from Chad the morning after he dies. Joanna is trying to recreate her telekinetic abilities now that her crisis is over. Kat experiences a brand new power that allows her to heal and takes Bun to see Eleanor Rougemont.

    This episode is really a setup to move the characters forward and to develop more of their powers.

    Roxie is mourning Chad's accidental, but extremely weird and cooincidental death. She's not even invited to the funeral, but crashes it in the end with some very strange results.

    Joanna meets Max Brody played by Jason Winston George the man hired to replace her at the paper. This could be a very interesting relationship, but at this point he thinks she is slightly crazed and needs therapy. He's probably right on both fronts, but their is some chemistry there. She is trying to recreate her powers.

    The most interesting things happen with Kat. She learns some fascinating things about herself and then meets Eleanor played by Cybill Shepherd who claims she has the same powers as she does and can recognize it in her just by looking at her. They even both have five children. Kat decides to take Bun to see Eleanor as for some reason she thinks she could help her regain her memory. There is a lot of interesting interaction and we learn some very interesting info about Bun, Eleanor, and Van Horne! Excellent scene with the red ants again.

    Overall an entertaining episode with a lot of character development involved. Not much on the action side of things, but we had enough of that last week. See you in two weeks because of the CMA's next week. Thanks for reading...